Scientific Weight Loss Tips

We all want to lose fat and stay healthy but with all these diet pills and plans what does science have to say about weight loss tips let’s get the obvious out of the way first exercise not only does the physical act of exercise burn calories immediately science has recently found that it continues to burn fat while you sleep during exercise your body uses up most of its available carbohydrates for energy and replaces them over the next 24 hours in the meantime it begins to break down your fat stores for basic functions such as walking talking and even sleeping don’t skip meals especially breakfast we explained in our last video the science behind appetite when you starve yourself your body and brain create intense urges to eat high-calorie foods as opposed to healthy options breakfast specifically helps to keep blood sugar and hormone levels regular and gives your metabolism a boost to burn more calories through the day adding more protein and low-fat dairy to your diet helps as well protein induces a large release of the chemical pyy which goes to the brain and suppresses hunger signals simply adding 10% more protein to your food can keep you full much longer low-fat dairy on the other hand contains calcium which binds to other fats you’ve eaten and creates a soup like substance which can’t be absorbed instead your body excretes the soup and with it more of the fat you consumed speaking of soup it’s perhaps one of the best-kept dieting secrets when you drink a glass of water with your meal the fluid is easily absorbed before your food is digested which quickly brings down the stomach size making you feel hungry take that same meal and puree it in a blender and the fluids have a much harder time being absorbed quickly this means your stomach stays expanded making you feel full for longer count your calories studies show that people who actively document their food intake by using a journal have drastic improvements over those who dump furthermore knowing a coffee has 10 calories but a cappuccino is 100 gives you the opportunity to structure your diet to eat and more while taking in less calories and while it may seem trivial reducing your plate size can drastically change your food intake studies show that a simple change from 12 to 10 inches can reduce the amount of food you eat by up to 22% our bodies have a hard time turning down food of us even when we’re full so the less food on your plate the better finally sleep and stress play a large factor in how much we eat both sleep deprivation and stress levels increase appetite making it harder to keep off the pounds got a burning question you want answered ask it in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe for more weekly science videos

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TVF’s A Day with RD Sharma | E01

Area = Pi*r^2 Simple Interest = PRT/100 Sin theta/ Cos theta = ban theta… ban theta Tan theta! Sin theta/ Cos theta = Tan theta. Guys, Today, we are at the home of best selling Maths book author – R.D.Sharma It’s said that reporters who struggle with basic maths Aren’t entertained by sir for interviews. And he also calls up their parents and complaint about it. So guys… Pray for me.

Namaste, sir. 10th board mark sheet? I have it here. It’s attested by the gazetted officer. Minimum requirement for a servant’s job at my house is 80 marks in maths. And you expect to interview me with 74 marks? Sir, do you remember the 2005 tragedy? The paper turned out to be lengthy. Even Sharma ji’s son scored only 99. Right, my relative’s son from Bijnaur failed too. Oh.. It’s a genuine excuse. Well done. Come in. Watch it! Shoes outside! Which book did you use? Book sir, R.S.

Aggarwal. Always. He’s like a brother. Brother from a congruent mother. NCERT Is like our mother. Sir, what should be the radius of rotis today? It’s a Tuesday. Make it 5 cms. Let’s proceed. Come from this side. It’s shorter diagonally. You’re really fit, sir. What’s your age? Four years ago, my son’s age was Half my age Today his age is 30 years. How much? 30. Now tell me my age. 2 * 3 = 6… Sir, is this question optional or compulsory? Oh, it’s compulsory. Wish him. Let’s assume My age is X. Airawat! Yes, sir. That bag you liked on Roposo Which you wanted to carry vegetables Yeah, right! There’s a discount notification for that. Please purchase it, sir. Please. Of-course, just answer a simple question. The bag has a selling price of Rs. 499 after 21% discount What is the marked price? Control your temper, Airawat. Use of calculator is not allowed. Okay. Without Calculator. If you want to do some rough work, Then draw a margin on the right side.

Hurry up, you’ve only 10 more seconds. Two watches, sir? That’s why you got 74 marks. LHS = RHS Sir, sir, it’s almost done. Was just writing the date, sir. Sir… Please check the roti. I told you 5 cms. It’s 2 marks will be deducted from your salary. Sir, please sir I set the compass at 5, but it got lose. Sir, please You can tighten it from the top. Airawat ji, it’s common knowledge. Good. Just tighten that screw at the top. Sir… At-least give some marks for the steps. Oh, it’s already 3. Time to practice. Practice? a plus b whole squared a squared b squared two ab Oh lord, b squared two ab Sing along. a plus b whole cubed a cubed b cubed Na Na Na Na…. Sir, I don’t remember its lyrics. Should I sing another? Base squared height squared Hypotenuse squared squared squared.

Fan of Pythagoras sir? Yes, sir. Height squared Base squared Hypotenuse squared squared squared. Very good! Great! So sir, Do you only write maths books? Or some film or love story too? Sir, looks like you’ve thought of something. Rom-Com sir? As.. I was telling you This… Rom-Com is a… Love Hexagon One girl and Five boys Manohar! Pay attention! Basically, finally Simran’s father Is impressed by Raj Why? Because Raj knows to properly use the log table.

On the railway platform, He says to Simran, after leaving her hand Go Simran, go. Find out the log’s value. Cut to : Train is going at a speed of 20 kms/hr Trolley shot… Simran runs in slow motion for 15 seconds and boards the train. Now we won’t tell Simran’s speed. Basically, Film’s climax is open to…uh… Calculations Whoever calculates it correctly Will… Will understand the film.

Yeah, I mean, I know The story is a little lengthy But I can also make it a musical. And then it can also be a Web series. Or a short film is also possible. Yeah, you’re right. Leave films aside. Why don’t you only write maths books? I mean, maths problems are also fictional. Otherwise who buys 60 watermelons? Hello Yeah You heard right. 60 watermelons. What do you mean what will I do with 60 watermelons? Here’s the address. From the temple, You’ll a cylindrical building 63 degrees towards your right Place the protractor on the road and mark 63…. Doesn’t know what is a protractor. Protractor, Set squares Even an 8th class child knows their utility.

Right? Me? Even my class toppers don’t know the utility of set squares They’re useless. Useless? There’s a theorem famous in my village. Blame the scale when you can’t draw a straight line. Tell me the use of set squares. Used to draw straight lines when you can’t find a scale. Sir… Pressure built because of the position May I go to toilet? Go. Sir… Yeah? There’s no water in the bathroom. Sir, To create that new problem, you made a hole in the water tank Sir, In how long will the water come? Sir… Look at this note on the floor Solve it to know the time required for water to come Sir, what is this? I came for an interview and appeared for a viva instead. Sir, Where is the toilet paper? What are you saying? You learn on paper. Respect it! Hey, Sharma ji. Hey, hello. Verma ji! Manohar Get 35 ml water for sir. 60 ml. Manohar, you’re very lucky Guess who’s here? Author of Concept of Physics H C Verma sir He’s my neighbour Lives in the vertically opposite flat. Did my monkey come here? He ran away while I was calculating tension by suspending him on a pulley No, he won’t run away.

It’s Tuesday, so he must have gone to the temple to snatch sweets. Manohar! While you’re here, why don’t you interview Verma ji too? No, I’ll take a viva. Manohar, Can he hear us? So if I… Turn the lights off Then why can’t you see? Sir, what tomfoolery is this? Sir, light, sir? First, no water. Now, light. Please turn it on. It’s scary here, sir. Answer it, child. Sir, it’s not in the syllabus. Think of it as a surprise test. After all you aren’t going to find Verma ji everyday Okay, here’s a hint.

Chapter is optics, Just below the diagram 19.1.2, there’s a stanza Wait, it’s raining… You both are mad men! Take an umbrella! He’s limping. His LHS isn’t equal to RHS. Sharma With what value of g would he have fallen? Standard – 9.8, I guess. No, He struggles a bit with Physics. I’m sure he took g’s value as 10. Sir, your order of 60 melons has been delivered. 60 melons? What’ll you do? What do you do alone with a monkey? .

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Trends that Need to Die in 2019

– 2018 has been a year, so much has happened, so many weird fashion trends have come and gone, and come back again. And with the new year coming right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of those fashion trends and figure out which ones need to die in 2019. Obviously, these are just my opinions. Fashion is super subjective so what I think is terrible, someone else might love and it would be totally their style. I’m sure I wear things all the time that you guys are like side-eyeing me for, like these little baby buns that I do on the top of my head, people are always like what are you wearing? But like that’s my style, I like it, not everyone has to get it. So if you like any of these trends, don’t let my opinions stop you from rocking them. Fashion is all about what makes you feel confident and beautiful and empowered. So just because I don’t like something, it doesn’t mean no one is allowed to wear it. These are just my opinions on trends that I think should die.

(laughs) Okay, so I’ve divided 10 fashion trends from 2018 into three categories and the first category we’re gonna start out with is the worst, the trends that I just don’t get at all and I would be more than happy to see completely die out next year. First, the whole designer dad shoe trends. I’m talking the Balenciagas, the Louis Vuitton Archlights, all of those kind of like really, really expensive high-end shoes that look like the kind of thing that my dad would buy at Costco. First of all, just my opinion, they’re ugly. (laughs) And I’m sure that there are people out there who really genuinely love these shoes, but I feel like a lot of people are just buying them because they’re expensive, because they’re designer, because they’re desirable. I mean, if you actually like this trend, like if you’re actually into it, just go to Costco and get a pair of like authentic dad shoes for 15 bucks. All right, so next up is the whole biker shorts thing.

I feel like this kind of originated with like the Kylie Jenners, the Cardi Bs, and then was adopted by all of the Instagram baddies of the world. And the thing for me is like I see these all over Instagram like so often but I never see people wearing this in public, like do people actually wear biker shorts or do they just wear them for Instagram photoshoots? Like I have never seen someone like in biker shorts just like walking down the aisles at Trader Joe’s like no, that doesn’t happen.

Also, like Camel Toe Central, let’s be real. And for me personally, I just don’t feel confident in this look. I had to wear it for my Halloween costumes video, when I get a Kylie Jenner costume, and I just felt really self-conscious. They really highlight my thighs, which I have like really thick thighs compared to the rest of my buddy. And I definitely think the whole biker shorts thing is a huge trend and is not timeless at all. Like this is definitely gonna be one of those things that we look back at in 20 years, like 80’s shoulder pads or parachute pants, and our kids are gonna look at that and be like, Mom, why, like what were you wearing, what’s with the biker shorts? Like I just think this trend is bound to die eventually and personally, I’m hoping for sooner rather than later. All right, number three, the whole sweatshirts as dresses with thigh-high boots look. I feel like this kind of originated with like Ariana Grande, you know, like that paparazzi photo of her in a long sweatshirt looking at Lollipop.

And then it was kind of like adopted by all of the fashion bloggers and YouTubers and Instagramers and just became like a really big thing that I think a lot of people really do wear. And honestly, I love the idea of this. Like I’m down to wear an oversize sweatshirt and leggings for a PJ day anytime, but as a dress like for a night out with thigh-highs, I just, I personally don’t get it. Also, it’s just not the most flattering look for anyone with a bigger chest because it’s just kind of like hangs off and becomes a shapeless tent bag looking thing. Next up, the clear clothes trend. So I’m talking jelly shoes, I’m talking clear pants, jackets, backpacks, the crazy, expensive Celine handbags that would just look like a clear plastic shopping bag.

As someone who lives in California in a very warm climate, I look at this trend and I’m like wouldn’t you get so hot and sweaty, like it’s basically like wearing a little plastic sauna. And with like the bags and the backpacks, like people can see everything inside of it, like they can see how messy things are and also like what if you have like tampons in there or like pepper spray? Like maybe you don’t want people to see the entire contents of your handbag.

And, again, with some of the other things on this list, I feel like this is a very right now trend, it’s not timeless, it’s gonna be another thing that we look back on and laugh at. Number five, the little tiny glasses that people wear on the edge of their nose. I actually have an example of what I’m talking about. I got these for that Kylie Jenner costume. Like they wear them like this, like on the edge of their nose, like hello. Am I a snooty librarian looking my nose down at you ’cause you put the book in the wrong place? That’s what this reads to me.

Like, this is where you wear sunglasses. This is functional. I’m blocking the sun. This is just a face accessory with no function. Another thing that I just personally don’t get, but, you know, hey, maybe it works for someone else, but I would be happy to see this die. The next category of 2018 trends is things that I’m kind of like eh about. Trends that I don’t really personally get, but I don’t mind them, like I don’t think they’re that bad and a lot of people really dislike them. So the first one is wearing a jacket around your arms. And I’m not talking about like an off-the-shoulder jacket that’s built like that. So taking a denim jacket, this is how I would wear a jacket and wearing it like this, like around the bottom of your arms, and I like this look for pictures. Like I feel like it’s kind of cute and effortless, and looks like you’re just putting your jacket on, but like this is a look that people, especially influencers, are actually wearing and not just for pictures, like actually wearing a jacket like this all day.

When I was at VidCon, I saw so many YouTubers wearing jackets like this at parties, at meet and greets, at events, I’m like doesn’t that get uncomfortable, that’s not how you wear a jacket. This is how you wear a jacket. Maybe I should make a jacket-wearing tutorial because obviously all the kids these days are not doing it right. The next trend that I’m kind of on the fence about is splice clothing, so like when you take two different looks or fabrics or textures and put them together in one item of clothing. So I actually really like this look with denim when you’re taking two different washes of denim in a jacket or jeans or a skirt. It’s unique and it might not be something that I personally would immediately reach for when I’m shopping but I get the trend and I think it’s pretty cute.

And maybe it’ll grow on me a little bit more but I feel like with flannels, which is a style I’ve been seeing a lot with splice clothing, it just looks off a little bit. It kind of looks like I took my favorite flannel and it got cut in half, and my grandma was like, oh, I’ll fix that up for you, but then she can’t find the right fabric match, and then it just ended up looking like this. And the next one is industrial belts. So the first time that I wore one of these was for my James Charles’ March review and I was actually pleasantly surprised by it. I think before I filmed that video, this would have been in the first category, but I really felt pretty good in the way it looked on my body, especially when it’s paired with that sweatshirt trend.

I think it makes it way more flattering. I’m a big fan of anything with definition at the waste and this definitely helps give that with more oversize looks. Also, I really like that industrial belts are meant to have a ton of extra slack because it means it can fit people of all sizes with just one item. It’s naturally size inclusive without actually having to make a different skew for plus sizes and it’s probably the only thing in that like Instagram baddie realm that actually flatters my figure. I mean, I felt pretty cute and pretty confident in the James Charles’ hoodie and industrial belt so even though it’s not my style, I definitely get it.

Okay, so the last two trends are trends that I really love but I see a lot of people hating on. So I really hope these trends do not die in 2019. Despite what a lot of people might say, I’m a big fan of these trends. First up, fanny packs. I am an OG fanny pack fan. I can think back to being like six years old at Disneyland with my little JanSport fanny pack. Got my lip gloss in there, got my little toys in there, got my five dollars for a souvenir. I love fanny packs. You’re hands-free, it’s convenient, and I just love that these are somehow in style again. Also, it’s totally become like a trendy designer item to wear on a night out with like a nicer outfit, which is so awesome, because, girls, I feel like when we go out, we have to decide between either bringing like a full on purse and probably leaving it in the Uber or dropping it at the bar, or getting it stolen, or just putting your phone and your credit card and id in your bra, which is definitely not ideal.

So having all of my essentials literally strap to my body so I can dance the night away hands-free, without a worry is amazing. Uh, best trend! Please do not die. But here’s the thing. Why are people trying to make them more bougie by calling them like saddle bags or side bags? It is a fanny pack. Stop trying to make it cooler or less nerdy than it is. It is a fanny pack. Even if it’s Gucci, it’s still a fanny pack. Trend number 10, athleisure. And I know that athleisure is not an exclusive to 2018 trend. It was big in the 80s, it came back, and then left again, and then now it’s back again. But oh my gosh, please athleisure, never leave again.

Stay in style for the rest of my life. And I know the big critic with athleisure is like why are you wearing yoga pants and Adidas, did you just come from the gym? Like, no, but it’s damn well comfier than what I would have to wear if I wasn’t wearing yoga pants. Uh, like the fact that Kendell Jenner can literally wear sweatpants and be like praised for high fashion makes my life. Please don’t ever let this trend die. I wanna wear my Adidas superstar and my Lululemon leggings for the rest of my life. Let me know down in the comments what are your opinions on these trends. Like I said, fashion is super subjective so I would love to hear you guys chime in with your thoughts. Also, in 2019, I am jumping right back in with three days a week uploads so you can get new videos on this channel every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

And over on my blog channel, I post new blogs like three or four days a week so check those out. Link in the description. Thanks so much for watching and I will see you guys next year. Bye! (upbeat music) .

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Nursing Homes : Doggie Daycare | Attorney Matt Morgan | Morgan & Morgan

Ninety percent of all nursing homes in America have at least one employee with a criminal record. At daycares and even doggy daycares, cameras monitor activity all day long – not at nursing homes. I’m Matt Morgan of Morgan and Morgan. Our loved ones are warehoused today at record numbers. Andd the abuse goes o. Bed sores, falls, malnutrition, and yes, even death. Call us for more information about your legal rights. Morgan & Morgan, .

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Perfect Green smoothie for Weight Loss Lose 2 Pounds a Week

Perfect green smoothies for weight loss ingredients number one green leafy vegetables one cup you can choose one or two like spinach cabbage parsley and more number two let’s pick at least two from this one and half cup you can choose banana mango peach pear avocado apple strawberry orange pineapple tomato blueberry and more number three liquid one cup choose any liquid like water milk coconut water green tea 100 percent fruit juice Oh nut milk number four energy booster 2 tbsp cinnamon powder protein powder or cocoa powder method combine 1 cup spinach one banana one cup mango one glass orange juice and cinnamon powder in a blender and puree and to smooth this green smoothie detoxes and creates your body and it’s satisfied youth for long hours

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YouTubers React to Viral Videos (Chocolate Rain, Justin Bieber, Magibon)

♪ (dramatic music) ♪ ♪ Chocolate Rain ♪ Tay! The biggest legend on YouTube. “Chocolate Rain”! Oh, boy. – I see it; it’s “Chocolate Rain.” – ♪ Chocolate Rain ♪ You don’t have to move away from the microphone to breathe in. ♪ …again, Chocolate Rain ♪ (breathes) Sorry, I had away from the computer to breathe. I was just thinking, how awful would it have been if he breathed into that mic? – I’m glad he spared us. – (laughs) ♪ Chocolate Rain ♪ Man, this is an old video.

This takes me back, man. This takes me back. I used to post this on people’s MySpaces. This went huge. This went viral. There was all this media attention. It had not happened to anybody before, and in this time, no one really knew what to do. You know that weird place of YouTube? I feel like Tay Zonday is the gatekeeper to it.

♪ …shake their heads in shame, Chocolate Rain ♪ What is Chocolate Rain? I’ve never looked up what the actual meaning of this song is. We’ve had years to decipher what this song is about. I have made no progress. ♪ Chocolate Rain ♪ When I watched this, I never thought, oh, my God, I would meet this guy. When I saw Tay Zonday, I was like, “Man, I thought you were seven feet tall.” He’s not. He’s, like, the size of a Fine Brother.

♪ (instrumental) ♪ Oh. (chuckles) Oh, it’s over. I’ve never actually made it to the end. (laughs) Okay. That’s one of the best videos on YouTube. I feel like “Chocolate Rain” blew up in a moment of me not being self-aware of my not really knowing, “Is this what I want to do? Do I want to pursue music?” It was a happy accident. (FineBros) So, what was that video? “Chocolate Rain.” Don’t act like you don’t know, bitch. “Chocolate Rain.” “Chocolate Rain.” Just YouTube gold. I have, of course, a love-hate relationship with “Chocolate Rain,” as many people do who are disproportionately known for a particular thing. (FineBros) Why do you think this video went so viral? I mean, 4chan was a big help. Well, I know it got memed up. ‘Cause it’s amazing. The song is catchy as hell. You can’t deny that. That voice is just unmatchable. We’re there for the voice, and we stay because we’re like, “What the (bleep) is the voice singing about?” Three strikes for virality, right? Step one: deep voice. That gets you right away.

Step two is take yourself super seriously. Step three: takes the breath from the mic. The first one gets their hand on the mouse. The seconds one moves it over to the “share” button. – The third one fires the click. – (laughing) Probably 80% watched it because the found it funny. It was different because of the voice-body mismatch and my awkward mannerisms. But, there was also that part that actually said, “Hey, this means something and it touches me on that level.” (FineBros) How would you describe his voice? (deep voice) His voice is just a perfect, slightly lower Barry White voice.

Low. (low-pitched groan) The voice I want to hear, like, read me bedtime stories. The voice of God. Sexual. Can I say “sexual”? Surprisingly real. In person, he talks just like that. (FineBros) What does “Chocolate Rain” mean? I don’t know. It’s like… he’s singing about Chocolate Rain, which could be, like, poo. It’s like, is he talking about poo? I don’t know. The most thought-provoking song of our generation? Could be explosive diarrhea. It’s a serious song. I don’t think anybody ever, like, realizes that. If they’ve taken the lyrics to heart or literally, it’s like a– isn’t it kind of like a– (laughing) I don’t know, actually. I actually saw a comment and someone was like, “Maybe this is about racism,” and then there were about 30 other comments mocking it for thinking that it was about racism. These lyrics don’t even make any sense. Then you’re like, “Wait a second. He has a whole bunch of other videos, and he always sings like this. Oh, my God, I’m clicking the link of him on Jimmy Kimmel now. He’s talking like that! He speaks like this.

He doesn’t just sing like it.” You’re so balls-deep in Tay Zonday, and you realize it’s 5 AM, and you spent the whole (bleep) night on the weird part of YouTube, and you did it with Tay Zonday. I always say the question is more important than the answer. The greatest success of a song like “Chocolate Rain” is to get people to ask questions. (FineBros) Do you know Tay Zonday personally? No. I’d love to meet the dude. That’d be awesome. We do. Not as well as we’d like. – Yeah, we’ve met Tay. – Yeah, we do. I was the dick that said, “Is this your real voice?” He’s an amazing guy.

Like one of the sweetest and nicest and just intellectual people that you’ll ever meet. He’s done so much other stuff, but he’s just, you know– it’s almost like he’s cast-typen as the Chocolate Rain guy. He felt proud to, like, call him a friend. (FineBros) So, Tay is actually going to be – in this episode of YouTubers React. – That’s awesome. Oh, it’s so funny. Sorry if we talk crap about you, Tay. (FineBros) How do you think he’s going to react to himself? (imitating Tay) Oh, hey, that’s me. (imitating Tay) Oh, come on, guys. (imitating Tay) What the hell is this? (imitating Tay) I’ve learned so much since when I did this video. I hope he doesn’t, like, stab you guys. (laughs) (FineBros) What do you think the other YouTubers said about you and “Chocolate Rain” in this episode? That, “I became way, way bigger than he ever became”? No.

Um… (chuckles) I don’t know. I really have no clue. (FineBros) Well, what is something that you’d wish people would’ve taken notice of when it comes to how they perceived you in “Chocolate Rain”? Here’s what I wish, all right? “Chocolate Rain” was not perceived as an intimate and real experience. It actually was me, I actually am like that, it actually is authentic, and that’s who I am. I’m not bitter or anything. I mean, a lot of people who work their entire lives– they don’t get a calling card. I wish sometimes that more people would truly believe that that was me, because it is. (chuckles) ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ ♪ (Justin Timberlake, “Cry Me a River”) ♪ For real? Who is this girl? No! Don’t make me watch this! – Justin Bieber! – Aw! (girly voice) Oh, my God, I’m such a Belieber. ♪ You were my sun ♪ It’s a little Bieb! I don’t think you guys understand. I’m such a big Justin Bieber fan. I don’t even have any jokes about Justin Bieber anymore. I’ve run that river (bleep) dry. Oh, it’s good! It’s great! Don’t– no. Don’t turn it up– you– you dick! I was actually subscribed to Bieber when it was just this stuff.

I remember when kidrauhl was just a peer. – ♪ (harmonizes) ♪ – It’s like he’s serenading me. That’s really wrong to say. He’s, like, 12 in this, isn’t he? If I break this, can I pay for it and just buy you a new one? ♪ (Justin Bieber, “Baby”) ♪ – ♪ Oh, whoa ♪ – (sings along) I don’t know this song. I don’t know what you’re talking about. This is my jam. This is my song. I’ve never actually seen this video. I’ve only seen, like, the first 30 seconds.

I always (bleep) before then. – (lip-syncing along) – ♪ You know you love me ♪ ♪ I know you care ♪ – (singing along) – ♪ Just shout whenever ♪ ♪ And I’ll be there ♪ Hey, racially ambiguous girls. He’s, like, the only white guy in this entire building. Huh. Makes me want to dance. ♪ And I was like ♪ – (lip-syncing along) – ♪ Baby, baby, baby, oooh ♪ I hate The Fine Brothers for making me watch this. – You stole my hair, Justin! – (laughs) (bleep) you, Justin Bieber, you (bleep) piece of (bleep)! Oh, my God! He’s got the worst voice ever! His new music’s not too bad, but this one– this is terrible. ♪ (Justin Bieber, “Boyfriend”) ♪ Yeah. This was a good song. I hate this video. Bring back the old Bieber! ♪ If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go ♪ And then he grew up to be a douchebag. (laughs) If you listen to the background noise, it sounds like whales mating. – ♪ Swag, swag, swag, on you ♪ – ♪ On you ♪ Swaggy.

(laughs) That’s all I got out of this song, is “swaggy.” – ♪ Girl, let me talk to you ♪ – I like it. – (lip-syncing along) – ♪ If I was your boyfriend ♪ ♪ Never let you go ♪ He’s really talented. He’s completely different. Still got the racially ambiguous girls, though. Still got the racially ambiguous girls. I’d never thought I’d say this, but this makes me miss Justin Timberlake. Getting touchy. Gets a bit sexual here, doesn’t it? – ♪ Na na na, na na na ♪ – Yeah. I love you, J-Biebs. Stay away from my daughters. (chuckles) (bleep) you. – (FineBros) So, who was that? – (bleep) you. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ (FineBros) All right, so, who was that? – That was Justin Bieber. – That was Justin Bieber. Bieber. (cringes) The guy whose name has been in over 500 of my video titles and over 6,000 of my thumbnails.

(FineBros) What are your thoughts on his music? – (bleep) – I like him. Love his music. He is an extremely talented musician. He’s cute. When I was watching Bieber’s old videos– this was before he got signed or anything– I was like, “This little white boy can friggin’ sing.” It’s not the kind of music I listen to. Brandon, you’re rockin’ Beethoven all the time, so it’s like you can’t beat the original B. Justin Bieber is great at singing and dancing. All of the other things that he outsources to other people– I think those people are talented at doing those things. (FineBros) How long have you loved Justin Bieber? For a very long time. – (FineBros) Is it appropriate for– – Yes.

– Adult women– – Yes. (FineBros) Justin Bieber has a huge amount of haters. Why do you think that is? I think a lot of guys were jealous, probably. He gets the chicks, man. I think he has a lot of haters because he’s popular. I mean, everybody who’s popular has haters. When I was in junior high, I was like, “Ew! ‘N Sync? Pssh!” But then it’s like, I just downloaded the best of ‘N Sync two weeks ago, and I bump that (bleep), you know what I’m saying? You got to be able to draw a distinction between your personal tastes and if it’s actually good or not. Just because it’s not to your taste doesn’t mean it’s bad. He has music that is for young girls. It’s for girls; it’s not for you.

It’s like if someone watched The Wiggles, and they were saying, “This is horrible art.” It’s for kids! (FineBros) So, a lot of people say that Justin Bieber is a YouTuber just like you are; they got all this success. – Is that how you see the story? – No. – No. – Yes, I do. Justin Bieber did start as a YouTuber. If you watch the Justin Bieber biography that they did, it does show that he really did start on YouTube. I wouldn’t classify him as a YouTuber anymore. He was really popular on YouTube back then, but he wasn’t a YouTuber. He was just a guy doing videos on YouTube. To me, a YouTuber is somebody who goes to VidCon and goes to Playlist Live and is a part of the community.

Every time somebody blows up and they say, “Oh, it was a YouTuber,” and then you go to their channel and there’s, like, three videos of them. They weren’t even talking to the audience. Just ’cause you had videos on YouTube at one point doesn’t mean you’re a YouTuber. (FineBros) Do you think Justin Bieber’s success of starting on YouTube has had an impact on the site overall? Oh, definitely. Teenage boys and girls out there who would love to be the next Justin Bieber. He has opened the doors to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of terrible singers on YouTube. Spare us your (bleep) parodies or cover musics or whatever you’re gonna do. (FineBros) Can you talk about the evolution of Bieber from the three videos we showed you? Well, puberty hit. He’s trying to grow up. You know, it’s the Disney syndrome. He doesn’t have a bowl haircut, so he’s not as hateable. Okay, sure. – I see you’re hinting at something. – (laughs) He appeals to more of a cool audience. For me, watching that video was a nice change. I have two daughters and it’s like, I don’t want them to see those new videos where it seems like blatantly sexual.

My sister grew up, she was 11 years old, watching Madonna, who would perform in a bra, so it’s good for children, I think. Now that I think about it, my sister’s pretty (bleep) up. You can argue The Beatles actually had that sort of similar thing, which was originally their first albums were, like, pretty crappy pop music. Everyone was like, “This is all tween pop,” and then they came out with “Sgt. Pepper’s.” I want to hear what the Bieber “Sgt. Pepper” equivalent is.

Maybe he’ll go there. It’ll be interesting to see, who is Justin Bieber post-cute? Who is Justin Bieber post-Disney-hot? What is that era of Justin Bieber going to look like? ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ Oh, a video I don’t know. (volume indicator clicking) Is there sound? Is the sound broke? Is this gonna scare me? If this is a jumper, I’m gonna (bleep) kill you. This does not feel clean. I remember her. Magibon! I was obsessed with her! I thought I would never have to see Magibon ever again. Bye. Here’s another video. It’s so much different. Oh, what’s the story this time? What is going on? I’m so confused. Just suck it already! Here. I’ll start it for you. Don’t worry. Is there a counter on YouTube for how many pedophiles watch these? She’s over 18, so they may think they’re pedophiles, but they’re bad pedophiles. She definitely has kind of an anime aesthetic.

Two guys watching this video side-by-side– – No. No. – Let’s watch. – No. No! (sobs) – Let’s watch some Magibon videos, bro. I’m married, Magibon! Quit looking at me like that! I’m a married man! No, no, no, no, no, don’t– you bitch! So, that was my ex-girlfriend. What was that? What the hell was that? I don’t know what that was. But it felt… kind of dirty. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – (FineBros) Do you know who that girl was? – No. – No. – No. – Nope. – No. – That was Magibon. – Magibon. Is it pronounced “Maggie-bon” or… I always pronounce it “Maji-bon.” (FineBros) In old-school YouTube, she was a pretty big deal back in the day. You serious? (FineBros) Her channel had over 100 million views. For sitting silently? Oh, just starting at the camera? This is bull(bleep). (bleep) genius. Genius (bleep) channel. I was pretty jealous. I was like, “Dude, we do not have to put any more effort into our videos.

We could just stare at it.” – (FineBros) How is this possible? – I don’t know. That one’s over my head. Dudes are just– like Asian chicks. I don’t know. There’s some weird people on the Internet, and… Don’t put me in this position! I don’t want to talk about it. Per…verts…on…the…In…ter…net. Seven syllables. (FineBros) I was looking at the analytics – of the Magibon channel… – Oh, God. You’re such a creep. (FineBros) …and all of the primary demographics are male… – Uh-oh. – (FineBros) And her number-one most popular demographic is 45 and up men. Oh, that just makes me feel bad. (groans) That’s just sick! (FineBros) What do you think about that? I feel dirty watching that video now.

Over 45, looking at a little girl staring. I try to be pretty open to things and what people like, but that’s really creepy. They could be just, like, 13-year-old dudes who just made fake accounts so they could watch 18-plus videos, ’cause I did that when I was 16 on YouTube. That’s too much, guys. That’s… that’s uncomfortable. (FineBros chuckling) She’s just looking in the camera. But we all know what’s going on on the other side of the screen.

(FineBros) Now knowing the analytics, do you think it hurts the legitimacy of the site when YouTube has content like this that is really popular? I tend to say, “Let it happen, man.” I like the freedom. Not really, because the higher production value content can play that game too. You can’t make a value judgment on, like, “Is it okay? Is it not okay?” – It’s like, it will be. – It just is. That is the way the Internet– the Internet is chaos.

I mean, that’s what YouTube is. It’s what it always will be. I think YouTube people say, “Oh, YouTube is the future.” For jerking off. At first, I was like, “Why is this okay?” Eventually, you realize there’s so many people on YouTube, and there’s just so many different types of niche contents and videos for every single type of people everywhere that you might as well accept it. Yeah, a girl staring into the camera getting millions of views is gonna totally take away from my craft, but if YouTube was to do something about it, that kind of takes away the whole beauty of YouTube. (FineBros) And finally, how about you give us – your best Magibon impression? – Aah! My mother told me to stay classy. (FineBros) How about you give us your best impression of Magibon? No, ’cause I don’t want pedophiles beating it to this video.

Thanks for watching “YouTubers React.” Like it, subscribe, spread it. You never know which YouTubers you’ll see right here on “YouTubers React,” so be sure to subscribe to all of us and comment below who you want to see next. We’re gonna go eat some sushi with the blood on it. (intently) With the blood on it. – ¡Adios! – Bye! .

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DRAMA IS THE NEW BLACK – BOEN Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends (2/3)

Hi, I am Gudy Herder. Hi, I am Andreas Tippel. In the next couple of minutes … I’d like to share with you the main features and characteristics of the main features and characteristics of the of the interior design and lifestyle trend „DRAMA IS THE NEW BLACK“. And I will show you BOEN’s products which answer this trend. Whether you’re pro-darkness or not … you can’t argue that black rules the Interior Design world. Black – however – as a trending colour is so far no news. But entire interiors are being painted or decorated in black now, from the floor to the ceiling. And It’s all about the TOTAL LOOK. It certainly is a daring trend where BLACK is synonymous with a sleek sophisticated style. But it is not only the fashion and interior design field … that succumbs to that masculine and elegant palette … but other areas such as food, prop styling, architecture … artisan work and beauty are all engaged. How to soften this trend? Actually black can be a quite warm shade when the paint on the walls is thickened with pigments to give a matt finish. It’s always the glossy effect that give a colder appearance.

As for 2017, black is no longer combined with copper but brass finishings are taking over when we talk metal accessories. If you like BLACK but rather prefer a warmer approach … natural wood on frames and flooring can be great combinations so is lush greenery in terracotta planters. Blots of dark green or dark blue are an interesting add on, too. Black is actually very versatile. If these aesthetics are up your alley … then it’s a good moment to see how we have translated this trend into a matching floor collection that depending on how you combine it can give you a more modern or classic appearance in your home.

Thanks Gudy. Since BOEN is the style advisor we develop our products to match trends. The colours Ebony and Chalk Black are simple to explain. They are just black, in two different yet combinable shades. There is one thing that reminds us that we´re still talking about wooden floors. And that´s the smooth brushing. Boen´s Live Pure surface offers the best protection at an extremely low gloss level. Find out more about BOEN’s our stylish black floors. Your Boen salesman is happy to help. .

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The ULTIMATE Forex Trading Course for Beginners

Hey hey what’s up my friend so welcome right to the ultimate forex trading course for beginners right so this is for you right if you’re new to forex trading you have less than a year of experience or you want to learn more about a forex markets then this course right will benefit you greatly so let’s begin so first and foremost what is forex trading right so forex trading right or the word forex refers to foreign exchange what you’re doing is trading one currency for another so who treats for x and y so there are numerous market participants or who treat forex for example you have the central banks banks corporations and retail traders so central banks could be because right they want to make their economy more competitive right by devaluing their currency okay so this makes their currency cheaper and exports will be more attractive for banks they could be because they are a market maker they are making a market in the FX market or perhaps they are trying to hitch their own portfolio for corporations right it could be because they need to buy raw material so they need to you know get involved in the foreign exchange for example if I’m Toyota I need to buy raw materials for my tire maybe the tire is a I’m buying from India so what I’ll do is that I would need to sell some Japanese yen right and buy Indian rupee right so that I can take this Indian rupee right and go to companies in India to exchange for the raw materials for my tires an example and for retail traders it could be because right you are trading the forex market to speculate to try and earn a profit to know generate a better return compared to you know putting your money in a bank right so these are the few groups of traders who trades the forex market so as you can see over here this is roughly how the forex market be the inter the web the network of the forex market looks like so in the center right the one which does the bulk of this transaction there are central banks and the major banks right then you have the investment funds and corporations who are trading with the banks and then finally right retail traders like you and me here retail traders retail traders or who traits in the market as well so this is the hierarchy right you can see that at the top of the food chain is the major banks the central banks then followed by medium-sized and smaller banks then the brokers okay H funds corporations and finally retail traders and a bottom so this is from baby bibs right advantages of forex trading so there are numerous advantage of you know forex trading number one there is high liquidity right so unlike stock said sometimes if you trade penny stocks or small cap stocks right there is no liquidity right and you have to pay a very wide bit a spread but for forex trader you typically have high liquidity so this means that you can get in and out of the trade right relatively easy right without paying a huge premium or or spread on it there is low barrier to entry any anyone can just open a forex trading account doesn’t really it doesn’t mean that you must be a high net worth individual and it’s a trap nope barrier to entry is no certain forex brokers allows you to trade nano lot so this in return right allows you to better manage your risk so for example one of the big problems that I think most stock traders face is that let’s say you have small capital let’s say 500 dollars and if you want to apply proper risk management on stocks it can be difficult because let’s say you’re on the risk 1% of your comp so $500 is I got 5 bucks if you pay the transaction cost it’s gonna be more than 5 dollars right for stocks right you you you get your broker to do the transaction or I think maybe one round trip is maybe really 10 or 20 dollars so it’s difficult to apply proper risk management on stocks especially with small accounts but for forex it’s possible because you can treat nano lots right and also Forex it doesn’t have t what we call the traditional transaction cost you only pay the spread right so this allows you to kind of like even risk $5 on a trade in forex if you are having the ability to treat nano lots with certain brokers so it really helps you better manage your risk you can treat any time you want forex pretty much is the market is open to in 4 or 5 from Monday to Friday so you wake up the market is open you sleep market is open and yep low transaction cost as I mentioned earlier so just a quick recap right so forex trading exchange of currencies traded by banks corporations and retail traders and this are the advantages that we covered earlier so now what are some of the different currency pairs in the market right there are three brought currency pairs that you should be aware of right the major currency pairs crosses and exotic currency pairs so the major currency pairs are are typically currency pairs there are the most liquid right and they have a dollar element to it for example euro dollar pound dollar dollar Swizzy dollar yen Aussie dollar and kiwi dollar and dollar Looney notice that they all have the USD element in all of these currency pairs and this seven currency pairs are the most liquid currency pair so that’s why they call it the major currency pairs the most popular and most heavily traded currency pairs and if you look at this right in 2016 right the number one most actively traded currency pairs is USD right number one followed by euro followed by yen pound or Z etc so now let’s talk about the cross currency pair so so cross currency pairs are currency pairs that don’t have a USD element to it for example euro crosses right means that the currency pairs has a euro element to it right euros Swiss franc euro pound euro Aussie the yen crosses right euro yen pawneean Aussie yen pound crosses right means that the currency pair have a pound element to it an Aussie on New Zealand and pound Canadian what about exotic currency pairs so these are usually currency pairs which are thinly traded they have a wider bit asks spread okay and the swings in this market can be more volatile as well so some of these examples are dollar against the African Rand dollar against the Mexican peso dollar against the Thai Baht dollar against the Indian rupee dollar against the Turkish lira okay so moving on right let’s talk about the different forex trading session so unlike the stock markets where you have just in one session the forex market you have typically three different sessions the asian session the london session and the new york session and they all open at different times of the day okay and it’s it’s even worse right there these times of the day are not fixed because it really depends on where you are in the world if you’re in Asia right you’re open I mean you’re your timezone right the time is different compared to someone in you yo so I’m just gonna go with a general example right and assume that you are from the US right so for the Asian section right it starts at p.m.

To p.m. EDT right and this is doing summer period from April to October for the London session is from 3 p.m. to 12 a.m. EDT and the New York session is a.m. to p.m. EDT now what if you are not in US maybe you’re in London maybe in Singapore Malaysia right how do you translate this to your own local timezone very simple just go down to Google and search for forex trading session hours right so I’m sure there are a few results right now the top few one that will tell you right what is the current for accession in your time zone in your local time zone just do a search right forex trading hour session along that lines right forex trading hours right now forex market hour session something like that right and you will know what is the current forex trading session in your time zone and next right if during winter period around October to April right your Asian session starts at p.m.

To 3 p.m. est London is 3 p.m. to 12 a.m. est and New York is a.m. to p.m. est ok so which is the best session to trade forex so I think this kind of applies to almost any markets right the best times to create is when there is volatility in the markets because only when there is volatility only when there is price movement can you make a profit the market don’t move you’re not gonna make a profit at all right you can squeeze blood out of a rock so you need to be trading when there is most volatility in the markets and for day traders especially right the most volatile session is the London session and to be precise right the most volatile period is actually in the London and New York overlap session so you can have a look at this this is from a window you can see that this is the start of the London session end of London session start of New York session end of New York session so you can see that when London session starts right volatility has picked up and historically right the market is most volatile during the London and New York overlap as you can see over here the volatility here is the highest during this three or four hours okay now what about when is the best days to trade Forex so the concept is still the same right you want to be trading Forex when the market tends to move right on a certain base right which case does the forex market tends to move the most so Tuesday Wednesday Thursday generally is where the forex market tends to move the most right if you look at this this is from baby pips you can see that uh this is the currency pair this is the days of the week right and this are the movement of the the movement of the currency pairs on average right on this different days of the week so for example euro dollar on Tuesday it tends to move around 142 pips on euro dollar on Wednesday it tends to move about 136 pips Thursday it tends to move about on average hundred forty five pips so as you can see that over here if you look at it right Tuesday Wednesday Thursday tends to be when the FX markets move the most right so if you ask me Tuesday when I say Thursday those are the best days of the week to trade Forex now moving on right let’s talk about some common forex trading terminology so this might be slightly different from stocks right but generally the concepts right can be applied to C right so we all talk about what is long what is short what is the leverage of margin what is a bit what is a bit and ask and what is the spread so what is long and short so to put it simply right when you see that I’m long euro dollar it means that right you’re referring to the trade direction right you’re bullish on euro dollar you want euro dollar right to go up because that’s where you’ll make a profit so if you are long right you want the market to go up so you can make a profit if you are sure right it means that you want to market to go down so you can make a profit this means that you have a bearish bias okay so what is leverage and margin so leverage we first try to how much more you can trade relative to your account size so let’s see an example right let’s say you have a $10,000 trading account right $10,000 trading account and you’re using a average of let’s say a one to ten leverage one to ten this means where you can actually control ten times more than your initial capital this means your broker lets you trade up to a hundred thousand dollars worth of currency ten times more than your initial capital so this is what leverage means right how much more can you treat right relative relative to your initial trading capital so margin is just another way of looking at it right if you just take a hundred divided by leverage so for example earlier the leverage is 10 so hundred divided by 10 it says that you know your margin requirement right all right yet the margin require is just 10 percent right so if you want rate her at all one hundred thousand dollars worth of currency you only require to put up a ten percent margin which is ten thousand dollars so just different ways of looking at it one thing to point out is that leverage right it’s a double-edged sword you can make more in trading by the same time you can also loose more so let me share with you an example so let’s say again you have the ten thousand dollars trading account all right and you’re using a one to ten leverage of 100k will go with a stock example let’s say we’re gonna buy some shares of Apple right say the shares of Apple is currently $100 so let’s say you know shares of Apple has now moved up right two hundred and ten dollars one hundred and ten all right so it’s an increase of 10% so if there is if you’re trading we don’t leverage right you can see that you have actually made a gain of $1000 1k if you are using leverage you have a made of gain of panky so if you put into perspective right in percentage terms right what has happened is that without leverage you haven’t made a return of 10% with leverage you haven’t made a return of a hundred percent of your money okay this might you know looks looks good right and sounds really awesome but I want you to to take note that what happens if the shares of Apple drops by ten percent let’s say right now from hundred we move down to ninety dollars so your capital with ten thousand that’s right it’s a drop of 10% so you have lost one key you’re trading with leverage right ten times leverage right now a drop of 10% you have lost 10 K so pretty much pretty much essentially you have wiped out your entire trading account right when the shares of Apple has drop 10% so this is why I say that you know leverage is a double-edged sword you want to use this right with a responsibility you really must know what you’re doing so if you ask me if you want to learn more about leverage on how to better position size your trade right this is more advanced stuff you can go down to my website trading with Raina dot-com / 4-h this – Reese – management all right that’s where you can learn more about risk management in position sizing so now moving on right what is a pip a pip stands for point in percentage it refers to the four most currency pairs like the crosses the major currency pairs it’s the fourth decimal place so let’s say for example euro dollar right now is trading at one point two five one one okay so let’s say it moves up by two pips so what this means right is that it does now move up by two pips is big now the price is trading at one two five one three right so you’re looking at a fourth decimal place over here right for the most of the currency pairs for the yen currency pairs is slightly different right so for again it’s let’s say straining a 120 dot 105 pips so it’s now trading one five right you’re looking at this second decimal place over here for the yen currency pairs right so bear in mind right so P basically refers to the smallest price move right in a currency pair and one thing to note right sometimes you know brokers they just try to be funny I knew you can even have something called the pig pen right so P pen right now for most currency pairs is the fifth decimal place right and for this one over here is the decimal place so you can really get email I mean you can really get really precise about it if you want to right so just something to share with you right it’s called the pipette so what is the billion ask all right so this is a the bit right refers to the price that you can sell it and the ask is the price that you can buy it so whenever you trading Forex or whether you’re trading stocks right it’s not just one price it’s always to price the bit and ask so let me share with you an example right again let’s say for euro dollar let’s say it’s trading at 1 200 1/1 203 okay the higher value is always to ask and the smaller value is always the bit so if you look at this right and you refer to to what I just mentioned earlier the ask is the price you can buy it so if you had a long euro dollar right now I’m gonna buy euro dollar this is the price you have to pay one point two zero zero three if you want to sell euro dollar right now this is the price that you can sell one point two zero zero one okay so this is what we mean by the bit and us the price that you can buy and the price that you can sell it and the difference between the ask and a bit is what we call the bid-ask spread right so if you look at this right right now if you take this one – this one you realize that it’s two pips right so this in other words right is that spread the transaction cost that you have to pay to transact with your broker so generally right for major currency pairs the spread right it tends to be tighter tends to be smaller whereas if you are trading exotic currency pairs the spread over here tends to be bigger wider so in other words you’re paying more right to create the exotic currency pairs so what is the spread yep as mentioned earlier right the difference between the beat and ask so now how do you read a Forex chatter I so let me share with you an example okay so this a Forex chart so this one over here is a from trading view you can go to trading view come over here or I didn’t get this access to free charts let’s have a look at candlestick chart right so what do you see over here right now is this red line over here is the the price right now to create New Zealand dollar this is New Zealand dollar okay so if you look at if you want to trade right let’s say on the sell you notice that again there is two price the bid and ask if you wanna say for example you see what I do I click on trade sell New Zealand dollar selling in a bit that’s what we mentioned earlier right you want you always sell at a big price let’s see it right now I want to buy buy New Zealand dollar you’re buying Eddie okay so as you can see right now the bid-ask spread on New Zealand Dollars you just take this one – this one is pips okay so this is the bit ask spread so in other words right let me just you know break it down you know – what it all means so let’s say you want a long New Zealand dollar right now right so your longer this is the price that you have to pay so what this means is that to buy one New Zealand dollar all right you have to pay zero point six six zero one seven US dollar right that is the cost to buy one New Zealand dollar right now you have to pay zero point six six zero one seven you install it okay so that’s a pretty much how it works so moving on that’s how you read a Forex chart all right moving on right what is the Forex lot size so lot size refers to how much of a Forex currency pair you can buy all right so there are different lot size so the first one is what we call a standard law hundred thousand units or currencies right standard lot meaning lot 10,000 units micro lot thousand units and followed by nano lots anything below a thousand units so nano lot is a not offered by by all brokers or I typically brokers that a market maker they tend to be able to offer nano Lots right otherwise the most common Forex lot size that your trade is either the standard or the mini law so how do you calculate your gains and losses right so let me just walk you through an example let’s say you know earlier the New Zealand dollar example let’s say let’s let’s make it euro dollar it is still like the most common currency 1.200 one okay let’s say this is the price that you buy un long L and this is the price that you sow a dry you so let 1.200 five okay so surprise pull it s right sell this is long so what is your game on this trade well you can tell that you have actually earned four pips right you can tell right you and four pips can’t even spell it right you earn four pips right because you take a one point two oh five minus one point two or one that’s a difference of four pips but how much do you make on this trader is dependent on your Forex lot size are you trading a standard lot are you trading a mini lot or micro lot so a standard load right is hundred thousand units right so generally our stand a lot higher a thousand units right each team right is $per people now one thing to bear in mind is dead depending on the currency that you’re trading depending on the currency that your account is funded right this this our figure over here will change over time okay so you might need to check with your broker what is the value of one pip to you for one standard lock so let’s say you know you’re funded for USD account and your trading euro dollar so it will be $10 per peep so if you make four pips just now you saw right you made four pips right okay let me let me I’m a little bit okay okay for people is understandable for people right so what you’ll do is you take four multiplied by ten so there is a gain of $40 for you on that tree right you take the number of pips that you have earned or lost right multiplied by this uh how many dollar per pip that you’re treating right this value over here is dependent on your Forex lot size if you are trading so let’s say ten thousand you need to write it will be one dollar per pip thereabout okay so this is how you calculate your gains and loss in forex so moving on right the different types of Forex orders right so there are a few types right market order Lehman order stop order stop-loss order so let’s talk about market order so market order is an order right that tells your broker that hey you know I want to enter the market right now I’m the boss I don’t enter right now so the pros right of this approach is that you know for sure that you will be in the trade the broker will execute the trade for you and whatever is the markets prevailing price that that was like – this is that you’re actually paying a premium sometimes the market is moving for us it breaks out it’s you know going up up up up up and if you hit a market order you’re paying a premium okay so so that is the pros and cons right of market order limit order and on the other hand sir you enter only if the market comes to your desired price level let’s say you know Apple shares now is trading at $120 you think mid last too high I don’t pay her $20 for Apple shares what you can do is use a buy limit order all right and put it at let’s say $100 so this means that if Apple shares comes down $200 only then will you get filled on the tree so the pros of this approach is that you are typically right entering at a cheaper price right you let the market come to your price level the downside of this approach is that you might miss the move because Apple might not come back $200 it might go up to 150 200 and hey you miss the boat man and the other downside is that you’re actually trading against the current momentum because if you think about this right it’s the market fill you on the trick you’re actually trading against that down move against you all right so that might be a something that you want to know be aware of as well what about stop order right so a stop order is typically used right when you want to trade a breakout when the market is moving in your favor then you hop on and get on board the trade so it’s like let’s say Apple shares right now is $120 and you notice that this price right of Apple shares has not break above hundred and thirty dollars over the last two years all right so you want to trade a break on it on Apple because you might believe that hey if Apple hits hundred thirty dollars there’s a good chance it could be at 140 150 in a few weeks time so what do you do is you can place a buy stop order on Apple shares at 120 dollars and so you only enter the trade if the price hits hundred and thirty dollars and above so this is what we call a buy stop order the pros of this approach is that you’re entering your traits all right with momentum because the market right now the market has your back right Whitney said your back right so this is why you only enter when there is momentum in your favor the downside to this is that this might be of Spreaker right so what’s the false breakout is actually say the market right over here it breaks out and then it does a reversal and goes back into the range so this is what we call a false breakout all right so that might be possible right if you are using a stop order and stop-loss order right is pretty much an order right to exit your trick if it goes against you it’s somewhat like a insurance right to protect yourself to protect your account if the trade goes against you so let’s say again for example Apple shares you buy it $100 okay and you have a stoploss order at $90 so what this means right is that if the market if the price comes to $90 you will exit the tree all right so this is what we mean by using a stop loss order right so the the beauty of this is that you’re actually no cutting your losses you’re limiting the damage that could be done to your trading account the cons of this is they’re you know often right if you I would say often right depending how you set your stop-loss everybody there’s a very possible likelihood right there the market could hit your stop-loss right and then reverse back in your initial direction and then you might say oh man why do I use the stop-loss I’m so silly now I’m out of the trade and the market has went back in my favor so yeah you’re gonna get dead quite a number of times in your trading journey right it’s a fun and parcel of trading so you wanna Brit embrace this fact all right so this could jolly well happenin if you think about this this is worth it right because what if the price doesn’t go back into your internet direction what if it drops to like five dollars right you have pretty much you know wipe out a huge chunk of your capital so stop-loss order is like paying insurance right it’s like to give you a comfort of mind to know that you know you are protected no matter what happens right but sometimes right I would say that stop-loss right it’s like paying insurance it’s such like to pay insurance but you know when when the shit hits the fan right you’re glad that you have your stop-loss there to protect you right so that’s the the message there on a bring across okay so now the different types of Forex charge so generally there are or there are many types of Forex chart but we’re just gonna you know share with you dear three common ones the line shot bacha and the candlestick cha so if you look at this one over here I let’s look at line shot first line shot typically it’s a it’s a line on your shot right so he only shows you what it does is that it connects the closing prices of the chart okay see okay you can choose it already on the choose the closed open hi whatever but by default it’s usually connects the closing prices on a chart and it shows in a form as a line on this on the chart it’s very useful to identify the direction of the trend if you if you’re not sure you know what is the trend okay so there is a line shot moving on right we have what we call a bar chart so a bachelor different okay so I’m just gonna share with you how to interpret it so let’s talk about the the green one you see over here the green one typically means something like that right goes up okay okay so this is a green color bar chart so what this means right is that the open price right or rather than the closing price is above the open so this is why it’s bullish right the market has closed higher for the day so this over here this line and you see over on the left is open okay this one over here is the closed and this is the high of the day and this is the low of the day I mean sorry this is the low of the day alright so if you’re looking at a daily timeframe this is what it means if you’re looking at a one hour time frame then this is the high of the one hour time frame this is the low over the last one hour okay and if you’re looking at weekly timeframe this is the high of the week then this would be the low of the week okay the Kulu of the week right so this the again open and this is the close now what if you see a red color bar what does it mean well it’s just the opposite actually so getting the tools okay so if you see a red color bar so what this means right is that again right if you are looking at a daily timeframe this is the high of the day low of the day this is the open and this is the close this should be a quite common sense because this is a bearish but because the price has closed lower for the day alright has closed below the open so the close has to me below D open so the open is on top the close is below right so this is how you read a bar chart and for candlestick chart okay let’s have a look right same thing the concept is the same for green color bar okay let’s say green color bar this is the high of the day the low of the day it’s called LH so for it to be green for it to be bullish right where must the open B well the open must be below the close right so this over here is the open and this over here is the close make sense so now what about the rate color bar that you see so with the red color bar is just the opposite the red color bar like this right here so again this is the high of the day low of the day H no this is the low and this is the high and where is the open on the top or the bottom well if you recall right for the bar to be bearish right the open has to be on top right open and this is the close price close lower for the day okay does it make sense then let’s move on so now that you know how to read the different types of Forex chart let’s you know understand the different types of Forex analysis right so your fundamental analysis you have technical analysis and sentiment analysis so what is fundamental analysis so fundamental analysis typically deals with information like GDP across domestic product interest rates right a non vampiro consumer price index all right the macro in economic numbers figures right these are all things to do with fundamental analysis on the other hand right when you are dealing with technical analysis you are using tools like you know support and resistance candlestick parents Fibonacci ratios and etc right typically stop that you know gills with chatting right boils and there are falls down and falls under technical analysis and as for sentiment analysis you typically try and engage the sentiment of the markets you’re trying to identify what are the players doing so what you can do is to use you know tools like the commitment of traders report it tells you what are the commercial traders doing what are the speculators doing what are the was there about commercial speculators and I think was it was at the third cake that category right so this is what the common problem one of traders report would tell you right what are the different players of the market doing and to give you a sentiment in the market then you serve that the longshots ratio right know how many traders a long company a short to kind of give a sentiment do you know our traders bullish or bearish so moving on right let’s talk about the different types of trading strategies right so there are many trading strategies out there but generally it can be broken down into you know one of these three position trading swing trading and day trading so let’s talk about position trading so the idea right behind position trading is there you wanna you know okay let me just get the color right is that you want to capture a trend market so let’s say for example the market is in an uptrend okay and then it comes down a bit so it’s a position trader what you’re interested is to capture the meat of the trend right the meat of the trend right you can’t possibly get in near the lows or the highs but you’re just focused on capturing the meat so the meat of the trend right now in the bulk of it so that is what a position trader tries to do so you’re typically trading on the four hour time frame and above the for our daily or even weekly time frame and it’s very suited right for those with a full time job because you don’t need to monitor the markets all the time right you can just put on a trade go to work right settle your commitments and just come back before you sleep just check your charts once or twice per day that’s enough right because position trading takes time to play up swing trading on the other hand right it’s usually between the 1 and 4 hour time frame and it’s for those with full time jobs but you want a little bit more right not so you know passive like a position trader so swing trader right your goal over here is just to capture one swing in the market so what is one swing so this over here is one swing this is one swing this is another swing and this is one swing so as a swing trader you’re just interested in just capturing one swing in the market and that’s it you’re not interested in writing the entire move so if let’s say the market right it’s a in a trend right what do you want to do as a swing trader is to buy near the lows of the pullback and then as the market hits high you just capture this one swing over here and that’s it ok so day trading right is I would say a faster form of trading right it’s really trading below the one-hour time frame and it’s for those want rate for a living right day trading I would say it’s quite hard for those of you who have full time job because you know day trading week requires you to actively watch your trade manage your positions and if you have you know full time commitment elsewhere day trading is the last thing that you want to do alright so for day traders right typically you are just trading off the lower timeframe in capturing the introduced volatility right so that’s pretty much what day traders try to do so now let’s talk about the different types of forex brokers right I think this is an important topic and a topic that many of you are want to know more about right so for forex brokers generally it can be broken down into one of these two categories right dealing this broker and a non dealing this broker okay so let’s talk about dealing this broker right so dealing this broker and I pretty much brokers that are otherwise called market maker some of you might think what man rate a market maker right so you have you know like sort of bet blood against market maker because the handle stops yada yada right but just the thing right market maker is nothing wrong it’s just the way the business model works right what they do is that for market maker you’re a trader right you would treat if the broker okay so the broker would then what they do is they were if you’re like you know consistently profitable trader they would you know usually try to make your trades with other traders that you have on hand so they kind of net off their position or pass your trades right to other liquidity providers okay so they don’t have to have anything dude however if they kind of see that hey you know treated it loose consistently what they’ll do is just do you know trick against your position right they won’t purposely no ha no stop loss and stuff like that but it’ll just trade against your position take the opposite side of your position because they know in the long run right you tend to lose overtime so that’s the way you know they they handle their business operation right they won’t go out of their way to purposely you know stop your of your traits and the reason I say this is because the broken industry is highly competitive if you’re gonna do this to your customers right it’s gonna be a matter of time right through social media to reporting right before the word gets out right and you can have a bad reputation and you know you might even lose your entire business license altogether so it’s not worth right just to turn a few measly pits from a few traders to risk losing your entire business operation okay but the fact is that they will take the opposite side of your trade see they look at your past record and realize that hey you know you are not a very profitable trader you tend to lose over time and to make things easier for them they just take me opposite side of the trade right and you know squared off so on the other hand right you have what we call the okay let’s let’s turn a little bit more about this right so basically their market maker they take the opposite side of your trade and you it depends right sometimes they can offer you a fixed prep sometimes the spread is not fixed eyes slightly variable right but more or less right over time you tend to realize that the spread of your traits are pretty much fixed and for market maker they allow you to treat men a lot so if a broker it allows you to treat smaller than a thousand units high chance right it’s a market maker okay and again I repeat right there is nothing wrong or bad about market maker it’s just the way they run their business is their business model so now not dealing this you have what we call ACN electronic communication network and STP straight through processing so let’s have a look right an on dealing desk broker right so for example this one is an EC n right what they do is that the trader right will trip the broker and a broker will just connect you directly to the interbank market right means you can see the order flow of the other market participants for ecn okay you can directly interact with other liquidity product providers or other ECM participants right and usually you’ll be charged a commission on your trade so for example not only will you have to – a for easy and right you can actually queue at a bit and offer so you may or may not have to pay the spread right if you get filled on a bit on the offer okay but one thing for sure is that you will be charged a commission for every trade right depending your broker how much we trust you right you will pay a fixed Commission on it for this so-called service that a broker is offering you so another type of a Nandi link this is what we call a straight-through processing a broker what they do is again right here the trader right is the broker so the the broker will get a quotes from all the different liquidity provider right and then share share the most competitive one right with you right so what they’ll do is that this are currently the bid and ask right by this liquidity provider a B and C so what they’ll do is they’ll mock up this this spreads slightly right and then pass on the cost to you so what they learn is the the spread right the additional spread right from this uh course that you receive from the other liquidity providers okay so this is how a straight-through processing broker works so you can link you with other liquidity providers right and a spread is variable for this right so what they’ll typically do is that they link you with the other liquidity providers right they would then help you find you know the prevailing bid and ask spread right and then they bring back this piece of information to you and then just add on their own mark up their own spread right and that’s how they kind of earn it from you right for this service that they provide you with the other liquidity provider so this is like kind of you know one step behind the easy na you see earlier the EC it can go directly to the liquidity pool put in your orders and see the orders for this STP right straight through processing you can see the orders directly right the only the only the brokers that you trade with can see the orders okay so this area’s a little bit gray over here so who to choose right over here as your broker so you go with the ECM STP or market maker so for dealing des right or otherwise known as market maker I recommend it for new traders because primarily right they allow you to trade near no Lots this means that you can trade less than a thousand units and help you better manage your risk all right so this is important for new trainers because you don’t want you know go in with a fixed minimum lot size like one lot and then if your account size is too small you can apply proper risk management you might you know end up losing a lot faster so for new traders I recommend going with idling this also if you are a swing opposition trader I’ll see a dealing this isn’t that bad after all because as a swing and position trader your stop-loss so it tends to be pretty wide you know to 300 pips no problem and for dealing that’s right even though they’re spread might be slightly higher the if you copulate the spread right as a as a hard call it a spread as a function of your stop-loss right the spread is usually like what one over hundred of your stop-loss so it’s very small as well so if you’re a swing opposition trader right I don’t see why you might not want to consider a deal in this so for non dealing this I would recommend for traders who trade actively right you’re always in and out of markets right so this is where you want to get the best competitive spread right so I recommend it for day traders or scalpers to go with the non dealing deaths and this is usually for traders who are more experienced definitely and have a decent account size you give a thousand or two thousand dollars it’s not gonna make sense to be going with a non dealing desk okay so now how do you select a Forex broker so I’m gonna share with you a few things you know that you want to pay attention to right number one regulation execution customer service ease of weed roll right so let’s talk about this right so regulation right you want to make sure that your broker is regulated and regulated in the right countries if you ask me right if you tell me that you know hey this broker is regulated in Cyprus I don’t care you know that is regulated because it’s in Cyprus I don’t even feel safe so if you wanna you know make sure that your broker is regulated I would suggest right make sure it’s regulated by through reputable authorities like you know hey Amy yes monetary authority Singapore I think you have the FCA and a few others right from UK Australia as well so those are regulatory bodies right that you have more confidence in okay second thing to take note of is the executioner and how are your traits being executed is it like pretty instantaneously or is there like always a delay you get a record you know your your your orders get rejected right so you want to pay attention to how the brokers execute your trick shotting is a customer service I think it’s important right to have a life help desk when the market hours are open right you know speak to someone like you know maybe there’s a big news release that’s coming out maybe your position got stopped out you wonder why that happens right you want to speak to a customer service that have offers live chat support know you know send an email and wait five days for reply right it is that is bad and is a withdrawal you want to get your money you know pretty quickly right I would say in this day and age you should get it within five working days so I know it is you know telegraphic transfer and stuff like that so either withdrawal or it should be quite easy nowadays all right so let’s say for example you treat if your broker and you know you find that your broker did something unjust to you how can you protect yourself right so here a few things that you can do right number one record and screen capture everything right every time you put on a trade or you for example you get stopped out right for no rhyme or reason right record the trade the chart right and screen capturing okay second thing you can do right it’s a so once you record and screen ship capture everything right before you go to step two and three right you want to know reach out to your broker first and ask hey why is this happening right sometimes it could be because is that there is a big news event that’s coming up right so this is why the spread tend to widen right and it’s not the broker wants to purposely widen the spread to stop you sometimes it’s because there is lack of liquidity in the forex market like before NFP right the spread tends to widen so if your stop loss right etcetera is near the market where is trading right now there’s a good chance it could get stopped down so anyway screenshot your chance and bring it up to your broker first and ask for an explanation if you are happy the explanation right and then you know trait in a way that you know it doesn’t happen or makes it unlikely for it to happen to you again however if you’re not happy if the explanation and you feel that now they are doing something fishy behind the scenes right you can always bring up to social media okay I don’t know there are so many forex trading groups out there share the post right and let others you know kind of you know give you their opinion if they feel that hey you know is something fishy something is wrong right the post will go viral right and the broker would get a bet read from it and the last thing the broker one is you know to have such a bad reputation to effect no future business and finally right if you still you don’t want to do something about it right bring up to the authorities right you for example if you’re in Singapore you can go to mes and you know hey them say hey you know this broker is you know I suspect it’s no it’s not being fair right you bring them to mes mes would then you know find the broker right and say hey I received XYZ email from this person right you know what’s going on blah blah blah so the broker will get scared because they might risk losing their license if you know many traders you know reporter of such cases so you can also bring up to the authorities right and you know to have them look into the matter so I’ll say these are a few things that you can do to protect yourself right when you are when you are trying to trip with the right forex broker all right okay so with that said right I have come to the end of this forex trading course I hope you’ve got as much value out of it and if you want to learn more okay you can go down to my website trading with Rainer calm at the top over here okay trading with Viacom right and over here right we will cover more in depth about different trading strategies and techniques right so what if you learned so far just the basic foundation of forex trading we have not covered you know technical analysis you know or in debt right so what you can do is go down to my website trading with Rainer calm and over here I’ve got two trading guides for you alright the first one is the ultimate trend-following guy we’ll talk about how we can go about writing massive trends in the market and the other one is the ultimate guide to price action trading how we can better time your entries and exits in the forex market so go to my website click this blue button right and I’ll send it to your inbox for free okay so with that said I’ve come to the end of this video I hope you have you know enjoyed it you’ve got you learn something from it right and and if any questions for me leave it in a comment section below and you think this video is good hit the like button on this video and subscribe to my youtube channel right I would really appreciate it so with that said I wish you good luck and good trading till next time you

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Pokemon parody | “What really happens at the Pokémon Daycare”

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