Disturbing Things from Around the Internet [Vol. 1]

*music* *creepy music/sound* Back in November I mentioned that I was discontinuing my unnerving YouTube channels and unnerving YouTube videos miniseries to a mixed response I told you guys not to worry, and that’s because what you’re about to watch is its direct and far improved replacement Welcome to Episode one of Disturbing Things from Around the Internet This is essentially a one stop shop for creepy finds that I might have stumbled upon recently while browsing online We’ll dive into not only creepy things from YouTube, but from all over the net as well Today we’re going to dive into five hand-picked and disturbing finds from the Internet The recent Hawaii missile scare is one of the most unsettling real-life occurrences to happen in a long time Back in my unnerving youtube video series.

I included an entry about an emergency alert and how disturbing they sound This is essentially that but this time it was for real Hawaii’s residents went into a state of panic following this broadcast and there were all sorts of goodbyes being given due to the Anticipation of all of their lives possibly being wiped out as time ticks closer and closer to the missiles estimated time of arrival Which was said to be just minutes from when the alert went live Fortunately this entire Fiasco merely turned out to be a false alarm The footage that residents took during the situation however… is entirely disturbing Take a look at some of it So thread to Hawaii a missile may impact on land or sea within minutes, this is not a drill If you are indoors stay indoors if you are outdoors seek immediate shelter in a building If you’re watching this video that means I didn’t make it Because of the missile that’s coming towards Hawaii Just parted the last hole, and I just hit this *shiznik* out of my ball So, love you all, but i’m playing golf It’s the last thing i’m going to do *shh* *A missile may impact on land or sea within minutes.

This is not a drill* Emergency Broadcast *If you’re indoors stay indoors if you are outdoors seek immediate shelter in a building remain indoors well away from windows* Emergency Broadcast *If you are driving pull safely to the side of the road and seek shelter in a building or lay on the floor* Emergency Broadcast *We will announce when the threat has ended* Emergency Broadcast The sheer terror that comes with an emergency alert Coupled with the idea that these residents believe that they only had a few more minutes to live really puts things into perspective here Hawaii is such an isolated state, and if there ever truly were an event like this that were to happen These people would have absolutely nowhere to go I found this gem waaaay back when I first started nightmare Expo, and I never really could fit it into any list until now This entry revolves around a Facebook post made by a user named Brandon regarding someone harassing his grandmother He claims that the person is watching her house putting a radio up to her window and knocking on her door at 4 a.m.

He then goes on to explain that him and various relatives have stayed with the grandma to help keep her calm and that police have Been patrolling the area on various occasions for them after this he then states that he set up a deer cam outside of her house to potentially catch whoever this person is and they… caught this :0 “This man or woman knows what they’re doing” he says “if anyone recognizes this face, please contact me” “Please help” After scrolling through the various comments asking for updates from Brandon he claims that to this day.

Nothing has happened Either this person realized that they were caught are potentially going to return sometime in the future or this is a hoax If it’s real though It’s pretty hard not to be unnerved by the idea that somebody knowingly stuck their face in your security camera to taunt you Since they’re watching you This YouTube video showed up in my recommended feed a few months back And I’ve seen it a couple of times since then it involves a family’s venture as a tornado rips through their house It opens with the husband filming a tornado a short distance away And after a few seconds It’s evident that the storm is moving straight towards them He then proceeds with his wife to the closet under the stairs and the terror that follows is much… MUCH more real than anything out of a horror movie. Look at this holy shit HOLY MOLY alright.. holy shit All right, I got to go i’m coming honey shit! where you at hun? i’m in here Goddamn, its bad alright stay…

*wind* shit *more wind* oh my god *wind* *woman screaming* okay honey *sounds of objects being knocked over and wind and screaming* DON’T GO OUT THERE no.. not yet Ohoho my god Our house is freakin destroyed Josie nooo 🙁 OHMYGOD Where’s Autumn?! never seen anything like it oh shit The way that they kept their composure after an event like that is absolutely mind-boggling And if that were me I don’t think I’d be able to stay that calm The sounds of the tornado alone are enough to put a horrific image into our minds and the aftermath of their home is nothing short of grim and depressing This video isn’t anything like a movie. It’s genuine and unfiltered and I can only hope that this family successfully recovered No matter what kind of storm it is, this really is something that can happen to any of us at any time 🙁 This is another Facebook post that went live on October 3rd a user by the name of Teri made a post asking people if they heard the eerie radio broadcast that went live on nearly every station in Louisiana She claimed that she couldn’t find anything on the news regarding the matter and that after reaching out to other individuals who posted videos of the same thing Determined that this was happening all over the US This is what they heard *distorted deep voice* same distorted deep voice same distorted deep voice Now it sounds like a distorted voice naming off states and hearing it obviously raises alarm allegedly…

According to radio broadcast stations this was an emergency alert test that was sent out and apparently… this happens all the time the station’s claim that it’s due to a difference in sampling rate from the raw broadcast to the radio station If they’re outta sync it causes creepy distortion like you just heard This is of course what the radio stations claimed What was actually being broadcasted however, is to be determined… This was a very interesting thing to follow Back in 2015, a reddit post was made in the conspiracy subreddit by a user claiming they lived very close to a supposed daycare that had an extremely strange look to it and in all five years of living there have never seen a kid arrive or leave As expected this struck interest in redditors and people started throwing in suggestions for what it could be Some claim that it could be a money laundering Center while others suggested that it could be used for child trafficking There was also of course a group that believed that this was simply a real daycare and that there’s nothing more to see Things got interesting though when one user named death ship commented this I’m going to advise you guys to stop looking into this place This just drove the interest in the building up even more after looking into death ships background They came to the consensus that he’s potentially just a troll trying to scare people However, that doesn’t discount the other comments left by users claiming the same thing that the original poster did That they live in the area and have never seen a kid come in or out in years they also went to the “funtime kids care” website and described it as being super sketchy and plain with a bunch of stock images and a phone number When people decided to call it they were either sent to voicemail or a lady would answer in a very eerie tone Before hanging up on them One other user claimed that it’s indeed a real daycare and that they used to be a mail carrier for that neighborhood However one part of their response was a little strange They said that it is in fact full of kids But every single time that they deliver mail no matter the time of day it would always be naptime Pretty strange stuff, but that’s not even the end of it people took to Google Maps Street View to check out the place and they Determined that the windows to the day care had been covered up for years, and I’ve hardly ever changed one of the few instances of somebody being outside of the building is one snapshot that a user caught where someone is out in the backyard for some reason or another This led to even more speculation prompting people to check out the place in person which quickly became a large problem One redditor claim that they traveled to visit the daycare and at night when they got a glimpse inside They saw nothing but a chair aimed at a TV showing surveillance footage of another room of course many many other people visited the daycare even during quote “Operating hours” to try to get a peek into their windows this led to another large issue in itself Regarding grown adults trespassing on a private property to peek into a window of a supposed daycare with supposed children People even began taking photos of the few children that they saw outside the place This inevitably led to an even larger issue so police began to monitor the place and redditors were urged to stay away one person managed to get pictures of the inside and…

It seemed pretty ordinary After doing even more digging on the place redditors dug up the owner’s name And it’s rumored that the building owner purchased the daycare for his mother to give her something to do with her time Allegedly, she’s been running the daycare for years even though they have multiple violations on their state record This is of course speculation and determinations from reddit so take these with a grain of salt all in all the general consensus, is that this is indeed a normal day care a strange eerie and creepy one But a daycare nonetheless We just dove to five disturbing things from around the internet I hope you guys enjoyed the concept of this and if you have anything that you’d like me to look into No matter what it is for a future installment. Please do let me know Anyway, thanks so much for watching. I love you all and good night .

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