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Ugh … subject … These competitions, I tell ya! Y’know, that one’s alright, though! Ughhhhh, but that one … Ah, husband, the majority of them plays are SHIT! Oh … That reminded everyone … I’ll be right back! Aladdin ?! What the fucking ?! Aladdin … took an upper-decker in my bathroom! Aladdin …! … took an upper-decker! Ugh … the Aladdin Deck Enhancer. What the hell does this thing do? It intensifies your deck? Does it give me a brand-new Char-Broil grill? Some new patio furniture or somethin ‘? Ahhh! “Upgrade your Nintendo Entertainment System”? Wow! Truly? “Designed by the founders of Game Genie” ?! That thing that helps ya chisel, and enter different forms of crazy codes? The Game Genie was awesome! So, I speculation this thing is likely to be pretty cool! “6 4K memory upgrade for better graphics, bigger games”? Neat! “Aladdin is the future in console gameplay! ” Okay, let’s see it “upgrade” my NES games! Maybe it’ll make shitty activities, and turn’ em into good competitions! Huh? It doesn’t fit.

Oh, I hear. It has its own special cartridges. Search at that “EXTENSIVE” library! … of six recreations. Plus its own pack-in title, Dizzy the Adventurer. If exclusively I had those special Aladdin deck plays. Aladdin: Did somebody say “Aladdin”? AVGN: Oh, are these all the games here? Aladdin: Yes, Nerd! It’s a WHOLE new world of gaming! AVGN: I’ll present you a whole new world … … Of PAIN! Alright. Oh, y’know what? That fucker didn’t gives people Micro Machines.

Hmm … I’ll precisely buy it on the Internet. Alriiiight! Let’s see . … Wait a time. This isn’t Micro Machines for the Aladdin Deck Enhancer! This is a Micro Machines thermos made by some corporation called … “Aladdin”! And it’s dirty. Genie: Oh man, bein’ cooped up in a thermos for twenty years REALLY toughens the braces! Experience to elongate! AVGN: Okay, firstly Aladdin upper-decks my lavatory , now a genie comes out of a Thermos. This review’s gettin’ pretty fucky. Genie: Since you freed me, I’m gonna grant you some wants, Nerd! AVGN: Huh! Well, I predict I wish for … … a imitate of Micro Machines on the Aladdin Deck Enhancer! Genie: You got it, chum! One Micro Machine for the Deck Enhancer, comin’ liberty up! AVGN: Wow, thanks! That’s actually, uh, a pretty lame wish I just made. Genie: So, what’s your second please? AVGN: Oh, neat! I get more? Genie: Yup! You get three bids, hombre! AVGN: Good! Alright … … well, then I wish for you to go swimming in a SEPTIC TANK! Genie: You went i– … Wait, what? AVGN: Yeah! You heard me.

A sewage skinny dip in “the worlds largest” foul, disgusting, jam-packed septic tank that you could possibly find! Genie: Dang, that’s messed up. Well, now “theres going”. Oh yeah, and if he comes back I’m comin’ up with somethin’ even better for my third wish. Anyway, let’s play the games. First, let’s start with the pack-in sport: Dizzy the Adventurer. So, the first thing you gotta do: You make the cartridge, you implant it into the Enhancer like this — mmph! Yeah! That is just…

Mmh! Somethin’ about that … … that’s just so slake, ya know? That’s some good — mmh! — cartridge insert there. Alright, let’s get on with the game. Aah! What the fucking ?! That roughly killed me! I guess my Top Loader made one too many bad tournaments. Well , no worries — I have some alternatives. Well, I tried every organisation I own that frisks NES games — none of it wreaks. So, again, it’s time to consult the Internet. Norman: “So, let’s take a look at the Aladdin Deck Enhancer! ” AVGN: Wait a time — “hes having” TWO of’ em? Nothing has two! Who would own numerous copies of something that shitty? Norman: “If you try to use it on a Top Loader, it could potentially fry your system.” “It also needs–” Well, learned that the hard way.

So, it doesn’t work in ANYTHING, except the original NES. Hang on … Okay … so I tried ALL THREE of my original NES mannequins. First one — didn’t work. Second one — didn’t work. And the third one? Competition: “Let’s play Dizzy! ” It succeeds! Alright! Time to play! “Dizzy and Daisy were treading through the woods searching for Pogie, their domesticated fluffle”? What’s a fluffle? They inadvertently stumble onto the evil wizard Zak’s castle, when Daisy gets a spell put on her and falls into an incessant supernatural sleep. And now, it’s up to Dizzy to save her. Game: “Let’s play Dizzy! ” AVGN: Okay, the game starts you off in this cave with a few parts and a locked entrance. Grab the items and use them to get outta the room. You burn the accumulation of straw with the parallel, you propel some irrigate on there … Uh … okay …? So I guess don’t get TOO close. Oh, “re coming in”! Alright. Competition: “Let’s play Dizzy! ” AVGN: Okay, I feel a little better now.

Alright, let’s try to get by the first screen. So you get outta the cave and walk around, you find an part, you talk to a person, and you use the item. It’s an interesting game, but ehh … kinda boring. Now, the one thing I’m really confused about here … … this doesn’t ogle better than good than a regular NES game! Didn’t they say that this was gonna “upgrade” it? In what style is THIS ameliorating my NES? It didn’t work in most of them — even destroyed one! Ya know what? Is it at all possible …

Just perhaps … … I’ve been lied to? So yeah, Dizzy’s pretty bland. Like a hard-boiled egg, which is now being EGG-xactly what it is! … yeah, sorry. On to the next play. Next, we have “The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy”! Oh ho ho, I bet it’s fantastic. It’s a bit brighter than the last recreation: It has more colorful graphics, but the gameplay is worse in some parts. This time he doesn’t die in one hit at the least, but he’s still just as pathetic. Employing pieces here is not as easy as in the first one. You have to make sure you pick them up in the right order, otherwise you drop them. I have no idea what to do, and I don’t care to find out! These games are irredeemably accepting. I convey, after all — it’s an EGG solving puzzles.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men … … couldn’t get their FUCKIN’ SHIT PUT TOGETHER! Next recreation. Uh … uh-huh. “Big Nose Freaks Out”. Holy shit! You represent as Big Nose the Caveman, slippin’ and slidin’ all over a creepy, shitty, putrid mess of HORRID graphics. The play kinda would seem to be a mix between Sonic the Hedgehog and Adventure Island, but with all the enjoyable taken out. You bounce on sprouts and collect bones. You can get a rock-ball, or whatever it is, to shoot at adversaries. Without it, you have a organization that’s damn near useless: You have to be extremely close to an antagonist to touch them, so the majority of cases, you just take a hit and die.

Oh, and the seem? Ugh! It’s like an Atari game, or Mega Man on DOS. I do like this intro, though, with the “Savings and Bones” bank! Pretty good pun, but they fuck it up with “Bones’ R’ Us”! That’s not even clever! Hope they went out of business, too! Next “were having” “Linus Spacehead’s Cosmic Crusade”. It starts off like a point-and-click, then it goes to basic platforming with some of the worst possible assures. Linus moves as sluggish as duck shit, and twice as slippery. Trust me, duck shit’s slick. Formerly Linus jump-starts, you’d better be okay with where he’s goin ‘, because you can’t verified him after he leaves the foot. No mid-air steering! You know, like…

Mario? Too, he dies in one slam. So if I’m not jumpin’ off cliffs, I’m jumpin’ into antagonists. Either lane, I die. Linus Spacehead. More like Linus Shithead! Here, we have “Quattro Adventure” and “Quattro Sports”. Each contain four different tournaments — for four times the suckage. Let’s began with Quattro Sports — and the first sport on now? “Baseball”. Hitting feels okay, but the ball moves REALLY slow! Oh, and pitching and fielding — those are even worse! I can’t figure out how to throw different tars, and the players on the field take forever to get to the bullet. They only casually stroll around like they don’t give a fuck! Yea — my advice? If you’re a baseball supporter, comedy ANY OTHER NES baseball game. Any of’ em.

Next is “BMX Simulator” — more like Crashing And Falling Simulator! I can’t stay on the bike for more than eight seconds! The control’s about as shitty as that movie, Rad BMX. “Soccer Simulator”. For those who want a rage headache and motion sickness with their soccer games. The tournament ever switches your ascendancy to the musician closest to the dance, which should make sense, but every time it switches, I’m not ready, and end up moving all over the place! The soccer projectile looks like a pepperoni pizza, too.

Three sucky Quattro Sports activities down, and one more to travel. “Pro Tennis”. Wooow, look at this deranged buster. Maybe he REALLY likes tennis. The recreation strays from representing like ass to frisking like shitty ass. The act seems to do whatever it requires. The window to hit is so accurate, and seems to change whenever it feels like it. Sometimes I can get it, and even ace the computer, but most of the time I fault. You see where you hit with the D-Pad, but sometimes when I’m trying to propose the missile, I end up missing because I rolled past it. Oh well! So, “Quattro Adventure”! Four more shitty activities, let’s go! Great, Quattro Adventure includes more Dizzy and Linus Shithead. Ugh … “Treasure Island Dizzy” is obviously the worst one so far. It’s gradual and choppy, and once again, Dizzy dies from everything.

The worst are these extinction captures that just come outta nowhere and kill you with one reach. How is that bazaar? A enclosure that wasn’t even on screen killed me? How, the inferno, is anyone supposed to avoid that? I attest, this recreation was made to piss beings off, and utter them get buyer’s sorrow. Seem at this: I try to get the money that’s in shallow water, but Dizzy dies. This is a beginner’s trap if I’ve ever seen one! What kind of video game character can’t tread water that’s just above their ability? Could you envisage goin’ to a pool or somethin’ and the second your brain leads underwater, “youre dying”? Instantly? So fuck this tournament, and fuck Dizzy! Linus Shithead. Again. Ah, I watch. The other game, Linus Cosmic Crusade, was actually the second largest activity. This is the first. So forgive me for scrutinizing them out of tell. If ya caution. The first height is an underwater level — oh boy, if “youre ever” Dizzy, you would’ve started the different levels as a body! You ride bubbles to the top, but watch out, they sounds, and have a absolutely random pattern.

And you have limited time available! If you’re not fast enough, Linus drowns! Even when you are get to the top, he still loses oxygen! Is he so stupid he exactly FORGETS to stop impounding his sigh ?! The next level has killer coconuts everywhere. Linus has the same shit restraints as the other, so I precisely die. Fuckin’ Linus! “Boomerang Kid”! Ugh, the beginning indicates this stupid character.

“DUUUHH! ” There’s a bit movie thing playing at the bottom. Boomerang Kid hurls a boomerang and clobbers himself. Then he gets hassled by a kangaroo. When the INTRO shows the primary attribute being bothered by a kangaroo and clobbering himself with a boomerang, you KNOW it’s gonna be some FUCK! You run around and muster boomerangs. You can’t assault, and die in one smack. That’s all! There’s nothing else to say. And the last Quattro Adventure activity: “Super Robin Hood”. You run around, compiling keys, hoard, and opening doors. Robin Hood has this goofy smile all the time.

It’s gradual and monotonous, like every other recreation still further. And remember — this isn’t just Robin hood, this is SUPER Robin Hood! More like POOPER Robin Hood! One funny thing, though — when you die, you explode into hearts. Robin Hood. Explodes into hearts. Yeah. Well, all these Aladdin plays have sucked so far, but I’m hoping, I saved the most wonderful for last! Micro Machines. Micro Machines! Micro Machines! Feel the shitty ability, feel the suck-ass dual resistance! The graphics are shit, the tone is shit, it fucks you in the eyes, it fucks you in the ears, it suckin’ fucks, it fuckin’ sucks, it fuckin’ setbacks, it’s a piece of shit … It’s actually not that bad. Micro Machine is a reasonable deviation from the awful, disgusting grasp of the Aladdin Deck Enhancer, suggestive of other racing wins, resembling R.C. Pro-Am and Super Off Road. It’s a revolutionary, wretched recreational racing regalement introduced into you by the great and glorious Galoob! Race your miniscule process on a myriad of phenomenal micro marathons! Choose from a cavalcade of inventive and cogent reputations and compile a crowded congregation of conveyances to put in your automobile carrier! All in all, an acceptable, adequate addition to the American anthology of Nintendo-associated amusements.

But there’s one little problem. This recreation seems VERY familiar. I know I’ve dallied it before, but not on the Deck Enhancer. I’m pretty sure I own this on NES! I knew it! Micro Machines! It’s one of those weird-ass gold go-carts. Those third-party unlicensed names from the unholy alignment of Camerica and Codemasters. They’re distinguished by those strange switches on the back. The permutations have two positions: A and B. What are they for? Hm … “Position B. Exclusively use its own position if video games does not work with caste A.” I-I guess this really confused the shit outta any kids unfortunate sufficient to own one of these fecal frisbees! But the REAL purpose was to bypass the NES lockout chip, which worked differently is dependent on which model NES you’re using, hence the need for the swap. They could’ve just said, “To hack the lockout microchip, use A or B. Pssst! Don’t tell Nintendo.” But the games can’t be EXACTLY the same, right? 64 K memory upgrade! Better graphics! Bigger competitions! Norman: “But, this is all just market hype.” “The Aladdin Deck Enhancer is no different than a standard Camerica cartridge.” “Inside the box is the Deck Enhancer with instructions, ” “along with a Dizzy the Adventurer cartridge, and a sign manual for the game.” “Believe it or not–” FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! The competitions are EXACTLY the same! There’s NO DIFFERENCE! The Deck Enhancer is an add-on that lends Nothing! They sold you the same tournaments with some meeting required.

It would be like going a brand-new sprayer for your plot hose, but it doesn’t fit, unless you get some special adapter. So you buy the adapter, but the sprayer STILL doesn’t fit! So now, you have to find a totally different sprayer that simply exists in special places, and THEN, you find out it runs the same as the old sprayer, doing best available profession washing away the horse shit! Actually, there WAS some role, theoretically. It was meant to reduce costs. The Deck Enhancer contains most of the necessary microchips that make a regular NES game task, so the Aladdin plays could be smaller and cheaper. The attitude was that you’d invest in a Deck Enhancer, and then build up your collecting for a low price.

Well , no thank you very much, I think I’ll precisely stick to my regular, third-party, unlicensed, shitty Camerica games. Oh! But of course, there was that one exclusive sport, Dizzy the Adventurer! Does that one make it worth it? No. It doesn’t. That carton is a prime example of fraudulent marketing! “Upgrade your Nintendo Entertainment System” ?! More like upper-decking it! And that’s not a joke. I intend it. It is the electronic equivalent of an upper-decker. With the Aladdin, the components that normally go inside an NES cartridge are instead deposited into the floor. In the same lane, the turds, which typically was in favour of territory in the toilet container, are instead dropped into the upper barrel. Therefore, when the lavatory is flushed, the bowl fills with shit sea, and after that, it’s the shit that keeps on returning. Would you consider that an enhancement to your toilet? Well, give it a try, and you’ll know EXACTLY what the Aladdin does to your NES! Why does the box say “Aladdin is the future in console gameplay”? The Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo were already out! That’s like “re saying you” devised a brand new vehicle that’s got new safety features and uses clean-living exertion, but it’s got pillows tied to it and it runs on coal! This thing had no future at all! All the “Coming Soon” tournaments were cancelled, and Camerica went out of business right after this thing was…

…released? They went out of business right after it was ANNOUNCED !!! I–it was a death sentence! A doom! A scourge that shrouds its liberation status in all-consuming puzzle! Not even the Gaming Historian discovered any clear proof that it ever went officially released! I symbolize, sure, it came made an–and detected thanks to stock-take liquidators and eBay, bu–but if this thing never officially came out, then is not merely did it not have any future … … it didn’t have any past, either! How am I supposed to make you back to the past, when there’s no fucking past ?! I have no business complaining about something that didn’t even come out! I wasted my gulp! Why did I have to find this thing ?! Aahh, I might as well merely be diggin’ into the Devil’s asshole! Fuck! Genie: Hey, I’m back. AVGN: What are you doin’ back here? Genie: Appear, person, I’m just now to concede you your last-place wish so I can get outta here. AVGN: Oh yeah, that’s right, I get one more wish. Okay! Well, for my last wish … I wish … … ya know, I think we’ve both suffered enough.

Yeah, so … I bid … every Aladdin Deck Enhancer — on the whole planet World ….. will fucking explode. Genie: You got it, dude! Smell ya subsequently! Rerez: Oof! JLuv8 1: Shit! Rocco: What the fucking ?! Pam: What the fuck? John: … the Aladdin Deck Enhancer, we’ll try … — HOLY BALLS! John: … the Aladdin Deck Enhancer, we’ll try … — HOLY BALLS! Bobdunga: Omigod! Shawn: Ow! … What the Hell just happened ?! Candi: What the hell ?! Game Dave: Not my Aladdin Deck Enhancer accumulation! Riff: Well, wasn’t too bad! Whoo! Yeaah ….

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5 Cars That Will Last 300,000 Miles or More

Rev up your locomotives, today I’m gonna talk about five vehicles that can go 300,000 miles or more, actually just about any vehicle can go 300,000 miles or more if you don’t mind spending all kinds of money putting another locomotive or a transmitting and spending a lot in mends, I’m talking about ones that you don’t have to spend a small fortune to construct them get to 300,000 miles , now I’ve actually encountered three vehicles in my period that went over thousands and thousands of miles, one was an age-old Volvo p1 800 sports car, one was a Ford f-1 50 pickup, and the other one was a Toyota Camry that went over a million miles, and to understand how this happened sure they had to be well-built vehicles, but in all three of those cases those were vehicles “thats been” driven mainly on the superhighway at route speeds because realized if you’re going 65 miles an hour all that breeze is cooling down the engine, the petroleum is lubricating accurately you’re not get any kind of buildup in the engine because it’s burning fast and getting rid of some of the pollutions, so highway mileage is actually equivalent to about 10% of metropolitans stop-and-go driving, the absolute worst thing you can do for a car is to continuously shut it off and then later starting it back up, because most of the wear on your locomotive passes during startup when the top of the engine doesn’t have the petroleum in it, the bottom doesn’t it’s got a pump the pressure to the crest, so you’re going on the freeway for 10 hours at 65 miles an hour, your barely get any wear at all, taxi cabs in New York City that travelled more than a million miles and you’d envisage, how can that be stop and run stop and go, but from what I’ve read of those they did not have the original engines and disseminations they had a lot of fixings done, so it’s not like it was somebody merely bought a car drove it a million miles in brand-new york city’s stopping and proceeding, that’s a commercial-grade thing and that’s completely different , now one reason people want a vehicle that will last three hundred thousand miles or more is because people drive more than they used to in the United States, it’s a fact today 2019, hey you might be watching this video in the future and that’ll be the past but, Americans average about 15,000 a year, and in the 60 s and 70 s that used to be 12 thousand miles a year, but of course that’s just an average, many people drive twenty to thirty thousand miles a year, living in suburbia the commutes are longer, everything is set up so you got a drive to get somewhere, so people are driving more and more, in ten years so an average person will drive like a hundred and fifty thousand miles well that’s almost double what people were driving in the sixties and seventies, autoes are eventually gonna start to wear out, and you got to decide hey when is it so worn out that’s gonna cost me more money to restore it, then it’s worth doing, well that’s why I’m showing you five autoes it was able last-place 300,000 miles or more, and I’m talking about lasting out without “ve had to” engine replacing or transmission replacing, when it gets to that tier you got a car say it’s got 150,000 and you find out “youre gonna have to” shed seven grand in an locomotive, most people will say I’ll travel get something else and I won’t secure it , now the first automobile that I’m gonna pick that can go 300,000 miles or more, is the venerable Toyota Corolla, there are millions and millions of them out there, my 94 Celica is basically a Toyota Corolla, and behind that the 2007 matrix that’s basically a Toyota Corolla too, I’ve had many of my own personal customers over the last 50 times get more than three hundred thousand miles on Toyota Corollas with the original engine and the original dissemination, and it wasn’t like the rest of the car falls apart either, they’re well made and since there’s millions of them out there, they’re also much cheaper to restore there’s an insane aftermarket of decent proportions that you are able to put one over ones that are even twenty thirty years old these days, I even had a customer a few years ago, he bought a used Corolla from a pal of his, for five hundred bucks and it had two hundred thousand miles on it, it was still going over three hundred thousand miles and he’s still driving the thing, what a deal paid five hundred bucks for a automobile, drove it another hundred thousand miles and didn’t have to do the engine or the transmitting over, recognize it that when you go small like a Toyota Corolla, there’s less load to draw itself, less load to wear out the tires and the struts and all else, a lot of times moving a bit smaller is a good if you want long life in private vehicles , now the next vehicle that can go 300 thousand miles or more is the Honda Civic the Civic is basically Honda’s competition to the Corolla and like the Corolla there’s millions of them out there, and since they’re generally a little bit zippier than a Corolla, a lot of kids like the civics they soup them up, they’re strong locomotives Honda is notorious for strong locomotives, I’ve had customers with civics with well over 300 thousand miles on them a schoolteacher and that’s what she drives and I’ve got teenage kids that have souped up ones, of course they are likely not last-place 300,000 miles they’re either gonna get wrap around a telephone pole, or their gonna blow the engines up by over revving them, but if you take care of a civic it can last-place a really really long time , now the next vehicle that can last 300,000 miles or more, is the Grandpa’s car, the old Crown Victoria, yeah they don’t establish them anymore, but they’re simple-minded old-school technology, pushrod v8 body on an actual frame, those things can last-place a very long time, and of course in this respect the Lincoln Town Car and the Mercury Grand Marquis, they can last-place a really long time if you take minimum care of them, that’s why when they still built them, you’d see the crown vics be useful for police car, they were solid basic vehicles with frames, they are likely to last-place a really long time and if you didn’t mind a relatively poor stop-and-go gas mileage, the issue is okay on the highway for gas mileage , now the next vehicle that can last 300,000 miles or more might surprise you, the Mazda Miata, a little bitty Mazda sports car, I remember years before the miatas were even built, a lot of people would say Scotty why doesn’t somebody figure out how to get a British sports car and put a Japanese locomotive in it, well Mazda pretty much took that suggestion and stimulated the Mazda Miata, a totally Japanese stimulated vehicle with a Japanese locomotive that moved cliques around the English sports cars, in terms of the fun factor, that they always started up, they get good gas mileage, they were fun to drive and they didn’t break down all the time like the British sports cars did, and of course there’s still inducing them, the 2010 into 2016 miatas hey they got one of very high faction ratings by the owners who bought them and drove them around, they’re fun little automobiles, that’s said if you want to get one certainly get the standard transmissions, because the manual transmission ones, specially the older ones, could scarcely get out of their own way, and those automatic transmissions would break down as they got older, where the standard transmissions, there is an opportunity only keep going and moving and travelling their so much simpler, if you’re into buying a applied sports car that’d be the one I tell you to buy, because I’ve had clients buy one that had 150,000 miles paid, one thousand twelve hundred dollars for them, and drove them for years we’re pretty happy with it, and rarely would I tell somebody to buy a used sports car but the Miata, likely the best pick up a ill-used sports car if you’re thinking about long life , now the last vehicle that you can buy what you can get 300 thousand miles or more as far as I’m concerned, is the Ford f-1 50 pickup path post-world War two Ford truly has moved the pickup, the F150 series the top of the line for serious pickup truck drivers, of course they got a whole assortment of options in them, but truly if you want to go 300,000 miles or more in one of those, get yourself the good solid v8 locomotive now the only thing that I’ve got against them, is the manual transmission is the weakest relate, I’ve got patrons get four hundred thousand miles or more on an f-1 50, but generally by then they’re on their second automatic transmission ford has a pretty good structure where the government had mill remanufactured communications that are pretty good that you are able to have put in, so if you’ve got one it’s got 250,000 miles and the communication travels out, my advice is, put in one of the Ford remanufactured automatic transmissions and go on your merry lane for years and years , now commonly when I have a custom-made with real high-pitched mileage and the communication moves out, I say I just get rid of it’s not worth it, but on those f-1 50 s hey the engine and torso still in good shape, you are able to as well as set a transmitting in it if you want a truck like they have to drive around, I would never ever tell somebody with a Chrysler pickup truck to set a transmitting in it if the vehicle had two hundred thousand miles on it, odds are has become a chrysler by then the whole vehicle would be falling apart and there’d be no sense to expend all that money putting the dissemination in it, so if you want to keep your vehicles 300,000 miles more , now you know five of them that have stood the test of hour, and can do simply that, so if “youve never” want to miss another one of my brand-new vehicle fixing videos, remember to reverberating that Bell!

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Letting a Homeless Dog Pick His First Meal!

– This is Bosco, and Bosco is a homeless bird-dog, but today I’m gonna let him pick out any of the ingredients that he misses, and I’m gonna give him his first residence cooked banquet. That’s a good boy, you’re a good son! Okay, here’s how it’s gonna toil. I’m gonna concoct Basco the most wonderful dinner he’s ever had in their own lives, and the fun role is he gets to pick out his ingredients. So, whatever vegetable, carb-protein he requires, we’re gonna make it for him. And we’re gonna give his friend, Freddy Mercury, do the same thing. Now I affection cooking for any bird-dog, but indicating Bosco some extra love today is really important, and I recollect when you discover his backstory you’ll agree with me. You recognize Bosco had a family, but they needed to move, and they felt he was an inconvenience.

So, they announced somebody to articulated him down. Now he’s old, but he’s not that old. It builds me really sad are well aware that Bosco imparted absolute affection for most of their own lives, and then the person or persons that were supposed to affection and care for him, simply turned their backs on him. They were instants away from applying the needle to administer him, when someone tell you not on my watch. And that’s where Marley’s Mutts comes in. Zach, the founder of Marley’s Mutts takes the dogs that nobody else wants.

Him and his team save thousands of bird-dogs every year. Okay, the exciting portion is coming, whether Bosco and Freddy will pick lobster, or steak, or salmon. But first everybody knows, you gotta pick your veggies. Get it, which one?( Bosco breathing)( Bosco scenting) I think he affection the cauliflower.( crowd hearten) Who woulda guessed you’re a cauliflower chap? Okay, okay, oh, wow!( Bosco grunting) Oh, yeah, that’s good too. Okay, okay, you’re a off-color berry chap. So, let’s throw some of those in there too. Let’s see if he likes carrots. You want a carrot? Some spinach?( Bosco sniffs) No,( mocks) no spinach. Which one?( Bosco sniffing)( laughs) Oh yeah, okay okay, good boy, good son( giggles ), he’s going for it.

Man, he’s like me, somebody he adores those carbs. What about, you know sugary potatoes? I make, you picked the rice but , not interested( chuckles ), he requires the rice. Coming up next will be his protein, we have steak, we have salmon, we have chicken, we even have lobster, which one will he pick? Comment down below which one do you think he’ll pick? You’re gotta get to pick, but you only get to pick one. If you witnessed Bosco in the last video, we made him to a domesticated storage and we give him buy anything he stroked, along with his pal Freddie Mercury. Hit that thumbs up button, if you guys get this video to 50,000 thumbs up, we will do another video with Basco until we find him a home.

Okay, I have something pretty cool that we’re doing, so Hello Fresh is patronizing this video, and you guys is recognized that I desire helping puppies as far as is possible, but I too cherish helping the people that are helping the dogs, and at Marley’s Mutts is what they do day in and day out. I mean they literally save thousands of puppies every single year, so with Hello Fresh patronizing this video, I foresaw, I have the perfect mind, and what we’re gonna do is were gonna surprise Zach, the founder of Marley’s Mutts with banquets for an entire year, for free.

So, Hello Fresh thank you, I’m gonna tell you more about them there in a minute, but first I thought we’d go in and surprise Zach, so, come on! Alright, so he, he’s in there and he doesn’t know what’s about to happen. You ready for your surprise? – I guess. You’re scared and stimulated all at the same term. Oh son! – So we’re giving you an their own families Hello Fresh for a whole time. – Really? – Yeah. – Are you serious? – Yeah! – Man, do we really get this for a whole time? – Whole year lover. – No way. – You can pick the strategy and. – That’s impressive. – Here’s what I love about this, it genuinely shapes me feel like a pro, because it’s fresh parts, it comes to your entrance, it’s in an insulated casket, everything is premeasured, and then it’s really simple to follow, you just, you have these recipe placards and check this out, six easy gradations, constructs me looks just like a pro.

( chopping) Okay, dinner is provided, what do you think? – It appears so good, it’s just, it’s really nice we work all day to help bird-dogs then we can come home , not have to worry about grocery supermarket, and whip up something in 30 minutes. It’s perfect and it’s super healthy, so, I’m excited! – Because it’s America’s number one dinner package, it takes under 30 instants, and if, we weren’t doing this, who knows what I’d be eating, simply anything in front of me.( glasses clinking) – You deserve this, thank you very much. – Yeah.

The cool – Thank you Hello Fresh He loves it I adoration it, you’ll cherish it, get started with eight free dinners, it’s $80 off. Move to and enter promo code Rocky 80, likewise set the link down below in the description, check’ em out, I relish these chaps supporting me, and you and stopping us healthful. – Voila, lover, 80 horses off. – Bosco is also really happy about this but he’d like to, us to get back to him picking what he wants for dinner. – Go back to savin’ lives. – And all you gotta do, is pick the one that you want to eat, you are willing? – Go get them. – Come on Basco!( scenting) – Oh, the steak,( laughs) no! He approximately got the steak, alright, we’re gonna cook that up, friend, and it’s gonna be dinner epoch, in no time, you’re a good son! This here, is Freddie Mercury, and she has a very special story, so what’s her fib? – She was found underneath a vehicle by a person who is and raised her into a shelter, and the sanctuary reached out to Marley’s Mutts, and I drove and get her, and fell in love and chosen her.

– So , now you are her mama. – Yeah. – And she is healthy and happy. We’re gonna have Freddie Mercury pick out what she wants to eat , now with her meal we’re gonna make it a little bit different. We need to blend up her dinner right? Cause she, – Yeah. – Her teeth require, she needs to be able to eat with kinda the, she’s got much.

( giggles) She’s like, I know what I require, alright, oh. Chicken, okay, okay, okay. you’re gonna check all of them now? Perhaps salmon? – She is going for the chicken. – Yes she’s definitely, she obviously likes the chicken. Dogs, involve health flabs in their nutrients, so we’ve got coconut and peanut butter, and some of you are able to not think that lobster and peanut butter taken together, but who are knowledgeable about? We’ll made Freddie decide that. So Freddie is gonna choose, we’ve got the plate right here, whether she likes coconut or peanut butter better, okay Freddie, go for it! – Are you ready Freddie? – I imagined she was going for the peanut butter, look at that. I’m putting on the apron, generate that, that basically becomes me the brain chef, the lord chef, the boss.( humour) – Please.( titters) – That’s my partner back there prepare, I honestly couldn’t do it without Kelly, she, she is so awesome, uhm, but we are definitely having Angela take it back seat. Cause, you need to relax, like, we’re gonna, we’re gonna take care of this.

We are also gonna feed all of the dogs on the ranch, because we want them to all ingest healthful and happy. So we’re gonna take all the veggies, chop’em up, carbs chop’em up, proteins chop’em up, mix it all together, and then it’ll be some of the best puppy nutrient that they’re eating, it’s kinda like a gourmet dinner.( upbeat music) Freddie is surely interested in the, yeah but he likes the chicken. – You like the chicken? – Yeah the chicken.( upbeat music) So we’d like to leave the skin on, cause it’s really healthy for dogs, and it really shapes it easier when you’re doing.

The whole ground we’re doing this is one, because we want to cook a dinner for Bosco, but two, in the last video millions of people envisioned it and this person still hasn’t got a home. I don’t know how, I want he’s a major puppy, he’s a Cane Corso which is an astounding spawn, parties pay different forms of coin for these dogs. So I remembered, you know what? Let’s make another video, let’s have fun with it, let’s prepare him a great dinner, but here’s what I require everybody is do, so that we can get him endorse. Hit that thumbs up, so that we can show carry, and everybody can see this video and Bosco can find a home. Seem at that face( chuckles ).( gentle music) She love’s it. Think it’s time, I chipped the paunch off, pretty cold to the touching, really wanna make sure it’s not too hot for him, and this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. He picked this steak out himself, ready, sit!( sighs) Dogs love peanut butter and bird-dogs adore steak, so I reviewed I don’t know, why not why not try and see if he likes peanut butter steak.

( cries)( laughs) What do judge Basco? You crave peanut butter steak?( titters) It’s a strike, you like that? Okay, so we are plating the rest of the dog meat, or bowling it I guess, and in, in dog world-wide, so I get some drug bowls put together right here, supplement a little garnish here, applied a bit lobster, every hound, every bird-dog – No! – Basco? – Basco? – I’ll grab a roar, but I’ll be – Okay( chuckles ), she’s gonna exit grab one of the dogs and we’ll is letting( laughs) – Come on Cagney. – Cagney is a professional uhm flooring dog eater, that’s the thing. That’s a, here we go, you ready? – Yeah – This is Marley’s Mutts ranch, and how many acres? – 23. – 23 acres all for the dogs and the animals. Right now hounds, but potentially more swine. – Horses are coming next. – Horses are coming next, so this is Marley’s Mutts ranch and it is awesome( barking) – This is Jen, and the issue was Rosie. – And they’re both available for adoption at Marley’s Mutts claim? – Yeah – Awesome! – Okay, you guys ready for some food? Let’s do it.

– Alright, let’s go. – Good boy. – You have it all over your face. – Oh, good girlfriend. Okay we have some, we have some full paunches. The dogs are fed, Zach, the director of Marley’s Mutts, and he is taking care of, thank you Hello Fresh for that. Everyone again make sure they run thank Hello Fresh, go to, exert system Rocky 80, and you’ll get $80 off, I simply wanna say it means so much to me that you guys are so much an integrated part of this channel.

You imagine, just as much as I do, that every pet deserves a affection dwelling, which produces me to something I wanna talk to you guys about, there is this Pit bull that I’ve been wanting to help that precisely, I don’t know, you know how sometimes simply an animal time get to your stomach, well this Pit bull’s specify is Zeus, and he needs our help and so, I’ll exactly present you.

Okay, I’m at San Gabriel Valley Humane Society and I was here last week and I precisely fell in love with this hound. The thing about this puppy, is that his nature is just so good, like when you go past all the other kennels, all the dogs are barking, he’s pacify. You know, I’ll stop talking about it and I’ll indicate you, let’s go check him out.( barking) Hi, that’s a good boy.( barking) Hi Buba Okay, I’m gonna take take him back into his frisk gap. This person right here, is Zeus, hi bud, hi. It’s the first time I’ve had him out, uhm, you know it’s one of those things, hi, oh( screams) good mas, oh, hi, oh you’re a kindnes bud huh oh, does that feel good, oh yeah. Let’s get this off of you, oh good son, oh good boy. So, this is Zeus and he’s been here for months, and there’s just something about him, where I merely fell in love with him and, and, and you can tell it is the first time I’ve had him out of the kennel, but you can be seen, he’s just such a good dog.

But he merely change over, chiefly because he’s a, he’s just a oppose bull right? Like the impatience on this guy, I necessitate so far you are able to just see it’s good, hi, hi. But, just because, oh( lauhgs) oh you’re a good boy. But, principally really because he’s a Pit bull he’s used to getting change over, you know? He’s got, he’s got some reactions you can tell right here on his stomach. Hi, but, he only requires performance, he really wants to have fun, look at him.( yelping) What’s that, what’s that, get onto! No, oh there it get, there it extends. No.( chortles) Good boy, where’d it disappear? Here it is, here it is! Okay, so this is exactly why I do dogs era out it’s because, because bird-dogs like Zeus don’t ever get the opportunity, really because they’re stereotyped. Pit bulls are, are one of the most stereotyped pups, that they’re aggressive, and that they’re bad puppies, look at this guy.

100% absolutely no truth to the rumors, so I don’t know this is where I need your guys’ improve. I convey, look at Zeus should he be our next bird-dog? Should he be our next dog’s daylight out? I wanna take Zeus to the Pet Store, I suspect the problem I run into with taking Zeus to the Pet Store, is other parties could have negative actions, right? They encounter a Pit bull wander in, and they tense up and then that creates that vigour and so, my concern is if I make him browse, you are familiar, will it create a situation, or will it change his temperament because of how other people stereotype and greeting? So, I don’t know should I take him to the supermarket and buy him everything he touches? Or( sorrows) do you think we, we shouldn’t make love, only because of the course that beings react to Pit bulls? Give me know, frame a comment down below, and I’ll read all of those and respond to as countless as I can.


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