Letting a Homeless Dog Pick His First Meal!

– This is Bosco, and Bosco is a homeless bird-dog, but today I’m gonna let him pick out any of the ingredients that he misses, and I’m gonna give him his first residence cooked banquet. That’s a good boy, you’re a good son! Okay, here’s how it’s gonna toil. I’m gonna concoct Basco the most wonderful dinner he’s ever had in their own lives, and the fun role is he gets to pick out his ingredients. So, whatever vegetable, carb-protein he requires, we’re gonna make it for him. And we’re gonna give his friend, Freddy Mercury, do the same thing. Now I affection cooking for any bird-dog, but indicating Bosco some extra love today is really important, and I recollect when you discover his backstory you’ll agree with me. You recognize Bosco had a family, but they needed to move, and they felt he was an inconvenience.

So, they announced somebody to articulated him down. Now he’s old, but he’s not that old. It builds me really sad are well aware that Bosco imparted absolute affection for most of their own lives, and then the person or persons that were supposed to affection and care for him, simply turned their backs on him. They were instants away from applying the needle to administer him, when someone tell you not on my watch. And that’s where Marley’s Mutts comes in. Zach, the founder of Marley’s Mutts takes the dogs that nobody else wants.

Him and his team save thousands of bird-dogs every year. Okay, the exciting portion is coming, whether Bosco and Freddy will pick lobster, or steak, or salmon. But first everybody knows, you gotta pick your veggies. Get it, which one?( Bosco breathing)( Bosco scenting) I think he affection the cauliflower.( crowd hearten) Who woulda guessed you’re a cauliflower chap? Okay, okay, oh, wow!( Bosco grunting) Oh, yeah, that’s good too. Okay, okay, you’re a off-color berry chap. So, let’s throw some of those in there too. Let’s see if he likes carrots. You want a carrot? Some spinach?( Bosco sniffs) No,( mocks) no spinach. Which one?( Bosco sniffing)( laughs) Oh yeah, okay okay, good boy, good son( giggles ), he’s going for it.

Man, he’s like me, somebody he adores those carbs. What about, you know sugary potatoes? I make, you picked the rice but , not interested( chuckles ), he requires the rice. Coming up next will be his protein, we have steak, we have salmon, we have chicken, we even have lobster, which one will he pick? Comment down below which one do you think he’ll pick? You’re gotta get to pick, but you only get to pick one. If you witnessed Bosco in the last video, we made him to a domesticated storage and we give him buy anything he stroked, along with his pal Freddie Mercury. Hit that thumbs up button, if you guys get this video to 50,000 thumbs up, we will do another video with Basco until we find him a home.

Okay, I have something pretty cool that we’re doing, so Hello Fresh is patronizing this video, and you guys is recognized that I desire helping puppies as far as is possible, but I too cherish helping the people that are helping the dogs, and at Marley’s Mutts is what they do day in and day out. I mean they literally save thousands of puppies every single year, so with Hello Fresh patronizing this video, I foresaw, I have the perfect mind, and what we’re gonna do is were gonna surprise Zach, the founder of Marley’s Mutts with banquets for an entire year, for free.

So, Hello Fresh thank you, I’m gonna tell you more about them there in a minute, but first I thought we’d go in and surprise Zach, so, come on! Alright, so he, he’s in there and he doesn’t know what’s about to happen. You ready for your surprise? – I guess. You’re scared and stimulated all at the same term. Oh son! – So we’re giving you an their own families Hello Fresh for a whole time. – Really? – Yeah. – Are you serious? – Yeah! – Man, do we really get this for a whole time? – Whole year lover. – No way. – You can pick the strategy and. – That’s impressive. – Here’s what I love about this, it genuinely shapes me feel like a pro, because it’s fresh parts, it comes to your entrance, it’s in an insulated casket, everything is premeasured, and then it’s really simple to follow, you just, you have these recipe placards and check this out, six easy gradations, constructs me looks just like a pro.

( chopping) Okay, dinner is provided, what do you think? – It appears so good, it’s just, it’s really nice we work all day to help bird-dogs then we can come home , not have to worry about grocery supermarket, and whip up something in 30 minutes. It’s perfect and it’s super healthy, so, I’m excited! – Because it’s America’s number one dinner package, it takes under 30 instants, and if, we weren’t doing this, who knows what I’d be eating, simply anything in front of me.( glasses clinking) – You deserve this, thank you very much. – Yeah.

The cool – Thank you Hello Fresh He loves it I adoration it, you’ll cherish it, get started with eight free dinners, it’s $80 off. Move to HelloFresh.com and enter promo code Rocky 80, likewise set the link down below in the description, check’ em out, I relish these chaps supporting me, and you and stopping us healthful. – Voila, lover, 80 horses off. – Bosco is also really happy about this but he’d like to, us to get back to him picking what he wants for dinner. – Go back to savin’ lives. – And all you gotta do, is pick the one that you want to eat, you are willing? – Go get them. – Come on Basco!( scenting) – Oh, the steak,( laughs) no! He approximately got the steak, alright, we’re gonna cook that up, friend, and it’s gonna be dinner epoch, in no time, you’re a good son! This here, is Freddie Mercury, and she has a very special story, so what’s her fib? – She was found underneath a vehicle by a person who is and raised her into a shelter, and the sanctuary reached out to Marley’s Mutts, and I drove and get her, and fell in love and chosen her.

– So , now you are her mama. – Yeah. – And she is healthy and happy. We’re gonna have Freddie Mercury pick out what she wants to eat , now with her meal we’re gonna make it a little bit different. We need to blend up her dinner right? Cause she, – Yeah. – Her teeth require, she needs to be able to eat with kinda the, she’s got much.

( giggles) She’s like, I know what I require, alright, oh. Chicken, okay, okay, okay. you’re gonna check all of them now? Perhaps salmon? – She is going for the chicken. – Yes she’s definitely, she obviously likes the chicken. Dogs, involve health flabs in their nutrients, so we’ve got coconut and peanut butter, and some of you are able to not think that lobster and peanut butter taken together, but who are knowledgeable about? We’ll made Freddie decide that. So Freddie is gonna choose, we’ve got the plate right here, whether she likes coconut or peanut butter better, okay Freddie, go for it! – Are you ready Freddie? – I imagined she was going for the peanut butter, look at that. I’m putting on the apron, generate that, that basically becomes me the brain chef, the lord chef, the boss.( humour) – Please.( titters) – That’s my partner back there prepare, I honestly couldn’t do it without Kelly, she, she is so awesome, uhm, but we are definitely having Angela take it back seat. Cause, you need to relax, like, we’re gonna, we’re gonna take care of this.

We are also gonna feed all of the dogs on the ranch, because we want them to all ingest healthful and happy. So we’re gonna take all the veggies, chop’em up, carbs chop’em up, proteins chop’em up, mix it all together, and then it’ll be some of the best puppy nutrient that they’re eating, it’s kinda like a gourmet dinner.( upbeat music) Freddie is surely interested in the, yeah but he likes the chicken. – You like the chicken? – Yeah the chicken.( upbeat music) So we’d like to leave the skin on, cause it’s really healthy for dogs, and it really shapes it easier when you’re doing.

The whole ground we’re doing this is one, because we want to cook a dinner for Bosco, but two, in the last video millions of people envisioned it and this person still hasn’t got a home. I don’t know how, I want he’s a major puppy, he’s a Cane Corso which is an astounding spawn, parties pay different forms of coin for these dogs. So I remembered, you know what? Let’s make another video, let’s have fun with it, let’s prepare him a great dinner, but here’s what I require everybody is do, so that we can get him endorse. Hit that thumbs up, so that we can show carry, and everybody can see this video and Bosco can find a home. Seem at that face( chuckles ).( gentle music) She love’s it. Think it’s time, I chipped the paunch off, pretty cold to the touching, really wanna make sure it’s not too hot for him, and this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. He picked this steak out himself, ready, sit!( sighs) Dogs love peanut butter and bird-dogs adore steak, so I reviewed I don’t know, why not why not try and see if he likes peanut butter steak.

( cries)( laughs) What do judge Basco? You crave peanut butter steak?( titters) It’s a strike, you like that? Okay, so we are plating the rest of the dog meat, or bowling it I guess, and in, in dog world-wide, so I get some drug bowls put together right here, supplement a little garnish here, applied a bit lobster, every hound, every bird-dog – No! – Basco? – Basco? – I’ll grab a roar, but I’ll be – Okay( chuckles ), she’s gonna exit grab one of the dogs and we’ll is letting( laughs) – Come on Cagney. – Cagney is a professional uhm flooring dog eater, that’s the thing. That’s a, here we go, you ready? – Yeah – This is Marley’s Mutts ranch, and how many acres? – 23. – 23 acres all for the dogs and the animals. Right now hounds, but potentially more swine. – Horses are coming next. – Horses are coming next, so this is Marley’s Mutts ranch and it is awesome( barking) – This is Jen, and the issue was Rosie. – And they’re both available for adoption at Marley’s Mutts claim? – Yeah – Awesome! – Okay, you guys ready for some food? Let’s do it.

– Alright, let’s go. – Good boy. – You have it all over your face. – Oh, good girlfriend. Okay we have some, we have some full paunches. The dogs are fed, Zach, the director of Marley’s Mutts, and he is taking care of, thank you Hello Fresh for that. Everyone again make sure they run thank Hello Fresh, go to HelloFresh.com, exert system Rocky 80, and you’ll get $80 off, I simply wanna say it means so much to me that you guys are so much an integrated part of this channel.

You imagine, just as much as I do, that every pet deserves a affection dwelling, which produces me to something I wanna talk to you guys about, there is this Pit bull that I’ve been wanting to help that precisely, I don’t know, you know how sometimes simply an animal time get to your stomach, well this Pit bull’s specify is Zeus, and he needs our help and so, I’ll exactly present you.

Okay, I’m at San Gabriel Valley Humane Society and I was here last week and I precisely fell in love with this hound. The thing about this puppy, is that his nature is just so good, like when you go past all the other kennels, all the dogs are barking, he’s pacify. You know, I’ll stop talking about it and I’ll indicate you, let’s go check him out.( barking) Hi, that’s a good boy.( barking) Hi Buba Okay, I’m gonna take take him back into his frisk gap. This person right here, is Zeus, hi bud, hi. It’s the first time I’ve had him out, uhm, you know it’s one of those things, hi, oh( screams) good mas, oh, hi, oh you’re a kindnes bud huh oh, does that feel good, oh yeah. Let’s get this off of you, oh good son, oh good boy. So, this is Zeus and he’s been here for months, and there’s just something about him, where I merely fell in love with him and, and, and you can tell it is the first time I’ve had him out of the kennel, but you can be seen, he’s just such a good dog.

But he merely change over, chiefly because he’s a, he’s just a oppose bull right? Like the impatience on this guy, I necessitate so far you are able to just see it’s good, hi, hi. But, just because, oh( lauhgs) oh you’re a good boy. But, principally really because he’s a Pit bull he’s used to getting change over, you know? He’s got, he’s got some reactions you can tell right here on his stomach. Hi, but, he only requires performance, he really wants to have fun, look at him.( yelping) What’s that, what’s that, get onto! No, oh there it get, there it extends. No.( chortles) Good boy, where’d it disappear? Here it is, here it is! Okay, so this is exactly why I do dogs era out it’s because, because bird-dogs like Zeus don’t ever get the opportunity, really because they’re stereotyped. Pit bulls are, are one of the most stereotyped pups, that they’re aggressive, and that they’re bad puppies, look at this guy.

100% absolutely no truth to the rumors, so I don’t know this is where I need your guys’ improve. I convey, look at Zeus should he be our next bird-dog? Should he be our next dog’s daylight out? I wanna take Zeus to the Pet Store, I suspect the problem I run into with taking Zeus to the Pet Store, is other parties could have negative actions, right? They encounter a Pit bull wander in, and they tense up and then that creates that vigour and so, my concern is if I make him browse, you are familiar, will it create a situation, or will it change his temperament because of how other people stereotype and greeting? So, I don’t know should I take him to the supermarket and buy him everything he touches? Or( sorrows) do you think we, we shouldn’t make love, only because of the course that beings react to Pit bulls? Give me know, frame a comment down below, and I’ll read all of those and respond to as countless as I can.


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So for the first time ever! after 50 seasons, after a hundred years of programme, you chuckle “youre losing” is Changing the game. We’re turning it upside down Baby, it’s no longer you laugh, You lose. It’s get this- you giggle. You Prevail!* Epic Gamer Explosion.MP4* No more G-fuel necessary but it is a nice liquid irrespective. 10% off aaAGH Schoolteacher: what clang does the kine offset? Special ed kids: MOOOMOOOOMOOMOOOMOOOOOOOOOOORGHHH-AAA MOOOOMOOOOMOO- I earn!> cutefelixkratta.mp3 I affection how there’s no context to this whatsoever* Unholy roid fury ensues* I don’t I don’t watch Tyler, but I simply look him in the purposes of the this; so he just seems like he’s crazy This is great. I have a great insight of this streamer> felixskratta.mp3 x5 This time is literally everywhere. I don’t know why- I necessitate it’s impressive but this is Is this is something that fairly for you kids to find a meme.

To repost.* tetris theme slowly coilings your being into madness* Now the real question is the tetris soundtrack copyrighted or not?* hmm* ArE yA ReAdY kIdS? 9 yo kids:( In the distance) AYE AYE, CAPTAIN!( Inaudible howling) I CAN’T HEAR YOOOOOOOOOOOU !!!!!!!! 9 yo kids:( Louder) AYE AYE, CAPTAIN !!!( OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) That’s kind of sweet, that’s not a really a giggle That’s just wholesome when you leave the browse, but recognise you left your son. Oh no ma onomah( Oh no mah) lad* felix contemplates life and why it has come to this…on youtube’s favorite show…why ??** okie life crisis over now we’re good* This is “YLYW”* skratta* I can laugh at that! I don’t know if I want to though…

I feel painful … ueh, yeah, beatboxer boi. STOP it, wuehh-I don’t care about West Coast Boi!( intercom) We’ll be shutting in two minutes* Sad Peter** Japanese weeb sh* t)( Guy gets hit with what inspects to me like a biscuit)( Oh, gape, Pewds time won !) I adore impulse( TEAM INSTINCT FTW !!!)( Pewds drinkin’ down that Gfuel) (…) what fu* k that joke was* METALLIC CLONK** METALLIC CLONK*( slaughtering the ANIME GIRL with a frying pan !) jEsUS cHRisT Jacksepticeye, st0p killing the anime th0t, delight …* Success* jesus..cryyy What did she do? This is disrespectful as Hell learn to trick Wow> felixskratta.mp3 x5( damsel with accent: He’s the world’s supporter in basketball freestyle !) Oh god You know simply real shows up prac-, I want it’s impressive don’t get me wrong- But you know simply show-offs really tradition this kind of stuff He’s the world champion! Daaaaaaaaaaaamn That’s naayysty* Pewds roars at the basketball joke hustler* haha look at the dood WoRlD cHaMpIOn Spectator: “Keep travelling, keep going, keep going” Keep going…

Jesus Christ, he’s already dead …( Roger Taylor trying to sing Numa-Numa up in here) “Its from” the Swedish edition of Idol. I remember at least … I remember see it now( Dear lord, why did I have to get dragged into this ?)( I’m just your friendly neighborhood caption author)( Good divinity, is he done yet ?) No … You know, I remembered changing the specify to you “YLYW” would actually benefit, but uh, it just seems like…

The excerpts are sh* t and I haven’t even been trying all along … Oh, it’s a artillery! OH OF COURSE it’s Russia … Jesus Christ … Oh my God Please tell me that’s sea, because that is the cutest … That’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in my life! So then person hurls a pair* Pewds.exe has stopped operating* Sorry, I know that was a bit … what is this hit or miss what the heck is this, huh?( Soft banjo plucking in backround) What is happening ???( Soft banjo plucking in backround cont .)* Guy operating frantically*( Soft banjo snatching in backround cont .) Oh god, is he gonna get hit?( Soft banjo plucking in backround cont .)( Record scratch) Oh my god…

( Rock and roll starts) This am going to be phony … Oh God, ohooho Gah, what the hell ?! NOO!* Pewds starts screaming for the man’s security** Metal music continues representing* If this is imitation, then he’s doing a great racket, but I really- OH MY GOD, Jesus !!! It “ve got to be” counterfeit … That’s impressive though … D* mn I’d be sh* ttin myself if I encountered that Hello, my partisans. I’m here with acclaimed comedian movie star uh, Bill Murray. You know him from such movies as the Ghostbusters and the Ghostbusters 2- that’s right these Anderson films and we’re just gonna make one of my biggest fantasies come true.

So ready greenback. Yes truly ready live from New York it’s Saturd- F* CK. What the Hell did I are watching You laugh you’re muddled is so far all I got, Jesus Christ What is this? Can person include the reasons why Bill Murray is there and did Bill Murray merely affected that chap in the neck? Chant: You mad induce you got some fat tit( Fat Breast) Lyric: Yeah he has some fatty heart It’s your boy Whis. I just got some neck Alright, okay, cool* weeb racket* Google-San Back at uh google-san. Oh My god Has that dog never seen a automobile before like. Quit, Jesus Christ dog, please stop stop Stop please Dog stop, someone stop the dog Undefeated bird-dog. dog- none: my pup: at 5 a.m* loud barking from Tyler, kinda like AROUHROUHROUH ROUHROUHROUH See what I’m talking about? I’m sure he’s normal. I’m sure there’s nothing mistaken with him Hey, it’s just me, you know when people take out of framework and I-I I don’t want to gues someone’s persona time by excerpts made out of situation but uh…

* wizard spawn sounds that are slowly originating me deaf …* So far it’s not looking good Sh* t* Minecraft death song** BLOMP BA …*( felix why u interupt this beautiful music ?) This .. is so sad, this is why you imbibe G-Fuel # ad This won’t happen with g-fu- wHAT* shhh …..** BOOOOOM* What did you think was gonna happen Jesus Christ. It like hey guys, it’s me and coca-cola it’s like set the hand over it extremely like* BOOOM** beew bew** bew** BUUUUU BUUUU BUUU BUU BUU** BUUU BUUU-* Oh H* ll Yeah I Adore me in a good Yoshi Meme Oh God* when you realize the meme is dead like :* Q_Q What the monstrosity? Mutters: Oh my god that precisely mean* belch unceremoniously* That kid? What can he do? Captain Knuckles: Flapjack do that thing you do every day I know what the issue was Stop, stop the tetris STOP! Hey it’s another one of these godd* mn memes.

We know it’s not real, we know – Oh Oh my divinity! oh my GAAAH! OH, WOW OH MY GOD, IT’S AMAZING! IT’S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! AHAH Nice Very nice. Excellent! OH Jesus Christ, and he locked it as well, Well well done Hey when we go out make sure you wait like 20 seconds Jesus Hey, human, what’s wrong? Come on, you know better lightning mcqueen isn’t real. That’s true Jeff. Oh gosh guys Dumbest thing I’ve ever tittered at but if you laugh you prevail, so it doesn’t matter. Thank you everyone for watching you scream. You prevail Everyone triumphs today pat yourself on the back Give yourself an additional Smoothie shake and I’ll see you guys tomorrow on another video leave a like if you chortle and leave a like if you didn’t laugh And make sure to laugh everyone Ha ha hah ha ha ha HAAAA Bye! What? Tubers Simulators is becoming relevant!( wait this is the old outro ..? Brad explain yourself !) No , no, don’t leave No, satisfy Sponsor Eagle please do something Yes This competition is still relevant, god dammit!

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9 – 3 ÷ 1/3 + 1 = ? The Correct Answer (Viral Problem In Japan)

Hi, this is Presh Talwalkar Can you solve this problem which went viral in Japan? A recent test found that only 60% of Japanese 20 year olds were able to get the correct answer This is alarming, because it is down from 90% – which was the accuracy rate in the 1980s Can you figure it out? To get started, I´m going to over a common mistake Many people will input this expression into Google or into a calculator In order to do so, you have to convert the fraction 1/3 into an inline expression Many people write out the equation in the following form Now, you will interpret 1/3 as being grouped together However I will discourage you from writing expressions in this form It is not clear that the 1/3 should be grouped together – – because this expression using both the division symbol and the division slash – – which are the same mathematical symbol of division Although you want the 1/3 to be grouped together – – this expression is going to be evaluated by a calculator – by converting this division symbol into a division slash This will NOT be equal to the original expression The calculator is going to look at the 3 divided by 1 divided by 3 as one term and it is going to evaluate it from left to right Now a calculator would properly evaluate this 1/3 it´s going to evaluate the 3 divided by 1 first, – then it is going to divide 3 divided by 3 – and then it is going to do 9 minus 1 plus 1, which will give you the result of 9 If you were to transcribe it on a calculator – you want to make sure that the fraction of 1/3 maintains grouped together So instead of writing THIS expression – – you would like to write an expression which GROUPS the 1/3 as one group Now a calculator will properly evaluate this 1/3 – and this whole term: 3/(1/3) in a proper order 3 divided by (1/3) is equal to 9 – and now we have 9 minus 9 plus 1, which give us the correct answer of 1 The problem is a good reminder of the order of operations These can be remembered by the acronyms PEMDAS or BODMAS These relates to the order of operations of Parenthesis or Brackets – Exponents / Orders – then Multiplication – Division – and finally Addition – Subtracton Another important rule, is that if you have – – operators of the same precedence – – you want to evaluate the expressions from left to right So let’s get to that We have no parentheses or brackets in this expression, we also have no exponents or orders We do have a division here, which is 3 divided by 1/3 So let’s evaluate this first – 3 divided by 1/3 is the same thing as 3 multiplied by the reciprocal of 1/3 which is 3 We now has a multiplication of 3 times 3 – – which we also evaluate before anything else 3 times 3 is equal to 9 And now we have an expression with only addition and subtraction So how do you evaluate this expression? How do you know what to do? If you have something of the same precidence – addition and subtraction – you want to evaluate the expression from left to right So our first evaluation of 9 minus 9 which gives us 0 – then you evaluate the 0 plus 1 which gives us the correct answer of 1 Did you figure it out? Thanks for watching this video and please subscribe to my channel I make videos of math and game theory You can catch me on my blog MindYourDecisions which you can follow on FaceBook, Google+ or Patreon You can catch me on social media as @preshtalwalkar And if you like this video, please check out my books – there are links in the video description.


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I Bought All The iPhone Cases on Wish…

– Hey what’s good guys. Welcome back to TechSmartt for the second episode of WishBusters So in case you guys are new here make sure you subscribe or you just check out that Icard or link in the description for all the videos I got… – I’m back. – I’m back with us – I’m gonna host – So if you’re new to WishBusters basically we hop on Wish and these are items buyed and then tried. The whole thing around Wish is you see a lot of good deals but you don’t actually know what a good deal is.

So in this video we’re going to be buying all the iPhone cases, testing it out, and this video’s in two parts. First half’s us buying then unboxing when it finally shows up and then we’re gonna drop test it. So, Josh let’s just hop on into it. Wish time? There are a lot of cases on Wish. That’s basically the number one most sold item. So if you guys wanna check out anything in this video we’ll leave a link down below. Three, two dollar cases. – I don’t want one dollar cases. I want quality cases. – you want quality. – I want to give them the quality cases only. – Maybe drop a like on this video. If we hit like 25,000 likes we’ll do the free Wish video. All the iPhone cases, headphones, anything that’s on Wish for free, we’ll do it. If you guys want it, you know what to do. Let’s jump into this dog. What do we got? – Oo I got a battery case. – Oo I got a fluffy case.

Check this out. (laughing) Dude, dude we gotta. – It’s so fluffy!! – Alright, 11 dollars. So do we get to pick the size battery? It says 3,500, 4,000, 5,500. Like I want the large one – It probably, it probably yeah the large one’s probably for like the iPhone X. – Or the seven plus. Oh, boom. So with the iPhone cases, and you guys let me know on the comments which case you have, or which kinda case you like. I’m gonna search for like a leather wallet one. You guys have seen those. It’s got like a wallet cards. – Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. Store your credit cards. – Ooo dude. Coin purse. you have cards, ID, – For sure brown. – Boom. No other reviews? Four reviews. Three and a half stars. Do we trust it? Yeah, we don’t have a choice. Four dollars. iPhone XS. What color? Blue? Black? I’m gonna grab it in red. Boom. Hit buy. Do you think you can see your iPhone through it? So if I had like a pink iPhone would it make it like… – It’s transparent.

– Send that over dog. Let’s get this in the cart. We have only four cases in. We gotta buy faster, dude. Eight dollars. It’s a Tuff case. So that’s what we’re going for, battery cases, Shell cases, fluffy cases. Rugged cases. The drop test is going to tell you everything you need to know. That’s why you should get subscribed. Ooo, 21 dollars. It came down from 199 bucks. – Who would pay… – In what world? – Who would pay 200 dollars… – Dude, like…

– … for a Wish battery case? If you’ve ever paid 200 dollars for a Wish battery case I apologize. – Whoa, ultra slim. – Easy installation too. – It’s got a button on the back. I mean it’s everything you’d want in a case. But it says on the picture. Josh, what does it say? – It says edge protection. – 360 degree protection. I actually am going for it. iPhone XS. They even got it for the XR. Let’s get it in black. Buy. Ooo – it’s got a heart on it. I dedicate this case to Keaton. – Ooo. – From my heart to his. Like I could rock a black heart. But I don’t think I could rock a red one. – I thought this was dedicated to me though. Are you basically telling me I got a black heart? I’m down for it. I like it. My voice is cracking a bit. Eight cases in. Dude, this is taking forever. – I know, I know. – Speed this up Send links faster. Tag Team. – I’m going faster. – Alright, alright, I found something. I got a gold Nemo case.

That’s what I’m gonna call this one. – Looks rugged. $if I buy it with Keaton. Alright, I officially have no friends. Wow. Alright, well I’m gonna buy it. Seven dollars. Gold. – Oh, yeah. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold your horses. And by that I mean reindeer. – That’s like an ugly sweater party but you also came with your case. This is like some Pinterest quality. – No, that’s what I’m saying. Look at the quality. – 90 cents if I buy it with Keaton. Alright. I think we figured out the whole buy it with Keaton, it’s ’cause Josh has it up on his laptop too. But there could be two Keatons. I have met another one. What’s the difference between Elk and Reindeer? – Reindeer are the only type of deer at which both the males and the females grow antlers.

– Whoa. We got 10 cases in the cart. Josh, hit me with five more. Is that a rhinestone? – Yeah. – 452 reviews. 100 percent fake. No! Verified by with shoppers, which is rare. I mean dude. That looks like it was taken at a jewelry store – I think we could just make an exception and we can get this one, even if it’s free. – I mean we have to. 452 people bought this.

– Like I personally challenge you to try and break this Wish case. I don’t think it will. – Dual layer, rugged back protection. Protective front casing with built in screen protector. Six screws? – Yeah. – Six screws. What kind of colors? – Get the yellow one. – Yellow? I love when you click yellow and it goes to silver. $if I buy it with my only friend, myself. Franco, “very very very good indeed. I am so happy with this product, thanks Wish company” – Why is James Franco writing Wish reviews? – Whooooo. – Alright, we got twelve in there. Let’s get like three more. I think 15 cases is perfect. Whoa. Look at that nylon. – It’s got a comment okay. – 43 reviews. – It says, “it’s nice and I like it.” I don’t need to know anything else. – Ooo. It’s free. Dude, I thought we said we were staying away from free cases – I know, but I like it. – I mean look at the gradient. – Make an exception for me. – Look at those options. Not a bad case, actually. I mean it’s, it looks a little cheap but for free, can’t really complain.

Whoa! – Yeah. – Dude, look at these photos. And look how thin it looks, too. It just like, fits in. .3 millimeters. – I would buy this case, probably. – Well it doesn’t matter when you buy a case for your broken phone. You gotta do that before. – That’s true. – Six dollars. Made buy the same Insten company. Buy it with Keaton. It’s just, I don’t have friends. There’s no reviews on this. So I’m gonna hit buy. (laughter) – 188 dollars? – 188 dollars on iPhone cases. – Why? – We just bought all the iPhone cases on Wish. – 190 dollars. – So, let’s hope they show up. If they do, next part will be unboxing. Now we wait. – Boom! So, how long did it take Josh? For 16 iPhones. – Three weeks man.

– So, vote up in the Icard. This entire video. Which is your favorite case and which you think is the most worth it because what we’re gonna do is basically put all these cases to the test. Gonna unbox them, see how good they feel and if they’re good enough, they’re gonna get a Wish or a Dish. Which is basically out of five W’s, our rating scale.

It sucks, it’s a Dish. If it’s cool, it’s a Wish. Alright, let’s go with this one. This is probably – or just throw it on the… ground, okay. – Three dollars. Is this the bunny ear one or the heart one. – I think it’s the bunny ear. This is my favorite one out of all of them. – Whoa. Gonna throw an iPhone X in here. – Oh it’s solid. – Dude that fits perfectly. – You go to take a photo and then you can’t see the photo you’re taking and then if you want to see the photo you’re taking, you’re basically covering… okay. So you’d have to like… This is how you have to take your photos from now on. (laughter) – Well it’s my tail. (laughter) – And then, actually, it’s like a chain. – Oh that’s cool. – Dude, t’s like a chain with your wallet. It’s a chain with your wallet. – Have the ears sticking out. ‘Cause then you can just grab them and pull your phone out.

_ five W’s. Wish or Dish. Kick it off! – I think I’m gonna give it four. Just because the photo thing. It loses one. But other than that, this is a solid Wish. – Solid Wish. I’m gonna give it five W’s. I think this is an absolute banger. Look at this. How much did this cost Josh? – Two beans. – Two dollars for the blue carbon fiber with the stand, case. Looks like one of those cases you find at like a mall at the kiosk. – Literally already broke the case. – Did I break it? Wait is it that bad. – That’s an automatic Dish, baby! – Let’s try it out with the iPhone X. Maybe it needs a phone in the back. That could be what it needs.

It’s two dollars. – It’s not even carbon fiber. Can we talk about that? It’s like not even carbon fiber. They didn’t even try to make it carbon fiber. It’s just plastic. It’s not bad. – It’s not bad. – It’s just not good. – But, it’s definitely not good. It can hold your phone up. Did what it said. I’m gonna give it two W’s. So still a Dish. Josh, what’s your rating on this? – It is a one. This is a one. It’s a one because I could fix it if I wanted to. – Hopefully there’s better cases. – Here’s our third case. – You were excited about this weren’t you? – Yeah, I was excited about this because it’s a nice, the term was electro plate.

Which I wasn’t sure what that meant but like I like this red accent and on the phone I think it’ll look a lot better. – It’s got that like cheap silicone feel. That’s definitely not real metal. It looks like all the pictures. – I thought it was gonna be real metal so I’m a little disappointed about that. – We all hoped. Puttin’ the iPhone X in dude. For four dollars… Ooo imagine if you had a black one. I could actually see this color scheme working. That looks clean. That looks really clean. – So, the only gripe I have with this is the fingerprints but other than that, nice case for sure. – I’m giving this a three W’s out of five. So that is a Wish on my scale. I mean for four dollars it’s pretty cool and it did what it said.

The fingerprints are annoying though. – We’ll see how it goes in the drop test ’cause it’s just plastic. I’ll give it a three. – Wish or Dish? – Wish. They don’t call me Edward for nothing. – I lost it. – I helped. Alright how much is this… Tuff case? – Seven whole dollars. – Wow. What do you think? – Uh, honestly it’s kind of boring. – Really? – Yeah, it’s just… – Feels tough though. – It will… it feels like… It’s definitely thicker rubber than the other ones, for sure but, it’s like brown. It’s not gold. Alright, it’s a kaki. We’re just gonna call it at that. It’s a kaki. This is a two piece design. Plastic on the top and this kind of like rough, it’s not silicone.

– I think it’s rubber. – Not TPU. It’s gotta be something in between. Maybe a class above that’s pretty tough. We’ll find out in the drop test. We’re basically just trying to invent science words now. It’s not working. – This is multi carbonate rubber. – Wish or Dish? – I’m gonna give it a two, honestly. So it’s a Dish for me. – Really? I’m giving this a four. I bet this will be our winner case. – This case probably has to be the most intriguing. – It’s huge. – Look at this. – Why is it so big – Look at this! It’s a book. – It’s like my mom’s purse, bro. – I mean it has a wallet feature built in. ID slot. Is that a pocket for coins? Five card slots with another five on this side. ID? – How many credit cards do you have? – I’m actually gonna ask you that question. – Someone’s in debt with this leather case. Oh, it’s got a wrist strap. – And you can make it a clutch.

Whoa! – okay. – Whoa. You want to have a wallet that’s thin, like a normal wallet and then it’s magnetic. – Oh! – Josh, would you grab just this? Not that emblem on the bottom. I’m not with that. It says case me. I’m good. This with just the leather… Kinda retro-y. – ‘Cause here’s the thing. If you’re gonna make a leather case, you can’t have this cheap plastic on the side. I do like the magnetic thing. That’s cool. – I mean this is… – It’s just like, if I was 45, sure I’d love this, but I’m not. – I mean, I don’t mind it. I’m a little more optimistic on this one. Josh, Wish or Dish? – I’ll give it a three but it’s a Dish. – A Dish, okay. I’m giving this a three but it’s a Wish for me. – Alright, we got the Tuff case. It is seven dollars. Is it worth seven dollars? We’re about to find out.

Learned that from Keaton right there. – It works! See now you’re through it. – Oh! – It’s a three piece case design. – I’ve always not liked those. – Alright, since you don’t like it, put it together. – Sure, I’ll put it together. – Be about it. – Be about it, talk about it. – Pretty easy. – I never said it’s hard. I just never got the real reason for it. – So with this, seven dollars. Okay, yeah it’s rose gold – I dig it, honestly. – I wouldn’t get the rose gold case. – Oh I’d get the rose gold. – That’s not what I’m bringing to a party. So, three piece case. Got access to your buttons. Mute switch. – I feel it. – I kinda like these grips, too. – Yeah. – Like it doesn’t slip… – You know, it reminds me of Halo for some reason. I don’t know why. Doesn’t this look like the Master Chief? Like if Master Chief was rose gold. – Alright, Wish or Dish Josh? – I’m giving this a Wish. It’s getting four. – Ooo. – Because I really like it. I think it’s nice. – I’m giving this a three.

It’s getting a Wish but if it sucks in the drop test and just breaks, that’s where I’m drawing the line. The 200 dollar battery case but, how much did we get this for? – 21 dollars. – 21 bucks. This is was a sale or something. 3,200 milliamp hour battery inside. Really want to put that to the test. – Oh, that’s how you open that. You just like smush it. – Yeah, dude. – I didn’t know that.

– Have you ever got a new phone, ever? – No, I don’t. – Ooo. Anything else in here? Charge. Wait, charges with lightening. That was no joke. So comes in white. What do you think about this dude? – Not bad. – 21 dollars? I’m gonna see if we can charge it up. – I will say, if someone bought this for 200 dollars I still feel bad for them.

– Oh my, no way. You see that? It’s charging. I like it. – It’s sleek I will say. – It’s simple. It’s just simple. – Put the phone in it. – We haven’t done the drop test yet alright. – I know, we can’t use this one for the drop test ’cause we won’t be able to tell if anything actually breaks. – Alright, before we give our Wish or Dishes I’m gonna set this to the side. We’re gonna see if it actually powers on. – Yeah, let it charge – and then we’ll rate it. – Seven dollars. We’re going through so many iPhone cases.

It’s hard to remember the prices. This is kinda like that leather one. Got your ID or in this case, the only restaurant you need. – Hells Kitchen. The leather’s not the best quality. I’d say it’s just plastic. They didn’t put any sort of effort into making the leather. – Well how do you tell if it’s leather? I’m gonna show you what my dad taught me as a boy. – You lick it. (sniffs) Oh, you sniff it. – That is 100 percent plastic. – Yeah, I was gonna say, that is not leather. Wish or Dish? – Honestly, even though it’s not leather, I will say it looks nice. It keeps your cards. It’s not too loud. – I’m gonna go out on a limb. – I’m gonna say yeah. I’m gonna go four.

– Okay, I was like yeah is not Wish or Dish. (laughter) – No it’s not. – Alright, four W’s from Josh. I’m gonna give this a two and a half. I like it, again I just wanna see the drop test. ‘Cause none of these cases matter if they don’t actually protect your phone. – The best case you’re ever gonna get on Wish by JD. Merry Christmas Reindeer Extravaganza case for a dollar. Technically, 90 cents because we bought it with Keaton. (wrapper crackling) There you go. And here you go. Did your job for you. – This is clean. – That’s what I’m saying. This is like… – Look at that. – Instagram ready. – Alright, so the iPhone X’s inside. Not bad. You can see your camera cutout. It’s like on of those basic cases. I do like the reindeer. I mean that’s the only reason you buy it, right? – This is the type of thing where like you take a selfie with this and everyone’s in it and then they look at the reindeer and they just naturally smile. – It’s like soft touch, so it’s pretty nice. – Look at the little reindeer butt, dude. So cute. I’m saying five out of five on this case.

– Dang. I mean you guys probably don’t wanna hear what I have to say. I’m giving this a four out of five so auto Wish. – We got this nice purpley pinkish kind of color. I’m not sure what it is. – So the gradient iPhone case. How much is it? – Gradient iPhone case for three dollars. – I actually like this. I like the gradient look. It’s minimalist, like you’d normally get a cheap case. But you kinda splurged. And you got a little flap action. – This might be the greatest feature I think I’ve ever seen on an iPhone case. You wanna know why? Because you know those times where you don’t know why your phone isn’t charging? Or like you’ll move your charger and you think it’s because the wires broken. This happens to a lot of people. It’s not because the wire’s broken. It’s because there’s dust inside the charging cable. And you have to like take a what is that called? A paperclip – a toothpick. No not a piece of metal.

How many W’s though? – The dust thing for me makes it a four ’cause it’s gonna protect your phone a little bit more than if it was just a basic case. You know what I mean? – This case got more W’s than it actually cost in dollars. I’m giving this three W’s. I’m being strict. This is barely a Wish. I like the dust cap but for me, I have a lot of toothpicks.

This is the case I’ve been most excited for. 18 bucks and it claims it’s a waterproof iPhone X case. Look at this schematic on the back. Data plug, silicone rubber, toughened glass, zinc alloy screws, you have screws with this iPhone case. How often is that on Wish? Never. Stainless steel screw, imported silicone rubber. Why’s it gotta be imported? Like wasn’t it imported here? – It doesn’t matter, it’s imported. It makes it more expensive – it’s true. Of course dude, 18 dollars. – Dude, that’s a fat case. – Like look at this box. – Why is it so big? – This is the nicest box we have probably seen for all the cases. We’re not even done yet. – Oh, wow. – Whoa. – This is a proper case. – Looks like a submarine. Literally, whoa. You’re getting this one assembled dude. Boom. – Oh, you gotta disassemble it, put it on the phone, and reassemble it. – Not only do you have a screw driver, you have an allen key for two sets of screws. – Good. This things a submarine. Do I have to do this? – You guys like Josh better, bye! – I have to do this? You guys ever see the movie, it’s like a Wes Anderson movie.

Bill Murray, Owen Wilson. The Life Aquatic. – But what if it’s not waterproof? After gong through all this, the screws, the six layers. – Here’s my question on it. Why do you need a waterproof case for a waterproof phone? – That’s definitely metal. – Why did you bite it? – ‘Cause you can’t tell what’s plastic, what’s metal, what’s polycarbonate. You don’t know anymore. – I kinda like that. – That, dude. Look at how… Look at how sturdy this is. – Don’t rip it. We haven’t even tested it yet. – Dude, I’m Flex Seal. It’s strong! (laughing) – I’m Flex Seal. – If you pick this case up you’re gonna have a hard time charging and I’mma be telling you first, I don’t think there’s wireless charging. (robot noises) (power tools running) (car zoooming off) and there’s a wrist strap. So how does, oh, this attaches… Honestly, that’s not bad dude. This case, after we’ve gone through the set up, pit-stop this, it’s one… – Have you looked at this case since you’ve opened it? You’re never gonna…

There’s no… Who’s gonna use this case? – Wish or Dish? – Dude, such a Dish. I’ve never seen a bigger Dish than this. This is a negative five in my book. – We’ve never had a negative rating scale or a negative rating ever on WishBusters but if you really feel that way you should maybe tell it to its face. – I literally just said it to it. (laughter) – Say it again. – You’re a zero. – Well, this is my hero. I’m giving this a three out of five. I think there’s a lot here. Dude, if we can throw this, dude. – I’ll let you have a three if it survives the parking garage. Otherwise, it’s a negative five. – And I’ll change my rating to the negatives. We’ll find out soon. – You just dented the wall with that 10 pound phone. – Was that right there? Was that right there? – This is why you can’t be trusted. That’s a dent too.

That’s not even like a scratch. – Nah dude, it’s glare. It’s just your reflection. – Six dollars. Kickstand case part two. Didn’t work. Oh, it’s already opened. – Try not to break this one. – Yeah, this one’s not broken. – Yet. – It didn’t come broken… – Yet. – … at least. – Ooo. Eight G. – Looks like pretty nice quality. – Absorbs shock. – Yeah, shock absorption. – Oh, and it’s a two piece. – Ugh. – Let’s just be honest here, and you guys tell me in the comments, that apple logo is not centered.

– It’s not at all, it’s not. – Thought it was me but that could be the reason why it’s only six dollars. – Six bucks. – Camera cut out, stand. Actually feels… – I like the stand. – It’s gonna hold it up. – Yeah. I don’t mind the stand. – Can you go vertical? That would be a no. – I don’t think so. – Just… This looked way cooler… – Yeah, that would never work. Okay that worked. – What did you say? – That works.

It wouldn’t work for me, I have skinny legs, so. Okay, it works. Yeah. – It’s not about skinny legs. – I see it. How much is it? – Six dollars. – Okay. – Wish or Dish? – I’ll give it a Wish but it’s a three and that’s it and that’s because it’s ugly, ugly, ugly. That case is ugly, man. I’ve never seen an uglier case in my life. – I’m giving this a three and it’s a Wish. I like what it’s got going on. We already checked out one battery case but that’s why we got two. We’re trying to get all the cases on wish. If you guys can’t tell, how much was this one Josh? – 12 dollars.

– This is 12 dollars. I couldn’t tell you how much extra battery your phone’s getting. Whoa. Look at that. – Oh, wow. – I like that, that royal blue and gold look. – It looks nice, sure, but then at the same time, it looks horrible. (laughter) – Well you also think too hard on this one. They even got a guide on the inside. – Oh, it says it here. 55 milliamp. – 5,500 milliamp hour battery – That’s a lot. The other one has 34 or 32. – 3,200. Does that influence your decision at all? – Sure, yeah. Okay, now it’s a little bit better.

It’s not a two piece case. – I think it’s just the… – It is a two piece case. (laughter) Oh boy, it’s a three piecer. (laughter) – Well you know my opinion about any case that has more than one part on it. – Dude, it’s actually charging. – It’s actually charging. – It’s actually charging. – Okay. – That’s pretty big. – Alright, I guess it’s a Wish. – But don’t let me influence you. – I’m gonna give my rating first. This is a five all day outta me. I like this case. I think the aesthetic’s nice. 12 bucks? Can’t beat that. What’s your rating? – The gold’s wack. I don’t really care that much about the charger. Three. I’ll give it a Wish ’cause it’s a nice charger, I don’t know. Sorry. – Okay, so this is my ode to Keaton. This case. It just, it like really exemplifies my feelings towards him. Oh, so soft. Bunny heart case. I think it was four dollars. – Dude, it’s like one of those couches you can customize. – Yeah, and look at the stones again. With the bow. – With the bow. – That’s what I’m saying dude. – Wow, throw the phone in there.

– This has a lot of love in it. – And look at that drop touch front facing protection, dude. You’re gonna have hair. – Furs gonna help. – Hair’s hitting the ground first. It’s gonna totally protect your screen. – This one’s not as nice ’cause it’s shedding, but… – It’s literally shedding. – If it wasn’t shedding I’d be super into it. – You know what time it is. Wish or Dish? – Wish or Dish? I’ll give it a four.

I’ll give it a four, for sure. – I’m giving this a two. I think it’s cool. The bunny ears, all day. – Two? – Why get this when you can get bunny ears. – You give my love a two? – How much was this? – Seven bucks. – Seven dollars. I’m gonna say it now, this might be our winner. – This is nice. – It’s simple. It’s one piece. – Yeah, it’s not too much. – It’s one piece. And you get this lip right above the screen so if you put your phone down, or it just falls, the case is actually gonna touch the ground before your screen will. So that’s nice.

Known as lay on the table. – Oh, I thought it was a bumper. (phone smashes on table) – ‘Cause do you think this… (laughing) – Oh my gosh dude. Smashed it, face first onto the table. We still have too drop test that. – Wish or Dish? – I’m still gonna give it a Wish ’cause I like it and I don’t think any one of the cases we bought, if you would’ve done that to it, none of them, it would’ve been the same outcome, no matter what. Yeah, I’d give it a four. We’ll see how it holds up in the drop test. – I’m gonna give it a five. I can’t really contain myself if I’m being honest. This is just a warm up. This case, how much was this Josh? – I think it was free, I’m not sure. – So, if you guys want that free episode it’s gonna come full force. This is just a warm up. What if this case is like a banger? It’s not, um… I mean that’s where the apple logo goes anyway right? It’s a fingerprint magnet.

– It’s a monster for fingerprints. – It’s a mirror actually. Actually, dude, it’s a mirror. – Yeah, like one of those weird ones and then it has a kickstand and a ring thing. – No, it’s a ring. It’s like a PopSocket. – But I think you can use it as a kickstand. – Can you? – Yeah. – That’s vertical. That’s the best stand we’ve seen. In vertical and horizontal. – I don’t know. Review wise, it’s like, I would rock it, maybe honestly. ‘Cause it’s just so loud and obnoxious. – And you’ve got that grip on the top with those rhinestones. – Yeah, they’re very grippy. – Wish or Dish? – I give it a Wish. Three. – I give it a Wish. Four. So with the battery case… ow! Ow, I got glass in my hand. I actually got glass in my hand. – Whose fault is that? – Peep that. It’s actually charging.

For twenty one bucks, yeah it’s only 3,200 milliamp hours. I mean it works if you like the design. I think, just outta this, Wish or Dish. You lead it off Josh ’cause my iPhone’s gonna basically murder me. – Yeah, I would say this, I’ll give it a three. Three, Wish. What’s yours? – I’m gonna give it a O positive. (laughter) I’m gonna give this a two out of five. I like that battery case but I’m optimistic that the other battery case we got for 12 dollars might just be a little better. So, what we’re gonna do now is, I’m gonna pick my top three cases. I’m not gonna show Josh. He’s gonna pick his top three. We’re gonna meet outside at the drop zone.

We’re gonna see which actually is the best. – I’m gonna win. – Let the games begin. – I picked my top three cases and I got the submarine waterproof, the best battery case for 12 dollars, and the free rhinestone case. Bling, Bling. What do you got Josh? – I got this. I don’t know what it is. I got the bunny, of course, because it’s my favorite. Oh, we got a light! – Woohoo! – And I got this one. – So, to drop test all these, we’re actually going to be using a fake iPhone X. This is just one of the clones that I had in an earlier video. Not gonna wanna waste a phone on a Wish case. Like, what are we doing? Rhinestone case dropping in three, two, one. Oh! – Did it do anything? – I mean the phones already broken. I smashed it. But the case itself. – Is the case fine? – The real question is, how many rhinestones fell off? Only two at the top.

(laughter) Not bad. It’s free. – Doing the bunny. From the ears. Drop test. Three, two, one. At least it looks cute when it’s on the ground, ya know. Honestly, it was already cracked, but it didn’t really do much to it. I think the back cracked. – No way. – It cracked through. – I didn’t do that. – No you didn’t do that. That was me.

Okay, so I guess the bunny case doesn’t really protect at all. – Three, two, one. Did it even take an impact? Actually it did. It hit the metal. Kinda interesting. The silicone didn’t absorb all of it. – The three part case. The one that I don’t approve of. I really wanted to see what a drop test would do to this because I don’t trust it at all. Three, two, one. Okay, okay, yeah but it almost… It kinda dented it and it’s now broken. – So for my last case I’m testing out the 12 dollar battery case. The only difference is, I’m actually using a real iPhone in this. I’m gonna do it while it’s charging too. Let’s drop this sucker. Hopefully it doesn’t break this phone.

It’s already gone through enough. Dropping in three, two, one. (crying) It still works! It still works! Lost a little glass, face ID. But the bottom of it has disconnected. – Here it is. Last one. Three, two, one. Oh, that did not sound good. Oh! Nope. Nope, no. It cracked it more, unfortunately. – So after going through the drop test, which was kind of a first in this video. If you guys want more, you know what to do. We’re gonna pick our top case and then the worst case. I’m gonna start with saying the worst case. Has to be the 12 dollar battery case. Not only was a real iPhone X in here, but you can’t even use it as a battery case now.

– It’s so broken. – I probably shouldn’t even be doing that ’cause I think it’s on. My favorite case has to be, there’s so many good ones, there’s so many bad ones. I’m gonna give it to this one. – No way. – I’m gonna give it to this one. It’s stylish. It’s minimal. Gradient. And you were talking about it, dust protector. I started to think about it and I was like I actually have had problems. It is on another level. And this was what? Two, three bucks. Everything’s linked down below. Over to you Josh. – I think the worst one was this kaki one. It’s just so ugly, dude. It’s just, you can’t rock it. Just because of that. And the best one in 100 percent the bunny ear one.

– So that’s it for this extremely long I bought all the iPhone cases on Wish. If you guys want a free one, you know what to do. If you guys want more make sure you drop a like and get subscribed by hitting that button right down there. Make sure you guys follow on insta. It’s just techsmartt and check out these two WishBusters videos after this and we’ll see you guys next time. Oh boy. .

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El mejor curso de Forex en español – Clase de muestra GRATIS #2 – ¿Qué es Forex y cómo funciona?

Financial Education ♪♪♪ What is Forex? Let’s start with the basics! Forex is the abbreviation of Foreign Exchange and it is nothing more than the currency market. What does this mean? Suppose you want to buy food Where would you go? Well, to the food market, that’s where you can buy what you need. In the same way, if you need clothes you go to a clothing market. And the same with shoes or anything else you need. In this way we understand by market that place where you pay money in exchange for the good or service that you require. It is a trade in goods. Now, Forex is a money market. You pay money in exchange for money. Does it sound confusing? It is not so! Let me explain to you! Each country has a different coin or currency.

Some countries share the same currency but in general there are dozens of currencies in circulation. For example, Mexico has the Mexican pesos, The United States has the dollar, Peru has soles. Venezuela has bolivars, The countries of the European Union such as Spain, Italy, France, etc. have the euro, Chile has the Chilean pesos, and so on. And each of these currencies has a different value, so that in this money market you pay with the currency of one country to buy the currency of another country. It’s that simple! These coins have an international ISO code that consists of three alphabetic characters where usually the first two characters refer to the name of the country and the last to the name of the currency. For example, the Chilean peso code is CLP, where CL is for Chile and P for Peso, the United States dollar code is USD where US by United States and D by dollar, since the euro is a shared currency among all countries of the European Union the code is only an abbreviation of the name of the currency, therefore it is represented as EUR, the ISO code for the pound sterling is GBP, that is, Great Britain Pound, and so on.

When negotiating with currencies not only negotiate with one currency, there are always two, that is, you pay with one currency and you receive another. This is the reason why when you look at the Forex quotes you will always see the currencies quoted in pairs, because each transaction involves the purchase of one currency and the sale of another, so we have for example euro/dollar, pound/dollar, dollar/yen and these currency pairs are known as financial instruments. For each pair you will see a quote or price for the exchange rate, the first currency is known as the base currency and the second as the quoted currency, variable or counterparty. The exchange rate or price tells the buyer the amount of the quoted currency or variable that must be paid to obtain a unit of the base currency, that is, if you are trading the euro/dollar pair (EURUSD) and the quote is of 1 dollar 3125 cents, this is the price of one euro in US dollars. Therefore you must pay 1 dollar with 3125 cents to get 1 euro. Now, who buys foreign currency and why? This market was born with the objective of facilitating the monetary flow derived from international trade, that is, imports and exports.

For example, Venezuela produces oil and sells it to many countries in the world, mainly to the United States. Then, the United States pays Venezuela in US dollars and then Venezuela theoretically uses those dollars to buy bolivars and reinvest the capital in their country. In the same way happens with Chile, the main copper exporter in the world. Chile produces copper and sells it to China and other countries and transactions in foreign currencies also occur. So governments and private companies buy and sell coins from other countries to trade with them. International banks also buy and sell large amounts of foreign currency and finally people buy and sell foreign currency either because they are going to travel, for vacations, for business, and so on. So the main operators in the forex market are the following: Financial Institutions, Commercial Companies, Central Banks, Management Companies of Investment Funds and Private Investors through intermediaries, these are us, the common people.

Nowadays it can be assured with total veracity that the currency exchange market Forex or FX as it is also known, is the financial market with the greatest projection of growth in the modern financial world. Thanks to this market, specialized companies have emerged that are in charge of providing Forex account management services, investment funds and automatic systems. Currently there are specialized companies in the participation and support to the operators of this market that offer different types of services, these financial intermediaries are called brokers and they offer you the possibility of opening an account in a certain currency; dollars, euros, or your local currency so that through purchase and sale orders issued by different channels allow you to obtain benefits taking advantage of the fluctuations of the exchange rates of the different currencies. These companies given their importance in the financial system are usually subject to various controls and audits, however when you are talking about the financial intermediary or broker it is advisable that before choosing one you investigate very well its solidity and trajectory, as well as taking into account the legal framework by which they are governed.

In class number 4 I will talk more about this topic and I will show you in detail everything you need to review to choose a suitable broker, reliable, safe and in tune with your trading strategy. Not all brokers are good, not all are reliable, and even among the reliable ones, not all will be appropriate for your strategy or your trading style because there are conditions and characteristics that are not compatible with certain investment strategies. So it’s very important that you pay attention to this class number 4 before deciding on a broker and opening your account. I think I can not be emphatic enough at this point, do not open an account in any broker no matter how good and reliable it is before you have seen class number 4 of this course.

Trust me! You will thank me and your pocket too! Now, for you to have an idea of the size of the Forex market, the daily volume of transactions leads to moving around 3 trillion US dollars per day. Forex is the largest financial market in the world, it is bigger than all the stock markets of the United States together. Trillions of dollars are traded daily in the Forex market. From 1997 to the end of 2000, the daily volume of foreign exchange operations increased from 5 billion dollars to billion dollars. The Forex market continues to grow at an incredible rate. This high volume is advantageous from the investor’s point of view because transactions can be executed quickly at a low cost. Before the emergence of the internet only companies and very wealthy people could make foreign exchange investments in the Forex market through the banks’ private currency exchange systems because these systems required a minimum of 10 to 50 million dollars only to get started.

Today, thanks to advances in technology, an investor who owns only 1 dollar can open an account in a broker and access the Forex market 24 hours a day with just a computer, an Internet connection and all the information that You will receive throughout this course. This traffic activity with currencies is known as trading and the person who makes it is known as a trader, so this thing of being a trader is a profession, as well as being a doctor, accountant, pilot, engineer… although it is not the same as a job. Trading is an activity that you can carry out from anywhere in the world and in parallel to your employment or you can even be a full time trader and live on trading millions of people do it and believe me when I tell you that it is a profession highly lucrative, although I will not lie to you is also highly risky. However before continuing, I want to talk to you a little about the risk of investments.

Let me ask you this: How dangerous is it to drive a car? It depends on the driver, isn’t it? If a person who has never driven a car, who has never done a driving course, places it on the street behind a steering wheel, that person will be a very high risk both to himself and to other drivers and passers-by. However, the risk can be drastically reduced with study, practice and experience, right? The investments are exactly the same, the investment is not risky in itself, it is the investor who is risky because if he does not know what he is doing, the investment is not only a risk but terribly dangerous and is almost guaranteed to end with terrible consequences. Therefore, before investing you must study, practice, experiment and perfect your techniques, your knowledge and your skills… Thus, an investment will be as risky as the investor is, and as lucrative and profitable as the person who directs it.

Most have the idea that a job is safer than investing, it is not surprising that people think so. Almost all of these people have spent their entire lives studying and practicing to perform their work. A doctor studied at least 8 years of specialization, if he had not done it… would you trust your health in the hands of a doctor who has not graduated from university? A surgeon who has not studied enough is also risky, although he has a job, not only is it a risk to the health of his patients, it is also certain that he will run out of work in a short time. However, despite having studied and being a great professional, having a job is not exactly safe. The truth is that nothing guarantees that you do not wake up unemployed tomorrow, your income can be stopped at any time without you being able to do anything about it, either because the company went bankrupt, because you fought with your boss, because they replaced you with another resource or by the nephew of the boss… The list is very long! It does not seem so safe anymore, is it? If you have doubts that this job is not yours, tell me…

If you get tired of that job, can you sell it? When you die, can you inherit it to your children so they do not run out of food? It is not yours! It’s temporary! And you never know how long you’re going to have it! Can you say the same about the Mcdonald’s owner on the corner? That guy can sell the business, or inherit it. He is not going to be fired! He does not have to go every day to meet a schedule to guarantee his money and without doubt his income is much higher than average. Who is more secure? Let’s continue! Unlike other financial markets like the New York Stock Exchange, the Forex market does not have a physical location, everything is executed electronically within a network of banks without interruption 24 hours a day except on weekends.

Forex is what is known as a spot market, this means that everything is negotiated at the current price of the financial instrument. Financial instrument? Yes, remember, two currency pairs euro/dollar, dollar/yen, euro/pounds and… What are the currencies that can be negotiated? Actually, all legal tender currencies can be negotiated, however, the most commonly traded currencies are: the United States dollar also known as Buck, the euro also known as Fiber, the Japanese yen, the pound of Great Britain or Cable, the Swiss franc or Swissy, the Canadian dollar or Loonie, the Australian dollar or Aussie, and the New Zealand dollar or Kiwi, you will hear these nicknames frequently in the slang of the traders to refer to these coins. Now there are hundreds of currency pairs but I recommend that you only pay attention to the main currency pairs that are the most traded. It is considered that the activity of these currencies involves more than 85% of the volume of the daily market. In addition, the cost of transactions in foreign currencies is much higher because these currencies do not have as much liquidity as the main ones, and liquidity is essential in this market.

Also, they are more likely to fall into atypical conditions where opening and closing positions is not possible due to lack of counterparty, that is, you want to buy and there are no sellers, or you want to sell and there are no buyers. This graph that you have on the screen shows the world activity of currency exchange. The dollar is the most traded currency, participating in 87% of all transactions, the share of the euro is in second place with 33% while the Japanese yen has a 23% share. Now when you see the quotes of the different pairs of currencies you will see that there are two prices called Bid (Offer) and Ask (Demand). The large international banks provide the currency market with a purchase price Bid (Offer) and another sale Ask (Demand) The difference between these prices is called Spread and is usually constituted as the profit to the entity by its role as an intermediary between those who buy and those who sell using their channels. In general, the Spread in the most traded currencies is only 1 to 3 bips or basic points.

Do not worry, in the next class I will tell you in detail what a bip is, but for example if the purchase price or Bid in a euro/dollar quote is 1 dollar with 3100 cents while the asking price or Ask is set to 1 dollar with 3103 cents the three spread points can be clearly identified. I explain it better! Every commercial transaction has two parts, when you buy someone is selling you, isn’t it? So you are a party and your seller is the counterpart and that transaction takes place at a defined price, that price that for you is the price at which you are buying, the purchase price, from the point of view of your counterpart is the sale price because it is the price at which he is selling you. If you go to a store to buy $40 shoes, that price is what you are going to pay, and from the point of view of the trade it is the price that you will receive in exchange for the merchandise.

So, 40 dollars for you is the purchase price and for the merchant it is the sale price. However, in Forex, three parties are involved in each transaction. On one side are you who want to buy euros paying with dollars, and on the other side there may be a person like you who wants to sell euros receiving dollars in exchange but so that both of you, who do not know each other, can carry out this transaction you need an intermediary that is the broker. That broker provides them with the platform so they can buy and sell. So let’s suppose that the purchase price of the euro/dollar is 1 dollar with 3103 for the purchase and 1 dollar with 3100 for the sale, that is, you pay 1 dollar with 3103 cents to receive 1 euro in exchange, but that’s what the broker charges you.

Then that broker goes with your counterpart and buys the euro you need by paying him 1 dollar with 3100 cents. That is, the broker keeps 0.0003 cents as a kind of commission for having helped them make this transaction and that commission is what is called Spread. If you have not been very clear about this Spread, Bid and Ask… do not worry! All this, as well as other important concepts will be studied in detail in the next class so that you can master the terminology of trading like professionals.

I will go point by point explaining each word and its meaning. When can you Operate? Forex is unique in world markets, it is open 24 hours a day, you can operate at any time, from anywhere in the world, day or night … the forex market follows the sun and remains open always, except on weekends. However, the fact that it is open 24 hours does not mean that it is active all that time, that is, the prices go up and down and you can make money when it goes up and also when it goes down but you can not make money when the prices are not move or when they move very little. Therefore you need a high volume of transactions, that is, many people buying and selling so that the prices vary a lot. In fact, transaction volumes are higher when two or more markets are open at the same time. How is this? I’ll explain! The main trading centers are the London, New York and Tokyo exchanges. First open the Asian markets, they receive the sun first, then the Europeans and finally open the American markets. Taking the time of the East Coast of the United States as a reference, the market opens on Sunday afternoon, because while in the United States it is Sunday afternoon, in Tokyo it is already Monday morning.

So the market is open and you can start trading. And the closing occurs on Friday at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Remember that we are talking about the schedule of the east coast of the United States which is the last to close. This allows permanent access to markets with the benefit of greater liquidity and a capacity to respond quickly to economic or political events that have an effect on them. The moments in which the main stock exchanges of the world open and the moments of the day when more than one market is open at the same time are those of greater liquidity and movement, that is, when the most radical price changes take place and it is the moment in which the most profits can be generated or the worst losses.

Let’s see a table where you can visualize the openings of the world markets. Again, we are talking about the time zone of the east coast of the United States. As you can see between each session there is a period of time in which two sessions are open at the same time from 3 to 4 in the morning the markets of Tokyo and London coincide and are open at the same time, and from 8 in the tomorrow until 12 noon the markets of London and the United States are open at the same time. Obviously, these are the most active hours in the market as there is a greater volume when two markets are open at the same time, with the London market producing the biggest changes but it is also true that there are certain days of the week where all markets tend to show more movement. And these days are: on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the four main pairs of currencies which are euro/dollar, pound/dollar, dollar/franc and dollar/yen. The worst times to operate are on Fridays, Sundays, Holidays and when there are important news reports.

Fridays because they are unpredictable and there is usually little activity, Sundays and holidays because of the low volume and little movement, and finally operating during news is a guillotine because nobody knows where the price will go, the prices are unpredictable, there is little liquidity and great volatility . However, there are strategies that allow you to take advantage of these situations but you must know very well what you do and be a professional trader. Now, why would you want to trade in currencies? The benefits and advantages are many in Forex, these are just some reasons why so many people have chosen this market: There are no compensation rates, no exchange rates, no government fee no brokerage fees. Brokers are compensated for their services through the Spread or a variable commission according to the size of your investment. There is no intermediary! Forex eliminates intermediaries and allows you to negotiate directly with the market responsible for the pricing of any currency pair. There is no fixed lot! In the next class I will explain what a lot is but in Forex you determine how much money you want to invest, this allows you to participate with accounts as small as 1 dollar.

Low Transaction Costs. In retailing the Spread is normally less than 0.1% under normal market conditions. In the larger brokers the Spread could be as low as 0.07%. Of course, this will depend on your leverage and the type of broker, two aspects that I will also detail later. 24 hours Market As I mentioned, from Sunday afternoon until Friday afternoon the Forex market does not sleep and you can operate. This is great for those who want a business or part-time activity because they can choose if they want to do their trading in the morning, at noon or at night. Nobody can control the market! The currency market is so large and has so many participants that no entity, not even a central bank, can control the market price for a prolonged period of time. Leverage This is the biggest advantage and also the biggest danger of Forex because with very little money you can control a much larger amount. Leverage gives you the ability to make good profits while keeping venture capital to a minimum. For example, there are Forex brokers that offer a leverage of 200 to 1, which means that if you have 50 dollars in your account you can buy or sell up to 10 thousand dollars in currency value, similarly with 500 dollars you could negotiate 100 thousand dollars, and so on.

However leverage is a double-edged sword, this high degree of leverage can lead to large profits but without proper risk management it also gives large losses. High Liquidity Because the Forex market is so huge it is also very liquid, this means that you can always buy and sell at will instantly because there are always buyers and there are always sellers. Free demo accounts, news, graphics and analysis. Most Forex online brokers offer demo accounts for trading practices along with breaking news and graphics services. All free! These are very valuable resources for you to perfect your skills by playing with fictitious money before opening a real account, that you risk real money. The demo account will allow you to invest with toy money so you can make all the mistakes that are necessary while you learn. Investing in Forex is dangerous when you do not do it right. So the best part of your learning stage is that you can practice your techniques in a real scenario to perfect them and make sure they work without risking a single dollar out of your pocket.

So if you make a mistake, you will only have lost toy money. If you try to do that with real money, when you make a serious mistake you could be ruined, the only problem is that most demo accounts have a money limit, or a time limit. That is to say, they give you for example ten thousand dollars toy for you to practice and when you run out… you’ve run out! You can not keep practicing! Or they give you a demo account with an expiration time of 1 to 3 months, so when it expires you will not be able to continue practicing. But in class number 4 I will show you how to open an unlimited demo account in which you can deposit virtual money the amount you want and how many times you want without expiration, without conditions, without restrictions of any kind so you can practice with total freedom. And then in class 19, I will teach you how to use the platform with your demo account so that you can put into practice everything learned in previous classes and start investing in virtual money until you are sure of your success and can invest your real money feeling comfortable with what you do.

Mini and Micro Accounts Starting as a trader does not cost a ton of money, online Forex brokers offer Mini and Micro accounts some of them with a minimum deposit account of $10 or less. Now, I do not tell you that you should open an account with the minimum but Forex makes it much more accessible to the average individual who fears to risk initial capital. These are the tools you need to make Forex trading: A computer with an internet connection! And all the information of this course! How do you earn money in Forex? Your main objective as an investor is speculation about future changes in the price of currencies, and by buying and selling them according to fluctuations in exchange rates you can get profits or losses.

The purpose of trading is to exchange one currency for another with the expectation that the price will change. So the currency you bought increases its value in relation to the one you sold. But it is easier to see this in an example! Suppose you have seen the news and you have realized that the economy of the United States will weaken, perhaps you have seen that unemployment is growing or that a major company listed on the New York Stock Exchange went bankrupt, or maybe the United States has some complicated political situation… Any of these factors would weaken the US economy which is bad for the dollar. This means that the value of the dollar will decrease. At the same time you realize that the countries of the European Union are having a rebound in their economy, so it would be a good idea to buy euros with dollars, therefore you must execute a purchase operation of euro/dollar.

Suppose then that today the price of the euro against the dollar is 1 dollar 28 cents, then you buy ten thousand euros paying 12 thousand 800 dollars… Remember the leverage, you do not need $12,800 in your account. Two weeks later, the price of the euro has risen to 1 dollar and 35 cents. So, you change your 10.000 euros that by then they represent $13,500, obtaining in this way a profit of 700 dollars in the process. As I explained to you a while ago, currencies are quoted in pairs such as euro/dollar or dollar/yen because each transaction involves the purchase of one currency and the sale of another. For example, the exchange rate of the euro against the dollar looks like this EURUSD = 1.3100 It can also be seen in this way… EUR/USD = 1.3100 The currency on the left is the base… the euro And the one on the right is the currency traded. When you want to buy, the exchange rate tells you how much you have to pay in the quoted currency to get a unit of the base currency, that is, you pay 1 dollar and 31 cents to get one euro.

When you want to sell, the exchange rate tells you how many units of the quoted currency you get for the sale of a unit of the base currency, that is, using the example again, you will receive 1 dollar with 31 cents for each euro you sell. When you execute a euro/dollar purchase order it means that you are going to buy euros and at the same time sell dollars, and when you execute a euro/dollar sales order it means that you are going to sell euros and at the same time buy American dollars.

Are you going Long or Short? The first thing you should do is decide what you want to do, Do you want to buy? Do you want to sell? If you think that the euro will appreciate, that is, if you think that the value of the euro will increase with respect to the dollar… Then you must buy euro/dollar. And if you think it is the dollar that will gain value against the euro… Then you should sell euro/dollar. If you are buying it is because you expect the value of the euro to increase and then sell it at a higher price. and that means you’re taking a long position or going long. So in Forex, long equals buying, and as you will be imagining, going short is the same as selling. Get used to these terms because they are widely used in traders’ slang. You will often hear things like: “I’m long on the dollar/yen” or “I have a short position in the euro/pound”.

You should also know that everything that has to do with rising prices, upward trends, buyers, they are known as bulls, and this is due to the way of attacking the bull, which is from the bottom up. For that reason the symbol of Wall Street is the famous bronze bull of New York, located in Bowling Green Park, it is a symbol of optimism, aggressiveness and financial prosperity because it represents price rises. On the other hand, the downward movements, the bearish tendencies, the sellers, are known as Bears, and it also has to do with the bear’s attack, which is from top to bottom. Can I become a millionaire in Forex? And… Can I become a millionaire by investing in Forex? The quick answer to this question is yes. However, do not get confused. This is not a magic wand, nor is it the genius of the lamp. The foreign exchange market, like the stock markets, has the potential to make you earn a lot of money quickly but also to take away your capital in the blink of an eye. So you must be very careful! There are certainly thousands of success stories about people who have earned millions from capitals as low as $2,000 in a few hours, but you will also have heard those who have lost millions in the same period of time.

In fact, the statistic is that approximately 95% of people who invest in this market lose all their money in less than 6 months, and only 5% is profitable in the long term. These scandalous figures should scare you only if you are not willing to devote the time and effort required to learn things correctly, because the root problem, the reason why 95% of people who invest lose their money is due to lack of education. It’s like trying to fly a commercial plane without having even done a basic flight course, and most do that for the promise of getting rich in a stroke of luck, because they enter the market thinking this is a casino or a lottery…

Yes, it may be that you win a good amount of money from one day to another but if you do not know what you are doing, if your profit was the result of a stroke of luck, in the same way you won it you will surely to lose because you are not operating with your skills but throwing the dice, unless, of course, after winning you never return to operate in this market. But we know that no one does that either in the casino or in the financial markets. If you want to be profitable in the long term and make money systematically… You have to put your feet on the ground! Have realistic expectations! Define a goal of daily, weekly or monthly production. And make that goal consistent with your investment capital, with your trading system, with your risk management, with your personality and your trading psychology.

So stop dreaming of magical solutions and be professional with it. Forex is not a game and if you treat it as such, the toy will end up being you and your pocket will not thank you. Now you know what Forex is and what it is for, so I invite you to the next class where I will teach you some basic concepts so you can become familiar with the traders’ slang and begin to understand how it is spoken in Forex. Financial Education .

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Hey there guys, before this video begins if you’re not subscribed already, hit that subscribe button, and then hit that notification bell next to the subscribe button so you never miss a single video. Without further wasting your time, let’s get into today’s video. Welcome to, hold up. Everyone, this is Jesse. I found Jesse on the side of the street when walking to Daycare today, and I gave her five dollars to be my girlfriend for the day. So Jesse is gonna be my girlfriend for the day.

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Nice! Jesse, look at that. Tina may have gotten you but I want it for you. >> What?! No, you didn’t. >> I did though, I wanted for Jesse. >> I did really good to Jesse. >> And look you can’t do anything about it. You’re down in that cage down there. >> Oh really? >> Uhuh. >> What what whoa, whoa >> Just you wait. >> Just you wait, Just you wait. >> Oh minefield. She picked one that she knows she’s good at. >> Well, I’m really good at this. >> I didn’t know you’re good at it. >> Tina’s all right. >> I’m good at it, right. Oh I messed it up. Tina won. Oh then, she died. >> Uh! >> Unicorn, this time. >> My first victory. >> Yey, unicorn. yey! Woooo! >> Good job unicorn man. >> I’ve never won minecraft before. >> Yey, I did it. >> Good job Unicorn Mann. >> Come on everybody. Isn’t he awesome? He’s so good at it.

Oh, Tina doesn’t like you very much. Come on Tina, can you guys just be friends? >> No! >> This one. >> Oh Mini SkyWars. >> Tiny SkyWar. >> Oh, tiny skyhorse. It’s the sky– The in the sky. >> Oh, I jumped off. >> Hahaha. I saw that. >> I didn’t see you loaded and I jumped right off >> Goldy, you need to pay attention more. >> I’m just goofing around. >> Hey, take her out Ryan. Take her out. >> No-no-no-no. >> Yes good. >> What don’t Jesee, don’t have fun. >> Yeah, Jesse get her. >> Ryan! Waaaaaaaaah! >> Yeah, nice one Jesse. Good job Jesse. You’re really good at this. >> Ggrrrr. >> Jesse’s good at this. What can I say? >> Da-uh. >> Unstoppable. >> But, your choosing her wo-woworroweri. What have I done? I’m hurt already. >> Oh Ryan I like your girlfriend though. >> Oh I only got one arrow so how’s that. Get wrecked. Oh I missed. >> Oh, no, Ryan. >> Good job Unicorn mann. >> He took out your woman. >> I know. I’ll avenge you Jesse. >> Wait no. There’s an invisible wall here anyway, you can’t push me.

Hahaha. >> Oh, really? >> Oh, man. Everyone’s so good to. >> Oh I try, try to pierce my fort Ryan. >> I’ll do, I’ll do my best. Don’t worry. Okay, here we go. I just gotta get this. Let me just change this thing really quick. >> Waaaah. >> Uh! Uh! >> Unicorn mann, you need a bow. >> Are you trying to throw your arrows at me by hand? >> Yes. Well the chest don’t refill. Yeah you better run, you better run. Oh you don’t refill? Uh, really? >> Huh! >> Good now you’re stuck there. >> But he’s getting away. >> You better run unicorn cause here I come. I am so.. It’s poisoning us. Oh God. >> Nooo! >> Yes, I killed him. I have won, Jesse for you. >> Aaaahhh! >> Poison uh. Poisanos. >> Poinasnos. >> Hey poison. >> We should pick Ryan.

Pick whatever you want. >> This is such a mario’s. >> Good choice, Jessie. >> I don’t like when Tina picks this one, but you can pick it anytime you want. What? >> Are you ready to rumble? >> Are you ready? >> to rumble. >> Please not green. >> There’s a colorblind. >> Oh my God, I actually picked green. >> That’s okay. >> Wrong green, wrong green. I won. I was the ony one with the right green. Hahaha. Yes. Oh, that was funny. Everyone died, but me cause I was just left. >> I looks like the correct green. >> No, it’s too dark. I knew that so I– >> faces the other green. Oh man, it’s three already. You guys are getting wre-wre-wrecked. But you’re doing great Jesse. >> I’m doing good too. I gotta win. >> Waaaaahhhh! Tina, watch this. >> I’m a dominator when it comes to this one. >> Yeah, this is TNT drop or whatever it’s called. >> I’m really good at avoiding. Running away is my specialty.

>> Ooh! >> Goldy’s shut by like ten of them. Okay, we’re good. We’re good. Tina’s in trouble. >> Oh Jesse didn’t even take damage but Tina did, >> Go this way. >> Good. Yeah. There we go. >> Nope, I’m dead. >> It’s all over there. Oh they both took damage there. You okay Jesse? Opps, this way. >> What about me? >> Oh, Ryan no. >> Ryan no, what? >> Oh I thought you’re about to die. >> No, Tina’s about to die or she probably get out of there. >> Aaah. >> Tina took some damage. >> Uhhh. >> Uhhh. >> I’m dead, I’m dead. >> I’m taking all damage here.

Oh no, . >> Oh, there’s go Tina. >> Uh-oh. >> Oh, Jesse. Oh, Jesse, you’re live. Yay. Jesse, run! Yeah, you made it. >> Run guys run. >> Oh Jesse, you’re actually still alive, huh? That’s impressive. Oh, you’re in trouble now. >> Oh oh. >> Oh oh that hurt me a lot. Oh, that was a spicy meatball. No, Jesse. >> That’s a one spicy meatyball. >> Oh no. Not dead apparently. >> Oh, no. >> Oh Goldy’s dead. >> I got full damage. Yeah, you got so high in the air. Yeah, oh no. >> No. >> Yes. I’m winning them all for Jesse. >> Grrrrraaaaa. >> Hahaha. And I pick the next one too. How funny would it be if just like Tina just doesn’t want a single one, but we can get. I’m just here to try and help you win. >> I’ll try to survive. >> I wanna win. I wanna win.

>> I’ll get Jesse to atleast win. Jesse run run run. Jesse run, I’ll save you. >> Unicorn mann, dont let him get away. >> Jesse run, go go, just run. Jesse don’t go near him. >> Uh oh. >> Oh god I failed. Get him Jesse. >> No Unicorn, destroy her. >> Get him Jesse, get him. Unicorn, can you jump off to Jesse and let her win? >> Do this for Jesse. >> No! >> Well, Ryan if you say pretty please. >> Pretty please with a cherry on top.

>> Unicorn mann, no! >> With a cherry on top? >> Without a sugar. >> Waaaaah! >> Hahaha. Jesse, yes, you gotta win. Now I just gotta win some Tetris . Are you happy, Tina? I won with the power of love. You won with the power of love? Uh, that’s so cute. >> Uuh, actually you won with the power of me. All right Ryan, here you go. Fish slap. Ah, yes the game we finally put the nail in the coffin. >> I’m a little sloppy Boy, watch out. >> You are a sloppy boy. >> Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap.

>> Uhuh, >> Uh >> Hey hey, uh. >> Oh, oh, oh, noooo! No! >> Get lost! >> Tina, no Tina kill it away, kill it away. No, nooo! >> Yes! >> No, >> Uh. >> And I won with the power of my love. It’s been . >> Yeah sure you did. >> Come on Unicorn, choose something fun. >> If you loved me, you would have just died for me. >> No, I wouldn’t have cause your singling me out. >> Well, I want to see Tina and Jessica go at it. >> I know you would. >> I wanna see them go at it. >> No one touch us or I’ll kill you. >> Me and Tina, or you and Jesse? >> Me and Jesse? >>Okay you do anything. We’ll just stand on the side. Come on, Jess, you got this. The axe break shield Jesse, the axe break shields. Don’t forget. >> Do-don’t don’t don’t. >> Go Jesse go. >> Yeah! >> We’ll get Tina, get Tina. Get Tina! >> Whaaat? Go away! We got her.

>> Oh guys, can I get away please? Everyone got one. >> Oh. Come at me. Noo! >> Come on Goldy. Let’s do it. >> Came from behind didn’t you Goldy? >> No. >> No, I hit you. >> Stop jumping. >> Ops, she killed me. I have I heart I should’ve killed you too. >> Parapap. >> This is quite the match. >> This is quite fun. Tina’s loving it, I can tell. >> Whhaaat!! >> Space shot goldy, space shot. Yeah! >> Space shot? We already played it. >> Wohoo. >> Let’s play some space shot. >> Why, he asked me. That’s so cute. >> Your not! >> Papapop. >> Oh, I’m out of here, skadoodle. Aaw! >> Goldy’s dead. Oh, they’re still fighting over there. Don’t go near here Unicorn mann, it’s between me and Jesse. >> I didn’t do anything.

>> You shut it. >> Aah. Ryan. >> I know. >> I can’t believe that. >> I missed. Hold on. Hold on. Jesse, I’ll save you. >> Will Ryan save his woman? >> Yes I will. >> Waaaaah! >> Jesse do the honors, take me out. >> You got to figure stuff out. >> If you really love him you won’t. >> No the arrows fly straight Jesse, you can’t kill yourself. >> Do it for the team. >> If you really love him, you won’t. >> Yehey! >> You’re a liar. Your a liar, liar, liar. >> Jesse you have two wins Jesse. Well, you’re so good. >> All right, Ryan which one do you want bud? >> You know, I’m feeling Minefield.

>> Minefield? Okay, let me look for it. Oh almost up there. >> Can we go for a twofer? >> I know Unicorn, I really want Tina to get crushed in minefield. >> Minefield! >> Okay, let’s do it. >> Time for Minefield. >> I’m ready. >> Time to put the hammer in the head. >> What? >> The hammer to the nail. >> D-du-ru-do >> I win. No, , it’s so close. >> I was there too. >> We we’re all there. Unicorn won though. >> I told you, I was going for a twofer. >> Yeah, you were. Hahaha. >> That’s what I said. >> This is great, isn’t it Jesse? >> Ryan, Jesse, kissing in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. >> Swim up. Tina can’t lose swim up, can’t she? >> Uh, probably. >> This one you just right click the blue thing. >> No! >> It’s not working for me guys. >> Really? I don’t know why. >> Well it sucks for you Goldy. >> I win! And that’s the game. That’s how we do it folks. I have won again. Okay everyone, let’s all jump into the wall and go home. Jesse, I’ll see you in the portal. >> I’m pretty happy. I’ve never won in minefield. >> In three, two, one— >> I wanna to it again. Go! >> Wasn’t it fun Tina? >> No, out of my way! >> Hey, Tina, you want to know something? >> No! >> No, no, Tina, let me tell you something.

Tina, Jesse wasn’t really my girlfriend. >> What? I like her. >> I found her on the street this morning and paid her five dollars to do that. >> Whaat? >> Ryan?! >> He just ask some bystander. >> We are going to my house and you have a lot of making up to do. >> No, I don’t. Bbyyee! >> Get back here! And that was another day at Daycare! .

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Turmeric Tea For Weight Loss | Lose 1Kg In 2 Days

Hi Friends, welcome back to hair and beauty care channel.Today i am going to share a very powerful and effective magical fat cutter weight loss drink which will help you to lose 12kgs of weight in 1 month which means 3kgs of weight in 1 week.but you need to avoid eating sugary drinks,Icecream, processed and junk food completely.Drink atleast 4 to 5 lts of water everyday.chew Your food Slowly while eating.This 100%natural detox miracle weight loss drink is one of the healthiest and most potent drinks which you can include in your daily diet to cut down stubborn belly fats faster from your body.

This weight loss drink will help you to detoxify unwanted fats from your body making your internal system completely clean. Now lets see how to prepare this miracle fat melting weight loss drink and its advantages. In this video i am going to answer few of your questions which i received in my last weight loss drink video, so please make sure to watch this video till end which might be quite helpful to you all. Take a deep cooking pan and add 2 cups of water into it.Allow the water to boil and add 1 tsp of cumin seeds.Please watch this video till end to know the variety of cumin seed which i have used here for weight losss.i will let you know in details. Allow the cumin seeds to release its properties in water and then add 1 tsp of ajwain to the boiling water.Allow the water to boil again.Now add 1 tsp of grated raw turmeric root.I have already shared the advantages of raw turmeric root in one of my weight loss videos.So please dont forget to check out that video.i will provide the link to that video below in the description box.

Allow the raw turmeric root to release its juice and and mix with cumin seed and ajwain seeds.Now add cinnamon stick to the boiling mixture and allow it to simmer for 15 minuts As the whole mixture is simmering you can notice that the color of the water is changing slowly to orange.After 15 minutes switch off the flame and allow the water to cool down. Now 100% powerful,effective cumin cinnamon honey weight loss fat cutter drink is ready to consume.when you feel your weight loss drink is warm, strain the mixture using a strainer.Pour it into a glass.Then add 1tsp of honey and mix well.

Please donot throw the residue mixture as this can be used in making weight loss soups.if you want to know the recipe of weight loss soup then please comment below.I will be happy to post a video on weight loss soup. as the weight loss drink is cooling down i will answer few of your questions.. when you can consume this drink? you can consume thsi drink on an empty stomach during moring time after you brush your teeth.have your dinner 3 hours before you go to bed.halfen hour before going to bed once again have this drink to get best results.

For how long you can take this weight loss drink? you can take this weight loss drink for 1 week to cut down atleast 3 kgs of weight in a week provided you walk atleast 1 hour,do exercises and cut down on processed and junk foods completely. After you deliver a baby can you take the drink or not? Yes you can take this drink but after you deliver a baby give some time for yourself to heal. after 8 months you can take this drink to cut down belly fat soon. Now lets see which type of cumin seeds i have used in this weight loss drink to cut down stubborn belly fat fast.Here i have shown two types of cumin seeds,The regular one and shahi jeera.The cumin seeds which you use on daily basis in your kitchen for cooking is the best one to reduce weight.Cumin or jeera water is a miracle weight loss drink.it prevents obesity,boost your metabolism,improves digestion and flushes out unwanted toxins from your body. The cinammon stick which i have used here have more oil content and this cinnamon stick have more benefits than other variety of cinamon sticks available in the market.This cinamon stick or powder from this cinamon stick is best for weight loss.

Cinnamon helps you to lose weight by preventing your body from accumulating fat. It helps in digestion, speeds up your metabolism helps in getting rid of harmful bacteria and boosts brain function.It helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels,reduces cholesterol. So to get all the benefits of cinnamon make sure to make use of the best pure quality of cinnamon. Raw turmeric root reduces body fat, detoxify unwanted toxins from body by improving your digestion.If you can get hands on near by local store then please buy them.For those its difficult to buy pure, organic raw turmeric root then i will provide the link below in the description box so that it will be easier for you to buy. Please try this magic miracle cumin cinamon weight loss tea recipe at home and do share your feedback with me.If you like to watch more such useful informative videos then please subscribe to my channel and click on the bell button to get updates wenever i post any new video.Thank you for wtching.Please share this video on social networking sites,with your friends who is struggling for weight loss so that they can get benefitted too.See you all in my next video.


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Kids React To Viral Asian Makeup Transformations Compilation

– I don’t like it when they, like… – She looks like a completely different person. ♪ (playful intro) ♪ ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – What is this? – What’s happening? – Oh my gosh! These videos. The ones with the makeup transformation videos. – I’ve seen so many of these on Instagram, and they look totally different, ’cause of the makeup that they put on. – ♪ I will find a light in your soul ♪ ♪ I’ll be there ♪ – Bravo. You are a good makeup artist. (claps) You should be proud of yourself. – How did she do that? – She transformed into a different person! – It looks so different. The power of makeup. – I’m not that good at makeup, but I like watching them just to be like, “You know what? I should try that someday.” But I never do.

But makeup videos are satisfying to watch. – ♪ Whoa ♪ – (gasps) Ooh. That looks gross. – Oh, jeez. – It always trips me out when someone has fake skin on and they peel it off. – Oh, and the ones when they take it off, it’s like, “Whoa.” – ♪ I wanna woop, woop, woop ♪ ♪ But I’m… ♪ – Oh, this is Tik Tok. Okay. – So weird. It’s cool. – That one doesn’t have that much of a difference as the other one, but, I mean, there’s still a difference.

– It’s fun. She did it really well. I didn’t even realize that it was fake prosthetic skin. – It’s cool how you can transform into a different person basically. I would do it one time and I’d be like, “Hi!” – She looks like an alien right now. – Oh my god! What is wrong with her eye? – This is gonna be a big transformation. – Why did their remove their eyebrows and their hair? – It’s so weird to see the difference. – That looks really different. She looks like a doll. – That’s not natural. – I don’t like makeup for some reason. I’m just like, (sucks in breath) just be yourself. – Makeup could be used to express yourself, whether you want it to be natural or you want it to be over the top. ♪ (R&B music) ♪ – What’s she drinking? – Is she drinking vitamins? – I don’t get how these people do this. – That’s cool. – It’s honestly really cool to see this, like, what makeup can do to you and if you really try extremely hard it can make you look nice, weird, or however you like it.

– That’s a big difference. – She looks like a completely different person. – It’s so crazy to see the transformation some people can do from, like, a completely different person. It’s crazy. ♪ (upbeat EDM music) ♪ – Oh, is it backwards? – Oh, it’s doing it the other way. – All the songs they have in the background are bops. – She just put scissors through her nose. – Oh! (gags) Oh my god! – It’s just like… new person. – To see somebody change, you have to give kudos to them. It probably took them hours. – I think it might be satisfying to some people, like, watching all this makeup getting taken off and put on and watching people change into different identities. ♪ (Chinese pop music) ♪ – (softly) Ahh. – I don’t like it when they, like… – (screams) I do not like fake eyelashes. – Oh, she looks so different. – If that were my aunt, I would not recognize her like that. It’d be like talking to a stranger.

– I don’t really care if somebody looks like pretty or not, because honestly, that doesn’t determine anything about them. Just to see these transformations are really cool and stuff. – Oh, ew, ew, ew! What are you doing?! – Why is she digging in her nose? – That is one big booger. – She looks so different. The color contacts really change a lot. – She looks like she has a tinier face. – I don’t get how they can’t change their face shape completely. I give them major props for being able to do that. ♪ (heavy bass music) ♪ – (gasps) Ugh! Oh my god! – I can’t look at this, peeling off the skin. Ah! – I don’t like the whole skin peeling off. – It’s really cool to honestly see all of this.

But then again, it looks a little creepy. – That’s unnatural. I would never imagine that it’s possible to change yourself so much. – I don’t know if I would just sit there for hours and hours watching this. – It’s confusing, but I wouldn’t spend hours watching these videos. It’s a cool trend, but not my favorite. – I don’t like the scissors. – Gosh, the nose stuff always is, like, weird to me. ♪ (upbeat electronic music) ♪ – That looks really different. – I would say she just got a little older by that. – That’s really weird what makeup can do. – Do they really do that every single day or is it just for the video? Where do you find this peeling stuff, like, nose fondant, like… what in the world is happening? – Why would you wanna change yourself into an entirely different person? No one will recognize you and it’s gonna be kinda strange. – (FBE) All of these videos are from a new trend that many are calling viral Asian makeup transformations.

– Yeah, I can see that, ’cause it’s a whole transformation. They’re like one person and then a completely different other person. – (FBE) Well, these videos show the transformation of mostly young women with the power of makeup. And compilations of these videos have gained millions of views on YouTube, and people love watching. – Millions?! They love seeing people turn into entirely different people? – (FBE) From your perspective as a kid, why do you think that people like these types of videos so much? – I don’t think anyone would be enticed to click on this, anyone I know at least. I mean, this is pretty scary. – It’s confusing, and I don’t really get how some people could like it. – I really don’t think it would be appealing. I mean, you see someone and then you see this other transformation of them and you’re like, “Is that the same person?” – It’s something you really only see in movies where people can just, like, become a different person.

And it’s just really cool to watch it. – People just think they’re super cool, like, how people can change. It’s like it would be satisfying or it could just be cool. Maybe they wanna try it. – It’s cool to see how they transform into basically a different person. If your friend came to school the next day wearing makeup, looking different, wouldn’t that be kind of fascinating to you? – (FBE) So, makeup has been around for years, but it has recently become an art form where people can explore their creativity. People love to show– – Just like my mom. She loves makeup. – (FBE) People love to show their before and after photos on social media, similar to the videos that you just watched. Are makeup transformation videos something that you and your friends like to watch or look at on social media? – No, no. My friends don’t even know about this at my school, because they’re too focused in Fortnite or other stuff. – I’m not mostly into makeup. You accidentally put the wrong makeup on, just like poof, just messes up your whole video. – I enjoy watching people do makeup tutorials when they’re really good at it even though I know I’m probably not gonna try that.

– If I’m talking about my friends here, I would probably say they do it a lot. You see transformation. You see how somebody can show their artistic form in their face. – (FBE) Some kids around your age aren’t even allowed to wear makeup. However, for many kids, they’re excited for the day that they finally are able to when they get a little bit older. For you personally, I mean, would you ever wanna change your appearance as much as the people in these videos? – No, ’cause I like how I look. – I’m fine with the skin I have and my beautiful face. – No, I think naturality is good. – I can see all my friends possibly doing that for fun stuff, but I like how I am. – Maybe to prank my friends? But not quite just to go out in public. – I’m comfortable with myself, but I feel like if you’re not comfortable, then you can try out some different things. – Probably not that drastically, but I would like to learn how to do better makeup. – (FBE) So finally, what would you wanna say to people who do want to drastically change their looks and makeup like this? – Well, just inspire yourself people, ’cause one thing: You don’t have to look perfect.

– There’s nothing wrong with being yourself, but if you wanna change the way you look, then you can go right ahead. – You do you. You keep doing what you’re doing. You’re amazing at what you do. I mean, I feel like I can never do that, so you keep doing what you’re doing. Do what you love. – I’m not saying that it’s bad or anything. It’s just… might not know who you are and be like, “Hey, who are you? And why are you in my house?” when you just randomly change your makeup and then you come downstairs and your mom’s like, “Hey, it’s dinner time,” and then you go downstairs and your mom’s like, “Who the heck are you?! You’re not my daughter,” or something like that. I mean, it’d be confusing. – Thanks for watching Kids React. Shoutout to SHADOW GANG and awesomegirl 88. – Subscribe and hit the bell, and it will transform your life. – Goodbye! – Hey, guys. I’m Parker Bates. Thanks for having me.

You can go follow me, @theparkerbates. And you can catch me on “This is Us” on NBC’s, Tuesday at 9 p.m. .

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College Kids Try 2019’s Biggest Food Trends | College Kids Vs. Food

– I can’t believe this is gonna be one of the most popular foods in 2019. – I don’t need any more vegetables or fruit. I’m just gonna eat cookies. – Can I get another one? ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Every year, new foods gain a popular following. With that in mind, we have some dishes for you to try that are expected to be big trends in 2019. – See, that worries me, ’cause trendy doesn’t necessarily mean good. – I’m a little nervous, ’cause I don’t know what’s going on in the food world. – Not even a challenge? I just get to try foods? This is amazing. There’s no punishment? This is so cool. – (FBE) So, we will have you try the foods and then have you vote on each if you think this should be a food trend in 2019 or you think it should not. – Okay, all right. I might be biased, ’cause I’m starving so everything might taste amazing to me.

– I don’t know about food trends, but I’m a huge foodie. – Okay, I see it. I see the vision. I like it. Let’s get to it. – (FBE) Here’s your first trendy food. This may look like a normal cookie, but it has CBD in it, so it’s up to you if you wanna try it. – Ay. Yeah, I’m gonna eat it. For sure gonna eat this. – CBD and THC are the two components in weed, so THC is the psychoactive compound and CBD is the physical compound, so it’s more like– if you’re an athlete or something, it’s more like a numbing agent almost. – This is just a calm cookie. This is catnip for people. – Usually, I’m allowed to consume anything that messes with me mentally, if that makes sense. For that reason, I shall not be partaking in this CBD cookie, but thank you so much for the opportunity. – A little dry.

– Not gonna lie, I’ve eaten pot cookies before. Doesn’t taste like a pot cookie, ’cause there’s probably no THC or anything like that. Like you said, it’s just CBD. It kinda tastes like a protein cookie. Where they’re trying to be healthy, but they’re not. – It tastes like– If you didn’t say anything, I wouldn’t think there was CBD in this. – Tastes like a regular peanut butter cookie. I really didn’t taste anything aside from the intended flavor. – (FBE) Food and drinks infused with CBD are expected to be a big trend in 2019. These do not have THC, so they will not get you high, but studies show it may have health benefits including pain relief, heart help, easing anxiety and depression, and even potentially reducing acne. – Wow, no way. Reduces acne? Oh my God.

I needed this when I was in high school. – Pretty crazy to think that a cookie can help your heart and if it helps my heart, I’ll eat all these cookies. I don’t need any more vegetables or fruit. I’m just gonna eat cookies. – What CBD is gonna be is that for some people, depending on your level of anxiety, it could really replace anti anxiety meds. – (FBE) Time to vote. Do you think this should be a food trend in 2019? – Yeah. Definitely. It’s kind of becoming a normal thing in LA. – Yes. – Yeah, why not? So you could just take something more natural like this. – Nay from me. Yay for people with medial conditions.

– On a scale of one to hell yeah, I’ma go with hell yeah. That’s quite the treat. – I think so. I think it’s gonna hit it big. Can I get another one? – (FBE) So, here is your next. – Ooh. What? This looks like things my grandma makes. – This looks like angel hair pasta but I know it might have an Asian name. It smells fantastic by the way. I’m ready to just put the whole thing in my mouth. – What is up with these noodles? They’re see-through. Like plasma noodles. – It smells a little spicy. Maybe a little fishy. It tastes just kinda like generic meat. This doesn’t feel trendy to me. This just feels like something that anyone would have ordered over the past 100 years. – Mm, okay. This is what’s up. This is so good. I can’t believe this is gonna be one of the most popular foods in 2019. I’ve been eating this since I was a wee baby. – That’s a different type of noodle. I don’t think it has a ton of flavor and stuff like that. I feel like I need to add some spices. Tastes more like an egg sprout or like a more natural noodle. Is that where we’re going at? We’re gonna get– this is healthy pasta? – It’s good. It’s comforting.

It has vegetables in it. It’s warm. There’s nothing wrong with it. Can I take another bite? – Are these 3D print noodles? What’s going on in 2019? Oh, it smells good. There’s no seasoning. Where’s the seasoning? I’m pretty mixed about this. Tastes like wet straw. – I’m really curious to know the origin of the dish and also what it’s called. – (FBE) This is pancit bihon. It’s a popular Filipino noodle dish, which brings us to our next expected trend, Pacific rim flavors, including Filipino inspired dishes. Food trend experts expect restaurants and staff to become more influenced by Pacific rim flavors, such as tropical fruit, fresh seafood, and sometimes some tangy flavors. I for one have been noticing more Filipino restaurants in LA. – I mean, I love all kinds of international food just ’cause I think it’s fascinating to see different standards among countries. – I think this is kind of the first Filipino food that I’ve ever had, to be honest. And the more I eat it, the more I like it.

– (FBE) So, do you think this should be a trend in 2019? – So good, yes. – Yeah. – I vote yes. – Hell yeah. I like it. It tastes very healthy. – I’m with it. This should definitely be a food trend. – Yeah. I’m super pumped to get more exposure to the rest of the world. – (FBE) Here is another expected 2019 food trend. – Chocolate! Just chocolate? – It looks like chocolate. I see the letter H engraved on here. – Kind of curious about what this chocolate bar brand is. – It tastes kinda like a tangerine to me, but I feel completely off. – It tastes like healthy chocolate, but still really rich. – Whatever flavoring is in it is super subtle. – It’s definitely not bad. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite chocolate bar. It kinda just tastes like a better chocolate bar. I’m gonna try to open the in– yeah, see? There’s definitely something there. – I have no idea what’s on the inside of it, but it tastes good. It’s not like a peanut butter or anything like that. – I can taste cocoa powder. I feel like I just took a scoop of unsweetened cocoa powder. I don’t like this.

Whatever this is, we can leave it in 1987. I don’t like that. – (FBE) This chocolate bar is Pegan. Pegan is the love child of paleo and vegan. Pegans have organic vegetables take center stage in their diets, but are allowed to eat a small portion of antibiotic free organic proteins including meats. They stay away from sugars and processed foods. What do you think of that? – I think they tricked me into being healthy and I don’t wanna be tricked. – (FBE) Should this be a trend in 2019, Pegan diets? – Yeah, I mean this is healthy for you. – Yeah, I’m very surprised right now. I thought it was just orange– chocolate with oranges in it. – Yay on Pegan chocolate bars.

– This is an abomination of chocolate. – It’s not gonna be a trend for me, but if other people benefit from it, that’s awesome. They get an opportunity. – This could be a trend, it’s just not gonna affect me. I’m just gonna eat a Hershey’s bar. – (FBE) Here’s your next food. – Ay, we got some milk here. Milk? It better be some good almond milk. – This is not cow’s milk, I’ll tell you that. What trendy milk bull are people drinking? – Ew. – Yeah, that’s gross. – Whoa. I love this. Oh my God. – I don’t like that. I don’t like that. The texture, it tastes like– it’s like watery milk. – It’s really watery. This has gotta be some kind of nut. – I mean, it’s not bad. I’d eat cereal with this or cookies. – If I drink milk, it’s to dip cookies in. I could dip cookies in this, so I’m fine with it. – It’s like I’m drinking water, but it doesn’t have a taste except the aftertaste is tasting like chalk. – (FBE) So, this is oat milk, the dairy free milk alternative being called the new almond milk, which has been a huge trend for a while now.

One reason it is becoming so popular is it has a much better impact on the environment compared to almond milk and other alternative dairy milks. – All right. I kinda like it. It tastes like oatmeal, now that you say it. It’s got that little gritty taste. – (FBE) Should this be a trend in 2019? – I mean, there’s no reason not to. I would totally drink this or use it in cereal or dip my cookies in it. I don’t feel like– but I think it’s a mindset thing.

– Honestly, I don’t think so, but if it came into my life, I wouldn’t be mad. – I’m gonna say it’s a trend just to get almond milk out of there. Almond milk is gross. – I’m a fan. – Heck yeah, dude. Honestly, I really like how it tasted. – As like, “I’m gonna pour a big glass of cereal and use oat milk” I’m not. That’s not me. – (FBE) Okay, here’s your next. – Okay. Interesting. – What is this? Oh, this smells so good. – Probably beef or lamb. It’s definitely not chicken. – That’s good. What is it? It looked like cow vomit at first and then you go inside and it’s actually a meat inside. It’s like a beef and it’s really delicious and I have no idea what it is. – Has a nice tang to it. A little rubbery, but it’s not bad. – I honestly still can’t tell if it’s beef or lamb.

– It has the consistency of pork. It tastes good. It’s really good, actually. – The flavors I’m getting, it’s a little spicy. I like spicy. Curry’s pretty good. It’s not my favorite, but I’ll eat it. I like it. – (FBE) This is goat meat curry. – Oh, I think I’ve had goat before, too. I should have thought of that. – (FBE) Food experts expect goat meat to be a big trend in 2019 for ethical reasons. Over 100,000 male goats are euthanized a year in the UK alone because they can not produce goat cheese or goat milk, which is becoming increasingly popular. They feel it would be better to use the meat instead of letting it go to waste. – I’m down for it. If it’s seasoned like this, I’m gonna start eating some goats, dude. – (FBE) Should this be a trend in 219? – Yeah for goat meat. 2019, for sure. Goat meat tastes fan– honestly, most people honestly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. – Yeah, it doesn’t taste super different from other meat. I’m fine with going to a nice restaurant and ordering a half rack of the goat ribs.

– Yeah. I could ride with this going into 2019. – I’m hoping to see this as a trend. Maybe I won’t have it in my normal diet, ’cause I’m not a huge fan of it. – People are like, “Ew, goat. It’s so weird. I’ve never eaten goat before.” It tastes really good. Yeah, I would eat it again. – It sounds weird that I’m like, “Yeah, let’s go eat some goats.” But I’m down for this trend. – Obviously, most of these are probably gonna fall by the wayside, but we’re moving into the future. Things are changing and this might be the way of the future someday.

– It’s a fun social gathering thing to have people come together and have a meal together. I feel like food really grounds people. – Especially in a 2019 day and age, everyone’s still always looking for not necessarily new, but bring a new idea to the table. – There’s so much more information that our generation’s getting that there’s gonna be a lot more food trends and we could have a huge cultural shift towards goats. – Thanks for watching us try food trends on the React Channel. – Subscribe. We have new shows every single day. – Hit that Like button if you like this episode. – Bye. – Hey guys, I’m Katie, a React Channel producer. Thank you so much for watching this episode. Be sure to check out our Instagram @FBE so you can see what all the reactors are up to. Bye. .

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Key Concepts in Fundamental Analysis for Forex Traders

Hello there, this is Michael for Forex training group and today we’re going to discuss the key concepts in fundamental analysis for Forex traders. What is fundamental analysis first of all? Well, the basic skill involved in fundamental analysis in Forex trading requires an analyst to determine how a currency will react to macroeconomic events, Central Bank monetary shift and political and social news from the currency�s nation of origin. Namely, you are analyzing or comparing two different economies that are being represented by the currencies that foreign currencies pair.

And based on the differences between those two economies the currency pair is going to move. The next thing that is of use is presented by technical analysis and there is always a big debate regarding which one is more important fundamental analysis or technical analysis. I would say both of them are mandatory while the focus on the fundamental analysis generally remains on news, sentiment and the release of economic indicators, Technical analysis on the other hand relies on the price and price movements of the underlying asset or the exchange rate of a Forex currency pair. What are more the most important economic releases to be watched? First of all employment reports, these employment reports include the unemployment rate, number of claimants or jobless individuals applying for services, payroll levels and so on.

In the United States for example, the most important jobs related data is the N.F.P. the non-farm payroll. This non-farm payroll, it is being released on the first Friday of every month together with the unemployment rate. And it is important or market was violently because of the dual because of the dual mandate the Federal Reserve the central bank of the United States is having namely to keep inflation below or close to 2% and to create jobs. It means that traders know that the Fed is looking at the job data in order to move on rates and that it is all that it is all that matters. Trade balance basically the difference between the countries the imports and exports which has a direct effect on the demand for the nation’s currencies. The bigger all the trade balance is of course, the better for the currency. Current Account on the other hand, one of two components of a nation’s balance of payments the current account is the balance of trade and net cash transfers for a country. Let’s say a positive current account is desired rather than a deficit so the bigger the current account the more positive the currency will be.

G.D.P. or the total value of goods and services an economy produces it is really important . G.D.P. that is growing or a positive G.D.P. that is growing, shows an economy that is expanding and therefore you know whether to avoid an economy that is expanding to size then the central bank Will, and hike the interest rates. C.P.I. or consumer pricing that’s basically represents inflation. Now inflation is on the mandate that of each and every major central bank and not only. So the mandate is to keep inflation below or close to 2% so if inflation at any one moment of time, falls to or or rises to or then the central bank will intervene. Higher inflation means that the central they will hike the rates hiking the rates, the currency will be more attractive. P.P.I . will represent still the inflation but it is the inflation on the produce a side and it is being believed that in time it would be transferred to the consumer as well.

P.MI.. The purchasing managers index represents a survey. And in this survey businesses from different sectors are being asked to answer questions relative to people who are going to be laid off Or if a specific activity in that sector or in that company is going to influence business how is business being viewed in the next period and so on so forth. And everything is interpreting to the fifty level, namely, if the P.M.I. for a specific certain sector like the services sector is bigger than fifty then it is being said that the sector is expanding . If the sector is expanding then the Central Bank will come in hike the rates. Hiking the rate means attractive for a currency. Of course below fifty, this means contraction and P.M.I.s are related to services or calculated to the services sector, manufacturing and construction in some countries. It depends very much on the type of the economy you have in a specific country, for example, in the United States we have a service based economy And it means that the P.M.I services is more important and will affect the currency more than the P.M.I.

manufacturing as the results in the G.D.P. will be more visible. Commodity Prices. The price of commodities can have a significant effect on the currency of both producing and consuming nation . .

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