Minecraft Daycare – TINA IS TAKEN !? (Minecraft Roleplay)

Hey there guys, before this video begins, if you’re not subscribed already, hit that Subscribe Button and then hit that Notification Bell next to the Subscribe Button. So you never miss? a single video. Without further wasting your time, let’s get into today’s video. Moment of truth guys, so anywhoo– Hey, wait. what’s happening? >> Whoa, what? >> Ryan! >> Whoa! What was that? >> I’m scared. >> Yeah, it’s not even thundering outside. How do we lose power? Guys? Where’s Pup? Pup? >> Pup? >> So we should all go to the backyard and probably go see if pups around, yeah? >> Uhh, Cookie… >> Cookie? >> Cookie? >> Where’s Cookie? >> I knew this was going to happen. >> What? >> We disrespected the book. >> It’s not the Horseless Headsman. There’s got to be a logical explanation for this. >> The Curse of the Daycare…

>> Unicorn, there is no– >> Wow. >> That was really conveniently timed. Look Unicorn, there is no such thing as the Curse of the Daycare. >> Yes, there is. >> No, there’s not. >> You’ve angered the Horseless Headsman. >> No, we have not angered no horse– There’s no such thing as a Horseless Headsman. >> Now, we’re all going to die. >> There’s no such thing as a Horseless– >> I sit and I wait the inevitable. >> You’re laying down. >> I lay down and wait, the inevitable.

>> Now look, everyone listen. I know it– I know it seems a little scary. Cookie’s gone missing and so is Pup, but I’m sure there’s a reasonable reason that they’ve disappeared, right? >> It’s a curse. >> Curses do not exist, Unicorn Mann. >> Curse… >> Which reason? Oh… >> Yeah, what reason? >> Well, I don’t know. Maybe they’ve– maybe they’re hiding somewhere, together. I mean that’s very likely. Boo. Thanks, Angel. Oh, Angel’s here. Either way, look… I’m sure they’re somewhere in the Daycare. I mean where else could they have gone. And look, we can narrow it down because Goldy was downstairs, or in the kitchen, so we know at least they’re not in the kitchen. Through process of elimination, we can find everybody. >> But we’ve already checked all those places and we didn’t find Pup. >> Did you check the dressing rooms or the auditorium? >> Yes. >> They’re at the pizzeria. >> The what? >> Pizzeria. >> What pizzeria? >> Oh, we don’t have one? >> No. >> No. >> Hold up. >> Wait, wait. >> Goldy, you should check if there’s a pizzeria. >> Bless you. Bless you. >> I sneeze a lot. >> Yeah, I know. >> Okay, continuing forward. Look, we don’t have a pizzeria.

Let’s go check the cafeteria, one last time, because Goldy, no offense, you’re kind of blind. >> Huh? Okay. >> I’ll sit here and wait for the inevitable. >> Look there is no such thing– Oh my gosh. Look, hello… >> Hello? >> Anyone here? See, look. >> Ryan, I’m scared. >> I don’t know why– >> Ryan, Ryan! >> What? >> Anyone here? >> No! >> I was just checking on but– I’m cold, I’m going to get blanket. >> Wha– Oh. Okay, fine. Look, Tina, there’s no one here. So there’s nothing to worry about– What’s happening?! Not again! Not again. I really gotta get a better electric company if our lights keep turning off. This storm isn’t even that bad. >> Ryan, please. I don’t think it has anything to do with the storm, I think Unicorn Mann’s right. >> I don’t think he’s right.

How can a book give out a curse. All I did was burn it. >> It’s not the book, it’s what’s in it. >> Wait, maybe they’re in the bathroom. Pup! >> Cookie? >> Nope, no Pup. >> No Cookie. Well, let’s just go tell everyone upstairs, they’re not downstairs. >> We should stay together from now on. >> Okay, guys… >> Pup and cookie… I’m still safe, but for how long… >> No guys, no updates.

The lights turned off again and– Wait, what? Cat? Cat! Cat’s gone! Okay. >> My couch buddies… keep disappearing. >> Okay. Maybe… maybe Cat needed to go to the litter box? >> I checked the bathroom. >> Oh, yeah. Okay. Maybe this is more serious than I thought. >> This isn’t a joke anymore. Lizzie’s right. All my couch buddies are gone, Ryan. >> Well, I’m right. I’m the one who said there’s a curse. >> Okay fine, Unicorn, if there is a curse, what do we do? What can we do to reverse it? >> Yeah. >> It’s not going to be easy. >> I don’t care if it’s not easy. What can we do? Better than all of us disappearing. >> We’re gonna have to infiltrate the government. >> Excuse me, what? >> What? >> I’m just kidding. I don’t know. >> What you mean, you don’t know.

You know everything. >> I’m supposed to know. Look at the carpet. >> Why did I look at the carpet? >> So I’m supposed to know? >> Yes. >> All right. Well, I’m going to give you my best theory. Give you my best hypothesis. We’re going to roll with that, okay guys? >> Theory, got you. Yes, got it. >> All right. It’s just a theory. A Daycare theory… >> Okay, just explain to me what’s going on. >> Sorry. Sorry. >> What can we do to try? Maybe to remove this curse. Something, anything. >> Definitely not invade the government. >> Okay. >> We’ll need… I think we need to appease… >> Appease what? >> Appease the Horseless Headsman. >> Appease the– Okay.

Hold on, before we appease the Horseless Headsman, look at the carpet one more time. Okay. So the carpet has zero information on what we can do. Unicorn… Let’s just do– >> I don’t know why we consulted it a second time, Ryan. First time was a good idea– >> Either way, just continue. What are we doing? >> All right, so I’m thinking we got to– >> I gotta pee! >> Speaking of pee, we got to appease the…

The Horseless Headsman. >> Okay? >> So what do you– What do you do to boost someone’s ego? >> Well… >> Compliment them! >> Yeah you com– or– >> I love you Horseless Headsman. You think that worked? >> No. >> Build him a gigantic statue. >> Let’s do that. >> Oh, actually– Oh, nevermind. >> Say Tina, if I built you a giant statue, it will make you happy? >> Yeah. >> Perfect, we’ll do it for him. >> Anything you did for me would make me happy. >> All right, let’s make a Horseless Headsman. >> Okay, and how do we do that? >> Uhm… Well first, you go to Home Depot. No. Let’s go outside. >> Ah, it’s raining and thundering. No, thank you. >> What? Well, I gotta– all right, fine.

We’ll do it inside. Here, help me clear out the space. >> Okay, okay. Take– space cleared. >> From the obscure pictures in the… in the book that I was reading. I’m going to go ahead and start this one off. You ready for this? >> Sure. So um, he’s got. kind of like a… got like, silver boots, like this. So this should work. >> Silver boots, yeah. And he’s gonna look a little fat, but… >> That’s fine, that’s fine. Fat’s good. >> What, no. >> It means he’s healthy. >> He’s got brown pants. >> Brown pants, yeah. >> He’s got… he’s got like a…

Like a… like a black trench coat. >> Okay, black trench coat. >> This would do that for me. >> Okay, black trench coat, got it. Is it like an overhanging trench coat? >> Yeah, kind of like an overhang, but if he can’t do it overhang– >> What the heck is that? >> What do you mean what the heck is that? >> Yeah, what is– Yeah… >> It’s a trench coat, guys. >> Oh, I thought you made him buns. He has a butt. >> Don’t insult him. >> It’s meant to look like a trench coat cause it kind of hangs down and like, splits up the middle a little bit. >> Yeah, yeah, okay. And then he… Oh my God… >> It’s okay. If we have to go in the ceiling, it’s okay. >> Yeah, get his arms out, like this. >> What about his head? >> I’m working on it. >> Yeah, give– >> I know he doesn’t– >> No, he doesn’t have a horse. >> He doesn’t have a horse, oh.

>> And he had– He has like a… it’s like an axe. Yeah, because he likes to axe questions. >> And… and chew bubblegum. >> So Tina, it may hit your room, your floor a little bit. >> What, no! >> Sorry. >> Tina, do you want more people to die? >> It’s not much, just a little bit. Your floor is a little cut off. >> This is a lot cut-off. >> It’s like a little sliver. >> It’s like– it’s like going to the barbershop. Come on, it’s okay. >> Yeah. Okay, Unicorn, I’ll build his head.

What color is his face? >> Pale white. >> Pale white, sponge. Got you. >> Sponge. Spongey. >> Like that, okay? >> He’s got a little top hat too. >> Oh, a top hat, yeah. >> But he doesn’t have anything for a face. >> Top hat. >> Hey, okay, and there is the… there’s the statute. Do you think that will appease him? >> Yeah, that should appease him. >> Maybe we should get a little signage. That like, describes it a little bit. >> Yeah, put down a sign, Unicorn. Put down a sign. >> Yeah, I’ll do it. You ready? >> Yeah. >> Okay, put down the sign. >> Dear… >> Mister. >> Mister… >> Horseman. Headsman, no, Headsman. >> Horseless… >> No, it’s Headsman. >> Horseless… Heads… man. >> Yay. >> Here… is your… statue. >> Yeah, that works, that works. Good, good. >> There you go.

>> You spelled statue very– that was– Unicorn, that is so off. >> I had to do it with my left hand. >> Oh, okay. >> So, I did my best. >> Horseless Headsman, do you forgive us? >> Oh, I can’t read the sign. Oh, thank goodness. I can read the sign now, although I think it’s better if I didn’t. >> Guys, guys! >> What? >> I’m scared, I was washing my hands, and the lights was flickering, I’m scared. >> Anyway… Well, maybe he forgave us. Because no one– >> Ryan. >> Tina? >> Do you know– >> Tina?! >> A sudden sense of less clinginess around here? >> Tina?! Tina, where are you? He took Tina, he doesn’t like the statue. >> I think it’s because I spelled the.. >> Unicorn, this is not a laughing matter, Tina’s gone. >> I just– I’m just… I’m sorry, the signs pretty– >> T-T-Tina? Guys, Tina is missing. >> Okay, what do we do . >> Are you two, holding hands? >> He’s scared. >> No? Oh, okay. Either way, look, more importantly… Where is Tina? Did– Oh no. >> Maybe up in a tree, she got so scared.

>> Ha-ha, funny! Guys, I don’t know what– I know she was with us. >> Now look, she… she’s been taken by the curse, Ryan. We’re just gonna have to deal with it. >> No! >> We we look. >> We’ve looked everywhere, but one place. What if everyone’s there? >> Where? What? >> Thomas’ Bell Room! >> Look, we looked all the way– >> >> Yeah, we looked all the way upstairs. We looked everywhere on this floor. We checked the hidden rooms. We’ve checked downstairs. We’ve checked every room, We even checked your basement. We never checked Thomas’ Bell Room. >> You checked my basement? >> Yeah. >> Without my permission? >> Yes. Look, it’s not important right now. Come on, Unicorn. >> All right. Well, we’re having a stern talking after this. >> That’s– that’s fine. I don’t– that’s okay. Come on. >> Where’s the Bell Room? >> Just follow me. >> Okay. I’ve never been to this Bell Room, so… >> It’s a hidden room in the dungeon. >> Whoa. >> It should be right in here…

right here. Yeah, here it is. Thomas’ Giant Bell! Perfect! Uh, Unicorn. >> That’s the sound that makes… >> Unicorn. >> when we enter– >> Unicorn! >> What? >> This door has never been here before. >> Door? >> The door right in front of you, this one. >> What door? Oh! >> Well… >> Was this purple always here? >> No. Nothing was– Unicorn, this was literally just empty room with a bell. >> Okay, when you said door, so I assume that maybe the purple was just normal. >> Okay well, let’s– >> I know it’s not normal, it’s extra scary. Unicorn, let’s head back upstairs and get the rest of the kids.

>> Okay. >> And then… head down that very scary corridor. >> Oh, we’re going to pull like a Shrek and like, form a mob? Unicorn, let’s just go get everybody. Come on. Okay, let’s go. .

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