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Hey guys this is Mi-Anne and this is Beauty With Mi. As you guys know I dyed my hair in January and I went pink. And since then I have been on a hunt for products, that will A) maintain the color of my hair and B) maintain the health of my hair. And I feel like I’ve gotten to a good place with the products, so I decided to do a little hair update cause you guys have been asking for it.

But first don’t forget to subscribe down below. Beauty With Mi comes out every single Monday at 11 a.m. Please make sure you are part of the family. Without further ado let’s get into Before I dyed my hair, I wash my hair pretty much every single day. I had had a very oily scalp but now that my hair is a lot drier, my hair is absorbing a lot of the oil that my scalp produces. So I only need to wash my hair about twice a week. So before I even get in the shower I always put on a hair mask. It’s called Masque For Beautiful Color. I just put it in my hair dry. I can’t be bothered to put a mask in, in my wet hair, and sit around in the shower for 10 minutes while it absorbs, naked and cold. So I get a huge scoop full of it, and put it into my hair, put it up into a little bun. And then just kind of do stuff around my house until it’s absorbed.

This mask is really nice. It is ridiculously expensive but I do think it keeps my hair really soft. Then once I’m in the shower is when I will wash my hair. I use this shampoo. It’s called the Ouai Repair Shampoo and it is so good. I don’t know if this happens to you guys with double processed hair, but now that I wash my hair a lot less I get more dandruff. So what I do in the shower, which I didn’t do before is I really give my scalp a good massage and a good exfoliation when I’m doing my shampoo. But if you guys have any tips or things that I should be doing to keep the dandruff away, please let me know in the comments because I definitely haven’t found a good solution for that yet.

So after I shampoo my hair I usually move onto conditioner. Now I know that I’ve already masked so I already have the moisture that I need in my hair, but I use conditioner to inject more color. So I use this conditioner from Overtone and it’s called the Daily Pastel Pink Conditioner. And I mix it with this other conditioner that’s purple, from this brand called Function Of Beauty. Now Function Of Beauty is a really interesting brand, because they customized shampoo to your hair type. So not a single shampoo and conditioner they’ve ever made is the same.

I’ll put a little bit of the pink conditioner in my hand and then a couple pumps of the purple conditioner in my hand. Mix it together and smooth it through my hair really working it in to every bit. And then I leave it in my hair for about two to three minutes, like while I’m washing my body or shaving and then I rinse it out. It won’t dye your hair the two or three shades darker, but what it will do is inject just a little bit of color, so that what you’re losing when you shampoo your hair gets put back in when you condition.

And that’s pretty much my entire hair washing routine. I get out of the shower and I typically air dry. Madison my colorist at Spoke & Weal, told me that after I got my hair bleach I would notice a bit of textural change. So I have. My hair is a bit more wavy, it has a bit more of that beachy texture that I actually really like. I’ll usually spend about two to three days just rocking my air dried hair, but then on the third or fourth day is when it starts to get a little bit greasy. So I’ll use a little bit of dry shampoo. It is the Klorane Dry Shampoo with oat milk. This is a non-aerosol version. So instead of having an aerosol spray, you squeeze it out and powder gets in your hair and you kind of rub it in. I do find this does a good job of controlling oil. It also gives your hair a little bit of grittiness that’s nice for styling. So toward the third or fourth day when things start getting a little greasy, a little flat, a little dull that’s when I will pull out my straightener and style my hair.

So before I straighten my hair I’ll use Nature Lab Perfect Volume Texture Mist, which is basically a liquid texturizer that also doubles as a color and heat protectant. So I’ll just put this in my hair let it dry and then throw in some flat iron waves. I use this straightener. It’s a Bio Ionic Straightener and it vibrates. You can press a little button and it goes zzz.

And it helps move the plates along your hair. I like it because it is a nice one inch and it has a tapered end here it makes it easy to curl. So Jon Reyman, who’s one of the founders of Spoke & Weal where I got my hair colored, actually taught me this technique. So you can do it like this where you’re kind of creating an “S” wave in your hair pulling it back and forth down and keeping the end straight.

Or take it and twist it like this and then twist it twice. So what’s so great about this technique is that it’s supposed to look a little messy and a little tussled. You can do parts of your hair but you don’t have to worry about getting every last piece. And since my hair is again more textured than it was before, I find that I can just really focus on the front and get a bit of the back. And it’ll be a passable look. As the last step of my hairstyling routine I’ll throw in a little bit of texture cream. If you guys have watched my videos before you might recognize this guy. This is the Verb Texture Cream. I did a whole video talking about those products. But this is just a very lovely texturizing cream. It’s very soft, you put it in your hands. I usually scrunch up in my hair to give me a little bit more texture and volume.

And then I’ll take the excess and smooth down my flyaways. And what I love about this cream is it does give me a little bit of piece-y texture, without weighing down my hair, without making my hair feel crunchy and that’s what I love about it. So that’s it folks, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of paring it down. The routine itself doesn’t take me that long to do, but I’m still constantly looking for new things to try. So if you guys have color treated hair or if you know any products that you think I might like please let me know down below. Because I always want to try new things.

But I hope you guys enjoyed this video, I hope that you guys learned something. And I will catch you guys next week. Bye! Thanks so much for watching guys. Let me know what you want to see next on Beauty With Mi in the comment down below. And click here to subscribe to Refinery29. And click here to watch my last video. Bye! .

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The Worst Trends in Modern Cars and Trucks

Rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk about some of the worst trends in modern car design, and as far as I’m concerned the worst one are those massive giant grills that all the manufacturers seem to be copying each other and putting on, like the Lexus grills, now yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder but those massive grilles are just absurd, because in many of them a large portion of that grille does nothing, it’s actually just covering up part of the frame of the vehicle it’s not that air is going through the whole thing and cooling the car down, now as a counterpoint to that, hey I had a 2013 Shelby gt500, it didn’t even have a grill it just had a giant gaping hole because it needed a hole that big to suck enough air in, so that it could go 200 miles an hour and cool the car down without it overeating, not that anybody really needs a car that can go 200 miles an hour, but at least that’s form following function not just some absurd ridiculous looking massive grill, now they’re all coming out with it, when I was a young mechanic the Americans had the Fin Wars, they kept making the fins bigger and bigger and bigger, and they served no purpose either it wasn’t like those things were going 240 miles an hour it didn’t make them that much more aerodynamic, they just liked the look at these giant fins coming out of the back of them, the next bad trend is turning everything into an SUV, Hey there are now Porsche SUVs, Lamborghini SUVs, even Bentley SUVs, because mark my words, not just a stylish thing, but they’re big vehicles they’re high up in the air, almost all of them get pretty poor gas mileage, in the future when the price of gas goes up, these things are not going to be as popular, and many of them come in all-wheel-drive, fine if you live in a snowy area or something but in normal driving in places like here in Texas, you get worse gas mileage as all-wheel drive, it cost more money to fix, it costs more money to build, you have to buy all four new tires when you need a tire, because if some tires are off size from the others, that will ruin the all-wheel drive system and cost you thousands to fix, which a lot of people don’t really understand until it happens to them, now another trend that I think is bad is the trend towards removal of not only full-size spares in a car, this Lexus still has a full-size spare, to the use of those mini spares, this matrix only has one of those little donut spares inside here, to some modern cars that have no spare tires at all and even have an air pump or the run flat tires and you can drive on when they run out of air, really run flat tires they cost a fortune if you get a flat on that cost a fortune to fix, and because of their inherent design of being strong, they actually get worse gas mileage, because they have more friction in them driving down the road, and at least that’s a trend that seems to already be going away, they seem to be giving up with these run-flat tires, I mean you have a problem where your tires shredded, even the run flat tires can get shredded, you’re gonna be stranded in the middle of nowhere, there’s nothing better than a real spare tire that you can put on and go your merry way, now the next trend I’d like to see go away is the use of those ultra low-profile tires, now this lexus has normal tires and they serve a very good purpose big sidewalls they absorb bumps so they ride smoother, they can go through potholes without getting serious damage and they protect the rim, these aren’t cheap rims, if you go to these real low-profile tires, some of those cars ride like wagons, you feel every bump, if you live in a city like me with pothole roads, or in a country road with pothole roads for that matter, they will eat the rims up I’ve seen guys just destroy the tire and the rims on just a medium sized pot hole, yeah you can zoom around in them and corner real fast and stuff but for a normal driving car they’re kind of stupid I’ve had many BMW customers that cursed the day they got one with these low-profile tires, they kept having to buy tire after tire after tire, their super expensive tires and a lot of times they end up the rims too, that’s money wasted that you never need to spend if you just have normal tires that work perfectly fine, now the next thing that I find stupid and a ridiculous trend is the installation of fake vents on a car, for example the Buick envision has fake air scoops on hood, they don’t do anything they’re fake they’re just stuck on there, they don’t suck air or anything it’s just kind of ridiculous, and along the same vein the fake exhaust tips coming out of a car, even Mercedes getting into it, they put these space-age looking things come out of the back but there’s just regular round pipes going into them, they don’t serve any purpose at all, they’re just fake to look like they’re doing something they aren’t, now the next bad trend as far as I’m concerned is those bejeweled headlights so that at night your car looks like a spider with all those eyes on it, they look weird enough but personally I find them very annoying when people are coming at you on the other side of the highway if it’s just a little divided highway with not much room between, they kind of blind you with all those lights coming out at you they make you want to wear your sunglasses at night, hey I already do that, and the last trend, one that I really can’t stand is the use of plastics for these headlight assemblies, that’s one thing I had to replace on this Lexus cuz the old ones just got all foggy and cracked, but this is a trend that I know they’re not gonna go away from, because it’s cheaper to make plastic, and you can make it any shape you want to fit any design, but really plastic, clear plastic the headlight you know what’s gonna fog up over time rocks are gonna hit it, it’s not such a hot idea, now if you watch some of my videos I show you ways that you can protect these plastic headlights so they lasts as long as possible, but hey when I was young they were glass headlights you never had to think about anything and if they did crack those glass headlights in those days cost like 5 bucks versus many of hundreds of dollars for the OEM ones and when you go aftermarket a lot of times the aftermarket ones, they’re so poorly made they crack too really fast, so now you know some of the worst trends in modern cars, now let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope they don’t come up with a whole bunch of new ones in the future, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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Trends that Need to Die in 2019

– 2018 has been a year, so much has happened, so many weird fashion trends have come and gone, and come back again. And with the new year coming right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of those fashion trends and figure out which ones need to die in 2019. Obviously, these are just my opinions. Fashion is super subjective so what I think is terrible, someone else might love and it would be totally their style. I’m sure I wear things all the time that you guys are like side-eyeing me for, like these little baby buns that I do on the top of my head, people are always like what are you wearing? But like that’s my style, I like it, not everyone has to get it. So if you like any of these trends, don’t let my opinions stop you from rocking them. Fashion is all about what makes you feel confident and beautiful and empowered. So just because I don’t like something, it doesn’t mean no one is allowed to wear it. These are just my opinions on trends that I think should die.

(laughs) Okay, so I’ve divided 10 fashion trends from 2018 into three categories and the first category we’re gonna start out with is the worst, the trends that I just don’t get at all and I would be more than happy to see completely die out next year. First, the whole designer dad shoe trends. I’m talking the Balenciagas, the Louis Vuitton Archlights, all of those kind of like really, really expensive high-end shoes that look like the kind of thing that my dad would buy at Costco. First of all, just my opinion, they’re ugly. (laughs) And I’m sure that there are people out there who really genuinely love these shoes, but I feel like a lot of people are just buying them because they’re expensive, because they’re designer, because they’re desirable. I mean, if you actually like this trend, like if you’re actually into it, just go to Costco and get a pair of like authentic dad shoes for 15 bucks. All right, so next up is the whole biker shorts thing.

I feel like this kind of originated with like the Kylie Jenners, the Cardi Bs, and then was adopted by all of the Instagram baddies of the world. And the thing for me is like I see these all over Instagram like so often but I never see people wearing this in public, like do people actually wear biker shorts or do they just wear them for Instagram photoshoots? Like I have never seen someone like in biker shorts just like walking down the aisles at Trader Joe’s like no, that doesn’t happen.

Also, like Camel Toe Central, let’s be real. And for me personally, I just don’t feel confident in this look. I had to wear it for my Halloween costumes video, when I get a Kylie Jenner costume, and I just felt really self-conscious. They really highlight my thighs, which I have like really thick thighs compared to the rest of my buddy. And I definitely think the whole biker shorts thing is a huge trend and is not timeless at all. Like this is definitely gonna be one of those things that we look back at in 20 years, like 80’s shoulder pads or parachute pants, and our kids are gonna look at that and be like, Mom, why, like what were you wearing, what’s with the biker shorts? Like I just think this trend is bound to die eventually and personally, I’m hoping for sooner rather than later. All right, number three, the whole sweatshirts as dresses with thigh-high boots look. I feel like this kind of originated with like Ariana Grande, you know, like that paparazzi photo of her in a long sweatshirt looking at Lollipop.

And then it was kind of like adopted by all of the fashion bloggers and YouTubers and Instagramers and just became like a really big thing that I think a lot of people really do wear. And honestly, I love the idea of this. Like I’m down to wear an oversize sweatshirt and leggings for a PJ day anytime, but as a dress like for a night out with thigh-highs, I just, I personally don’t get it. Also, it’s just not the most flattering look for anyone with a bigger chest because it’s just kind of like hangs off and becomes a shapeless tent bag looking thing. Next up, the clear clothes trend. So I’m talking jelly shoes, I’m talking clear pants, jackets, backpacks, the crazy, expensive Celine handbags that would just look like a clear plastic shopping bag.

As someone who lives in California in a very warm climate, I look at this trend and I’m like wouldn’t you get so hot and sweaty, like it’s basically like wearing a little plastic sauna. And with like the bags and the backpacks, like people can see everything inside of it, like they can see how messy things are and also like what if you have like tampons in there or like pepper spray? Like maybe you don’t want people to see the entire contents of your handbag.

And, again, with some of the other things on this list, I feel like this is a very right now trend, it’s not timeless, it’s gonna be another thing that we look back on and laugh at. Number five, the little tiny glasses that people wear on the edge of their nose. I actually have an example of what I’m talking about. I got these for that Kylie Jenner costume. Like they wear them like this, like on the edge of their nose, like hello. Am I a snooty librarian looking my nose down at you ’cause you put the book in the wrong place? That’s what this reads to me.

Like, this is where you wear sunglasses. This is functional. I’m blocking the sun. This is just a face accessory with no function. Another thing that I just personally don’t get, but, you know, hey, maybe it works for someone else, but I would be happy to see this die. The next category of 2018 trends is things that I’m kind of like eh about. Trends that I don’t really personally get, but I don’t mind them, like I don’t think they’re that bad and a lot of people really dislike them. So the first one is wearing a jacket around your arms. And I’m not talking about like an off-the-shoulder jacket that’s built like that. So taking a denim jacket, this is how I would wear a jacket and wearing it like this, like around the bottom of your arms, and I like this look for pictures. Like I feel like it’s kind of cute and effortless, and looks like you’re just putting your jacket on, but like this is a look that people, especially influencers, are actually wearing and not just for pictures, like actually wearing a jacket like this all day.

When I was at VidCon, I saw so many YouTubers wearing jackets like this at parties, at meet and greets, at events, I’m like doesn’t that get uncomfortable, that’s not how you wear a jacket. This is how you wear a jacket. Maybe I should make a jacket-wearing tutorial because obviously all the kids these days are not doing it right. The next trend that I’m kind of on the fence about is splice clothing, so like when you take two different looks or fabrics or textures and put them together in one item of clothing. So I actually really like this look with denim when you’re taking two different washes of denim in a jacket or jeans or a skirt. It’s unique and it might not be something that I personally would immediately reach for when I’m shopping but I get the trend and I think it’s pretty cute.

And maybe it’ll grow on me a little bit more but I feel like with flannels, which is a style I’ve been seeing a lot with splice clothing, it just looks off a little bit. It kind of looks like I took my favorite flannel and it got cut in half, and my grandma was like, oh, I’ll fix that up for you, but then she can’t find the right fabric match, and then it just ended up looking like this. And the next one is industrial belts. So the first time that I wore one of these was for my James Charles’ March review and I was actually pleasantly surprised by it. I think before I filmed that video, this would have been in the first category, but I really felt pretty good in the way it looked on my body, especially when it’s paired with that sweatshirt trend.

I think it makes it way more flattering. I’m a big fan of anything with definition at the waste and this definitely helps give that with more oversize looks. Also, I really like that industrial belts are meant to have a ton of extra slack because it means it can fit people of all sizes with just one item. It’s naturally size inclusive without actually having to make a different skew for plus sizes and it’s probably the only thing in that like Instagram baddie realm that actually flatters my figure. I mean, I felt pretty cute and pretty confident in the James Charles’ hoodie and industrial belt so even though it’s not my style, I definitely get it.

Okay, so the last two trends are trends that I really love but I see a lot of people hating on. So I really hope these trends do not die in 2019. Despite what a lot of people might say, I’m a big fan of these trends. First up, fanny packs. I am an OG fanny pack fan. I can think back to being like six years old at Disneyland with my little JanSport fanny pack. Got my lip gloss in there, got my little toys in there, got my five dollars for a souvenir. I love fanny packs. You’re hands-free, it’s convenient, and I just love that these are somehow in style again. Also, it’s totally become like a trendy designer item to wear on a night out with like a nicer outfit, which is so awesome, because, girls, I feel like when we go out, we have to decide between either bringing like a full on purse and probably leaving it in the Uber or dropping it at the bar, or getting it stolen, or just putting your phone and your credit card and id in your bra, which is definitely not ideal.

So having all of my essentials literally strap to my body so I can dance the night away hands-free, without a worry is amazing. Uh, best trend! Please do not die. But here’s the thing. Why are people trying to make them more bougie by calling them like saddle bags or side bags? It is a fanny pack. Stop trying to make it cooler or less nerdy than it is. It is a fanny pack. Even if it’s Gucci, it’s still a fanny pack. Trend number 10, athleisure. And I know that athleisure is not an exclusive to 2018 trend. It was big in the 80s, it came back, and then left again, and then now it’s back again. But oh my gosh, please athleisure, never leave again.

Stay in style for the rest of my life. And I know the big critic with athleisure is like why are you wearing yoga pants and Adidas, did you just come from the gym? Like, no, but it’s damn well comfier than what I would have to wear if I wasn’t wearing yoga pants. Uh, like the fact that Kendell Jenner can literally wear sweatpants and be like praised for high fashion makes my life. Please don’t ever let this trend die. I wanna wear my Adidas superstar and my Lululemon leggings for the rest of my life. Let me know down in the comments what are your opinions on these trends. Like I said, fashion is super subjective so I would love to hear you guys chime in with your thoughts. Also, in 2019, I am jumping right back in with three days a week uploads so you can get new videos on this channel every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

And over on my blog channel, I post new blogs like three or four days a week so check those out. Link in the description. Thanks so much for watching and I will see you guys next year. Bye! (upbeat music) .

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DRAMA IS THE NEW BLACK – BOEN Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends (2/3)

Hi, I am Gudy Herder. Hi, I am Andreas Tippel. In the next couple of minutes … I’d like to share with you the main features and characteristics of the main features and characteristics of the of the interior design and lifestyle trend „DRAMA IS THE NEW BLACK“. And I will show you BOEN’s products which answer this trend. Whether you’re pro-darkness or not … you can’t argue that black rules the Interior Design world. Black – however – as a trending colour is so far no news. But entire interiors are being painted or decorated in black now, from the floor to the ceiling. And It’s all about the TOTAL LOOK. It certainly is a daring trend where BLACK is synonymous with a sleek sophisticated style. But it is not only the fashion and interior design field … that succumbs to that masculine and elegant palette … but other areas such as food, prop styling, architecture … artisan work and beauty are all engaged. How to soften this trend? Actually black can be a quite warm shade when the paint on the walls is thickened with pigments to give a matt finish. It’s always the glossy effect that give a colder appearance.

As for 2017, black is no longer combined with copper but brass finishings are taking over when we talk metal accessories. If you like BLACK but rather prefer a warmer approach … natural wood on frames and flooring can be great combinations so is lush greenery in terracotta planters. Blots of dark green or dark blue are an interesting add on, too. Black is actually very versatile. If these aesthetics are up your alley … then it’s a good moment to see how we have translated this trend into a matching floor collection that depending on how you combine it can give you a more modern or classic appearance in your home.

Thanks Gudy. Since BOEN is the style advisor we develop our products to match trends. The colours Ebony and Chalk Black are simple to explain. They are just black, in two different yet combinable shades. There is one thing that reminds us that we´re still talking about wooden floors. And that´s the smooth brushing. Boen´s Live Pure surface offers the best protection at an extremely low gloss level. Find out more about BOEN’s our stylish black floors. Your Boen salesman is happy to help. .

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So today’s trend like you read in the title it’s sport-utility and it’s a little bit techie as well so I’m calling this one Sport I know this is like probably the weakest name that I’ve ever come up with but it’s fine we’re just gonna roll with it we’re just gonna get into all of the nitty-gritty of the trend I’m kind of I like dressed up for you guys it’s very much this like I said it’s like very futuristic there’s either like a futuristic vibe to it there’s a nostalgic vibe to this like sports thing in terms of like tracksuits it can be you know very like 1970s track soup but then it could also be very 2000 Juicy Couture track suit another big thing of this trend is like logo mania I’m kind of like sticking it with this because I feel like Tommy Hilfiger is kind of like that street wear kind of sporty Fila and then there’s also like Burberry which it’s turning a little bit more like that sportswear as well and then Fendi as well very logo mania supreme Louis Vuitton we’re just seeing a lot of logos pop up a lot a lot a lot a lot so that is a big part of this trend very very reminiscent of the 1990s like repeat logos some other key components to this trend we’re still seeing a lot of cargo there’s a lot of work we’re influenced in this so I think Carhartt thing Dickies even boiler suit there’s a lot of things that are inspired by things that are like actually on the street so like literally Street where that bright you know like construction worker orange is huge or like the cone orange it’s very very huge for this trend or even like the yellow or the crosswalk like the off-white this is very huge so it’s very much inspired by pavements traffic signs futuristic detailing as well like a lot of exposed zippers huge oversized either grommets or these kind of what it is called like Oh rings Hardware I guess you can say I’m really really loving this updated take on like athleisure because for a minute I was getting a little bit bored with just like hoodies so hoodies are now being paired with things that are a little bit more fancy like a tweed jacket I think I’ve mentioned this in another trends video more of like a dressed-up vibe we have seen this definitely for sure in the past but now it’s becoming more and more popular so it’s kind of hitting that like peak mark there’s also a lot of exaggeration in this trend so I hadn’t mentioned a long time ago I think this was like two years ago to like two Falls ago that they were is like these elongated sleeves and I was very much like that easy season that my kind of look so it’s still very much exaggerated the jackets are baggy the silhouettes are baggy and I feel like that’s very reminiscent of like the 1990s as well like you know when people would sag their jeans I’m like we’re expected to swoon I don’t think so that’s very much making a comeback again oversized denim jacket the denim is like very very dark with very white stitching you know the ones that I’m talking about I’m sure there’s a name for it and I’m like pretty getting everything right now and also chunky sneakers so chunky sneakers sneakers I mentioned as a fad the one that I was using the grocery store as my runway to show you guys some like very trendy items so like the dad shoe the dad sneaker the chunky sneaker now every designers having that chunky sneaker I think before it was like balanced yeah every major designer has like a super chunky sneaker Margiela Versace Burberry um yeah I mean of course Valentin did she had already had those like chunkier sneakers as well I really like the Gucci ones with like the rhinestone thing how create I can’t believe I like that I don’t know I’m being I’m being super brainwashed by the fashion industry I’ve been seeing it too much run like bullshit and then also a big part of this which I also talked about in that same grocery store video was like the little small matrix glasses so I feel like that is very like I said matrix and like techie futuristic we’re still seeing a lot of that on the runway which we saw at Miu Miu off by imbalance yoga and then also color blocking in a more techie vibe futuristic vibe Tron kind of vibe we saw that in Marnie Prada Versace and then also part of this trend I think that’s also pretty big as hiking boots hiking boots are the next big thing I think we’re kind of seeing a little bit of people using this trend right now the most fashion-forward and we’re gonna be seeing this trend a lot more I think in the future as well I don’t know if you guys follow Skye’s outfits on Instagram and he’s been wearing a lot of those like hiking boots I actually have some because I went to Peru so I’m like the reason why it’s becoming bigger it’s because hiking in general is becoming a big thing I don’t know if it’s because I live in California but no I don’t think so I think there is this like increased interest in hiking all of a sudden I don’t know I’ve been seeing that a lot lately a lot of off-grid kind of travel that’s big right now so maybe that’s why it’s being introduced or maybe it was Shia LaBeouf I don’t know and Kanye and stuff so like those palladium boots even wellington boots and sneaker boots are in all with that kind of tread sole so those are all very much I feel like in this trend because it’s a little bit worker a little bit utility a little bit even like Moon Man futuristic at all kind of like vibes together but anyways let’s go ahead and get into how I styled this into my own fall wardrobe so usually I just kind of like already has the outfits put together as you guys saw in my other trend videos and haven’t seen those yet either we’ll leave them links below so I just wanted to kind of bring you guys with me through my process how I go about styling these outfit if you’re trying to experiment with fashion I feel like that’s what these trend videos are really intended to you like I say you don’t have to go for every trend it’s just all about how you kind of make it your own I hope it’ll help you out that’s why I’m doing it right my personal philosophy when it comes to style I like to incorporate a little bit of the classic pieces a little bit of vintage I feel like gives it a really cool vibe as well and then still play with the trend to keep it fresh keep it modern I mainly try to do accessories but I feel like there is a certain trend that really really fits my style or if I want to have that look like create a full-on look then I’ll dip into more of those trendy pieces so I separated out what I feel like is this sporty trend and we’ll just go ahead and start steaming to me like a look is like you’re committing to the outfit you are head-to-toe like killing it slaying it and then there’s also like my everyday I tend to stick to a lot of basic so I just will incorporate me being a fanny pack so like for instance I’m just wearing a gray t-shirt so redone denim these are my favorite denim and if I want to have more of that utility vibe I can just add this you know it’s kind of switching up the look and then maybe I want to go a little bit more even have like more of a style than just like a basic ass outfit right I never really liked to look basic but I basic items so now you know I have this little balance yoga hat balance see now that I got it when I was in China guys and then this is like my personal touch I love a goal tip at the moment so I feel like this is very like me saying true to myself I feel like that’s important when you’re styling outfit so you always feel like you but you can just elevate it in that way wearing like loafers so maybe instead of a loafer I want to elevate it a bit more so I’ll put on maybe something like this and it’s still giving me kind of this sporty utility look and then if I want to make it more of a look I’m gonna go ahead and take off this shirt and I’m gonna add this shirt so this top I feel like it’s very much this trend it’s oversized it has the yellow this is by the Brad Lambert actions I’ve never of them I found it up waistband so I’m just gonna go ahead and throw this shirt on I don’t know I feel like it feels like me I like to have a little bit showy done things like kind of long things are very much this trend too and you can think of off-white with those belts we’re just gonna leave that and like I could again I could stop here this is to me it’s still very everyday kind of basic nothing like wow you know like that girl has like super interesting style but it’s still very me and I could just throw on Phoebe these Nike Air Force Ones I feel like I would definitely change up my makeup so now I’m actually gonna change the jeans into this one so now I feel like this is starting to be a lot more street style more more of a statement I would say I’m gonna just add these boots they were like my best investment if you thought they weren’t even that expensive their price and even that in these kind of revamped vintage fans are very much in the style we got the yellow going it still pretty much feels me if I really want it to elevate it even more throw on a little sunny like that and it’s already like you know and it’s already like elevating it to something else or I can do matrix hair and makeup I would switch it up I would do maybe like a naked face with just like glossy lids and a glossy lip and then like my hair pulled back super high super sleek arm you know just kind of messy like this I don’t know I feel like this makeup look doesn’t really suit this vibe but it could so now I feel like I’m going somewhere I’m making a statement still me you know it’s like everything that I love in clothing but it’s a little bit more elevated a little bit more fun and I feel like it’s totally like a trendy kind of an outfit but I’m cool with it it doesn’t feel over styled like a if I did this night say if I put this on say if I put this bouncy house i hat again say I put these little freaking glasses alright this to me feels like a costume it doesn’t feel like me I feel over styled and like trying too hard this is just my opinion guys you guys can do whatever you want I’m just saying like I like to real things in just a little bit because I like to look a little bit more like effortless like I’m just throwing things on like even like this I will still kind of like quit the minute I think I would choose something a little bit more dressy and classy in terms of like my bags maybe something like this it just feels like a little bit more polished and cool so that’s kind of like how I go about creating looks now I want to just kind of show you what else I have on the rack because maybe these little pieces will also inspire you I’m not gonna create outfits for everything or else we would be here literally all day but I didn’t want to just kind of go over some pieces that I think are fun though I think this is like a fun way to kind of do the logo mania if you can’t necessarily afford it right now it’s just kind of like funny and I freaking love art sorry guys this piece I’ve literally owned forever there’s a lot of the trend that I was talking about we got the orange on the inside we have I kind of feel like it looks I mean it’s like that cargo utility vibe all the exposed zippers the hardware I love this jacket I wear it all the time I’ve had it for years I love this so much it’s from PacSun and it’s that very 70s tracksuit vibe like that retro and then this one I feel like it’s more like a spring piece but I kind of just wanted to show you guys because these drawstrings are super popular for this trend as well like all these drawstring moments I really love the way this looks with like say you have like an all-white outfit right if you do like a dad cap maybe some Air Force Ones I love these these are like my favorite sneaker right now besides the Reeboks I can’t freaking let go those Reeboks I’d love them to pieces kind of do that I have some hoodies here to style really love the way like pink and army luxe I know you guys are like girl please try them on for me but can you see how I’m struggling to pair that with like a jean let me see what you thought I could own one like that you know what I actually got these boots recently from Nasty Gal and I think they are so cute I’m being like that together or even like a black or something depending on the wash I was telling you about this moment may be like a black turtleneck under this chanel like tweed jacket I love this one because it has like the denim detail I freaking love denim I love this when I was in Shanghai which I will have a full video on the complete hall so you guys will definitely see this again don’t look too much because it is coming so I thought it’d be kind of cool if you did I feel like that could be like a cool elevated vibe these are just like little shorts from hmm and it had that vibe that I was talking about very Alexander Wang I feel like I can do something like that and then for the cold I think it’s cool I know a lot of guys do this for they they will layer their tighter spandex leggings with shorts on top I love that look so that’s kind of like what I’m talking about you can do something like that with this and then like literally just wear sneakers this or you know like those soft booties like the balanced Yaga’s I know there’s so many knockoffs of those if you don’t want to let go for the bone see how the one but I think something with a higher like this one’s actually cut out but if you wear like the soft one with something like this I think I’d be really dope I mean basic there’s just so much cool clothes and rule things to choose from right I’m going to show you an outfit that I styled with this one just right after this so keep watching guys and then this this is just like a stylist tip if you guys want to be stylist don’t ever use this pattern on a client you see how it’s like more a it looks so cool in person but on camera it never reads right it does not it like weird like you’re tripping out a little bit right small patterns don’t use it on camera I loved how it kind of looked like manly but then this one is a skirt you guys are gonna see it on and then like I said poppers are definitely huge for this trend still puffers are still going strong I love this one I feel like I finally found one that fits me well I’m so picky you guys I’m like 5-1 and it’s it’s me like a dream so shout out to Lee Lewis for sending me this I love it you guys will definitely see me styling that a lot more of these aren’t these so funny like literally I wrote on my Instagram like ready to a Mexican party be prepared to get roasted utility jumpsuits are definitely a thing as well we have this got my nasty dog you guys are going to see that in my quest through video oh you guys know the next track coming up is Lester if you follow me on instagram you saw me wearing this so much so much love on it so thank you guys if you comment it on those and then this one I will show you guys shortly Q it’s a bit wrinkled but you guys will kind of get the idea and love this it’s my storage this is what I’m talking about the utilities like little boiler jumpsuit ghostbusters beware oh yeah like accessories and stuff I feel like accessories always makes a big difference look at this cutie this used to be my sisters this is like all she could afford I guess this little one at least she could afford this one I couldn’t afford why do you guys have one let’s try to bring them back I challenge you post them put them on your Instagram maybe if the sporty vibe isn’t really your thing you can still have fun with like the glasses maybe the shoes there’s so many cool sneakers right now having a moment and at first I was like why did I why did I buy these it’s like the dumbest purchase and I warned them actually so much I love them let me know if you guys like this kind of talk through of styling so I can continue to do it or if you guys just want to see the outfits laid out let me know so this is that small print plot outfit that I just showed you paired with the little Dooney and Bourke purse that was my sister’s I paired it with these glasses I love all the play on the brown tones I was feeling the Browns this outfit and then this head scarf is a little play on the Fendi print I feel like it’s very reminiscent of Fendi and then I just paired it with these Reebok classic vintage kind of sneakers I’m obsessed with these and I have been for the past year so that is my take on a little like street wear logo mania bit but moving on to the next outfit it’s this Tommy Hilfiger sweater that is super popular these like collared I mean I feel like this is so early 2000s and I paired it with these darker denims with that contrasting stitch like I mentioned with these white pointy boots that have this exposed zipper I feel like it’s super like sporty Street wear kind of like how I would do street wear and then I paired it with that utility bag that you guys saw and these like funky yellow glasses that I’ve been literally wearing for years everything I have to say about this sport trend I really hope you guys enjoyed this trend video and look forward to the next one thank you so much for being here with me we made it to the end you’re the real MVP no pun intended I will see you guys in my next video bye

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I Bought All The iPhone Cases on Wish…

– Hey what’s good guys. Welcome back to TechSmartt for the second episode of WishBusters So in case you guys are new here make sure you subscribe or you just check out that Icard or link in the description for all the videos I got… – I’m back. – I’m back with us – I’m gonna host – So if you’re new to WishBusters basically we hop on Wish and these are items buyed and then tried. The whole thing around Wish is you see a lot of good deals but you don’t actually know what a good deal is.

So in this video we’re going to be buying all the iPhone cases, testing it out, and this video’s in two parts. First half’s us buying then unboxing when it finally shows up and then we’re gonna drop test it. So, Josh let’s just hop on into it. Wish time? There are a lot of cases on Wish. That’s basically the number one most sold item. So if you guys wanna check out anything in this video we’ll leave a link down below. Three, two dollar cases. – I don’t want one dollar cases. I want quality cases. – you want quality. – I want to give them the quality cases only. – Maybe drop a like on this video. If we hit like 25,000 likes we’ll do the free Wish video. All the iPhone cases, headphones, anything that’s on Wish for free, we’ll do it. If you guys want it, you know what to do. Let’s jump into this dog. What do we got? – Oo I got a battery case. – Oo I got a fluffy case.

Check this out. (laughing) Dude, dude we gotta. – It’s so fluffy!! – Alright, 11 dollars. So do we get to pick the size battery? It says 3,500, 4,000, 5,500. Like I want the large one – It probably, it probably yeah the large one’s probably for like the iPhone X. – Or the seven plus. Oh, boom. So with the iPhone cases, and you guys let me know on the comments which case you have, or which kinda case you like. I’m gonna search for like a leather wallet one. You guys have seen those. It’s got like a wallet cards. – Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. Store your credit cards. – Ooo dude. Coin purse. you have cards, ID, – For sure brown. – Boom. No other reviews? Four reviews. Three and a half stars. Do we trust it? Yeah, we don’t have a choice. Four dollars. iPhone XS. What color? Blue? Black? I’m gonna grab it in red. Boom. Hit buy. Do you think you can see your iPhone through it? So if I had like a pink iPhone would it make it like… – It’s transparent.

– Send that over dog. Let’s get this in the cart. We have only four cases in. We gotta buy faster, dude. Eight dollars. It’s a Tuff case. So that’s what we’re going for, battery cases, Shell cases, fluffy cases. Rugged cases. The drop test is going to tell you everything you need to know. That’s why you should get subscribed. Ooo, 21 dollars. It came down from 199 bucks. – Who would pay… – In what world? – Who would pay 200 dollars… – Dude, like…

– … for a Wish battery case? If you’ve ever paid 200 dollars for a Wish battery case I apologize. – Whoa, ultra slim. – Easy installation too. – It’s got a button on the back. I mean it’s everything you’d want in a case. But it says on the picture. Josh, what does it say? – It says edge protection. – 360 degree protection. I actually am going for it. iPhone XS. They even got it for the XR. Let’s get it in black. Buy. Ooo – it’s got a heart on it. I dedicate this case to Keaton. – Ooo. – From my heart to his. Like I could rock a black heart. But I don’t think I could rock a red one. – I thought this was dedicated to me though. Are you basically telling me I got a black heart? I’m down for it. I like it. My voice is cracking a bit. Eight cases in. Dude, this is taking forever. – I know, I know. – Speed this up Send links faster. Tag Team. – I’m going faster. – Alright, alright, I found something. I got a gold Nemo case.

That’s what I’m gonna call this one. – Looks rugged. $if I buy it with Keaton. Alright, I officially have no friends. Wow. Alright, well I’m gonna buy it. Seven dollars. Gold. – Oh, yeah. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold your horses. And by that I mean reindeer. – That’s like an ugly sweater party but you also came with your case. This is like some Pinterest quality. – No, that’s what I’m saying. Look at the quality. – 90 cents if I buy it with Keaton. Alright. I think we figured out the whole buy it with Keaton, it’s ’cause Josh has it up on his laptop too. But there could be two Keatons. I have met another one. What’s the difference between Elk and Reindeer? – Reindeer are the only type of deer at which both the males and the females grow antlers.

– Whoa. We got 10 cases in the cart. Josh, hit me with five more. Is that a rhinestone? – Yeah. – 452 reviews. 100 percent fake. No! Verified by with shoppers, which is rare. I mean dude. That looks like it was taken at a jewelry store – I think we could just make an exception and we can get this one, even if it’s free. – I mean we have to. 452 people bought this.

– Like I personally challenge you to try and break this Wish case. I don’t think it will. – Dual layer, rugged back protection. Protective front casing with built in screen protector. Six screws? – Yeah. – Six screws. What kind of colors? – Get the yellow one. – Yellow? I love when you click yellow and it goes to silver. $if I buy it with my only friend, myself. Franco, “very very very good indeed. I am so happy with this product, thanks Wish company” – Why is James Franco writing Wish reviews? – Whooooo. – Alright, we got twelve in there. Let’s get like three more. I think 15 cases is perfect. Whoa. Look at that nylon. – It’s got a comment okay. – 43 reviews. – It says, “it’s nice and I like it.” I don’t need to know anything else. – Ooo. It’s free. Dude, I thought we said we were staying away from free cases – I know, but I like it. – I mean look at the gradient. – Make an exception for me. – Look at those options. Not a bad case, actually. I mean it’s, it looks a little cheap but for free, can’t really complain.

Whoa! – Yeah. – Dude, look at these photos. And look how thin it looks, too. It just like, fits in. .3 millimeters. – I would buy this case, probably. – Well it doesn’t matter when you buy a case for your broken phone. You gotta do that before. – That’s true. – Six dollars. Made buy the same Insten company. Buy it with Keaton. It’s just, I don’t have friends. There’s no reviews on this. So I’m gonna hit buy. (laughter) – 188 dollars? – 188 dollars on iPhone cases. – Why? – We just bought all the iPhone cases on Wish. – 190 dollars. – So, let’s hope they show up. If they do, next part will be unboxing. Now we wait. – Boom! So, how long did it take Josh? For 16 iPhones. – Three weeks man.

– So, vote up in the Icard. This entire video. Which is your favorite case and which you think is the most worth it because what we’re gonna do is basically put all these cases to the test. Gonna unbox them, see how good they feel and if they’re good enough, they’re gonna get a Wish or a Dish. Which is basically out of five W’s, our rating scale.

It sucks, it’s a Dish. If it’s cool, it’s a Wish. Alright, let’s go with this one. This is probably – or just throw it on the… ground, okay. – Three dollars. Is this the bunny ear one or the heart one. – I think it’s the bunny ear. This is my favorite one out of all of them. – Whoa. Gonna throw an iPhone X in here. – Oh it’s solid. – Dude that fits perfectly. – You go to take a photo and then you can’t see the photo you’re taking and then if you want to see the photo you’re taking, you’re basically covering… okay. So you’d have to like… This is how you have to take your photos from now on. (laughter) – Well it’s my tail. (laughter) – And then, actually, it’s like a chain. – Oh that’s cool. – Dude, t’s like a chain with your wallet. It’s a chain with your wallet. – Have the ears sticking out. ‘Cause then you can just grab them and pull your phone out.

_ five W’s. Wish or Dish. Kick it off! – I think I’m gonna give it four. Just because the photo thing. It loses one. But other than that, this is a solid Wish. – Solid Wish. I’m gonna give it five W’s. I think this is an absolute banger. Look at this. How much did this cost Josh? – Two beans. – Two dollars for the blue carbon fiber with the stand, case. Looks like one of those cases you find at like a mall at the kiosk. – Literally already broke the case. – Did I break it? Wait is it that bad. – That’s an automatic Dish, baby! – Let’s try it out with the iPhone X. Maybe it needs a phone in the back. That could be what it needs.

It’s two dollars. – It’s not even carbon fiber. Can we talk about that? It’s like not even carbon fiber. They didn’t even try to make it carbon fiber. It’s just plastic. It’s not bad. – It’s not bad. – It’s just not good. – But, it’s definitely not good. It can hold your phone up. Did what it said. I’m gonna give it two W’s. So still a Dish. Josh, what’s your rating on this? – It is a one. This is a one. It’s a one because I could fix it if I wanted to. – Hopefully there’s better cases. – Here’s our third case. – You were excited about this weren’t you? – Yeah, I was excited about this because it’s a nice, the term was electro plate.

Which I wasn’t sure what that meant but like I like this red accent and on the phone I think it’ll look a lot better. – It’s got that like cheap silicone feel. That’s definitely not real metal. It looks like all the pictures. – I thought it was gonna be real metal so I’m a little disappointed about that. – We all hoped. Puttin’ the iPhone X in dude. For four dollars… Ooo imagine if you had a black one. I could actually see this color scheme working. That looks clean. That looks really clean. – So, the only gripe I have with this is the fingerprints but other than that, nice case for sure. – I’m giving this a three W’s out of five. So that is a Wish on my scale. I mean for four dollars it’s pretty cool and it did what it said.

The fingerprints are annoying though. – We’ll see how it goes in the drop test ’cause it’s just plastic. I’ll give it a three. – Wish or Dish? – Wish. They don’t call me Edward for nothing. – I lost it. – I helped. Alright how much is this… Tuff case? – Seven whole dollars. – Wow. What do you think? – Uh, honestly it’s kind of boring. – Really? – Yeah, it’s just… – Feels tough though. – It will… it feels like… It’s definitely thicker rubber than the other ones, for sure but, it’s like brown. It’s not gold. Alright, it’s a kaki. We’re just gonna call it at that. It’s a kaki. This is a two piece design. Plastic on the top and this kind of like rough, it’s not silicone.

– I think it’s rubber. – Not TPU. It’s gotta be something in between. Maybe a class above that’s pretty tough. We’ll find out in the drop test. We’re basically just trying to invent science words now. It’s not working. – This is multi carbonate rubber. – Wish or Dish? – I’m gonna give it a two, honestly. So it’s a Dish for me. – Really? I’m giving this a four. I bet this will be our winner case. – This case probably has to be the most intriguing. – It’s huge. – Look at this. – Why is it so big – Look at this! It’s a book. – It’s like my mom’s purse, bro. – I mean it has a wallet feature built in. ID slot. Is that a pocket for coins? Five card slots with another five on this side. ID? – How many credit cards do you have? – I’m actually gonna ask you that question. – Someone’s in debt with this leather case. Oh, it’s got a wrist strap. – And you can make it a clutch.

Whoa! – okay. – Whoa. You want to have a wallet that’s thin, like a normal wallet and then it’s magnetic. – Oh! – Josh, would you grab just this? Not that emblem on the bottom. I’m not with that. It says case me. I’m good. This with just the leather… Kinda retro-y. – ‘Cause here’s the thing. If you’re gonna make a leather case, you can’t have this cheap plastic on the side. I do like the magnetic thing. That’s cool. – I mean this is… – It’s just like, if I was 45, sure I’d love this, but I’m not. – I mean, I don’t mind it. I’m a little more optimistic on this one. Josh, Wish or Dish? – I’ll give it a three but it’s a Dish. – A Dish, okay. I’m giving this a three but it’s a Wish for me. – Alright, we got the Tuff case. It is seven dollars. Is it worth seven dollars? We’re about to find out.

Learned that from Keaton right there. – It works! See now you’re through it. – Oh! – It’s a three piece case design. – I’ve always not liked those. – Alright, since you don’t like it, put it together. – Sure, I’ll put it together. – Be about it. – Be about it, talk about it. – Pretty easy. – I never said it’s hard. I just never got the real reason for it. – So with this, seven dollars. Okay, yeah it’s rose gold – I dig it, honestly. – I wouldn’t get the rose gold case. – Oh I’d get the rose gold. – That’s not what I’m bringing to a party. So, three piece case. Got access to your buttons. Mute switch. – I feel it. – I kinda like these grips, too. – Yeah. – Like it doesn’t slip… – You know, it reminds me of Halo for some reason. I don’t know why. Doesn’t this look like the Master Chief? Like if Master Chief was rose gold. – Alright, Wish or Dish Josh? – I’m giving this a Wish. It’s getting four. – Ooo. – Because I really like it. I think it’s nice. – I’m giving this a three.

It’s getting a Wish but if it sucks in the drop test and just breaks, that’s where I’m drawing the line. The 200 dollar battery case but, how much did we get this for? – 21 dollars. – 21 bucks. This is was a sale or something. 3,200 milliamp hour battery inside. Really want to put that to the test. – Oh, that’s how you open that. You just like smush it. – Yeah, dude. – I didn’t know that.

– Have you ever got a new phone, ever? – No, I don’t. – Ooo. Anything else in here? Charge. Wait, charges with lightening. That was no joke. So comes in white. What do you think about this dude? – Not bad. – 21 dollars? I’m gonna see if we can charge it up. – I will say, if someone bought this for 200 dollars I still feel bad for them.

– Oh my, no way. You see that? It’s charging. I like it. – It’s sleek I will say. – It’s simple. It’s just simple. – Put the phone in it. – We haven’t done the drop test yet alright. – I know, we can’t use this one for the drop test ’cause we won’t be able to tell if anything actually breaks. – Alright, before we give our Wish or Dishes I’m gonna set this to the side. We’re gonna see if it actually powers on. – Yeah, let it charge – and then we’ll rate it. – Seven dollars. We’re going through so many iPhone cases.

It’s hard to remember the prices. This is kinda like that leather one. Got your ID or in this case, the only restaurant you need. – Hells Kitchen. The leather’s not the best quality. I’d say it’s just plastic. They didn’t put any sort of effort into making the leather. – Well how do you tell if it’s leather? I’m gonna show you what my dad taught me as a boy. – You lick it. (sniffs) Oh, you sniff it. – That is 100 percent plastic. – Yeah, I was gonna say, that is not leather. Wish or Dish? – Honestly, even though it’s not leather, I will say it looks nice. It keeps your cards. It’s not too loud. – I’m gonna go out on a limb. – I’m gonna say yeah. I’m gonna go four.

– Okay, I was like yeah is not Wish or Dish. (laughter) – No it’s not. – Alright, four W’s from Josh. I’m gonna give this a two and a half. I like it, again I just wanna see the drop test. ‘Cause none of these cases matter if they don’t actually protect your phone. – The best case you’re ever gonna get on Wish by JD. Merry Christmas Reindeer Extravaganza case for a dollar. Technically, 90 cents because we bought it with Keaton. (wrapper crackling) There you go. And here you go. Did your job for you. – This is clean. – That’s what I’m saying. This is like… – Look at that. – Instagram ready. – Alright, so the iPhone X’s inside. Not bad. You can see your camera cutout. It’s like on of those basic cases. I do like the reindeer. I mean that’s the only reason you buy it, right? – This is the type of thing where like you take a selfie with this and everyone’s in it and then they look at the reindeer and they just naturally smile. – It’s like soft touch, so it’s pretty nice. – Look at the little reindeer butt, dude. So cute. I’m saying five out of five on this case.

– Dang. I mean you guys probably don’t wanna hear what I have to say. I’m giving this a four out of five so auto Wish. – We got this nice purpley pinkish kind of color. I’m not sure what it is. – So the gradient iPhone case. How much is it? – Gradient iPhone case for three dollars. – I actually like this. I like the gradient look. It’s minimalist, like you’d normally get a cheap case. But you kinda splurged. And you got a little flap action. – This might be the greatest feature I think I’ve ever seen on an iPhone case. You wanna know why? Because you know those times where you don’t know why your phone isn’t charging? Or like you’ll move your charger and you think it’s because the wires broken. This happens to a lot of people. It’s not because the wire’s broken. It’s because there’s dust inside the charging cable. And you have to like take a what is that called? A paperclip – a toothpick. No not a piece of metal.

How many W’s though? – The dust thing for me makes it a four ’cause it’s gonna protect your phone a little bit more than if it was just a basic case. You know what I mean? – This case got more W’s than it actually cost in dollars. I’m giving this three W’s. I’m being strict. This is barely a Wish. I like the dust cap but for me, I have a lot of toothpicks.

This is the case I’ve been most excited for. 18 bucks and it claims it’s a waterproof iPhone X case. Look at this schematic on the back. Data plug, silicone rubber, toughened glass, zinc alloy screws, you have screws with this iPhone case. How often is that on Wish? Never. Stainless steel screw, imported silicone rubber. Why’s it gotta be imported? Like wasn’t it imported here? – It doesn’t matter, it’s imported. It makes it more expensive – it’s true. Of course dude, 18 dollars. – Dude, that’s a fat case. – Like look at this box. – Why is it so big? – This is the nicest box we have probably seen for all the cases. We’re not even done yet. – Oh, wow. – Whoa. – This is a proper case. – Looks like a submarine. Literally, whoa. You’re getting this one assembled dude. Boom. – Oh, you gotta disassemble it, put it on the phone, and reassemble it. – Not only do you have a screw driver, you have an allen key for two sets of screws. – Good. This things a submarine. Do I have to do this? – You guys like Josh better, bye! – I have to do this? You guys ever see the movie, it’s like a Wes Anderson movie.

Bill Murray, Owen Wilson. The Life Aquatic. – But what if it’s not waterproof? After gong through all this, the screws, the six layers. – Here’s my question on it. Why do you need a waterproof case for a waterproof phone? – That’s definitely metal. – Why did you bite it? – ‘Cause you can’t tell what’s plastic, what’s metal, what’s polycarbonate. You don’t know anymore. – I kinda like that. – That, dude. Look at how… Look at how sturdy this is. – Don’t rip it. We haven’t even tested it yet. – Dude, I’m Flex Seal. It’s strong! (laughing) – I’m Flex Seal. – If you pick this case up you’re gonna have a hard time charging and I’mma be telling you first, I don’t think there’s wireless charging. (robot noises) (power tools running) (car zoooming off) and there’s a wrist strap. So how does, oh, this attaches… Honestly, that’s not bad dude. This case, after we’ve gone through the set up, pit-stop this, it’s one… – Have you looked at this case since you’ve opened it? You’re never gonna…

There’s no… Who’s gonna use this case? – Wish or Dish? – Dude, such a Dish. I’ve never seen a bigger Dish than this. This is a negative five in my book. – We’ve never had a negative rating scale or a negative rating ever on WishBusters but if you really feel that way you should maybe tell it to its face. – I literally just said it to it. (laughter) – Say it again. – You’re a zero. – Well, this is my hero. I’m giving this a three out of five. I think there’s a lot here. Dude, if we can throw this, dude. – I’ll let you have a three if it survives the parking garage. Otherwise, it’s a negative five. – And I’ll change my rating to the negatives. We’ll find out soon. – You just dented the wall with that 10 pound phone. – Was that right there? Was that right there? – This is why you can’t be trusted. That’s a dent too.

That’s not even like a scratch. – Nah dude, it’s glare. It’s just your reflection. – Six dollars. Kickstand case part two. Didn’t work. Oh, it’s already opened. – Try not to break this one. – Yeah, this one’s not broken. – Yet. – It didn’t come broken… – Yet. – … at least. – Ooo. Eight G. – Looks like pretty nice quality. – Absorbs shock. – Yeah, shock absorption. – Oh, and it’s a two piece. – Ugh. – Let’s just be honest here, and you guys tell me in the comments, that apple logo is not centered.

– It’s not at all, it’s not. – Thought it was me but that could be the reason why it’s only six dollars. – Six bucks. – Camera cut out, stand. Actually feels… – I like the stand. – It’s gonna hold it up. – Yeah. I don’t mind the stand. – Can you go vertical? That would be a no. – I don’t think so. – Just… This looked way cooler… – Yeah, that would never work. Okay that worked. – What did you say? – That works.

It wouldn’t work for me, I have skinny legs, so. Okay, it works. Yeah. – It’s not about skinny legs. – I see it. How much is it? – Six dollars. – Okay. – Wish or Dish? – I’ll give it a Wish but it’s a three and that’s it and that’s because it’s ugly, ugly, ugly. That case is ugly, man. I’ve never seen an uglier case in my life. – I’m giving this a three and it’s a Wish. I like what it’s got going on. We already checked out one battery case but that’s why we got two. We’re trying to get all the cases on wish. If you guys can’t tell, how much was this one Josh? – 12 dollars.

– This is 12 dollars. I couldn’t tell you how much extra battery your phone’s getting. Whoa. Look at that. – Oh, wow. – I like that, that royal blue and gold look. – It looks nice, sure, but then at the same time, it looks horrible. (laughter) – Well you also think too hard on this one. They even got a guide on the inside. – Oh, it says it here. 55 milliamp. – 5,500 milliamp hour battery – That’s a lot. The other one has 34 or 32. – 3,200. Does that influence your decision at all? – Sure, yeah. Okay, now it’s a little bit better.

It’s not a two piece case. – I think it’s just the… – It is a two piece case. (laughter) Oh boy, it’s a three piecer. (laughter) – Well you know my opinion about any case that has more than one part on it. – Dude, it’s actually charging. – It’s actually charging. – It’s actually charging. – Okay. – That’s pretty big. – Alright, I guess it’s a Wish. – But don’t let me influence you. – I’m gonna give my rating first. This is a five all day outta me. I like this case. I think the aesthetic’s nice. 12 bucks? Can’t beat that. What’s your rating? – The gold’s wack. I don’t really care that much about the charger. Three. I’ll give it a Wish ’cause it’s a nice charger, I don’t know. Sorry. – Okay, so this is my ode to Keaton. This case. It just, it like really exemplifies my feelings towards him. Oh, so soft. Bunny heart case. I think it was four dollars. – Dude, it’s like one of those couches you can customize. – Yeah, and look at the stones again. With the bow. – With the bow. – That’s what I’m saying dude. – Wow, throw the phone in there.

– This has a lot of love in it. – And look at that drop touch front facing protection, dude. You’re gonna have hair. – Furs gonna help. – Hair’s hitting the ground first. It’s gonna totally protect your screen. – This one’s not as nice ’cause it’s shedding, but… – It’s literally shedding. – If it wasn’t shedding I’d be super into it. – You know what time it is. Wish or Dish? – Wish or Dish? I’ll give it a four.

I’ll give it a four, for sure. – I’m giving this a two. I think it’s cool. The bunny ears, all day. – Two? – Why get this when you can get bunny ears. – You give my love a two? – How much was this? – Seven bucks. – Seven dollars. I’m gonna say it now, this might be our winner. – This is nice. – It’s simple. It’s one piece. – Yeah, it’s not too much. – It’s one piece. And you get this lip right above the screen so if you put your phone down, or it just falls, the case is actually gonna touch the ground before your screen will. So that’s nice.

Known as lay on the table. – Oh, I thought it was a bumper. (phone smashes on table) – ‘Cause do you think this… (laughing) – Oh my gosh dude. Smashed it, face first onto the table. We still have too drop test that. – Wish or Dish? – I’m still gonna give it a Wish ’cause I like it and I don’t think any one of the cases we bought, if you would’ve done that to it, none of them, it would’ve been the same outcome, no matter what. Yeah, I’d give it a four. We’ll see how it holds up in the drop test. – I’m gonna give it a five. I can’t really contain myself if I’m being honest. This is just a warm up. This case, how much was this Josh? – I think it was free, I’m not sure. – So, if you guys want that free episode it’s gonna come full force. This is just a warm up. What if this case is like a banger? It’s not, um… I mean that’s where the apple logo goes anyway right? It’s a fingerprint magnet.

– It’s a monster for fingerprints. – It’s a mirror actually. Actually, dude, it’s a mirror. – Yeah, like one of those weird ones and then it has a kickstand and a ring thing. – No, it’s a ring. It’s like a PopSocket. – But I think you can use it as a kickstand. – Can you? – Yeah. – That’s vertical. That’s the best stand we’ve seen. In vertical and horizontal. – I don’t know. Review wise, it’s like, I would rock it, maybe honestly. ‘Cause it’s just so loud and obnoxious. – And you’ve got that grip on the top with those rhinestones. – Yeah, they’re very grippy. – Wish or Dish? – I give it a Wish. Three. – I give it a Wish. Four. So with the battery case… ow! Ow, I got glass in my hand. I actually got glass in my hand. – Whose fault is that? – Peep that. It’s actually charging.

For twenty one bucks, yeah it’s only 3,200 milliamp hours. I mean it works if you like the design. I think, just outta this, Wish or Dish. You lead it off Josh ’cause my iPhone’s gonna basically murder me. – Yeah, I would say this, I’ll give it a three. Three, Wish. What’s yours? – I’m gonna give it a O positive. (laughter) I’m gonna give this a two out of five. I like that battery case but I’m optimistic that the other battery case we got for 12 dollars might just be a little better. So, what we’re gonna do now is, I’m gonna pick my top three cases. I’m not gonna show Josh. He’s gonna pick his top three. We’re gonna meet outside at the drop zone.

We’re gonna see which actually is the best. – I’m gonna win. – Let the games begin. – I picked my top three cases and I got the submarine waterproof, the best battery case for 12 dollars, and the free rhinestone case. Bling, Bling. What do you got Josh? – I got this. I don’t know what it is. I got the bunny, of course, because it’s my favorite. Oh, we got a light! – Woohoo! – And I got this one. – So, to drop test all these, we’re actually going to be using a fake iPhone X. This is just one of the clones that I had in an earlier video. Not gonna wanna waste a phone on a Wish case. Like, what are we doing? Rhinestone case dropping in three, two, one. Oh! – Did it do anything? – I mean the phones already broken. I smashed it. But the case itself. – Is the case fine? – The real question is, how many rhinestones fell off? Only two at the top.

(laughter) Not bad. It’s free. – Doing the bunny. From the ears. Drop test. Three, two, one. At least it looks cute when it’s on the ground, ya know. Honestly, it was already cracked, but it didn’t really do much to it. I think the back cracked. – No way. – It cracked through. – I didn’t do that. – No you didn’t do that. That was me.

Okay, so I guess the bunny case doesn’t really protect at all. – Three, two, one. Did it even take an impact? Actually it did. It hit the metal. Kinda interesting. The silicone didn’t absorb all of it. – The three part case. The one that I don’t approve of. I really wanted to see what a drop test would do to this because I don’t trust it at all. Three, two, one. Okay, okay, yeah but it almost… It kinda dented it and it’s now broken. – So for my last case I’m testing out the 12 dollar battery case. The only difference is, I’m actually using a real iPhone in this. I’m gonna do it while it’s charging too. Let’s drop this sucker. Hopefully it doesn’t break this phone.

It’s already gone through enough. Dropping in three, two, one. (crying) It still works! It still works! Lost a little glass, face ID. But the bottom of it has disconnected. – Here it is. Last one. Three, two, one. Oh, that did not sound good. Oh! Nope. Nope, no. It cracked it more, unfortunately. – So after going through the drop test, which was kind of a first in this video. If you guys want more, you know what to do. We’re gonna pick our top case and then the worst case. I’m gonna start with saying the worst case. Has to be the 12 dollar battery case. Not only was a real iPhone X in here, but you can’t even use it as a battery case now.

– It’s so broken. – I probably shouldn’t even be doing that ’cause I think it’s on. My favorite case has to be, there’s so many good ones, there’s so many bad ones. I’m gonna give it to this one. – No way. – I’m gonna give it to this one. It’s stylish. It’s minimal. Gradient. And you were talking about it, dust protector. I started to think about it and I was like I actually have had problems. It is on another level. And this was what? Two, three bucks. Everything’s linked down below. Over to you Josh. – I think the worst one was this kaki one. It’s just so ugly, dude. It’s just, you can’t rock it. Just because of that. And the best one in 100 percent the bunny ear one.

– So that’s it for this extremely long I bought all the iPhone cases on Wish. If you guys want a free one, you know what to do. If you guys want more make sure you drop a like and get subscribed by hitting that button right down there. Make sure you guys follow on insta. It’s just techsmartt and check out these two WishBusters videos after this and we’ll see you guys next time. Oh boy. .

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College Kids Try 2019’s Biggest Food Trends | College Kids Vs. Food

– I can’t believe this is gonna be one of the most popular foods in 2019. – I don’t need any more vegetables or fruit. I’m just gonna eat cookies. – Can I get another one? ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Every year, new foods gain a popular following. With that in mind, we have some dishes for you to try that are expected to be big trends in 2019. – See, that worries me, ’cause trendy doesn’t necessarily mean good. – I’m a little nervous, ’cause I don’t know what’s going on in the food world. – Not even a challenge? I just get to try foods? This is amazing. There’s no punishment? This is so cool. – (FBE) So, we will have you try the foods and then have you vote on each if you think this should be a food trend in 2019 or you think it should not. – Okay, all right. I might be biased, ’cause I’m starving so everything might taste amazing to me.

– I don’t know about food trends, but I’m a huge foodie. – Okay, I see it. I see the vision. I like it. Let’s get to it. – (FBE) Here’s your first trendy food. This may look like a normal cookie, but it has CBD in it, so it’s up to you if you wanna try it. – Ay. Yeah, I’m gonna eat it. For sure gonna eat this. – CBD and THC are the two components in weed, so THC is the psychoactive compound and CBD is the physical compound, so it’s more like– if you’re an athlete or something, it’s more like a numbing agent almost. – This is just a calm cookie. This is catnip for people. – Usually, I’m allowed to consume anything that messes with me mentally, if that makes sense. For that reason, I shall not be partaking in this CBD cookie, but thank you so much for the opportunity. – A little dry.

– Not gonna lie, I’ve eaten pot cookies before. Doesn’t taste like a pot cookie, ’cause there’s probably no THC or anything like that. Like you said, it’s just CBD. It kinda tastes like a protein cookie. Where they’re trying to be healthy, but they’re not. – It tastes like– If you didn’t say anything, I wouldn’t think there was CBD in this. – Tastes like a regular peanut butter cookie. I really didn’t taste anything aside from the intended flavor. – (FBE) Food and drinks infused with CBD are expected to be a big trend in 2019. These do not have THC, so they will not get you high, but studies show it may have health benefits including pain relief, heart help, easing anxiety and depression, and even potentially reducing acne. – Wow, no way. Reduces acne? Oh my God.

I needed this when I was in high school. – Pretty crazy to think that a cookie can help your heart and if it helps my heart, I’ll eat all these cookies. I don’t need any more vegetables or fruit. I’m just gonna eat cookies. – What CBD is gonna be is that for some people, depending on your level of anxiety, it could really replace anti anxiety meds. – (FBE) Time to vote. Do you think this should be a food trend in 2019? – Yeah. Definitely. It’s kind of becoming a normal thing in LA. – Yes. – Yeah, why not? So you could just take something more natural like this. – Nay from me. Yay for people with medial conditions.

– On a scale of one to hell yeah, I’ma go with hell yeah. That’s quite the treat. – I think so. I think it’s gonna hit it big. Can I get another one? – (FBE) So, here is your next. – Ooh. What? This looks like things my grandma makes. – This looks like angel hair pasta but I know it might have an Asian name. It smells fantastic by the way. I’m ready to just put the whole thing in my mouth. – What is up with these noodles? They’re see-through. Like plasma noodles. – It smells a little spicy. Maybe a little fishy. It tastes just kinda like generic meat. This doesn’t feel trendy to me. This just feels like something that anyone would have ordered over the past 100 years. – Mm, okay. This is what’s up. This is so good. I can’t believe this is gonna be one of the most popular foods in 2019. I’ve been eating this since I was a wee baby. – That’s a different type of noodle. I don’t think it has a ton of flavor and stuff like that. I feel like I need to add some spices. Tastes more like an egg sprout or like a more natural noodle. Is that where we’re going at? We’re gonna get– this is healthy pasta? – It’s good. It’s comforting.

It has vegetables in it. It’s warm. There’s nothing wrong with it. Can I take another bite? – Are these 3D print noodles? What’s going on in 2019? Oh, it smells good. There’s no seasoning. Where’s the seasoning? I’m pretty mixed about this. Tastes like wet straw. – I’m really curious to know the origin of the dish and also what it’s called. – (FBE) This is pancit bihon. It’s a popular Filipino noodle dish, which brings us to our next expected trend, Pacific rim flavors, including Filipino inspired dishes. Food trend experts expect restaurants and staff to become more influenced by Pacific rim flavors, such as tropical fruit, fresh seafood, and sometimes some tangy flavors. I for one have been noticing more Filipino restaurants in LA. – I mean, I love all kinds of international food just ’cause I think it’s fascinating to see different standards among countries. – I think this is kind of the first Filipino food that I’ve ever had, to be honest. And the more I eat it, the more I like it.

– (FBE) So, do you think this should be a trend in 2019? – So good, yes. – Yeah. – I vote yes. – Hell yeah. I like it. It tastes very healthy. – I’m with it. This should definitely be a food trend. – Yeah. I’m super pumped to get more exposure to the rest of the world. – (FBE) Here is another expected 2019 food trend. – Chocolate! Just chocolate? – It looks like chocolate. I see the letter H engraved on here. – Kind of curious about what this chocolate bar brand is. – It tastes kinda like a tangerine to me, but I feel completely off. – It tastes like healthy chocolate, but still really rich. – Whatever flavoring is in it is super subtle. – It’s definitely not bad. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite chocolate bar. It kinda just tastes like a better chocolate bar. I’m gonna try to open the in– yeah, see? There’s definitely something there. – I have no idea what’s on the inside of it, but it tastes good. It’s not like a peanut butter or anything like that. – I can taste cocoa powder. I feel like I just took a scoop of unsweetened cocoa powder. I don’t like this.

Whatever this is, we can leave it in 1987. I don’t like that. – (FBE) This chocolate bar is Pegan. Pegan is the love child of paleo and vegan. Pegans have organic vegetables take center stage in their diets, but are allowed to eat a small portion of antibiotic free organic proteins including meats. They stay away from sugars and processed foods. What do you think of that? – I think they tricked me into being healthy and I don’t wanna be tricked. – (FBE) Should this be a trend in 2019, Pegan diets? – Yeah, I mean this is healthy for you. – Yeah, I’m very surprised right now. I thought it was just orange– chocolate with oranges in it. – Yay on Pegan chocolate bars.

– This is an abomination of chocolate. – It’s not gonna be a trend for me, but if other people benefit from it, that’s awesome. They get an opportunity. – This could be a trend, it’s just not gonna affect me. I’m just gonna eat a Hershey’s bar. – (FBE) Here’s your next food. – Ay, we got some milk here. Milk? It better be some good almond milk. – This is not cow’s milk, I’ll tell you that. What trendy milk bull are people drinking? – Ew. – Yeah, that’s gross. – Whoa. I love this. Oh my God. – I don’t like that. I don’t like that. The texture, it tastes like– it’s like watery milk. – It’s really watery. This has gotta be some kind of nut. – I mean, it’s not bad. I’d eat cereal with this or cookies. – If I drink milk, it’s to dip cookies in. I could dip cookies in this, so I’m fine with it. – It’s like I’m drinking water, but it doesn’t have a taste except the aftertaste is tasting like chalk. – (FBE) So, this is oat milk, the dairy free milk alternative being called the new almond milk, which has been a huge trend for a while now.

One reason it is becoming so popular is it has a much better impact on the environment compared to almond milk and other alternative dairy milks. – All right. I kinda like it. It tastes like oatmeal, now that you say it. It’s got that little gritty taste. – (FBE) Should this be a trend in 2019? – I mean, there’s no reason not to. I would totally drink this or use it in cereal or dip my cookies in it. I don’t feel like– but I think it’s a mindset thing.

– Honestly, I don’t think so, but if it came into my life, I wouldn’t be mad. – I’m gonna say it’s a trend just to get almond milk out of there. Almond milk is gross. – I’m a fan. – Heck yeah, dude. Honestly, I really like how it tasted. – As like, “I’m gonna pour a big glass of cereal and use oat milk” I’m not. That’s not me. – (FBE) Okay, here’s your next. – Okay. Interesting. – What is this? Oh, this smells so good. – Probably beef or lamb. It’s definitely not chicken. – That’s good. What is it? It looked like cow vomit at first and then you go inside and it’s actually a meat inside. It’s like a beef and it’s really delicious and I have no idea what it is. – Has a nice tang to it. A little rubbery, but it’s not bad. – I honestly still can’t tell if it’s beef or lamb.

– It has the consistency of pork. It tastes good. It’s really good, actually. – The flavors I’m getting, it’s a little spicy. I like spicy. Curry’s pretty good. It’s not my favorite, but I’ll eat it. I like it. – (FBE) This is goat meat curry. – Oh, I think I’ve had goat before, too. I should have thought of that. – (FBE) Food experts expect goat meat to be a big trend in 2019 for ethical reasons. Over 100,000 male goats are euthanized a year in the UK alone because they can not produce goat cheese or goat milk, which is becoming increasingly popular. They feel it would be better to use the meat instead of letting it go to waste. – I’m down for it. If it’s seasoned like this, I’m gonna start eating some goats, dude. – (FBE) Should this be a trend in 219? – Yeah for goat meat. 2019, for sure. Goat meat tastes fan– honestly, most people honestly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. – Yeah, it doesn’t taste super different from other meat. I’m fine with going to a nice restaurant and ordering a half rack of the goat ribs.

– Yeah. I could ride with this going into 2019. – I’m hoping to see this as a trend. Maybe I won’t have it in my normal diet, ’cause I’m not a huge fan of it. – People are like, “Ew, goat. It’s so weird. I’ve never eaten goat before.” It tastes really good. Yeah, I would eat it again. – It sounds weird that I’m like, “Yeah, let’s go eat some goats.” But I’m down for this trend. – Obviously, most of these are probably gonna fall by the wayside, but we’re moving into the future. Things are changing and this might be the way of the future someday.

– It’s a fun social gathering thing to have people come together and have a meal together. I feel like food really grounds people. – Especially in a 2019 day and age, everyone’s still always looking for not necessarily new, but bring a new idea to the table. – There’s so much more information that our generation’s getting that there’s gonna be a lot more food trends and we could have a huge cultural shift towards goats. – Thanks for watching us try food trends on the React Channel. – Subscribe. We have new shows every single day. – Hit that Like button if you like this episode. – Bye. – Hey guys, I’m Katie, a React Channel producer. Thank you so much for watching this episode. Be sure to check out our Instagram @FBE so you can see what all the reactors are up to. Bye. .

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Junkyard-Rescue 1969 Mustang Mach 1! – Roadkill Ep. 66

– This time on Roadkill, we’re going to try and rescue a Mach 1 Mustang that’s been abandoned for 37 years. – Yeah. We’re saving it from the jaws of death. (crashing) – Woah! (laughs) – Oh my god! – That was good! (rock ‘n’ roll music) (engine revs) – This time we’re at Colorado Auto & Parts in Englewood, Colorado. And how this all began is these guys built a ’39 Plymouth truck that’s powered by a radial Cessna aircraft engine. And that thing was on the cover of Hot Rod magazine, we had it in Roadkill magazine, and so we sort of got to know the guys who run this yard which is basically a late-model sort of you-pull-your-own-parts kind of yard, but they also have a ton of classics because their grandfather founded this place in 1959. And a bunch of the cars are still here. So I came here last week and wandered all around just thinking, man, we got to do a junkyard rescue.

And then, I spotted a car that I thought I would never be able to own in my life. And these guys made it possible. And now I’m going to go surprise Finnegan by showing him this car. – Nothing good for me has ever happened on any Roadkill trip in Colorado. So I have a little trepidation here, but what I do know is we are going to rescue a car on David’s bucket list. I don’t know what the car is, but the fact that it’s on his bucket list means it doesn’t suck, so this should be fun. I’m going to keep it positive, but I do want to point out the fact that our track record in Colorado has not been good. You realize we tried to flat tow a ’55 home from Colorado, and left it there.

We jumped a Cadillac and left it there. – (laughs) Uh-huh. – We’re really — – We’re not leaving this one here. – We’re not good at leaving this state with what we, y’know, intended to leave in. – The Bradley GT. – Oh, my god, these are so sweet. Except for the Volkswagen part. – Except for the VW part, yeah. – At home, Google it, or YouTube it. Hardcastle and McCormick. Awesome show. – Kind of an obscure reference. They shot it at my high school once, though, and they actually let me stop and park my Super Bee next to the Hardcastle and McCormick car and get photos. I have ’em at home. – That’s why he’s a legend. – (laughs) It’s true. Today is National Mustang Day, no joke whatsoever. – Really? – Because it’s April 17th, and on April 17th, 1964, they unveiled the very first Mustang.

– Well, wait, don’t buy the ’64 to ’66, ’cause that’s the girl’s Mustang. – Nope! – You bought the man’s Mustang. ’67 and — – Yup! – Okay. – Well you have to guess which one it is. – All right, well, it won’t be a coupe. You do like convertibles, but I really hope it’s a fastback. Let me guess. Is that a Mach 1? – Which one? – This red one, is that a Mach 1? – No, it’s a sports roof, base model.

But the car we’re actually getting is a Mach 1. – Oh, you sandbagger. – ’69 Mach 1 Mustang. – No way. – 100% legit. Ah. This is like not sample junkyard. – I was going to throw him a rope. This is arguably the best body style of Mustang. – This is the Mustang. This is the only Mustang. I looked for one of these for years, I was like I’m priced out of the market. Can’t happen. I think I can get a new bumper out of the yard, but — – Air conditioning? Geez. – You’ll notice the one thing missing is the distributor. This to me has like, that General Mayhem thing going on, where it’s like a radical body style, but completely beat, and just an open canvas for thrashing.

Is it the Mach None or is it the Disgustang? – The inside is pretty damn Disgustang. – (laughs) It’s the Disgustang. – Disgustang is perfect. – So I think we got to go get the big forklift, take it inside, and the first order of business has got to be if it runs, and after that, if the transmission works. Because either one of those things are going to shut us down. But I already gave them the heads up that if that happens I need to have something else ready to just squirt right into it. – Woah. He did that on purpose. He did that on purpose. This could go either really well or really poorly. – Well, this is really cool because it goes all the way to the rear end, it doesn’t smash the whole underside of the car. It just bends the tie rods real bad.

Woah! That’s good! Yes! – Oh my god. This is cool. We’ve never done this before. – This reminds me of the ’67 ‘Cuda from Texas. Remember when we forklifted that? – That’s not bad. Oh! – Oh! – Ah, he just shook the trunk on me! Who ever’s in there. Okay your hood’s a little more smashed than it was before. Well, this is about a good a day as we’ve ever had on Roadkill. Found the right car, and moved the right car to a place where we can work on it.

And I feel like we’re spoiled here on Roadkill. – Man, this has been an awesome day. Not only did we pick up the Mach 1, but this whole yard is so cool. The Corns family over here is just awesome. I cannot wait to take this Mustang and make it actually drive away from here. – This is going to be cool. – They brought the rzrs. – What’s up with the turds? That part’s not going to be cool at all. – That’s good. The car’s cool. Ooh, they got us all set up. I didn’t even sleep last night, I was all stoked to get working on this thing. They moved the car into position, they brought us some rzrs so that we can go cruise the yard and find parts that we need like a bumper and a valence and a distributor but number one thing we got to find out if this runs because if it doesn’t then we’re into an engine swap or something like that.

So, that’s the first thing that we’re going to do. Second thing we’re going to do is drop it in gear and see if that FMX transmission is going to even move. I have my suspicions about that one. This cars got a 351 Windsor engine and it’s a factory two barrel car. H-code. Somebody put a four barrel on it, I got a rebuild kit for that, hopefully it works. – Shop vac? How ‘about gas mask? – That’s better. – Can’t really see anything. It’s scary. – It really doesn’t need to be beautiful, it just needs to be wrench-able and running. – And not give us any diseases we didn’t walk in here with already. – Yup. – It’s reasonably clean in there. Not so much in here.

– Woah. – Leakages is frozen, choke is stuck. It needs a full rebuild. – Okay, I’m going parts shopping. I need to find a distributor, number one, and keep my eye peeled for hood engines, front bumper. They’ve got a giant you-pull-it yard, but there’s some classics back here that have been sitting around forever and ever and ever. Hey, dirt. That distributor is locked in there. Okay, that’s going to need an implement of leverage. Woah. (laughs) What is that? That’s a dog. Guaranteed Finnegan’s back there right now going: “How long does it take to pull a distributor out of an engine?” – It’s remarkable, and I’m going to jinx myself here, but I’m going to say it anyway, it’s remarkable that we haven’t snapped a single bolt yet.

Right about now Dave’s on the other side of the yard and probably snapping every bolt he’s touching just because I said that out loud. – There we go! Broke the distributor, perfect. What do you bet that was the only distributor in the yard? That would be my luck. Where’s my tools? – (laughs) Coming in hot. – So does it have a long head gasket? – No, I’m calling water down the carb and tank valve open – Okay. – It’s probably okay. – Sure. – Right, let’s go with that. – So, unfortunately, I’m defeated and we need auto parts store for distributor, I think. Unless they have one already removed, I’ll ask ’em upfront. But, yeah I found a great valence and a bumper. – Is it valence or valence? – Valence, valence, you say tomato, I say tomato. (upbeat rock music) – Stupid carburetor is going to beat me, I spent like an hour dialing in every orifice in that thing and I’m going to give up because the throttle blades are just like (banging) bad.

I could probably spend a bunch of time perfecting that but the thing is with the vacuum secondary, if it’s not moving totally free, they’re not even going to open. I’m out of time, I want to drive, I want to see this thing run, so I’m just going to go run it. Buy a cheap carburetor. – You got it? Hey. – Radiator’s got a bunch of holes in it, actually taking preemptive measures not to overheat. Imagine that! – What’s happening right now is Dave’s off getting the radiator fixed, I’m going to change the oil, put new plugs in it, get the engine on top dead center on number one, and then at that point if we had a distributor we could put it in and put the spark plug wires and if we had a carburetor we could put that on and fire this thing up but we don’t have those things, so I’m just going to do everything I can to make ready for when we do have those things.

Right after I sweep all the turds away so I can crawl under the car. Uh oh, there’s water coming out of this. (laughs) that’s not good. There’s oil there, that’s good news. If anything in this car is going to kill me it’s going to be whatever’s in here. Oh look at that! That is a home for wayward spiders. Now this might need an alignment. Look-y, look-y, our first new piece of bling for this Gustang.

This is a universal 600CFM holley 4160 Carburetor. You can find this at most auto parts stores when you’re too inept, like we are, to fix what you have. This is season 6, we’re restoring stuff, here. – Yeah. – We’re going full on cable television – This is virtually Gas Monkey Garage. You know what makes this exactly like Gas Monkey Garage? – We’re cheating? – Aaron’s not here. (Finnegan laughs) See what I did there? – I have complete guilt that we not only have a shiny new carburetor but an absolute Chinese knockoff of an MSD ready-to-run distributor. All they had, all I could get on short notice. – It looks suspiciously familiar. Right down to the cap.

– It’s called a pro-billet. The part number is the same as an MSD, I think. – Oh, man. (rock music) – So, we need gas. We need a Sawzall to cut off the folded up exhaust manifold. – A sort of turkey-baster type thing to fill that would be nice. – Yeah. If we knew where that was, that’d be great. – That’s worse than pigpen. – Wow, look at that. – That’s pretty awesome. – So we don’t have any fuel source hooked up right now, it’s just going to be drinking whatever’s in the bowl. All we’re really looking for is for it to fire a little bit, rev a couple times, let us know that it’s actually going to do something.

(engine revs loudly) – Yeah. Yeah! Listen to it. – Look at that! – Listen to it. – It’s idling. – That’s a lot of — – That’s a lot. It’ll clear right up Look at that! – Hey, the wheels are spinning. – Wow. – Dude. – Awesome. – Dude. – That’s going to work, it’s going to smoke like fourteen mofos, but it’s going to work. – It’s in reverse.

You have reverse. – Well, it smokes like a choo choo train and blows dirt everywhere. There’s little grit in my teeth, smoke hanging in the air, but it runs. I think it’ll clear up a little bit and it’s going to be good. Now that we know that the engine is, you know, got some life to it, the transmission might work a little bit, we’re going to do the fuel system ’cause once we put a new gas tank in it, replace the rubber lines and stuff, put a fuel filter, then we’ll be able to actually tune it and most importantly, find out if the transmission works by driving it around after Finnegan, you know, vacuums the interior and gets in there with a 409 and stuff. – We’re friends but we’re not that kind of friends. – Really? – No. – Let’s exercise the demons. – In the Mustang, the trunk floor is the top of the gas tank. So, we need to clean it out. – Ooh, numbers matching jack. – Buh-bye.

– Yeah? Somebody might want it, somebody else might want it. Who did this keep warm at night? Prison blanket, yuck. Why am I doing this? – I don’t know. – Strangely fascinated by it. – I can taste like the stink. Green shag carpet, ladies and gentlemen. – Dude, remember these? – Oh yeah! Wow, I’m surprised you remember those. – I just saw it on TV. – There was a time when oil actually came in a metal can or like a hard cardboard can with a metal lid and you would go boink and shove this into the top of it to pour the oil in your engine.

– Who wants to play baseball? – That was the original jute padding. – Yeah, it can stay original. Go back from where you came. It’s much smaller than I thought it would be. – There we go! – Made in Canadia. – Actually in Canada. – Alright. (upbeat music) – Today’s the day. I can feel it, we’re going to be driving this thing today. ‘Cause the engine runs, I’m going to get the radiator back from getting rodded out, we’re going to go through the brakes on it and, if we can bear to sit in this thing, we’re going to take it around the block. It’s going to happen. – Watch this. – What is that? – That’s coming out of the rotor, dude. New calipers. And to go with the new calipers, brand new brake pads. These are from EBC brakes. These are the sport compound.

This is a sporty car, so, they go together. – Man, this drum is completely rusted to the axle, I can’t get it off. We’re going to fire. That was big. So the problem is that the center of the drum, the hole in it, is completely rusted to the axle. I think that cracking noise you just heard might have been it actually releasing. Yup! Look at that. Bam! Fix it with fire, every time. That was textbook use of heat. So the master cylinder is not moving fluid to the back brakes and we think it’s that instead of a clogged line. So we’re going to change the master. – Luckily, you bought one, so. – I did. ‘Cause this isn’t my first barbecue. The studs are so long that you can’t get the master cylinder off because it hits the shock tower, that’s hilarious, you got to apparently take the booster off with it.

– You got to cut a good amount. – Okay – Good blade. – Yeah, that was really nice. – Mach 1 owners everywhere are going: “dude, just take the booster off the front” – I know. Victory. – Now, the brakes work and I got the radiator rodded out, but Finnegan and I had to hit the junk yard again to find a radiator hose and hood hinges. We are getting so close to firing this thing up and tuning it. – Alright, I think we’re set. (upbeat rock music) – Well, we got water in the radiator and I think we got all the fluids in it, transmission fluid even looks high, so we’re going to fire this thing up and hopefully tune it. Make it run right. (engine runs loudly) – Whoa, cut it off. – Remember me mentioning that wasn’t tight. – I tightened it. – Really? – Yeah. – Okay. Fuel pump works. (engine runs loudly) – This is all smoke out of the exhaust. The smoke’s already clearing up . So it runs not too bad, it smoked really, really hardcore when we first fired it up and it was all coming out of the exhaust but look how it’s already cleared up out of the crank case and it’s getting better out of the exhaust, so, not bad.

Well we’ve reached the inevitable, there’s nothing left to do but clean the poop out. – This sucks, dude. – It’s terrible. – This truly sucks. – We’ve had some bad jobs on Roadkill, I think this might be the worst. – Call Mike Rowe, man. This is a dirty job. – I’m going to start big. Ready? – It’s petrified. – Oh, it’s breaking apart. – That is disgusting. – Oh, doo doo. Catch. – I will roundhouse kick you so fast. Eww. You want to get this one? There’s a monster here — – No, that’s on your side, I’m good. What is this? Ooh, ashtray. That’s the quarter window. – This one looks more like bunny. – Did you use my quarter window to scrape that poop off the carpet? – You’re damn right I did. I don’t have a trash can, here you go. – Dude, this is the quarter window. – Well, it’s not like you’re going to lick it. – Hank grapefruit juice. – Ah! There’s a big turd right here. – Big turd? – Giant one. You want this? – No! (laughs) Wow, I mean that’s genuine right there. – We need to set this carpet on fire, this is not safe.

– It’s gnarly. – No matter how much I vacuum it, we’re not getting the disease out of the car. These seat belts are worse than the one from the missing Linc. – Oh, I’m not wearing ’em. – I am not putting that across my body. If it snows, I found your jacket. – Wow. – Another clue. Peppermint schnapps, dude. – That explains a lot. – Oh my God, there’s a pile of poo. – Tell you one thing, they weren’t lactose intolerant; that (beep) is solid. (Finnegan laughs) That is some decent poo. This is starting to look not worth it. That is a lot of poo and — Oh, yuck! – Did you get it on yourself? – No, I dropped it all over the floor.

Now it’s blowing everywhere. – Hey, you know what we need? Get the seat out and then just get most of the carpet out by hand with razor knife and then power wash the (beep) out of this thing. – Yeah. – This isn’t like “ahaha, this is funny” Roadkill. This is “ahaha funny” Roadkill we’re going to the ER if we drive this thing. – Yeah, the floor’s a little rustier than we’d hoped for, but the only reason we know that is that Mike and I stayed here really late and got the whole interior out of this thing because the dookie was bad.

And so, this morning we’re going to go in here and pressure wash the whole interior and try and make it not so hantavirus-y. But the good news is there’s plenty of drainage so there shouldn’t be too much water left in the car when we’re done. Before we start pressure washing, we wanted to do everything that involved lying on the ground so that we didn’t have to lie in a mud pit.

So I tried to lube the thing up, Finnegan’s sweeping up, and this is Eric and Adam Corns, they run the place, and they’ve been dying to fix this bumper because it’s so maimed. Watch how fast they are. This is going to be good. (drilling noises) Wow, that’s really, really good. The front bumper is key to the styling of the front end. – Where’d you get the popcorn? – You get it free when you go to Colorado Auto and Parts, right at the front.

– I’m going to get me some of that. Can’t work without popcorn. – How can you guys not have your own bags? – Working on it. – Okay. It’s all steamed up, I can’t see. – I don’t want to inhale the steam. – Oh, I’m blowing the floor out of it. – It’s like you’re cleaning a dog kennel. – I feel like I can’t wash it enough. – It’s just a lake of poo residue that he’s standing in right there. – I don’t want to get water in the gauges.

– Yeah, right now the electrics work in this car. – I know. – As he aims directly at the fuse panel. – I’ve never pressure washed a steering wheel in my life. Setting records, once again on Roadkill. But, I feel good about it. – Look how good it looks. Shiny. – Oh, I know the paint is much better. Maybe we can wash and wax it. Clear coated, that’s what everyone says these days. Here’s our wheels and tires which I hope fit. I consulted a friend and I think they do. Cooper Zeon RS3S and it’s got a 275/40 in the back, a 245/45/17 in the front. This is American Racing TR 70R wheel. Kind of like a torque thrust but with a different cap. 17 by eight with four and a 1/2 inch backspacing in the front and 17 by nine with five inch backspacing in the rear. So, we’ll find out if that is the key to success or not. The other thing is you can fit bigger 17 inch wheels on a Mustang than you can 15s. ‘Cause in the front the control arm hits the wheel if it’s a 15. But, if it’s a 17, it actually goes over it like that.

Okay, going down. Down in front. Boom. Yeah, it sits way too high, but I like it. It still looks good. – Yeah. – We’ve come so far and we’re getting so close, but then I got the hood hinges off the wrong year Mustang so it’s back to the yard to find the right stuff. – Trashed. No hinges, mangled hinge, wrong year. The hood latch is rusted shut. Giving up, not one functional hood hinge. – David struck out, he’s back at the shop putting the hood fins on the car and I’m going shopping in an ATV searching for the elusive chrome air cleaner.

Nope. Too broke up, that’s not going to work. It has potential. It sucks that it’s raining and it sucks that this hood is mashed shut because under here is a 14 inch chrome air cleaner. I need a pry bar. Or drive shaft. Alright, it ain’t pretty but it might work. I have options. It’s really cold, I may have assaulted a ’66 Mustang to get this one. – And it’s raining. – And it’s raining. And then this one — – That’s five liter Mustang stuff. Either that or it’s off a Ford truck with a 5-0. – Ford truck. – Okay, you know what the really bad news is though? – Neither one of ’em will work? – There’ll be no way to actually install them. – Why? Is the hood permanently attached? – Yes! So, I put the hood pins on, standing back admiring them, like checking it out and I hear “click.” Then I realize that the hood release lever is right here where it’s bent and it’s wedged up against right there and needs to pull this way. – That’s awesome. Well let’s go test drive it then; it’s ready to go. – There we go. Think the transmission works.

To me that’s been the roll of the dice the whole time. (engine runs loudly) – I think it’s full but it’s hard to tell ’cause there’s stuff in the — – Tube, I know. But, you know, it acts like low fluid. Like you rev it up, it goes. You know what else I’m going to do that’s going to be very daring? Power steering fluid. The dip stick says empty. Or it means massive leak. (engine runs loudly) Power steering worked except for it blew fluid everywhere. Whoa. Yeah! Boom! Where’s the puking? – Water pump. – That’s awesome. (laughs) Well, look at the positive side, it banged into gear hard. – Sure did. So, about that test drive. – Oh, the lower radiator hose blew off. – Thought you tightened that? – I did. I ramrodded it, but I also greased it. So it obviously didn’t like it. So I’m actually like really, really positive right now.

I think it’s going to work. The transmission worked. – Oh yeah. So far our starter switch has proven not too reliable so I’m going to add a power wire from the battery into the car ’cause I don’t trust the wiring in the car either. And then I’m going to run a wire from the solenoid into the car and we’ll just touch them together movie car style and hot wire this thing every time we want to start it.

– Here’s the new starting system. (laughs) Where’s the screwdriver? – And that’s why they have neutral safety switches. – Yeah. – Ready? – Yeah. – Moving! – It doesn’t honk. We’re in a Mach One, we’re in a Mach One. – Let me test brakes. Hard. The booster doesn’t work. – I can feel the exhaust pulsing against the fire hole. – Wow, power steering works mint except we’re leaking super badly. – Enjoy it while it lasts. I can’t believe this car has sat here for 37 years and we’re now driving it out of here. – I know. – We’re about to pass the gate. Anything beyond that is a win. Second gear. – That’s a lot of smoke out of the breather. – If we had a hood you wouldn’t even notice.

– Oh, I have a rear view mirror. – I think you might have all three gears. – I think it does. As a fact. Oh, the power steering just totally ran out of fluid. – I call that success. Put align on it, figure out where it’s at, put a hood on it. – Align on it, exhaust system – Yeah, and then venture out a little further. – Yeah, not — – Oh, that’s smoke. – What is that? – I think it might have come out of the valve cover. – Let’s have a look.

Oh, look there’s like turds on fire. See the glowing embers? – Oh, we can keep breathing it then. – It’s like the weeds and stuff are on fire. So, that was a pretty good first test drive. It gets all three gears, it stops even though the booster doesn’t work so it’s a really heaving petal, the power steering works except for that it has a leak in one of the lines and pukes all the fluid out in the distance it took to go up to the street so now it doesn’t have power steering anymore.

I’m going to say not over heating, yet. Although we can probably make that happen in the future. And the thing that stopped us was a giant cloud of smoke that came out of it when I stood on it. So, that’s either a piston ring deciding it’s not so happy or it’s just simply all these weeds on fire on top of the manifold, which is my vote. Overall, we good. – Our first test drive was so good and we made some timing adjustments and of course it was time for the first burnout in the Disgustang. – Yeah. Come on. – Yeah. Now you know we’ve won. It’s smoking more out of the engine than it is out of the tires though. Well I think it’s everything we expected because it smokes really, really bad but it runs and drives. The transmission was my biggest worry and it works. So, I think now we’ve got to finish the cosmetic restoration meaning installing the hood then go thrash it some more and decide what’s next.

And by the way these hood hinges, since I couldn’t find any in this yard, they were like 25 miles away at a Mustang specialist guy’s place. That one I think’s already bent. Pre-bent. Find out if they work. – Well the hood’s bent, so — – It all adds up. – Maybe it will counteract itself. Did you grease these already? – I did. – ‘Cause that looks like it wants to bend. – This is exactly what’s wrong with every Mustang hinge in the junk yard. These are also garbage. – Let’s take the springs off. I’m going to hold this up. Pry the spring off. Just going to fling it my way. – Got it. – Crisis avoided. – One of Ford’s better ideas. – The springs are Ford, the hinges are not. – Little heavy now? – Done. – Perfect. – It’s a race car now. Look at that. – Let’s go thrash it. (rock music) – Yeah! – Look at all the smoke. Woo! – We’re making more smoke than dust. – I know it. Why is this so fun every single time? – ‘Cause we’re alive. Nice. Woah! Yeah! There you go.

There you go. – That’s lots of smoke. – We’re not on fire, just looks like it. – You cannot believe how long ago I gave up on ever owning a ’69 Mach One. I have got to send huge thanks to the Corns Family and Colorado Auto and Parts for making this happen. It is unbelievable to even find a Mach One in the junkyard much less being able to grab one that’s been sitting since 1980 and make it run, and drive, and do burnouts and thrash in the dirt. I’ve got big plans for this thing, maybe I’ll get around to do ’em someday and you can find out first by following us on social media.

We are Roadkill Show on Facebook and Instagram. – Yeah! That was a good one. – Support companies that support Roadkill. Buy your speed parts at jegs dot com. – That’s spot, I met spot the other day. He was going to be our pet ’til I dropped him and knocked some teeth out and I felt guilty about it so he became a hood ornament. I think he was a chihuahua. – He’s not right up here.

Maybe I should drive. .

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YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind | #YouTubeRewind

Aaaah It’s Rewind time. If I controlled Rewind I would want Fortnite and Marques Brownlee. Is this what you wanted? You know who I would have asked for? Quit horsing around. Play me some of that jumping music. Did you say jumping music? Jumping music? Everybody! Off! Not even a thank you?! Is that Marques? I want Liza! Yeaaaaaahhhh!!!! So guys, apparently we control Rewind this year. Y’all we can do whatever we want. What do we do? There’s one thing this video needs. K-pop! Can I have a Royal Wedding? Yeah, but you’re marrying Bongo Cat. Wait, what? Rewind needs more science. Can we do an experiment? I love that. Melting lipstick. I want to eat something. Mukbang! Yes, let’s do it in Korea! Gallop, what do you want? Marshmello needs to be in this video.

Who is Marshmello? How about yodeling kid? With Adam Rippon! Guys, let’s do the In My Feelings challenge. Right! I love this song! Let’s hear the remix! Wait, wait, wait. Hold on, hold on. You know who really needs to be in this Rewind video? Everyone who managed to do something bigger than themselves this year. Found a way to help the causes that matter to them most. To everyone who proved it’s ok to talk about mental health this year. Showing our viewers that it’s ok to go through tough times like that. It takes a lot of bravery to be that vulnerable and I’m so proud of this community. I think this year’s Rewind should celebrate the fierce, fabulous and empowering art of drag.

I want to see all of you be your own kind of beautiful. And to those people who have raised money in the field of education. Can we also give a moment to Asian representation in entertainment this year? Major strides were made. And to the people who put aside their differences. Yeah, and created something really special. Here’s to all women in 2018 for finding their voices. It’s nice seeing how women grew and were empowered. Can we give a moment to working moms? Let’s do it! To everyone who taught, or learned, something new this year. And to all the refugees and anyone looking for a home. All of us should send a toast to the kids who follow their dreams. I want to thank the whole community that always supports during our best and worst. We are a family, we are a team.

Family is everything. I want to give a moment to everyone who supported me when I got sick. All of the comments and messages I got made me feel like I wasn’t alone. We’re forgetting something. I think we should read the comments. Yeah I have a feeling this is going to get a little bit crazy. Let’s give the people what they want. Aaaahhh That’s hot, that’s hot. .

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Marketing Automation Trends 2018 | Trend # 1 – Artificial intelligence

Hi there my name is Wilhelm and I work as a Commercial Product Manager here at APSIS. In this series of videos I will share with you what is from our perspective here at APSIS the biggest trends for 2018 when it comes to digital marketing. First off, which we’ll go through today is artificial intelligence so with the latest buzzword, marketing automation slowly becoming more and more of a standard within the organization’s, we quickly move on to the next big thing within marketing, which today seems to be artificial intelligence or AI for short. Having a system that looks into your communication and putting itself in the driver’s seat might not seem so exciting maybe a bit scary even but at the same time pretty cool, right? As with everything else, taking this thinking we’re actually letting the system decide stuff for you into smaller steps you could actually drastically improve your marketing by for example letting the system decide when are you going to communicate with the specific recipients that you have since every person is unique but also adding another layer to that what channel should we communicate in: is it social? text messaging? SMS? All depending on that the system actually knows what channel is preferred for me for example, which might not be the same for you.

But these small things alone as I mentioned can actually drastically improve your marketing and the engagement that you have in the communication, because same as with marketing automation creating automated processes to become more relevant in your communication – this is actually – taking it one step further and not only becoming relevant but also becoming even more relevant, also adding the extra layer of actually changing the channel depending on who you are. So thank you for listening in for today’s trend. Stay tuned for next week where we’ll go through the second trend from us here at APSIS. Take care. .

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