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1 Kg Weight Loss in 1 Day is easy as well as possible. In this Diet Plan, you will need only 2 ingredients. You neither have to spend much time in the kitchen nor you have to make any difficult recipes. Whether you are at home or at work, you can easily follow this diet plan. For this Diet plan, we need Eggs and Paneer. For Breakfast, we will take 200 grams Paneer and Green Tea. We have taken small paneer cubes here and served it with home made pudina chutney. You can take Paneer as you like, in raw form only. For Lunch, we will take 3 Boiled Eggs and Green Tea. To make eggs taste better, we have added chopped onion and coriander leaves and served it with home made chutney. You can even have boiled eggs with salt and black pepper sprinkled on it. In evening snack, we will again have 200 grams of Paneer with Green Tea.

You may even replace Paneer with Tofu (Soy Paneer) You may take Tofu of any reputed brand. Here, we have prepared Tofu and Tomato Salad. You may have Tofu even without adding tomatoes. You may have Paneer in one of the meals and Tofu in the other, it’s entirely your choice. In Dinner, we will again have 3 boiled eggs with green tea. If you want to have your regular tea, make sure you have it without sugar and milk. Follow this diet plan only once a month. If you are unwell, then avoid this diet plan. Paneer has much more calories than Tofu. 100 gram Paneer has about 265 Calories whereas Tofu has just 62 Calories which is why it helps in Weight Loss. But Paneer has three times more Protein than Tofu. Paneer keeps you full for a longer duration and you won’t feel hungry soon. Both Paneer and Tofu have their nutritional value. You must have Tofu to lose weight but don’t avoid Paneer totally because paneer has good amount of protein and calcium which is necessary for your body. If you are diabetic, then avoid Tofu. If during the day you feel hungry, then have salads like cucumbers or tomatoes.

If your body is fit and you maintain a healthy lifestyle, then 6 eggs with egg yolk won’t cause you any harm. Don’t waste the egg yolk too. All the minerals, vitamins of the egg are actually present in its egg yolk. So when you throw the egg yolk, you waste a major nutritional part of the egg. Egg yolk is necessary for women too as it gives you good amount of iron. Have as much water as you can which will help flush out toxins from your body. Once you lose 1 kg, try to maintain it as well. Try to walk or jog everyday for 15 minutes. .

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Solve For The Angle – Viral Math Challenge

Hey, this is Presh Talwalkar, and you’re watching Mind Your Decisions. Here’s a really fun geometry problem: Start out with a triangle where one angle is equal to 20 degrees, and another angle is equal to 80 degrees. Now draw a line segment such that this length right here is equal to this side line. The challenge is to solve for the measure of this angle using only elementary geometry.

You’re not allowed to use trigonometry or other methods. I thank Barry, and I also thank Akshay Dhivare from India for emailing me this problem. Can you figure it out? Give this problem a try and when you’re ready, keep watching the video for a solution. So I admit this was a very challenging problem, and I was not able to figure out the trick on my own. But I was able to find the solution online and, I’d like to present it because it uses a clever trick. So, let’s get started by considering the big triangle. We’ll solve for the third angle. This will be equal to 180 – 20 – 80 = 80 degrees. Now this triangle has two angles that are equal to 80 degrees, so these sides opposite them will be equal. This will be an isosceles triangle We’ll put these sides in green to show that they have equal length Now let’s zoom out a little bit and here’s the clever trick Along the top side of the triangle construct an equilateral triangle as illustrated.

So, all of these side lengths have equal lengths to the green side. Since it’s an equilateral triangle, all of the angles will be equal to 60 degrees. So this is 60 degrees This other angle will be 60 degrees in total. So this will be 40 degrees and here we have another 60 degree angle Since the very top angle is 80 degrees, we know that this will be 80 – 60 = 20 degrees Now let’s connect these two points. Furthermore, we’ll focus on this triangle Now two of the side lengths are equal to each other because they both have the same length as a greenside So this is an isosceles triangle with a central angle of 40 degrees, which means its other two equal angles are (180 – 40)/2 = 70 degrees. So here we have the 70 degree angle and the other angle is also equal to 70 degrees.

So if we remove 60 degrees from it, this will be equal to 10 degrees. Now let’s go back to this diagram, and we want to solve for this angle over here. How can we do that? Well, here’s the other insight. Look at these two triangles. Now they will be congruent to each other by SAS, because both of these triangles have a blue side then a 20 degree angle and then a green side. This means their obtuse angles will be equal to each other, so this angle here will be equal to 80 + 70 degrees, which is 150 degrees. Finally, we can solve for the angle that we want to. This will be equal to 180 – 150 which is 30 degrees. And that’s it! Did you figure it out? Thanks for watching this video These math videos which can be watched for free on YouTube Inspire and build confidence for people around the world and they have over a hundred million views Please subscribe for free to get the news videos and you can email me a puzzle or math topic presh mindyourdecisions com If you so choose, you can check out my merchandise, which is listed on teespring You can get my books which are listed in the video description and you can support me on patreon for exclusive rewards Thanks for watching and thanks for your support

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How has the GITR evolved over the last 10 years? Ten years ago, when we started the report, the environment was very different and there was a lot of hype around the internet, a lot of anecdotes about how technology was being used in this village in India or by this community in Africa. But there wasn’t much data in terms of, actually, was technology leading to effective development of high levels of competitiveness? And what the technology report has done for the last ten years has given us a very valuable based on data, which today serves as an important basis for helping decision-makers in what public and private policy fears to make important decisions around technology. Regarding national rankings, what trends have you observed? One of the benefits of the Global Information Technology Report series is that today we have very valuable data that can give us insights into how countries improve a time. If you take, for example, Singapore, ranked at number two this year, Singapore has been progressively moving up each year and this is the deliberate end-result of decisions made by the government to invest in technology and to fundamentally help transform the country into intelligent island ready for 21st century. Another country that’s very impressive is Qatar, ranked at 25 this year.

And Qatar symbolizes the transformation that is happening in many past the Middle East where governments are investing very heavily in technology and using technology to create the alternate next generation economy that does not depend on natural resources. And the technology rankings over ten years gives us many such similar patterns and evolutions over time and together they provide a very valuable repository of case studies and best practices that we can all learn from. How are a country’s ranking determine? The rankings we produce each year in the Global Information Technology Report are based on a certain framework. The framework comprises three different pillars. The first pillar is around environment which measures the political regulatory and the physical infrastructure. This provide for technology user to the country. The second pillar measures readiness of the key actors to use technology. The three actors we consider include individuals, businesses, and governments. And the last pillar usage evaluates the actual use of the technology by these three actors, individuals, businesses, and governments.

Now, if you take any one country’s ranking, you can dive deeper into the framework and understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of the country along each of the dimensions. If you take the United State of America as one example, the U.S. does extremely well this year at position number five. But if you deep dive into the various rankings of the U.S. on the three pillars, you observe that the U.S. does not do as well on the environmental pillar as compared to readiness and usage. And then one little pillar you find weaknesses in the infrastructure in the country, you find weaknesses in the regulatory environment in the country and also the bureaucracy sometimes posed to businesses based on variety of legal complication that are faced in the country. So if you look at these elements in more detail, you sought understanding what kind of elements you can focus on to improve the country’s ranking and technology and to promote the use of technology more effectively inside the country. .

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here is how to boost weight loss naturally and safe with water

Here is how to boost weight loss Naturally in safe with Water Water Plays a Huge role in our Lives Water Maintains the fluid balance in our body Improves Our Health and Brain Activity and even Helps Burn Fat Never ignore all These Useful properties of Water as a Water deficit disrupts The normal Vital Functions of our Body Scientists Have proven That Water has a Direct impact on our metabolism and weight Loss You Need to drink more Than 2 litres of Water a day to speed Up the process of Burning Fat By 30% Just don’t forget to the fresh Water Supplies when you drink tea or coffee Below You can see tips that will help you to drink more Water Throughout the day to provide your body with Energy and Vitality tips to drink more Water

Number 1

When you wake up drink a Glass of Warm Water With Lemon and This will Help You to start all the metabolic processes of Your body Read more 10 Minutes muffin-Top Challenge

Number 2

Drink a Glass of Water 20 minutes before a meal This will Greatly Reduce Your appetite and make you eat Less Food

Number 3

Buy a Beautiful bottle for Water This will Help you not to forget to drink Water Throughout the day

Number 4

Drink Water Was slicing It to speed up your metabolism and Burn Fat Faster

Number 5

You can add Slices of lime and ginger to your water Because these products increase the learning of Calories

Number 6

you Should Drink at Least eight Glasses of Water Throughout The day

Number Seven

Eat more Vegetables and fruit to hydrate your body Read more eight Best Exercises to get rid of bra fat

Number eight

Don’t Forget to restore Your water balance after Drinking coffee and tea

Number Nine

Drink a Glass of Water after each trip to the restroom to refill the water balance in your body

Number 10

Use mobile Apps That Remind you about Drinking Water Use these tips Until Drinking Water Will become Your Daily Thing i Guarantee You That after a Few Weeks of Drinking Water You will lose about 3 pounds Read more Tighten Sagging Skin After Weight Loss with These six moves the Better me team Wants You and those close to you to live a Healthy Happy Life Your Health is a Valuable Thing Look After Your Body and your mind so that You can live Your life to the fullest remember you only get one

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