5 Bedtime Drinks That Can Help You Lose Weight

Five bedtime drinks that can help you lose weight people are constantly struggling with excess weight in fact the National Institute of Health states that seventy-five percent of Americans are overweight what’s even more disturbing is that they also state that 33 percent of those people are obese obesity in certain conditions such as insomnia and other sleep disorders have a connection with excess weight according to scientists at the University of Chicago when you’re deprived of sleep it can impair your metabolism and disrupt your hormone levels now keep watching for top bedtime drinks that will help you get rid of excess weight before we begin this video don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more daily tips like this and turn on notifications so you never miss our new videos number five Keifer men’s health states that kefir helps increase the levels of healthy bacteria in the gut which increases proper digestion and helps absorb minerals and vitamins more effectively in addition research found in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that kefir helps improve sleep improved sleep helps you feel more refreshed in the morning and can also minimize the effects of stress with more energy throughout the day you’ll be less likely to succumb to the urge of snacking or indulging in less healthy treats you’ll also have more energy to exercise number four apple psyllium drink according to the daily health post the apples in this drink limit the absorption of fat from the gut and also make it easier for your body to break down the fats into fatty acids in addition a 2003 study published in PubMed shows that consuming 3 apples a day contributes to weight loss the daily health post states that when the body consumes psyllium it expands to form a gel like mass by drawing water from the colon this helps move waste from the colon more quickly to make this drink all you need is one apple one cup of cold water two teaspoons of 100% psyllium husk powder and 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon to make this drink cut up the apple with the skin on it and blend it with the water until it’s smooth then pour the mixture into a large cup and stir the psyllium and the cinnamon powder with it drink it immediately after mixing is complete number three grape juice grape juice contains insulin and according to research that’s published in cell reports insulin has the ability to regulate the body’s circadian rhythms in addition a study found in 2015 International Journal of obesity found that resveratrol which is an antioxidant found in grapes actually converts calorie storing white fat into calorie burning brown fat number two milk according to Men’s Health cold or warm can help you sleep more soundly because it contains high levels of calcium and tryptophan also one way to get rid of excess fat is to turn it into muscle according to research from medicine and science in sports exercise milks casein protein is slow digesting so it can help build muscle overnight according to research from Birmingham University soy protein can help improve sleep by inducing melatonin also the tryptophan found in this beverage can help decrease cortisol levels which will help fight belly fat speaking of milk have you ever wondered what happens to your body when you drink a glass of milk every day well keep watching because after we tell you about the five bedtime drinks that can help you lose weight we’ll tell you about the health benefits of milk number one cherry aloe vera drink according to a study published in the Journal of medicinal food tart cherry juice produces significant reductions of insomnia another study found in the European Journal of nutrition explains that tart cherry juice can increase melatonin levels which will help improve sleep quality aloe vera gel contains powerful vitamins enzymes Sapan ins Leinen and minerals that can help with weight loss according to daily health posts remember losing weight comes from a combination of healthy eating and an active lifestyle if you change your diet and cut out sugary calorie heavy foods and also start exercising more you can lose weight and start improving your overall health that being said you don’t have to cut out all of your favourite foods completely everything in moderation you can have that slice of cake but don’t overdo it dieting can take a huge toll on someone’s mental well-being and if it’s not done the right way it can lead to binging or even just giving up if you are interested in losing weight but aren’t sure how to go about doing it or getting started it may be a good idea to seek advice from a medical health professional dietician physical trainer or nutritionist now that you know what drinks you should consume before bed to help you lose weight here’s what happens to your body when you drink milk every day most babies start their lives out getting their nutrition from the milk their mother provides then as you grow you are continued to be told to drink your milk in order to grow big and strong milk is rich in calcium so many people include it and other dairy products in their daily lives but what actually happens when we drink milk are we supposed to keep drinking milk into adulthood or is it something only meant for babies or calves there have been several studies done on the importance of milk including one by the Harvard University and dairy Education Board there are also some people who believe that drinking milk regularly is good for the body and think that dairy is important and there are others who think that milk is a deadly poison there’s even an entire website dedicated to anti milk called nut milk calm which features tons of articles pointing out the supposed evils of milk however there are still facts pointing towards milk and dairy products being beneficial to our health milk can help you lose weight nutritionists Alan Aragon MS finds that people can still thrive on milk whether it be build muscle or lose fat in an article he wrote for Men’s Health magazine he points out some of the facts and theories that cause certain people to cut milk out of their diets one claim suggests that milk from cows has cancer-causing hormones after going through research on anti milk claims as well as being aware of the pro milk propaganda he’s come up with a few answers about the regular consumption of the beverage he points out that in a six-month study conducted at the University of Tennessee the research found that overweight people who drank three servings of milk a day lost more belly fat than people who followed a similar diet but didn’t drink as much milk research also found that calcium supplements don’t work as well as drinking milk this is because there are other compounds in milk and other dairy products that can better assist with burning fat though this has to be paired with a good diet drinking a bunch of milk and eating junk food will most likely not result in a healthy weight loss milk helps build muscle milk is also good for building muscle according to Aragon in fact milk is one of the best muscle foods on the planet he writes the protein in milk is 20% whey and 80% casein whey is a fast digesting protein that quickly breaks down into amino acids to be absorbed by the bloodstream in casein is digested slower milk is good for bone health milk is widely believed to be good for the teeth and bones due to it being a good source of vitamin D milk can relieve stress and heartburn it’s also known to help reduce stress and relieve heartburn everyone knows to reach for a glass of milk if they ate something too spicy the thick cool beverage coats the esophagus and helps alleviate the burning sensations milk controversy some scientists suggest that milk taken from cows who have been given antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistance to those who drink it which would make antibiotic medicine less effective however this theory has never been proven Aragon also touches on the fear surrounding drinking milk from cows who have been given hormones when the use of growth hormone rb/gh was approved it caused controversy the same hormone boosts the insulin-like growth factor in milk which is a hormone that has been linked to cancer he explains it the only way this hormone can become cancer-causing is if it’s injected so even though none of the chemicals will be transferred if you drink milk from hormone treated cows it’s also important to keep in mind that hormones aren’t good for the cows whether you’re going to continue drinking milk or you’ve started to question its benefits there are a ton of other foods rich in calcium that you can try you can grab a kale salad eat some oranges or soy beans or you can switch to an alternate milk beverage such as soy or rice ice milk why don’t you think about these bedtime drinks do you drink milk on an everyday basis let us know in the comments section below enjoyed this video hit the like button and share with your friends also subscribe to our channel for more videos like this thanks for watching

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How to Go VIRAL on Youtube for a SMALL Channel (How I got 20K+ Subscribers in ONE MONTH!)

What’s up everyone. Welcome back to my channel. Now, in today’s video we are going to do a case study on exactly why this video of mine went viral. Now at the time when this video went viral, I only had about a thousand subscribers and now today I have 20x that growth. That’s why in today’s video we are going to do a deep dive on exactly what happened, how it happened and how maybe it can happen for you too.x Now, I’m going to cut right into the chase. I don’t know exactly what the step by step is to make every single video go viral, but what I do know and what I can share with you is the little factors that could have contributed to this video blowing up for a very small YouTuber like me. Which brings me to my first tip or observation and that is, is that most viral videos you’ll notice are either very trendy, extreme, unique, or highly, highly valuable.

And before we do a deep dive on my video, let me just share my screen so I can show you other videos to highlight exactly what I mean. All right guys. So I want to just show you other videos on YouTube that have been either trendy, extreme, unique or highly valuable. So what I mean by trendy are videos like this. Daredevil climbs the Eiffel Tower.

This is by James Kingston. It has about 5 million views. James, to date, he has 636k subscribers, which means that this video really outperformed because he was doing something incredibly extreme, and obviously for anyone watching this video, I would not recommend you to do something as extreme just to get viral on YouTube. What I’m trying to show here is that extreme videos do end up going viral many times. Another thing is this video. The Katelyn Ohashi gymnastics video that went viral for this gymnast. You actually look at the UCLA Athletics YouTube page. They only have 84k subscribers, but this video completely went viral and she ended up being on a bunch of news channels in America, which is so awesome for her. And if you actually watch this video, this video was highly entertaining, highly valuable. It was really great not just for the gymnast community but also for entertainment. It was really awesome.

Now another video that I want to show you as well is this video right here by the small YouTuber called Melina B. and she actually capitalized on trends. So I don’t know if any of you guys know about the Brittany Dawn scandal that recently happened this week, but basically she, well, I don’t think she capitalized on it, but because this whole Brittany Dawn fitness scandal happened, it became a huge trendy topic and that’s why she was able to get 65k views on this video even though she only had 434 subscribers.

Now, if you look at my video. When I posted this video on how to gain Instagram followers organically in 2019, I only had about like a thousand, 1500, maybe less than 2000 subscribers on YouTube, but my video ended up kind of really picking up, and what I really capitalized on here was trend. Usually there’s a lot of trendy topics that exist on YouTube. For example, how to gain followers, how to gain subscribers, how to make money on social media. Like these are really trendy topics that a lot of people search for. You’re probably thinking, okay, great, Vanessa, you chose a trendy video, but how can a small YouTuber like me compete with all these other YouTubers on that trendy piece? You know, how can you actually thrive in a very saturated market or niche or topic? Well, my second tip for you my friend is to add relevancy. Let me explain. Now the question is, is that when you’re a small YouTuber and you’re trying to compete on a very highly searched and highly saturated topic such as how to gain Instagram followers, in order for you to kind of give yourself a little bit of edge is to add some relevancy.

Add 2019 on the title, especially if you’re posting a video in January, February, near the start of the year. There’s way less competition when you actually choose a more targeted approach to your title. So for instance, you’re going to see that I do it often, not only did I do it for the how to gain Instagram followers video, I also did it for the how to make money on social media video, because I knew that how to make money on social media. That’s a very competitive topic, so I added 2019.

Anything that was Instagram related, I really just added 2019 on it because I know that it’s super competitive and at least for a small YouTuber, I can still stand out and have someone else choose my video over another YouTuber because of relevancy. Now just adding 2019 on your title is not the be all and end all for skyrocketed YouTube success. There’s way more than that. Not only do you need to add relevancy in your title or in your video, especially if you are competing on a trend topic, you also want to add some clickbaity things.

I’m not ashamed to say it. I clickbait all the time, but I also make sure I deliver. But before I go ahead and talk about delivery and skip ahead, let me at least kind of share with you how I clickbait my audience. All right guys, welcome back. So I wanted to show you how I “clickbait” my audience. So when you actually look at my video titles, you’ll see that I put a lot of emotional triggers within the parentheses.

So when you look my titles, the first part is the main title obviously, but the second part is always going to be something that’s going to evoke an emotional reaction or some sort of urgency or some sort of, I don’t know, excitement I guess. So for instance, how to gain Instagram followers organically in 2019. Within the parentheses I write grow from zero to 5,000 followers fast. That’s probably going to get someone to click on that more over someone who didn’t put that emotional trigger. Another one is this one, how to create consistent content for Instagram 2019, create one month of content in one day. That’s something that is super attractive and will probably make people click on it. This one’s also another one that I did. How to plan, schedule and automate your Instagram posts, create consistent content in your sleep. I personally think that’s quite clickbaity, but it does help in terms of making someone want to choose your video over someone else’s. I’ll give you another one right here. Things to know before quitting your job without another one lined up.

I think that that is more impactful than just things to know before quitting your job. So that’s kind of the way that I “clickbait” my audience, and in the next tip I’m going to share with you how to do it properly so that people don’t get pissed off at you when you choose to clickbait. Now, my fourth tip is something that I touched on previously and that is that you need to make sure that you actually deliver on your promise. Yes, we’re using emotional triggers in our titles and maybe even in our thumbnails to clickbait someone, but at the end of the day you have the obligation to actually deliver real value. Now, imagine if my Instagram hacks video went viral, but my content was actually shit and my hacks were super basic. That would have actually killed my brand even more and would probably prevent people from actually subscribing because I give shit tips. Thankfully, I gave some pretty good tips that most people are pretty happy about.

That’s why in order to have a video go viral and your subscriber base go viral, you need to actually deliver good content in order to convert that traffic into actual subscribers. Just because you have a video go viral does not mean that your channel is going to blow up in terms of subscriber rate unless you actually have really damn good content that people will trust you enough to hit that subscribe button. Now the fifth tip that I have for you with absolutely game changing for my channel. This tip was actually given to me by my homegirl Natasha Soleil. I’ll link her channel right here. You can creep her out, put her links and everything in the description box and comment section below. But what you’ll actually notice on my channel is after my video blew up on Instagram hacks, I continuously still pushed out my old type of content, which was more about mindset work. What you’ll notice is that those videos didn’t perform as well, but what Natasha told me is that when a video like that goes viral and when you’re a small YouTuber and one of your videos gets abnormally more views than usual, that means that YouTube is actually pushing that video for you and putting that video on other people’s recommended lists and homepages.

When that happens, you need to ride the algorithm wave and actually produce more content that is similar to the one that went viral. So if you actually look at my channel, the moment that Natasha gave me that tip, I started posting more videos about social media and what you’ll see is that those videos performed extremely well compared to the other videos that I was posting that was all about mindset tips and business, general business stuff. Because I was posting content that was in the similar vein as the video that went viral, naturally my channel also blew up in terms of subscribers because thanks to the Instagram hacks video, it was actually generating a lot of traffic to my channel, and obviously the people who are watching the Instagram hacks video care about social media, Instagram, YouTube, all of that stuff. So when they land on my channel and they see other videos of a similar nature, they’re going to binge on my videos and subscribe to me because this is the content that they were looking for and that they were hoping for.

So that’s why I want to give a special shout out to my girl Natasha because that tip just changed the game for me and it changed my life I think. And so definitely if you are a small YouTuber and you notice that some of your videos are performing better than others, that’s a really good telltale sign to continue pumping out very similar content to your high performing videos so that you can grow faster on YouTube. Speaking of YouTube algorithm, I’m going to give you my very last tip and that is, is to make sure that you are engaging in the comment section of your YouTube video within the first 24 hours of posting it. Now some of you might already know this, but on Instagram you need to have the highest engagement rate possible in the first 30 minutes of posting in order for it to be picked up by Instagram and kind of have Instagram algorithm benefits. The same thing applies to YouTube except instead of the first 30 minutes, it’s the first 24 hours. So what you’ll notice in my videos, I always respond to the comment section within the first day of posting and that’s because YouTube actually favors that and when they see a lot of activity going down in its comment section, it flags to them that this video is worth pushing out because there’s a lot of engagement.

So definitely if you want to increase your video going viral or at least increase the chances of YouTube pushing it out, you want to make sure that you are engaging in the comment section within the first 24 hours. That’s it guys. Those are my six tips on how I went viral and how I 10x 20x my subscriber growth. Now, it’s not a guarantee that if you follow all six steps, that’s going to happen the same for you, but it definitely will increase your chances. I want to be honest with you guys too. I left a lot of tips out from this video, and the reason for that is because in my next video, I’m actually doing a very surprising, secret, exciting collab with another YouTuber, and we’re going to break down YouTube optimization a lot more so that even for a small YouTuber, you can blow up. I see a lot of people stopping themselves from doing YouTube because it’s too competitive.

But trust me, you won’t want to miss the next video because we’re going to give you a competitive edge on how exactly a small channel can really blow up on YouTube. So make sure you hit the notification bell and the subscribe button so you don’t miss that video. And as always, guys, I hope you guys have a great day, great week and a great life, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys. .

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How Pastel Pink Hair Changed My Routine | Beauty With Mi | Refinery29

Hey guys this is Mi-Anne and this is Beauty With Mi. As you guys know I dyed my hair in January and I went pink. And since then I have been on a hunt for products, that will A) maintain the color of my hair and B) maintain the health of my hair. And I feel like I’ve gotten to a good place with the products, so I decided to do a little hair update cause you guys have been asking for it.

But first don’t forget to subscribe down below. Beauty With Mi comes out every single Monday at 11 a.m. Please make sure you are part of the family. Without further ado let’s get into Before I dyed my hair, I wash my hair pretty much every single day. I had had a very oily scalp but now that my hair is a lot drier, my hair is absorbing a lot of the oil that my scalp produces. So I only need to wash my hair about twice a week. So before I even get in the shower I always put on a hair mask. It’s called Masque For Beautiful Color. I just put it in my hair dry. I can’t be bothered to put a mask in, in my wet hair, and sit around in the shower for 10 minutes while it absorbs, naked and cold. So I get a huge scoop full of it, and put it into my hair, put it up into a little bun. And then just kind of do stuff around my house until it’s absorbed.

This mask is really nice. It is ridiculously expensive but I do think it keeps my hair really soft. Then once I’m in the shower is when I will wash my hair. I use this shampoo. It’s called the Ouai Repair Shampoo and it is so good. I don’t know if this happens to you guys with double processed hair, but now that I wash my hair a lot less I get more dandruff. So what I do in the shower, which I didn’t do before is I really give my scalp a good massage and a good exfoliation when I’m doing my shampoo. But if you guys have any tips or things that I should be doing to keep the dandruff away, please let me know in the comments because I definitely haven’t found a good solution for that yet.

So after I shampoo my hair I usually move onto conditioner. Now I know that I’ve already masked so I already have the moisture that I need in my hair, but I use conditioner to inject more color. So I use this conditioner from Overtone and it’s called the Daily Pastel Pink Conditioner. And I mix it with this other conditioner that’s purple, from this brand called Function Of Beauty. Now Function Of Beauty is a really interesting brand, because they customized shampoo to your hair type. So not a single shampoo and conditioner they’ve ever made is the same.

I’ll put a little bit of the pink conditioner in my hand and then a couple pumps of the purple conditioner in my hand. Mix it together and smooth it through my hair really working it in to every bit. And then I leave it in my hair for about two to three minutes, like while I’m washing my body or shaving and then I rinse it out. It won’t dye your hair the two or three shades darker, but what it will do is inject just a little bit of color, so that what you’re losing when you shampoo your hair gets put back in when you condition.

And that’s pretty much my entire hair washing routine. I get out of the shower and I typically air dry. Madison my colorist at Spoke & Weal, told me that after I got my hair bleach I would notice a bit of textural change. So I have. My hair is a bit more wavy, it has a bit more of that beachy texture that I actually really like. I’ll usually spend about two to three days just rocking my air dried hair, but then on the third or fourth day is when it starts to get a little bit greasy. So I’ll use a little bit of dry shampoo. It is the Klorane Dry Shampoo with oat milk. This is a non-aerosol version. So instead of having an aerosol spray, you squeeze it out and powder gets in your hair and you kind of rub it in. I do find this does a good job of controlling oil. It also gives your hair a little bit of grittiness that’s nice for styling. So toward the third or fourth day when things start getting a little greasy, a little flat, a little dull that’s when I will pull out my straightener and style my hair.

So before I straighten my hair I’ll use Nature Lab Perfect Volume Texture Mist, which is basically a liquid texturizer that also doubles as a color and heat protectant. So I’ll just put this in my hair let it dry and then throw in some flat iron waves. I use this straightener. It’s a Bio Ionic Straightener and it vibrates. You can press a little button and it goes zzz.

And it helps move the plates along your hair. I like it because it is a nice one inch and it has a tapered end here it makes it easy to curl. So Jon Reyman, who’s one of the founders of Spoke & Weal where I got my hair colored, actually taught me this technique. So you can do it like this where you’re kind of creating an “S” wave in your hair pulling it back and forth down and keeping the end straight.

Or take it and twist it like this and then twist it twice. So what’s so great about this technique is that it’s supposed to look a little messy and a little tussled. You can do parts of your hair but you don’t have to worry about getting every last piece. And since my hair is again more textured than it was before, I find that I can just really focus on the front and get a bit of the back. And it’ll be a passable look. As the last step of my hairstyling routine I’ll throw in a little bit of texture cream. If you guys have watched my videos before you might recognize this guy. This is the Verb Texture Cream. I did a whole video talking about those products. But this is just a very lovely texturizing cream. It’s very soft, you put it in your hands. I usually scrunch up in my hair to give me a little bit more texture and volume.

And then I’ll take the excess and smooth down my flyaways. And what I love about this cream is it does give me a little bit of piece-y texture, without weighing down my hair, without making my hair feel crunchy and that’s what I love about it. So that’s it folks, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of paring it down. The routine itself doesn’t take me that long to do, but I’m still constantly looking for new things to try. So if you guys have color treated hair or if you know any products that you think I might like please let me know down below. Because I always want to try new things.

But I hope you guys enjoyed this video, I hope that you guys learned something. And I will catch you guys next week. Bye! Thanks so much for watching guys. Let me know what you want to see next on Beauty With Mi in the comment down below. And click here to subscribe to Refinery29. And click here to watch my last video. Bye! .

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Weekly Forex Forecast: February 26 – March 2 2018 – Forex Trading Guide

Welcome to our weekly forex market analysis call and today we are looking for at the week of February 26th to March the 2nd 2018 and just a quick disclaimer before we get started this is for educational purposes only trading is a risky business so please be careful with your money all right so now let’s dive in and we’ll we’ll start with a look at our forex factory calendar here and we are on the 26th ok so we’re starting off oh this is not the right week alright so here we go perfect so we’re starting off Monday with ECB President Draghi speaking and also there are a lot of or you know other Bank members speaking as well so basically with these ones now that the monetary policy stance is changing from central banks we just have to be mindful of the comments that come out so any comments that point words the solid state of the economy and also point out concerns about inflation may be overshooting or anything that suggests that the banks may raise rates that will be considered positive for the currency so that’s what we need to pay attention to Tuesday we have CPI numbers and then we also have German booba present Weidman speaking again this will have an impact but here Draghi speech will have a bigger impact here but we do have a fetcher Powell is testifying so this will have an impact so we saw previously we saw Bank of England they were testifying about the monetary policies which had an impact now this one fetcher Powell testifying will also have an impact on the market so basically the market will just now that they have switched the leadership role the market will be paying attention to what the forward stance would be for the fad because we have been seeing interest rate hikes are they going to continue with that or with the change of leadership things are going to change so that’s the question that everybody will be paying attention to and then core durable goods orders will also have an impact on the US dollar consumer confidence number this is an important number that we do need to pay attention to and it will generally have an impact so if it comes out positive like it’s expected then that would be positive for the US dollar same thing here ANZ business confidence number for New Zealand will have an impact on a New Zealand dollar here as well and then going into Wednesday here not a whole lot of important read data we do have GDP preliminary GDP numbers for the US which will be important and this one here Chicago PMI numbers and pending home sales numbers so these numbers will be important PMI numbers are always important because they are leading indicators that generally lead to retail sales so these numbers will be important we have crude oil inventories which will generally impact US dollar than Canadian dollar as well and private capital expenditure for Australia we have a bunch of PMI numbers coming out on Thursday out of the eurozone again these will have an impact on the euro manufacturing PMI number for British pound that will be important as well so a lot of PMI numbers coming up so that will be important and then again we have fetcher Powell testifying so expect volatility in the US dollar as a result of these speeches and more Isum manufacturing PMI numbers for the US that will be impactful okay and then on Friday a very very key speech will be from prime minister Theresa May here for a British pound here so brexit will be a concern going forward or it already is a concern so right now they’re going through the nose and British Pound has really benefited from the positive sort of the the whole scope of the negotiations right now it seems very positive so as a result of that the British Pound has benefited as well the data that has been coming out of the out of UK has been positive as well so overall British Pound has been good however anytime there are political issues like this things don’t tend to go as smoothly as you know they may appear so just keep an eye on these braixen negotiations and the comments that come out of it right now with Prime Minister Teresa Mae’s speech it will be market moving so if we hear comments about them reaching agreements the two countries reaching agreements in terms of trades and market and that kind of stuff that will be positive for for the especially the British Pound it will also be positive for the euro but overall it’s a British Pound that is getting impacted more by these negotiations so that’s what we’ll have to pay attention to however if there are any comments whether they are in Theresa May speech or otherwise about how they may not be able to reach the agreement or they may not be able to negotiate the right type of terms that will be detrimental for the British Pound so we’ll have to keep an eye on that we also have construction PMI numbers of course those will be important and we have another major thing here Bank of England governor Carney speaking so what Prime Minister Theresa May says or does in regards to brexit as the last what Bank of England governor Carney says both of these will have an impact so it looks like Friday will be a big day for the British Pound so if you are trading the British Pound on Friday just be mindful of that because we could see a lot of volatility in the pound as a result of that and then GDP numbers for Canada which will be important so overall not a ton of critical data coming out so but we do have some central bankers so central bankers have been in the focus right now and what they say does have a big impact on the market so just be mindful of that all right so that is our that’s our fundamental so now let’s take a look at what we have in terms of our charts here all right so what we have seen with the Euro it’s sideways so last week we looked at this range bound move and this week as well it’s sideways went to the high and then went back down now so I’m looking for it to come back towards the bottom of the range into one level or one 2200 level and then it could bounce off so for now I’m gonna trade this as a range my bound move so when price comes into the bottom of the rage arranged at 120 200 I’m looking for a bounce up and if it goes into the top of the range I’m looking for a bounce to the downside so one thing we do need to keep in mind would be any breakouts from the range so general behavior with the range bound market is sell at the top and buy at the bottom right however if the price let’s say comes down here and starts to do this breaks down then we are looking for a further move to the downside but we do have to wait for that breakout for now it is just going sideways there’s really no clear market direction we have gone into our high here so if you take a look at the left-hand side and we see that we are into this resistance area price had trouble here before it really sort of dropped further from this previous downtrend and now we are at that level again so at this point we are just in no-man’s land in terms of market direction for the last one to five weeks here we haven’t really broken out of this range so now we need to see is the price willing to break out of the range at some point price will break out the rain the range we just don’t know which direction it’s going to break out and as a result of that we just have to be mindful when the price gets to these these end of the boundary of the ranges of if the price comes back in to 120 200 we have to watch out for that so basically scenario will be the bounce back into the range once it comes to 120 200 and if once it goes to 125 50 level then I’m looking for a bounce back into the range but I’ll be watching out for any breakouts if it breaks out to the downside then I’m looking for next move to be into 12050 area so those that’s what I’m looking for but for now waiting for price to come in and bounce off of one 2200 so range bound for euro dollar in terms of the pound here we are also we’re also looking at sorry just a quick question can we hedge it I’m not sure what like how I would hedge it I was just wait for I would just trade the range and once we see an indication of breaking out of the range you could so you probably what you’re talking about is a straddle so if you mean can you like put a sell order at the bottom what I’d be concerned about is price spiking through it and then pulling back in I don’t typically do straddle orders because of that very reason there’s a lot of times what happens is price will break through because there are so many stops on the other side of it price will break through that level and then pull back and like this right price will punch through and go back into the range and the purpose of really that pin will be to grab all the orders sitting there and then kind of continue on into the opposite direction so that’s why I’m not a big big proponent of straddling it like that I’d rather see a break of the range and then once the price holds below the range then we can sort of kind of continue on with that so similar to here where the price was just sitting below this level and once it broke through once this candle closed you can just take trade to the downside so that’s my preference but of course there are different strategies that you can use I prefer to just trade the range and wait for the breakout in either direction so with the British Pound here this one has also gone sideways we are in this level here so for now it is overall it is kind of pointing to the downside but if there is no real no real sort of direction here either because we do have this uptrend and now we are seeing this this pullback so it could be a pullback so we could just see one of these moves back into the bottom here into 135 80 so for now I am the weak here has been really not much the candle air is very very small so we had a bullish candle here which was not angling and now we have a higher or lower high and a higher low so it hasn’t really it’s and just inside candle with a little pin so given this situation I’m looking for price to my bias for British Pound and this is just my bias so just be mindful of that we have to watch what goes on my bias is that it breaks down a little bit I think things have been a little bit overly positive for the British Pound because everybody is optimistic that we’ll get these excellent brexit negotiations but like I said before these things rarely go well and I mean there was a reason there was you know brexit vote so having a soft practice brexit is unlikely in my opinion however things could change so that’s why we have to watch what the market does so what I am looking at basically is a retest of this one 3800 level and probably a squeezing like this and my target would be 135 80s I’m looking for price to come down into this 135 80 level and then potentially bounce off of this uptrend line so that’s my that’s how I’m viewing the markets I’m looking for further weakness in pound dollar in to 135 80 however we do have Prime Minister Theresa May speaking so on Friday this could be impacted so keep an eye on that aussie here aussie has been arranged bound here as well but this one is looking more bearish than what we saw with the euro here so for the last three weeks it has held this range but we have a lower high here so price is coming down and we all so have a double top so a few weeks ago we had a double top now prices moving lower so as a result of that I am looking for price to go further down so my bias for Aussie dollar is to the downside I’m looking for a break of this 7760 ish level here and price continuing into 7650 level and potentially even further into 7550 level so I’m looking for price to step down a bit into the next support or resistance level here this has been an important resistance level which has now turned into support so we do need to wake wait for the breakout of this level so what I would be looking for is one of these and then a break to the downside we do have to be mindful of this 7760 ish level overall my biases to the downside and the target for this would be 75 50 New Zealand dollar here similar situation I am looking for price to break down further so price has tested this resistance level several times now and only once did it try to break out to the other side and then reversed right away and with this one here I am looking for a further move to the downside we have had a bearish candle close so I’m looking for a move into 7180 level here that will be the first target and then the second target would be 70 50 level so basically waiting for price to are looking for price to drop so bias for New Zealand dollar would be bearish dollar cad here this has been a bit interesting so we have seen higher lows now surprise is moving higher but it hasn’t been moving high in a very sort of Astra in a very consistent manner so we are seeing kind of back and forth so it’s not as as weak as the Australian dollar for example or New Zealand dollar so for this one my bias is to the upside and again we need to see a break we are into this resistance level right now so we need to see a break of this and resistance that will or the support and resistance level has kind of played out several times but the bias is to the upside so what I’m looking for for dollar cad is maybe so right now we are in the middle of the candle here so maybe back into this 12550 level and then another move to the upside and finally a break to the top here so my target is 120 900 to the up sights of biases to the upside but it’s won’t be as smooth sailing as maybe Australia or Australian dollar a New Zealand dollar here so bias is to the upside and they’re commodity currencies as well so they tend to sort of move at the same time some expecting price to move up higher here it has found stuff so we have a higher low higher low higher low so and higher highs here as well it’s looking for it to move up further euro Swiss franc this one is it’s still in this downward trend here and now I am looking for price to basically again do another leg to the downside make another leg to the downside for two weeks here we have not seen it break the highs so now we have a lower highs as a sorry yeah lower highs and I’m looking for price to go down further into a 3 20 level here so the bias is to the downside for euro Swiss franc pound Swiss franc has been a little bit tougher than our euro but overall though we are still in so we still have this this downtrend here right but it could go up further so with this one I would be careful we do have a bullish candle closed as a result we could see price move either into 130 300 or 13250 so I would look for price to push up first and then do a drop but this one will be tied to whatever happens with the with the British pounds I would be careful trading this one so right now what it looks like is maybe a pullback in the so I’m kind of seeing it as this so looking for price to drop further but it like I said it could pull back into 130 250 or 130 3300 level and then drop from there so that will be my that would be the scenario that I’m looking for for me this is not the best pair to trade this week I am just I’m gonna look for other opportunities probably pound yen and pound dollar will be the better ones to trade instead of pound Swiss franc your Swiss franc I think is a better one compared to this this one here dollar this one is sideways so we have seen it be in this range or staying in this range for the last few weeks now and I am looking for price to potentially retest this level once again and do a double top type of formation so 9450 would be my target to the upside but it is range bound at the moment it hasn’t really gone anywhere in the last few weeks so this one may be another one where we just have to wait and see what the price does here but for now we did have a bullish candle close it did not manage to close above the previous high so it is not overly bullish but because there is still buying going on here we may see price push all the way up into 90 450 level and then drop so I’m going to treat this as a range bound move if the price goes into the hi I’m looking for a potential sell if it goes into the bottom here 90 180 I’m looking for a potential buy so trading this as a range bound market let’s take a look at the yen crosses now with the yen Here I am let’s see so the yen here we are making a lower high here so it’s not overly bullish very very small weekly candle close we have a pen on top so I’m looking for a break to the downside for this one like I said my biases I’m not overly bullish on the British Pound I am looking for four pound to face more hurdles as the whole talks negotiation talks continue so for me I am looking for further breakdown of this my target would be 140 320 level so I do want to see a break of this level of the 148 20 ish level and then I continued move to the downside so we do need to make sure that the price holds below this pin here or maybe 140 level and then I’m looking for a break to the downside so bias is to the downside for pound yen euro yen here the bias is also to the downside and the next target so the next target looking at is 128 50 here so this is we have last this is what we have last three weeks we have seen a downwards move we have a bearish pinbar here for the weekly candle close we are in two support here though this resistance turning into support so we do need to see a break of 130 but my bias is to the downside I’m looking for price to go into 120 850 level so looking for euro yen to drop a bit this one here Aussie yen we were bearish and it has come into this 83 30 level so the bias still is to the downside but as we can see price is struggling at that level and this is the where the previous support resistance is coming from price had struggled in this area before but the bias is still to the downside I’m looking for a retest of this 83 30 level and then looking for 8250 level to the downside so looking for price to draw further overall the bias still remains to the downside here but do keep in mind we are kind of coming in to these levels that are almost to the bottom here and also just to mention with Japanese yen strengthening so much there will be additional pressure or added pressure on on Bank of Japan to react so sorry looking at the weekly here we do have a bearish pinbar so I’m looking for price to go into 8250 and potentially even lower into 8180 level so there will be additional pressure or added pressure on Bank of Japan to intervene so they have said that they’re not likely they’re not going to intervene in the markets but the history that Bank of Japan has is of intervention so what could happen is if the Bank Bank of Japan is not very comfortable with the strength of their currency because if the currency is expensive the exports will drop and they don’t want that Japan is such a big exporting country that it would have material impact the strength of the currency has a material impact on their economy so as a result of that Bank of Japan does not want the currency to be high and before they would just go intervene in the market before really letting anybody know however there has been a lot of pressure on them to not do that everybody’s criticized them because it creates sudden moves in the market that nobody really likes or cares who cares about so as a result of that they have sort of stayed their hand in terms of intervention but the more expensive Japanese yen gets more we see drops and everything else against the Japanese yen the higher the likelihood of Bank of Japan intervention so generally will we see as Bank of Japan will just come and sell a whole bunch of yen and it will create this move to the upside and all the yen crosses so just be just be mindful of that because as the further it drops all the yen crosses drop the more the likelihood of Bank of Japan intervening in the market all right so the last one here is our dollar yen dollar yen we are still staying below this previous support level and now turning into resistance I’m looking for price to drop further and the target will be about 104 50 level right into this one here in this case we could see a push up into this to retest the support and resistance level again 107 80 level and then looking for price to test a 105 50 and then 104 50 after that so bias is to the downside for dollar yen as well all right any other questions or any other anything else you want me to look at first depends when to enter the trade I usually so I look at my weekly analysis at the beginning of the week just to sort of get a get a lay of the land and get an idea of what I’m looking at for the week to come and then based on how things play during the week because the news may come out and things may change market is dynamic so I look at the daily I do the daily market analysis and I look at the daily candle states and that’s when I would start looking at where to take the trades from but when I actually plays the trade I am looking at a lower down lower timeframe to go into the position but at the levels are coming from the higher time frame levels I hope that makes sense anything else um my what indicator do I recommend I personally don’t tend to use too many indicators what I do use our pivot points so these are pivot point levels and these green are pivot points and R 1 R 2 and s 1 s 2 levels so this is one of the indicators that I do like to use and then volume is another one that I tend to look at so I have a point in volume I would say will be the two that I personally prefer alright so I don’t see any other questions alright so that’s all I have if you so we were just talking about daily Market Analysis if you guys are interested in joining me for for the daily market analysis that’s part of trade room option that I have so if some if you want to join me in the trade um there is a private skype group where I share my trade ideas and analysis I also when I take live trades I send out alert so I normally put in where I’m entering the trade the entry level my stop loss level my take profit target and I also manage the trade so when I move my stops and the stuff like that so I send all of that information out and I also we also do daily market analysis so we have a similar call every night at p.m.

Eastern it’s recorded so if you’re not able to make it you can always you know get the call or get the recording of the call and if you join the trade room you will also you’ll be able to based on the daily market analysis call you’ll be will you’ll get the levels that I’m looking to take trades from so you can choose to take the entries that I’m taking or if you wanted to take additional trades we go through all the different crosses so you have levels for all those crosses to trade from you also get my pivot point indicator which is one I that I do reference in the trade room so you can join this on a monthly basis and the cost for that would be ninety seven dollars a month and you can go to trading with Venus Campos trading – signals for that or if you wanted a better price point I do offer some yearly and yearly options as well and these are the different links you can go to to access those alright so that’s all I have I will call it a wrap now so you guys have a wonderful rest of the weekend and I will see you next time

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Minecraft Daycare – DO NOT WATCH THIS !? (Minecraft Roleplay)

>> Hey guys! Want a chance to meet me in real life? Well, I’m going to be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for Minefaire, from October 13th to the 14th. Head on over to minefaire.com for more information, or click the link in the description down below. Welcome your faces to another day at Daycare! Are we just gonna sit here– >> Boo! >> Oh god! >> The Candy Corn strikes again! >> What do you want, Goldy? >> Hey… Hey, Ryan. >> What? >> So, what plant likes… Halloween the most? >> What plant? >> Yeah. >> I don’t know. >> Bamboo! >> Oh! I get it because bamboo has boo in the name. Boo! >> Hi everybody! How are y’all doing today? >> Tell another one. >> I gotcha. I gotcha. >> What do mummies like to listen for Halloween? >> What do mommies like to listen to for Halloween? >> Yeah. >> What do mommies like to listen to? >> Music? >> Rap music. >> Rap music. >> It’s true! It’s true, my mom does love to listen to rap music. >> I didn’t even get that one. Rap music? >> Yeah, they’re… They’re wrapped up. Come on, Ryan. >> Oh, like a mummy.

>> Oh, I thought she said mommy. >> She did. She said it wrong. >> Mummy. I said mummy. >> Sounds like mommy. >> Hey… >> Mummy rap music– Oh, yep. That’s bad. That’s really bad. Okay, anyway, hi everybody! So, as I was saying I had this really awesome idea for today– >> I think I got one. What did the skeleton say to his enemy? >> I don’t know. >> What did he say, Unicorn Mann? >> He said… He sa– He said… I got bones! I got bones. >> I’m leaving. >> No, no, wait. No, no, no. >> No, I’m leaving. I’m leaving. I’m leaving. Don’t you dare come up behind me. Bye-bye! And… Three, two, one, go! >> Where’s Goldy? >> Cannonball! That did not work. >> Hello. >> Is this thing supposed to like, launch you? >> What Ryan, aren’t you concerned that we followed you? >> I’m more concerned that they got rid of the jumping on this… On this jump– >> What? >> Diving board doesn’t work anymore. It used bounce you.

>> Well, uh. >> Okay. >> If I– If I was a vampire I’d say that, that sucks. >> Really? >> Bleh blah blah. >> Do not even start this. Do not even start this. >> Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! >> What? What? >> Why doesn’t the skeleton like Halloween candy? >> Why? >> Cause he doesn’t have the stomach for it. >> Oh– >> Oh, good. >> Ooh, oh! What? >> Ryan, I’m a– >> Get away. >> Yeah, that’s what I thought. Yeah. Ryan, is that a little fire rod? >> It is little fire rod. >> Ooh. Ryan? >> Yeah? >> Um… >> What? >> Hey, hey. Um– What– what… >> What? Say it. >> Uh– Which kind of monster likes Halloween the most? >> Uhh, what? >> Oh, no! Which one? >> I don’t know. Which one? >> The witch one. >> Oh, it killed me. Really, I was under the thing. Oh wait– The… The witch… one. >> The witch one! You got it! >> Can we please stop with the jokes now, please? >> No, no, no, no, no , no. >> I came up with that one myself. I think it needs a little fine tuning but… >> Hey, hey. >> I feel like it could be a really good joke.

>> What, Goldy? What? What do you have to add to this? >> Transmogrify it? >> What? >> Ryan, get ready for this. Why can’t the ghost see his mom and dad? >> Why? >> Cause he’s an orphan. >> No! Because he tr– >> I’m sorry, were you going for something else? Were you going for another kind of thing? >> Yeah, I was. >> Okay, let’s continue. What you saying Goldy? >> It’s because they were transparent! >> Oh! Yeah, you know that makes a lot more sense. As far as the Halloween jokes go. >> Hey, this is a new map, isn’t it? >> It looks new. Oh yeah, it’s aquarium one. >> Oh, okay. I haven’t done the park– >> You mean, an as– an asquarium? >> Oh my God, stop! >> Alright, guys. >> Bleh, blah, blah! >> Bleh, blah, blah! >> Bleh, blah, blah! >> Bleh, blah, blah! Come on, Ryan you know– >> We don’t go bleh, blah, blah! >> We don’t go bleh, blah, blah. >> Alright, how about– >> But it sounds so right when they do. >> I know, right? >> But they don’t, though. >> Alright, Ryan I’m a detective. What– Don’t come up here. Ryan, don’t come up here. Ryan, don’t– >> Oh, wait! There’s a shark! >> Where’s the shark? Well, Goldy’s a murderer so…

>> Okay. >> Well, let me enjoy the shark. >> What does this do? >> Also– >> Oh… >> Which goes is the best da– >> That’s what it does? It opens the floor? >> Yeah. >> Wow… >> So you open the floor and shot her. >> Yep. >> You actually believed it wasn’t me? >> Yeah. >> Wow. >> Well, you said it was her so you know. >> Yeah, it was her. I mean… >> Wow. Wow, okay. >> Anyway, keep going, Goldy. >> Yeah, what you were you saying? >> Well, okay. Which ghost is the best dancer? >> Let me guess. >> Michael Jackson. >> No, what? Stop. Which one, Goldy? Tell me. >> The boogie man. >> Boogie is not got a ghost. >> Come, one it was funny. >> Oh, I get it. >> The boogie man is not a ghost.

Which monster is the best dancer would work. >> Oh, true. >> What… What– What’s… >> I don’t know, I don’t know. >>> What’s a monster’s favorite side dish? >> What? >> The monster mashed potatoes? >> I like that one. We got it. He’s getting . These are like so bad that I hate myself for laughing at that one. >> The monster mashed potatoes, right? >> Oh, I got a good one. >> That was a good one. >> What, Goldy? What? >> What do you get if you cross Bambi with a ghost? >> What do you got? >> Bamboo! >> Bamboo… Oh. >> Wow. >> Get it? >> That wasn’t even really a joke. That was just combining two words. >> But, boo. He-he. >> Wow, adding boo to joke makes it a ghost joke. >>Hey, Ryan. >> What? >> What do you get what do you get when you– When you trick someone with a ghost joke? >> What? >> A Bamboozle. I was waiting for that one. >> I added boo to it. >> So it’s a ghost joke? >> Get it? Yeah, it’s ghost j– Little– Little boo joke, little ghost joke. >> Oh, no. Trust me , I heard it.

>> Get it? >> Oh, I get it, yup. >> Get it, Ryan? >> Yep, I get it. >> Get it, Ryan? >> No. >> Ryan, do you get it? >> No. >> Oh, that’s a shame. I bet skel-ton or other people do. >> Oh my God. You get over here! >> What? I haven’t– I haven’t done anything. >> Mmm-hmm? Haven’t done anything? Are you admitting that you must be the murderer? >> No! I haven’t done anything! >> It doesn’t matter. >> He’s just a boy! >> He’s just a boy, Ryan. >> He’s just a boy! >> Ryan, I’m just a boy. >> Guys, I’m really lost.

>> I can tell. Die. >> Ugh… Why me?! >> Cause I’m– He wasn’t attacking me like he normally would have. She pulled up the sword. She actually pulled up the sword. It’s Goldy! >> Where’s Goldy? >> Oh, come here! >> Get wrecked! Get wrecked! >> Get scared, stiff kid– >> She was pulling out your shield and just swung by your sword. So I was like, oh okay. Unicorn, I almost killed you for that joke, though, so stop! >> What– It sounds like she’s got a bone to pick with you. >> Now guys, why do vampires need mouthwash? >> Why? >> Because they had bat breath! >> I get it. >> Come on, Ryan. Can you give me a little chuckle? >> No. >> Come on. Come on. >> Come on, Ryan. >> No. >> Alright, how about this one…

Why are vampires so easy to fool? Come on. >> What, why? Why? >> Because they’re suckers! >> It’s not even funny! >> Oh… Hey. >> Yeah? >> I forgot. Oh, oh. What did the girl skeleton say to the– to the guy skeleton? >> What? >> We should fee more people. >> You should– What? >> Fee ,more people. >> Femur. >> Feed more? >> Femur. It says, see more people. It’s like femur. I’ll work on it. >> Yeah, that needs a lot of work. >> I really want to get a femur joke in here somewhere. >> I don’t think you’re gonna. >> Alright.

>> Yeah. >> Femur doesn’t really work with much. >> No, it doesn’t but I really want a bone-chilling joke with it. >> My god, stop! >> Set you up for that one, baby! Whoo! Come on, Ryan. >> No. >> Guys, what did one ghost say to the other ghost? >> What, Goldy? Edumecate me. >> Do you believe in humans? >> Wait a second, Ryan? >> What? >> Ryan? >> Yeah? >> Did you know that Indiana bones made a bone marrow escape from the boulder? It’s a narrow escape, as a bone marrow escape. Get it? >> You could’ve said narrow. >> Indiana Bones, a marrow escape, sorry. Well, I wasn’t sure if like maybe you get it. >> Hey, hey! Don’t do it! I’m trying to get there to hide. >> Please do it. No, she’s not because I’m already hiding here. That’s right. He just knew! I love it. >> I feel like Ryan would have just killed me when I stood here. >> Yeah, plus, one, I may have tried to kill you, and two, why would I be hiding right from the start if I was one of the two things? >> Because you’re not a bonehead.

>> Stop. Please. No more Halloween bone jokes, whatever. Hey man, these ones are just coming off the skull. >> Oh. Oh. Got him good. Got him real good. >> Cause… Cause skeletons. >> Oh, that’s funny. Ooh-wee, That’s funny. >> You can do femur with a few more maybe? >> Wha– Oh, yeah, I guess… >> You could try it. that just came to me– >> Have you been thinking about femur jokes too? >> No, it just came to me out of nowhere. >> Gotcha. >> Thinking… I’m thinking of a joke. What do vampires take when they are sick? >> Nothing. Vampires don’t get sick. They’re immortal. >> No, they take coffin drops. >> Oh! Oh, they take coffin drops! Ryan, they take coffin drops! >> Oh, trust me, I very much heard. Goldy’s the murderer! Goldy’s the murderer! >> Come here! >> Instead of coughin drops, they’re coffin drops. >> Unicorn, where are you? >> Well, I’m coming upstairs. >> Okay, I’m going upstairs. She’s downstairs with me, behind me. I’m coming up the stairs– you just went up. Yeah, she’s coming from there. >> Now she wisen up, she decided not to follow you.

>> I’ll check these ones. She’s not here. >> I’m really slow. Just so you know >> You hit the lever. >> Maybe? >> You hit it again, didn’t you? >> Yes. Oh, I’m extra slow now– Ugh. I hit the lever. I’ve stacked slowness. >> You feel blessed, you get a bow. She just gave me a bow! Oh, Unicorn I also figured something out. I found a new place you can get to. Come over here. >> Okay. >> Here. I mean, maybe not if you’re slow but look– I see you down there. But Unicorn, look, you come up here, see where I am? You get over here, now you can jump to this, then you` can jump up here.

>> Wow. >> I missed! I missed my shot. Unicorn! She’s coming! Run! Take her out. Yeah! >> That was easy. >> That was… >> You know what, no. I almost made a joke. I can’t add to what you guys have already done to this. >> Well, I can’t wait for Goldy to take her turn here. >> She has– Yeah, you’re right, she hasn’t made a joke in a while. >> Uhm… Uhh… >> Why is the skeleton’s so mean? >> What?! >> Why is the skeleton so mean? >> Why is the skeleton is so mean? >> He got bullied as a kid? >> Why? >> He doesn’t have a heart! >> You know what, maybe it is time to go. Maybe… This just proves it’s time to go. Are you the murderer? >> Yeah. >> Okay, can we kill Goldy, and kill me then we’ll stop. We’ll go home. >> Yeah, where’s Goldy? >> No, no, no. >> Right next to me. Yeah, she’s right there. >> No, I don’t know what you’re talking about. >> Okay, Goldy’s dead. >> Okay, cool, now you just kill me.

And okay, let’s go ahead everyone, were going to jump in the wall the next round, and we’re just gonna leave. We’re gonna go. We’re done here. >> Come on. >> We’re done here. >> Come on. >> No more, that’s enough of that. >> Come on. >> That is en– That’s enough of that! >> Ryan! >> We’re going home. >> What do you what do you call a zombie factory worker? In three, two, one. >> Someone who works with brains. >> Go! >> Come on, Ryan! >> Ryan, we got a skele-ton more to do.. >> Oh my god stop, please. >> Come on, Ryan. >> Ryan. Come on, Ryan. >> I’m sorry everyone, I must leave. >> Isn’t this striking your funny bone? >> No, it’s not. >> Come here, Ryan. >> And that was another day at Daycare. .

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Yoga For Weight Loss – Hips & Hammies

– What’s up, everyone, and welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I am Adriene and we are back in action, and I have a new voice. For all the new subscribers who are like, what are you talking about? I was out ’cause I had vocal surgery. We’ve also been shooting a lot of fun little projects for you and we have all kinds of crazy moves going on. So we took a little break, but now we’re back strong and I’ve missed you, I miss the regular videos. It’s been great to be working on other things, but this is really nice constant, that we have free yoga videos every Wednesday, something new, something for everyone, so thank you for being here, thank you for watching this. Hopefully, you’re in the mood for some fiery yoga. Today, we have a new practice in the Yoga for Weight Loss series.

This is a very popular playlist. For me, all yoga is yoga for weight loss in a way, because it’s all about awareness and lovin’ yo’self. But today we kinda have a little fiery practice with a focus on deep opening in the hips and some stretchy-stretch in the hamstrings. Nice little core connect, and of course, some neck and shoulder love, so hop on your mat, let’s get started. And if this practice isn’t for you, be sure to scroll through the channel and find something that feels good. Let’s get started. (upbeat guitar music) Draw the palms together at the heart now. Interlace the fingertips and press the palms forward up and back, keep the shoulders relaxed. Again, getting used to moving with the breath, inhale, reach the pinkies all the way up. Again, instead of kinda panicking here and getting tired as each breath rolls on, see if you can kind of integrate more awareness to different body parts.

(tongue click) A-O. Playing with that, drawing in of the navel and lifting up. Pressing into the heels. Letting the tailbone grow heavy. So if you’re kind of arching out here, you might tuck the pelvis, allow a little heaviness to set in, in the base of the pelvis. Whoo, blood flow in the opposite direction. Breathe one more big breath in here, reach, reach, reach, and then exhale. Break free, ahhh, great. Right arm on top, give yourself a nice big hug. Inching the fingertips towards the center of the back body, breathe in, lift your heart. Exhale, release, and switch, left arm on top. Little self-love, little self-care here in yoga practice. Yes, we’re here to trim and tone, but we can again do it in a really mindful way that feels super awesome, so.

Shake it out, and again we’ll inhale, reach the arms up and overhead. This time, as you exhale, take it all the way down into a forward fold. Grab the elbows, rock a little side to side, if that feels good. Bend your knees as generously as you need to. Shake the head a little yes, a little no. And then we’ll release the arms. On an inhale, lift up to flat back position. This can be with the palms on the tops of the thighs, the shins, or fingertips on the mat, kinda more Ashtangi version. So, chances are, your body knows what to do, but if you’re brand new to the practice, just consider a nice long beautiful neck here and again, that lifting up and in of the navel. So definitely engaging the belly here, engaging the abdominal wall.

Wherever you are, take one more big breath in, find length, and then use your exhale to find that forward fold again. Inhale, reach up towards the sky, spread your fingertips, press into all four corners of the feet, might even lift the toes here. And exhale, hands to heart, heavy in the tailbone, nice tucking of the pelvis here. Great, let’s have some fun. Soft knees, inhale, reach it up, fingertips kiss up and over head. Exhale, down you go. Stretching through the back body by bending the knee. Inhale, halfway lift your version, long, beautiful neck. And exhale, forward fold. Great, plant the palms in line with the feet.

Bend your knees again, as generously as you need. Then we’ll step the right foot back into a nice, low lunge. Lower the right knee, find length in the torso and the heart. And again, begin to breathe through that right hip, that right hip crease, the front of the leg, breathe, breathe, breathe. Then draw a big rainbow with your center. So we’re gonna go up and over and back, coming on to the left heel. Gently tugging energy through the left hip crease, but not really doing it in a way that feels like you’re kind of pushing, just gentle energetic tug. Go ahead and allow the weight of the head to round forward and then we’ll slowly roll through the left foot, come back to nice low lunge. Lifting the right knee up, take a big breath in. Exhale, plant the palms, step the left toes back to plank. Begin to pedal it out here, find a little movement. Create a little bit of energy in the upper body by pressing away from your yoga mat. And then we’ll step the right foot up into the lunge. Lower the left knee down. Front knee over front ankle and refine the little lift in the heart.

Udi anabandha here drawing the navel in and up. Staying connected through your center, breathing into the front of the left hip crease. Breathing, breathing. And think up and over as you rock it back. Gently pulling back through the right hip crease. Notice my right foot here, super alive, super flexed toes up towards the sky. And then rolling through that right foot, plant the palms, lift the back knee up, inhale, exhale, step to plank. Again, don’t panic here, press away from your yoga mat. Puff up through the upper back body, pedal it out. Then lower the knees here if you like or keep them lifted. Shift your weight forward and slowly lower all the way down. As you lower down, draw your navel up towards your spine. Cool, inhale, cobra. Everyone press into the tops of the feet, lift your heart. Big breath in here.

And then exhale, we release. Curl the toes under, lift your kneecaps one at a time. Stay engaged in the legs as you press into the palms and lift back up to that top of a push-up. Big breath in, exhale to downward-facing dog. Hips go up and back, we pedal it out here. Find what feels good, stretching through the side body, super mindful of the hands as we press into all 10 knuckles firmly, finding that yielding action we talk about in the Foundations of Yoga, and then melting the heart back. If the heels don’t come to the mat, who cares? In time they absolutely will. (breathing) Stick with your breath. Great, then we’ll slowly bend the knees and again to go for a nice slow walk up towards the front edge, take your time.

Forward fold. On your next breath in, inhale, lift up halfway, long neck, exhale bow. Inhale, reach for the sky, spread the fingertips, press into your foundation, big, big stretch. And exhale, hands to heart. Great, we’re gonna pick up the right foot and cross it over the left here. Right hip’s gonna want to come forward so you want to dial it back a little bit here and then maintain this beautiful lift in the heart.

Inhale, reach the arms up and over head, exhale down you go, pulling the right hip crease back. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Super mindful of the hip creases here. We’re not just kind of dumping all our weight into that right foot, but keeping an energetic lift up through the right hip crease just like we did in that runner stretch. Maybe you let the weight of the head go here and find your breath. (breathing) Press into all four corners of the feet, slowly begin to roll it up. And we just do a little switch-a-roo here, pressing into the right foot we step the left foot over so, again, this hip crease is gonna wanna kind of come forward here so I’m gonna keep it dialed back, pulling back through my left hip crease, really mindful as I lift my heart up. Think ballerina here, totally. And then reach the arms all the way up and over head, exhale down you go. (breathing) Relaxing the weight of the head over, excuse me, if that feels good.

And again, finding a new breath here. Letting the breath inspire your practice, letting the practice really speak to your breath. It’s all connected and you will forget to breathe deep and so we just make it about this constant return back to the breath. (breathing) Press firmly into all four corners of the feet, find stability in the knees so if you don’t press into your feet your knees are kind of unstable here, believe it or not, even though it’s such a simple little shape, so really press into your feet, engage all the muscles as you roll it up, up up, and then we’ll unravel.

Awesome, shake it out or pedal it out and then inhale, reach back up towards the sky, full breath here, exhale, rain it down. Inhale, halfway lift, awesome, exhale, forward fold. Plant the palms this time, let’s give it a hop. Hop it back to plank, awesome, you did it! Slowly lower down, inhale, cobra. And exhale to all fours. If your’e working on strengthening the wrists here, you might practice this next thing on the fists. Okay, but don’t give up on your wrists. We really wanna show that we’re working nice and slow and mindful to strengthen the wrist. We’re not just giving up on them and never strengthening them or stretching them. We have fists are an option here, fists and thumb’s a great option, stay aware in your shoulders if you do that. Inhale, lift the right knee up, begin to draw big circles. There’s gonna be a tendency here to rush guys, so keep it nice and slow.

So we’re opening up the hips, great for the glutes here, but stay connected to that center, again drawing the navel up and in here, rib cage, kind of hugging in, big, big, slow circles. After you don’t need the video any more you can bring your gaze straight down and we’re opening up the hips again. Engaging the glute there. If you experience any pain or a little cramp in your foot, play with kind of brightening the toes, spreading them wide, we call this yogi-toes.

And then reversing the circle, using your breath, definitely working the abdominal wall here too so stay connected, don’t dump all your weight into your left palm, see if you can press into both palms evenly, whoo! Press into the top of the left foot, one more here, you got it, and then we release. Curl the toes under and take a break off your wrists. Nice stretching of the soles of the feet as you catch your breath. (breathing) Same thing on the other side, back to all fours. Press into the top of your right foot, press away from your yoga mat and begin to draw big, big circle with the left knee. We’re strengthening the abdominal wall, we’re strengthening the muscles of the back body here, get that beautiful back you’ve always wanted, big, drawing big circles. I like to think of it like carving lines through space. That kind of slows me down a little bit. Again, if pointing the toe is kind of bringing a little cramp situation into your foot, you might try spreading the toes wide, still staying nice and bright. Reverse your circle if you haven’t already. And again, resist the urge to move super fast.

(breathing) Awesome, do one more. And then we release, this time dropping the elbows where the palms were and walking the knees back, anna hathaasen, heart to earth pose, stretching the shoulders, lower belly reaches towards the tops of the thigh and we relax in a nice restorative stretch here. Really opening up through the shoulders though, we might rock the hips a little gently back and forth. (breathing) And you might even rock the forehead a little back and forth. (breathing) Awesome, slowly coming back to all fours, awesome work everyone! Come back to that plank position. Don’t panic, you got the strength. Your mind gives up a lot faster than your body so you got it going on, and again, you can always come to a nice half plank whenever you need to, just kind of working on alignment and building strength slowly but surely. In plank we’re gonna really reach the heels towards the back edge of the mat. Inhale in, lift your right leg up high, exhale. Bring your right knee over towards your left elbow.

Keep the right foot bright, pointed, or toes spread. Inhale, exhale, release, back to plank. Inhale, lift the left leg up high, you got it. Exhale, bring the left knee over towards the right elbow. Brightness in the left foot, inhale, exhale back to center, inhale, lift the right leg up high, exhale, cross it over, only three of these on each side, you got it. Back to plank, here we go, crossing over with the left knee, engage that lower belly and one more on each side, you totally have it, here we go. Lift the right leg over to the left. Back to plank and one more, here we go. Back to plank, awesome. From here we’re going to go to downward dog. Oh, never felt so good, beautiful. Take a couple breaths in downward dog. Believe it or not, our resting pose here, in this practice. You can always come to a nice child’s pose instead and take a load off those hands and wrists. So to each his own here. Three to five breaths. (breathing) Then if you’re in child’s pose, take your time, but eventually we’ll come up to downward-facing dog and then from there either hop towards the front edge of the mat or repeat that nice, slow walk towards the front end.

Take a forward fold. Draw your nose towards your navel and then on your next inhale we’ll lift flat back. Nice, beautiful long neck and exhale forward fold. Inhale, reach up towards the sky, spread your fingertips and exhale, hands to heart. Awesome, inhale, reach up. Exhale, diving forward, enjoy this move. Inhale, flat back, lengthen, exhale bow. Inhale, step or hop it back to plank, you got it! Exhale, slowly lower down to cobra or upward-facing dog. Big breath in, on your exhale, downward dog. Picking up the pace a little bit, just do your best here. Inhale, right leg lifts up high, exhale, draw a big rainbow up and over, right knee to right elbow, gaze is forward.

Inhale, three-legged dog, toes down. Exhale, crossing over towards the left knee. Breathe into your right hip, engage your core. Inhale, three-legged dog, last one on this side, you got it, nose to knee. Give your knee a little Eskimo kiss here. And then step it up into your lunge. Pivot on the back foot, we’re gonna open up to a nice warrior two. Fingertips spread left to right. We stack head over heart, heart over pelvis. Inhale in and exhale, sink a little bit deeper. Give your arms a break and release behind the tail. Open your chest as you lift your heart up. Humble warrior, we inhale in, exhale. Begin to pull back with the right hip crease. Remember this action of pulling back with right hip crease and remember the udi anabandha, so join the navel up and in and then take your time getting there. Maybe keep your back, your spine, nice and long, as long as possible. Maybe pausing right above the thigh bone line here just to make sure we’re not collapsing and then maybe you continue the journey all the way down.

Again, gentle tugging back in the right hip crease, supercharged through my left inner thigh, pressing into the knife edge of that left foot. Breath deeply here my friends. Relax the weight of the head over, humble warrior, strong, fierce pose. And then press into all four corners of the feet. Don’t rush this as you slowly rise up, super strong. We’ll go ahead and straighten through that front leg, yay! And release the arms, go ahead and reach them up, let the blood flow in the opposite direction, as you dial your heart to the side, turn the right toes in, left toes out and we’ll come to that warrior two on the other side.

Pull the pinkies back and energy radiates, strong legs here guys. We don’t have a lot of standing poses, we don’t have a lot of poses today, so really embody each one with everything you have. Moving with your breath. Interlacing fingertips behind the tail, whenever you’re ready. Let me get rid of this. And maybe you bring the opposite hand on top this time, so maybe the left thumb was on top so you bring the right thumb on top this time. Just playing around. And we open up through the chest. Inhale in, whenever you’re ready, nice flat back, as you begin to pull the left hip crease back and find your humble warrior. So as the heart begins to melt down, I begin to charge through my back leg strong. Really engaged through the right inner thigh. Maybe I take it all the way down, ooh, I’m super sore.

And using your breath, to stay alive and engaged. (breathing) Pulling the left hip crease back, you got it! To come out we’re gonna move at a nice, slow constant rate of speed, strong legs, strong legs, don’t give up! Then break free, reach your fingertips up. Ah, blood flows in the opposite direction, awesome. We’ll straighten through that front leg. Great, we’re gonna come all the way back to the front of our mat, nice and easy, just dialing the toes all the way back. Go ahead and come back to your lunge. We’ll plant the palms, slide the right toes back, and take a vinyasa. To each his own here, maybe you take a break.

Awesome everyone, together. Drop the right heel, inhale, lift the left leg up high, here we go! Think up and over, big, big arcs with your left knee, reaching up and over to kiss left elbow, gaze is forward, strong center. Gorgeous, three-legged dog, take it up. And, crossing over, here we go, left knee to right elbow. Gaze is forward, three-legged dog and last one, nose to knee, rounding it all in, give yourself a little Eskimo kiss here and then we’ll step it up into our lunge.

Great, here we go, skindasyna. Inhale, heart radiates forward, exhale, I’m gonna slowly shift my weight up and over, pivot on the back foot, coming into this kind of, I always call this like a little ninja move here. If the hips are really tight, we may actually lift the right heel up, with the legs and the ankles. This is going to be step one. Using the fingertips on the mat, really flexing through the extended leg. Maybe you’re able to stay on your right foot here. And maybe you’re able to bring the palms together at the heart. Wherever you are, breathe deep. And then check it out.

I’m gonna slowly, using that udi anabandha, that core lock, I’m gonna lift myself up. And I’m gonna come all the way back to the front of my mat onto my left foot again, left heel can come up, no prob. Or maybe I’m gonna stay here. Maybe I’d bring the palms together with heart, maybe you’re like, “What in the world, Adriene?” And you’re like, okay, I’ll save that for another rainy day. So definitely getting into some deep hip work here, but also doing it in a kind of way that’s… I don’t want you to take it too seriously. I want us to be mindful of action and alignment but also, you know, don’t sweat it too much. ‘Kay, here we go. Using the core center engagement, that core lock, to come back through, so that’s gonna protect us and just checking it out on either side. Maybe you’re here, maybe you’re here, and then one more time, back to the front of your mat.

All the way up and over, using the core lock, scandasa to the other side (breathing). Then we’ll slowly pivot on the left foot. Come back to the front edge of the mat by bringing the right foot back to our lunge, then stepping it up to the front, forward fold. Great, inhale, halfway lift, exhale bow, last time, we inhale reach all the way up towards the sky, big, big stretch, clap the palms together, up and overhead, gynamaste, and then exhale hands to heart. Great, inhale, reach it up. Exhale down we go. Heel, toe, heel, toe the feet as wide as your mat.

This time we’re coming into a nice low squat so the toes might spill off the edge of your mat here. We’ll use your fingertips to guide yourself down. Again, the heels might not stay down here and that’s okay. We use this little froggy pose to create space. Maybe the heels do come down to the mat, in which case maybe you bring the palms together and use this posture to find a little push and pull, what our hatha yoga is all about. Build strength with a little resistance here as we press the arms into the legs and squeeze the legs into the arms.

Lengthen, lift up through your heart. If crow, or bicasana, is in your practice, you might use this moment now to, maybe, give it a whirl. Bringing the palms to the earth, walking the toes in. That same core lock, we draw the energy in and up in the belly, we don’t through the upper back body. It’s all about the energy here, it’s really not about the arm muscles.

As we inhale in, integrity, integrity, I walk the knees as close as I can up to my armpits and I begin to rock forward. Notice how my gaze, my gistre, is forward. Focus out, out, out. Maybe this is my crow practice today. Maybe I lift one foot. Maybe I lift the other and maybe I fly. And maybe not, maybe I save it for another day. Using the breath. Pulling my hip creases up and back, navel in and up. Reach, reach, reach with the crown of the head. After a little bit of crow practice, we’ll meet our friends back in our yogic squat. Gently we’ll release. Coming to a nice, extended leg here, poshi mo tinasina, reaching through the heels, finding that siponde heel connection and then reaching arms up and overhead. Whenever you’re ready, take it into a nice forward fold, consider pulling the hip creases back. Knees can bend as generously as you need them to here. We’re aiming to get the belly on to the top of the thigh but not at the cost of being able to breathe and, maybe, snapping a hamstring.

So just take your time, bend your knees basically is what I’m saying. Nice brightness in the feet here, eventually we’ll get to here or here, wherever we want to be, wherever we need to be. But be where you are now. (breathing) Couple more breaths here, let it go. And then we’ll slowly roll it up. Great! Go ahead and lift that right knee all the way up. We’re gonna take just a little twist here, hugging right knee in. Careful not to lean into it here, but sit up nice and tall. Inhale in, exhale, journey into your twist again.

Pulling the right hip crease back. Making sure to keep the head over the heart, the heart over the pelvis. Inhale in, exhale back to center. Catch your right foot, we’re gonna go for a little rock here in the hip. You might be able to bring the outer edge of your right foot to the elbow crease and you might be like, “Ha ha! Never.” Just grab your foot here and we’re gonna go for a little sway back and forth and then front and back as well.

Now would be a good time if you were wanting to work on an arm balance or something like figure eight or something, maybe one of these, you could practice that here and now, working on that, but we’ll do that another day, officially, just giving you options for those of you with a practice already rolling. Then we’ll release the right leg, lift the left leg up high. Also, if you’re interested in stuff like that you should check out our programs at yogawithadriene.com or findwhatfeelsgood.com ’cause we’re able to go into kind of more depth with some more challenging things just kinda nice, but I want to make sure everyone feels taken care of here on Youtube and in time we’ll add more and more. Feel free to veer off if you need to. Coming into your twist on the other side. Sticking with your breath. And then same thing, just nice and easy. Rocking, the hip front to back, left to right. We’ll do a tutorial on that figure eight pose. That’s an arm balance that everyone wants to try.

And then releasing that leg, ending with a little bit of core, of course. It’s not long so it’s gonna go quick. Let’s really give it our all. So we’re going to come onto flat back position. Lift the shins up parallel to the ceiling. Interlace the fingertips and bring them behind the head. Okay my friends, you got this! Extend your thumbs. Go ahead and open up through the armpit chest. Tilt your pelvis so your tailbone scooping up towards the sky so your lower back comes in nice and flush with the mat. Here we go, inhale in. I’m gonna exhale, lift my head, my neck, my shoulders. I’m gonna cross right elbow to left knee and tap my right toe down. So if you feel too crunched here, you can even bring fingertips to temples. Then I’m gonna inhale to center. Exhale, tap the left toe down, cross left elbow over. This is just a yogi bicycle variation. Inhale, really targeting lower belly, tap. Inhale to center, exhale tap and cross. Inhale to center, exhale tap and cross, keep it going.

(breathing) Resist the urge to speed up. Nice, slow controlled movement. (breathing) Keep it going. Almost done, keep it going. And one more on each side. Then both legs up, reach, pulse for 10. And then we release everything down sup da baddacanasa. This should feel awesome. Bring the hands to the belly, give yourself a little pet. Soles of the feet together, knees nice and wide. We begin to cool it down, awesome work my friends! Super, super awesome, don’t forget about your breath, even here, use it to kind of calm the nervous system and restore the body for the rest of your day. We take a rest here, opening the arms out, nice and easy, crawling the shoulder blades underneath you. Ending in a restorative posture today, however your lower back might need a little bit of love so maybe taking a moment to hug the knees in, maybe a happy baby, maybe a reclined twist. Or maybe you’re all set to just stay here in badacanasa.

A little moment to do a little mindful freestyle and then maybe meet us back here whenever you’re ready. You can close the eyes when you arrive. And we just take a second to honor this moment of stillness and this restorative moment as totally important as our strengthening practice. For in yoga we aim to find balance in all things. That’s how we can create a sustainable, healthy life. That’s how we can create a workout routine that is sustainable and healthy. Stay here if you like, opening the hips out a little bit longer or begin to slide the right foot out, long windshield wiper-ing the toes back and forth.

And then the left, out long, back and forth, back and forth. Awesome work today my friends. Give yourself a little rest, as long as time allows, if you have to boogie, I thank you for sharing your practice with me and I’ll see you next time. Namaste. (upbeat guitar music) .

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The Viral Life Cycle

You probably already know that viruses are responsible for causing a number of diseases, from AIDS to the flu. But did you ever wonder how a virus works? Viruses are basically infectious particles that take over the operation of a cell for the sole purpose of manufacturing new viruses. How exactly does a virus do this? In many ways it works in the same manner as a computer virus does – it has to first gain access and then convince the machinery within the device, in this case a cell, to make multiple new copies of the virus. There are many different types of viruses, but they do share some similar characteristics. First of all, viruses are usually specific in the types of cells that they infect. The specificity of the virus is dependent upon the types of receptors that are found on the surface of the target cell. Every cell in your body has a pattern of protein receptors on its surface.

The virus uses these proteins to target specific cells for infection. In this example, the genetic material of the virus infecting the cell is DNA. However, unlike the complex DNA found in the nucleus of a cell, the DNA of a virus is relatively simple, and just contains the information needed to manufacture new virus parts. Once inside the cell, the instructions in the DNA are transcribed to RNA. The protein-building machinery of the host cell then translates these instructions into the components of a new virus. These parts are then assembled into new viruses within the host cell. These parts are then assembled into new viruses within the host cell. When ready, they emerge from the host cell, often killing it in the process. As they emerge, some viruses retain parts of the host cell membrane, forming an envelope around the virus. This envelope gives some protection to the virus from the immune system of the host organism. Each new virus is now capable of infecting another host cell and repeating the process of virus replication.

By understanding how the life cycle of a virus works, scientists have been able to develop antiviral drugs that target specific points in the virus life cycle and thus prevent the virus from replicating. .

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The Worst Trends in Modern Cars and Trucks

Rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk about some of the worst trends in modern car design, and as far as I’m concerned the worst one are those massive giant grills that all the manufacturers seem to be copying each other and putting on, like the Lexus grills, now yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder but those massive grilles are just absurd, because in many of them a large portion of that grille does nothing, it’s actually just covering up part of the frame of the vehicle it’s not that air is going through the whole thing and cooling the car down, now as a counterpoint to that, hey I had a 2013 Shelby gt500, it didn’t even have a grill it just had a giant gaping hole because it needed a hole that big to suck enough air in, so that it could go 200 miles an hour and cool the car down without it overeating, not that anybody really needs a car that can go 200 miles an hour, but at least that’s form following function not just some absurd ridiculous looking massive grill, now they’re all coming out with it, when I was a young mechanic the Americans had the Fin Wars, they kept making the fins bigger and bigger and bigger, and they served no purpose either it wasn’t like those things were going 240 miles an hour it didn’t make them that much more aerodynamic, they just liked the look at these giant fins coming out of the back of them, the next bad trend is turning everything into an SUV, Hey there are now Porsche SUVs, Lamborghini SUVs, even Bentley SUVs, because mark my words, not just a stylish thing, but they’re big vehicles they’re high up in the air, almost all of them get pretty poor gas mileage, in the future when the price of gas goes up, these things are not going to be as popular, and many of them come in all-wheel-drive, fine if you live in a snowy area or something but in normal driving in places like here in Texas, you get worse gas mileage as all-wheel drive, it cost more money to fix, it costs more money to build, you have to buy all four new tires when you need a tire, because if some tires are off size from the others, that will ruin the all-wheel drive system and cost you thousands to fix, which a lot of people don’t really understand until it happens to them, now another trend that I think is bad is the trend towards removal of not only full-size spares in a car, this Lexus still has a full-size spare, to the use of those mini spares, this matrix only has one of those little donut spares inside here, to some modern cars that have no spare tires at all and even have an air pump or the run flat tires and you can drive on when they run out of air, really run flat tires they cost a fortune if you get a flat on that cost a fortune to fix, and because of their inherent design of being strong, they actually get worse gas mileage, because they have more friction in them driving down the road, and at least that’s a trend that seems to already be going away, they seem to be giving up with these run-flat tires, I mean you have a problem where your tires shredded, even the run flat tires can get shredded, you’re gonna be stranded in the middle of nowhere, there’s nothing better than a real spare tire that you can put on and go your merry way, now the next trend I’d like to see go away is the use of those ultra low-profile tires, now this lexus has normal tires and they serve a very good purpose big sidewalls they absorb bumps so they ride smoother, they can go through potholes without getting serious damage and they protect the rim, these aren’t cheap rims, if you go to these real low-profile tires, some of those cars ride like wagons, you feel every bump, if you live in a city like me with pothole roads, or in a country road with pothole roads for that matter, they will eat the rims up I’ve seen guys just destroy the tire and the rims on just a medium sized pot hole, yeah you can zoom around in them and corner real fast and stuff but for a normal driving car they’re kind of stupid I’ve had many BMW customers that cursed the day they got one with these low-profile tires, they kept having to buy tire after tire after tire, their super expensive tires and a lot of times they end up the rims too, that’s money wasted that you never need to spend if you just have normal tires that work perfectly fine, now the next thing that I find stupid and a ridiculous trend is the installation of fake vents on a car, for example the Buick envision has fake air scoops on hood, they don’t do anything they’re fake they’re just stuck on there, they don’t suck air or anything it’s just kind of ridiculous, and along the same vein the fake exhaust tips coming out of a car, even Mercedes getting into it, they put these space-age looking things come out of the back but there’s just regular round pipes going into them, they don’t serve any purpose at all, they’re just fake to look like they’re doing something they aren’t, now the next bad trend as far as I’m concerned is those bejeweled headlights so that at night your car looks like a spider with all those eyes on it, they look weird enough but personally I find them very annoying when people are coming at you on the other side of the highway if it’s just a little divided highway with not much room between, they kind of blind you with all those lights coming out at you they make you want to wear your sunglasses at night, hey I already do that, and the last trend, one that I really can’t stand is the use of plastics for these headlight assemblies, that’s one thing I had to replace on this Lexus cuz the old ones just got all foggy and cracked, but this is a trend that I know they’re not gonna go away from, because it’s cheaper to make plastic, and you can make it any shape you want to fit any design, but really plastic, clear plastic the headlight you know what’s gonna fog up over time rocks are gonna hit it, it’s not such a hot idea, now if you watch some of my videos I show you ways that you can protect these plastic headlights so they lasts as long as possible, but hey when I was young they were glass headlights you never had to think about anything and if they did crack those glass headlights in those days cost like 5 bucks versus many of hundreds of dollars for the OEM ones and when you go aftermarket a lot of times the aftermarket ones, they’re so poorly made they crack too really fast, so now you know some of the worst trends in modern cars, now let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope they don’t come up with a whole bunch of new ones in the future, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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2. What are the Major Currency Pairs? TriumphFX Forex Educational Series

What are the Major Currency Pairs? The first listed currency of a currency pair is called the base currency and the second currency is called the quote currency. Major Currency Pairs are the most frequently traded as it constitutes about 85% of the forex market therefore they exhibit high market liquidity. Most of the major currency pairs involve the U.S. dollar paired with one of the other major currencies such as EURO / USD USD / JPY GBP / USD AUD / USD USD / CHF USD / CAD NZD / USD referring as FIBER GOPHER CABLE AUSSIE SWISSY LOONIE KIWI.


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Disturbing Things from Around the Internet [Vol. 1]

*music* *creepy music/sound* Back in November I mentioned that I was discontinuing my unnerving YouTube channels and unnerving YouTube videos miniseries to a mixed response I told you guys not to worry, and that’s because what you’re about to watch is its direct and far improved replacement Welcome to Episode one of Disturbing Things from Around the Internet This is essentially a one stop shop for creepy finds that I might have stumbled upon recently while browsing online We’ll dive into not only creepy things from YouTube, but from all over the net as well Today we’re going to dive into five hand-picked and disturbing finds from the Internet The recent Hawaii missile scare is one of the most unsettling real-life occurrences to happen in a long time Back in my unnerving youtube video series.

I included an entry about an emergency alert and how disturbing they sound This is essentially that but this time it was for real Hawaii’s residents went into a state of panic following this broadcast and there were all sorts of goodbyes being given due to the Anticipation of all of their lives possibly being wiped out as time ticks closer and closer to the missiles estimated time of arrival Which was said to be just minutes from when the alert went live Fortunately this entire Fiasco merely turned out to be a false alarm The footage that residents took during the situation however… is entirely disturbing Take a look at some of it So thread to Hawaii a missile may impact on land or sea within minutes, this is not a drill If you are indoors stay indoors if you are outdoors seek immediate shelter in a building If you’re watching this video that means I didn’t make it Because of the missile that’s coming towards Hawaii Just parted the last hole, and I just hit this *shiznik* out of my ball So, love you all, but i’m playing golf It’s the last thing i’m going to do *shh* *A missile may impact on land or sea within minutes.

This is not a drill* Emergency Broadcast *If you’re indoors stay indoors if you are outdoors seek immediate shelter in a building remain indoors well away from windows* Emergency Broadcast *If you are driving pull safely to the side of the road and seek shelter in a building or lay on the floor* Emergency Broadcast *We will announce when the threat has ended* Emergency Broadcast The sheer terror that comes with an emergency alert Coupled with the idea that these residents believe that they only had a few more minutes to live really puts things into perspective here Hawaii is such an isolated state, and if there ever truly were an event like this that were to happen These people would have absolutely nowhere to go I found this gem waaaay back when I first started nightmare Expo, and I never really could fit it into any list until now This entry revolves around a Facebook post made by a user named Brandon regarding someone harassing his grandmother He claims that the person is watching her house putting a radio up to her window and knocking on her door at 4 a.m.

He then goes on to explain that him and various relatives have stayed with the grandma to help keep her calm and that police have Been patrolling the area on various occasions for them after this he then states that he set up a deer cam outside of her house to potentially catch whoever this person is and they… caught this :0 “This man or woman knows what they’re doing” he says “if anyone recognizes this face, please contact me” “Please help” After scrolling through the various comments asking for updates from Brandon he claims that to this day.

Nothing has happened Either this person realized that they were caught are potentially going to return sometime in the future or this is a hoax If it’s real though It’s pretty hard not to be unnerved by the idea that somebody knowingly stuck their face in your security camera to taunt you Since they’re watching you This YouTube video showed up in my recommended feed a few months back And I’ve seen it a couple of times since then it involves a family’s venture as a tornado rips through their house It opens with the husband filming a tornado a short distance away And after a few seconds It’s evident that the storm is moving straight towards them He then proceeds with his wife to the closet under the stairs and the terror that follows is much… MUCH more real than anything out of a horror movie. Look at this holy shit HOLY MOLY alright.. holy shit All right, I got to go i’m coming honey shit! where you at hun? i’m in here Goddamn, its bad alright stay…

*wind* shit *more wind* oh my god *wind* *woman screaming* okay honey *sounds of objects being knocked over and wind and screaming* DON’T GO OUT THERE no.. not yet Ohoho my god Our house is freakin destroyed Josie nooo 🙁 OHMYGOD Where’s Autumn?! never seen anything like it oh shit The way that they kept their composure after an event like that is absolutely mind-boggling And if that were me I don’t think I’d be able to stay that calm The sounds of the tornado alone are enough to put a horrific image into our minds and the aftermath of their home is nothing short of grim and depressing This video isn’t anything like a movie. It’s genuine and unfiltered and I can only hope that this family successfully recovered No matter what kind of storm it is, this really is something that can happen to any of us at any time 🙁 This is another Facebook post that went live on October 3rd a user by the name of Teri made a post asking people if they heard the eerie radio broadcast that went live on nearly every station in Louisiana She claimed that she couldn’t find anything on the news regarding the matter and that after reaching out to other individuals who posted videos of the same thing Determined that this was happening all over the US This is what they heard *distorted deep voice* same distorted deep voice same distorted deep voice Now it sounds like a distorted voice naming off states and hearing it obviously raises alarm allegedly…

According to radio broadcast stations this was an emergency alert test that was sent out and apparently… this happens all the time the station’s claim that it’s due to a difference in sampling rate from the raw broadcast to the radio station If they’re outta sync it causes creepy distortion like you just heard This is of course what the radio stations claimed What was actually being broadcasted however, is to be determined… This was a very interesting thing to follow Back in 2015, a reddit post was made in the conspiracy subreddit by a user claiming they lived very close to a supposed daycare that had an extremely strange look to it and in all five years of living there have never seen a kid arrive or leave As expected this struck interest in redditors and people started throwing in suggestions for what it could be Some claim that it could be a money laundering Center while others suggested that it could be used for child trafficking There was also of course a group that believed that this was simply a real daycare and that there’s nothing more to see Things got interesting though when one user named death ship commented this I’m going to advise you guys to stop looking into this place This just drove the interest in the building up even more after looking into death ships background They came to the consensus that he’s potentially just a troll trying to scare people However, that doesn’t discount the other comments left by users claiming the same thing that the original poster did That they live in the area and have never seen a kid come in or out in years they also went to the “funtime kids care” website and described it as being super sketchy and plain with a bunch of stock images and a phone number When people decided to call it they were either sent to voicemail or a lady would answer in a very eerie tone Before hanging up on them One other user claimed that it’s indeed a real daycare and that they used to be a mail carrier for that neighborhood However one part of their response was a little strange They said that it is in fact full of kids But every single time that they deliver mail no matter the time of day it would always be naptime Pretty strange stuff, but that’s not even the end of it people took to Google Maps Street View to check out the place and they Determined that the windows to the day care had been covered up for years, and I’ve hardly ever changed one of the few instances of somebody being outside of the building is one snapshot that a user caught where someone is out in the backyard for some reason or another This led to even more speculation prompting people to check out the place in person which quickly became a large problem One redditor claim that they traveled to visit the daycare and at night when they got a glimpse inside They saw nothing but a chair aimed at a TV showing surveillance footage of another room of course many many other people visited the daycare even during quote “Operating hours” to try to get a peek into their windows this led to another large issue in itself Regarding grown adults trespassing on a private property to peek into a window of a supposed daycare with supposed children People even began taking photos of the few children that they saw outside the place This inevitably led to an even larger issue so police began to monitor the place and redditors were urged to stay away one person managed to get pictures of the inside and…

It seemed pretty ordinary After doing even more digging on the place redditors dug up the owner’s name And it’s rumored that the building owner purchased the daycare for his mother to give her something to do with her time Allegedly, she’s been running the daycare for years even though they have multiple violations on their state record This is of course speculation and determinations from reddit so take these with a grain of salt all in all the general consensus, is that this is indeed a normal day care a strange eerie and creepy one But a daycare nonetheless We just dove to five disturbing things from around the internet I hope you guys enjoyed the concept of this and if you have anything that you’d like me to look into No matter what it is for a future installment. Please do let me know Anyway, thanks so much for watching. I love you all and good night .

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