Minecraft Daycare – DO NOT WATCH THIS !? (Minecraft Roleplay)

>> Hey guys! Want a chance to meet me in real life? Well, I’m going to be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for Minefaire, from October 13th to the 14th. Head on over to minefaire.com for more information, or click the link in the description down below. Welcome your faces to another day at Daycare! Are we just gonna sit here– >> Boo! >> Oh god! >> The Candy Corn strikes again! >> What do you want, Goldy? >> Hey… Hey, Ryan. >> What? >> So, what plant likes… Halloween the most? >> What plant? >> Yeah. >> I don’t know. >> Bamboo! >> Oh! I get it because bamboo has boo in the name. Boo! >> Hi everybody! How are y’all doing today? >> Tell another one. >> I gotcha. I gotcha. >> What do mummies like to listen for Halloween? >> What do mommies like to listen to for Halloween? >> Yeah. >> What do mommies like to listen to? >> Music? >> Rap music. >> Rap music. >> It’s true! It’s true, my mom does love to listen to rap music. >> I didn’t even get that one. Rap music? >> Yeah, they’re… They’re wrapped up. Come on, Ryan. >> Oh, like a mummy.

>> Oh, I thought she said mommy. >> She did. She said it wrong. >> Mummy. I said mummy. >> Sounds like mommy. >> Hey… >> Mummy rap music– Oh, yep. That’s bad. That’s really bad. Okay, anyway, hi everybody! So, as I was saying I had this really awesome idea for today– >> I think I got one. What did the skeleton say to his enemy? >> I don’t know. >> What did he say, Unicorn Mann? >> He said… He sa– He said… I got bones! I got bones. >> I’m leaving. >> No, no, wait. No, no, no. >> No, I’m leaving. I’m leaving. I’m leaving. Don’t you dare come up behind me. Bye-bye! And… Three, two, one, go! >> Where’s Goldy? >> Cannonball! That did not work. >> Hello. >> Is this thing supposed to like, launch you? >> What Ryan, aren’t you concerned that we followed you? >> I’m more concerned that they got rid of the jumping on this… On this jump– >> What? >> Diving board doesn’t work anymore. It used bounce you.

>> Well, uh. >> Okay. >> If I– If I was a vampire I’d say that, that sucks. >> Really? >> Bleh blah blah. >> Do not even start this. Do not even start this. >> Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! >> What? What? >> Why doesn’t the skeleton like Halloween candy? >> Why? >> Cause he doesn’t have the stomach for it. >> Oh– >> Oh, good. >> Ooh, oh! What? >> Ryan, I’m a– >> Get away. >> Yeah, that’s what I thought. Yeah. Ryan, is that a little fire rod? >> It is little fire rod. >> Ooh. Ryan? >> Yeah? >> Um… >> What? >> Hey, hey. Um– What– what… >> What? Say it. >> Uh– Which kind of monster likes Halloween the most? >> Uhh, what? >> Oh, no! Which one? >> I don’t know. Which one? >> The witch one. >> Oh, it killed me. Really, I was under the thing. Oh wait– The… The witch… one. >> The witch one! You got it! >> Can we please stop with the jokes now, please? >> No, no, no, no, no , no. >> I came up with that one myself. I think it needs a little fine tuning but… >> Hey, hey. >> I feel like it could be a really good joke.

>> What, Goldy? What? What do you have to add to this? >> Transmogrify it? >> What? >> Ryan, get ready for this. Why can’t the ghost see his mom and dad? >> Why? >> Cause he’s an orphan. >> No! Because he tr– >> I’m sorry, were you going for something else? Were you going for another kind of thing? >> Yeah, I was. >> Okay, let’s continue. What you saying Goldy? >> It’s because they were transparent! >> Oh! Yeah, you know that makes a lot more sense. As far as the Halloween jokes go. >> Hey, this is a new map, isn’t it? >> It looks new. Oh yeah, it’s aquarium one. >> Oh, okay. I haven’t done the park– >> You mean, an as– an asquarium? >> Oh my God, stop! >> Alright, guys. >> Bleh, blah, blah! >> Bleh, blah, blah! >> Bleh, blah, blah! >> Bleh, blah, blah! Come on, Ryan you know– >> We don’t go bleh, blah, blah! >> We don’t go bleh, blah, blah. >> Alright, how about– >> But it sounds so right when they do. >> I know, right? >> But they don’t, though. >> Alright, Ryan I’m a detective. What– Don’t come up here. Ryan, don’t come up here. Ryan, don’t– >> Oh, wait! There’s a shark! >> Where’s the shark? Well, Goldy’s a murderer so…

>> Okay. >> Well, let me enjoy the shark. >> What does this do? >> Also– >> Oh… >> Which goes is the best da– >> That’s what it does? It opens the floor? >> Yeah. >> Wow… >> So you open the floor and shot her. >> Yep. >> You actually believed it wasn’t me? >> Yeah. >> Wow. >> Well, you said it was her so you know. >> Yeah, it was her. I mean… >> Wow. Wow, okay. >> Anyway, keep going, Goldy. >> Yeah, what you were you saying? >> Well, okay. Which ghost is the best dancer? >> Let me guess. >> Michael Jackson. >> No, what? Stop. Which one, Goldy? Tell me. >> The boogie man. >> Boogie is not got a ghost. >> Come, one it was funny. >> Oh, I get it. >> The boogie man is not a ghost.

Which monster is the best dancer would work. >> Oh, true. >> What… What– What’s… >> I don’t know, I don’t know. >>> What’s a monster’s favorite side dish? >> What? >> The monster mashed potatoes? >> I like that one. We got it. He’s getting . These are like so bad that I hate myself for laughing at that one. >> The monster mashed potatoes, right? >> Oh, I got a good one. >> That was a good one. >> What, Goldy? What? >> What do you get if you cross Bambi with a ghost? >> What do you got? >> Bamboo! >> Bamboo… Oh. >> Wow. >> Get it? >> That wasn’t even really a joke. That was just combining two words. >> But, boo. He-he. >> Wow, adding boo to joke makes it a ghost joke. >>Hey, Ryan. >> What? >> What do you get what do you get when you– When you trick someone with a ghost joke? >> What? >> A Bamboozle. I was waiting for that one. >> I added boo to it. >> So it’s a ghost joke? >> Get it? Yeah, it’s ghost j– Little– Little boo joke, little ghost joke. >> Oh, no. Trust me , I heard it.

>> Get it? >> Oh, I get it, yup. >> Get it, Ryan? >> Yep, I get it. >> Get it, Ryan? >> No. >> Ryan, do you get it? >> No. >> Oh, that’s a shame. I bet skel-ton or other people do. >> Oh my God. You get over here! >> What? I haven’t– I haven’t done anything. >> Mmm-hmm? Haven’t done anything? Are you admitting that you must be the murderer? >> No! I haven’t done anything! >> It doesn’t matter. >> He’s just a boy! >> He’s just a boy, Ryan. >> He’s just a boy! >> Ryan, I’m just a boy. >> Guys, I’m really lost.

>> I can tell. Die. >> Ugh… Why me?! >> Cause I’m– He wasn’t attacking me like he normally would have. She pulled up the sword. She actually pulled up the sword. It’s Goldy! >> Where’s Goldy? >> Oh, come here! >> Get wrecked! Get wrecked! >> Get scared, stiff kid– >> She was pulling out your shield and just swung by your sword. So I was like, oh okay. Unicorn, I almost killed you for that joke, though, so stop! >> What– It sounds like she’s got a bone to pick with you. >> Now guys, why do vampires need mouthwash? >> Why? >> Because they had bat breath! >> I get it. >> Come on, Ryan. Can you give me a little chuckle? >> No. >> Come on. Come on. >> Come on, Ryan. >> No. >> Alright, how about this one…

Why are vampires so easy to fool? Come on. >> What, why? Why? >> Because they’re suckers! >> It’s not even funny! >> Oh… Hey. >> Yeah? >> I forgot. Oh, oh. What did the girl skeleton say to the– to the guy skeleton? >> What? >> We should fee more people. >> You should– What? >> Fee ,more people. >> Femur. >> Feed more? >> Femur. It says, see more people. It’s like femur. I’ll work on it. >> Yeah, that needs a lot of work. >> I really want to get a femur joke in here somewhere. >> I don’t think you’re gonna. >> Alright.

>> Yeah. >> Femur doesn’t really work with much. >> No, it doesn’t but I really want a bone-chilling joke with it. >> My god, stop! >> Set you up for that one, baby! Whoo! Come on, Ryan. >> No. >> Guys, what did one ghost say to the other ghost? >> What, Goldy? Edumecate me. >> Do you believe in humans? >> Wait a second, Ryan? >> What? >> Ryan? >> Yeah? >> Did you know that Indiana bones made a bone marrow escape from the boulder? It’s a narrow escape, as a bone marrow escape. Get it? >> You could’ve said narrow. >> Indiana Bones, a marrow escape, sorry. Well, I wasn’t sure if like maybe you get it. >> Hey, hey! Don’t do it! I’m trying to get there to hide. >> Please do it. No, she’s not because I’m already hiding here. That’s right. He just knew! I love it. >> I feel like Ryan would have just killed me when I stood here. >> Yeah, plus, one, I may have tried to kill you, and two, why would I be hiding right from the start if I was one of the two things? >> Because you’re not a bonehead.

>> Stop. Please. No more Halloween bone jokes, whatever. Hey man, these ones are just coming off the skull. >> Oh. Oh. Got him good. Got him real good. >> Cause… Cause skeletons. >> Oh, that’s funny. Ooh-wee, That’s funny. >> You can do femur with a few more maybe? >> Wha– Oh, yeah, I guess… >> You could try it. that just came to me– >> Have you been thinking about femur jokes too? >> No, it just came to me out of nowhere. >> Gotcha. >> Thinking… I’m thinking of a joke. What do vampires take when they are sick? >> Nothing. Vampires don’t get sick. They’re immortal. >> No, they take coffin drops. >> Oh! Oh, they take coffin drops! Ryan, they take coffin drops! >> Oh, trust me, I very much heard. Goldy’s the murderer! Goldy’s the murderer! >> Come here! >> Instead of coughin drops, they’re coffin drops. >> Unicorn, where are you? >> Well, I’m coming upstairs. >> Okay, I’m going upstairs. She’s downstairs with me, behind me. I’m coming up the stairs– you just went up. Yeah, she’s coming from there. >> Now she wisen up, she decided not to follow you.

>> I’ll check these ones. She’s not here. >> I’m really slow. Just so you know >> You hit the lever. >> Maybe? >> You hit it again, didn’t you? >> Yes. Oh, I’m extra slow now– Ugh. I hit the lever. I’ve stacked slowness. >> You feel blessed, you get a bow. She just gave me a bow! Oh, Unicorn I also figured something out. I found a new place you can get to. Come over here. >> Okay. >> Here. I mean, maybe not if you’re slow but look– I see you down there. But Unicorn, look, you come up here, see where I am? You get over here, now you can jump to this, then you` can jump up here.

>> Wow. >> I missed! I missed my shot. Unicorn! She’s coming! Run! Take her out. Yeah! >> That was easy. >> That was… >> You know what, no. I almost made a joke. I can’t add to what you guys have already done to this. >> Well, I can’t wait for Goldy to take her turn here. >> She has– Yeah, you’re right, she hasn’t made a joke in a while. >> Uhm… Uhh… >> Why is the skeleton’s so mean? >> What?! >> Why is the skeleton so mean? >> Why is the skeleton is so mean? >> He got bullied as a kid? >> Why? >> He doesn’t have a heart! >> You know what, maybe it is time to go. Maybe… This just proves it’s time to go. Are you the murderer? >> Yeah. >> Okay, can we kill Goldy, and kill me then we’ll stop. We’ll go home. >> Yeah, where’s Goldy? >> No, no, no. >> Right next to me. Yeah, she’s right there. >> No, I don’t know what you’re talking about. >> Okay, Goldy’s dead. >> Okay, cool, now you just kill me.

And okay, let’s go ahead everyone, were going to jump in the wall the next round, and we’re just gonna leave. We’re gonna go. We’re done here. >> Come on. >> We’re done here. >> Come on. >> No more, that’s enough of that. >> Come on. >> That is en– That’s enough of that! >> Ryan! >> We’re going home. >> What do you what do you call a zombie factory worker? In three, two, one. >> Someone who works with brains. >> Go! >> Come on, Ryan! >> Ryan, we got a skele-ton more to do.. >> Oh my god stop, please. >> Come on, Ryan. >> Ryan. Come on, Ryan. >> I’m sorry everyone, I must leave. >> Isn’t this striking your funny bone? >> No, it’s not. >> Come here, Ryan. >> And that was another day at Daycare. .

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Minecraft Daycare – THE CURSE OF THE DAYCARE !? (Minecraft Roleplay)

Hey there guys, before this video begins, if you’re not subscribed already, hit that subscribe button, and then hit that notification bell next to the subscribe button, so you never miss a single video. Without further wasting your time, let’s get into today’s video. Hey everybody… >> Cutey! >> Goldy, stop singing. You’re not good at it. Did anyone hear that? >> Yeah, it was Unicorn Mann.

>> Unicorn, what are you doing? >> No. >> What are you doing? What are you doing? >> Oh my– >> What are you doing Unicorn Mann? >> Oh, hey Ryan. >> Hey… >> I was just… reading this scary book here to get myself in the old Halloween spirit. It’s scary. You want to read? >> I’ll pass. >> It’s called, The Horseless Headsman. >> No, I’ll pass. >> What– but it’s really scary. >> I’ll pass. >> The Horseless Headsman. >> Passing. >> Fine, I’ll enjoy the book by myself. >> Yeah, you do. What is he doing, exactly? >> I don’t– I don’t know. >> Unicorn, would you be quiet? No one– Unicorn! >> What? >> No one cares about your Horseless Headman.

>> Wha– >> That’s a silly name. >> Ryan… >> Isn’t it, Horseless Headsman? >> You should be careful about your words, Ryan. >> Horseless Headsman. Horseless Headsman is so dumb, is so dumb. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever– think about it, what is a Horseless Headsman? What is that? >> It’s a headsman but no horse. >> So why would it just be called headsman? Why– not only– am I Ryan without a horse, or am I Ryan Horseless? >> Ryan, there’s a thing here in the first page warning of you know… disrespect towards the horseless headsman. That’s kind of what the whole story is about, really. You shouldn’t really disrespect him. I wouldn’t recommend it. >> Give me the book. >> No. >> Let me see the book real quick. >> You’re gonna burn it. >> I’m not gonna burn it. >> You’re gonna burn it. >> I’m not gonna burn it. >> Mmm-mmm. >> I’m not gonna burn it. >> No, you’re going to burn it. >> Just leet me see it. >> Don’t touch my book. >> I’m not touching– I’m not gonna burn it. >> You’re not? >> No. >> Okay. >> Okay, let me see this book.

>> It’s called… >> Yeah, that’s what I thought it was. Goldy, come here. >> Yeah? >> Take this book. >> Ok. >> Take the book. No, Goldy’s gonna burn it. >> What– >> Goldy burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it! >> Do it! >> I’m not even, finished with chapter 5! >> I did it. I did it! >> Thank you, Goldy. >> Yeah, good job, Goldy. Yey! >> Goldy’s going to burn it. What are you– Unicorn, it’s a book. It’s a book. Look, look, I mean, it’s a book, calm down. Goldy also, why you not wearing your Halloween costume? >> I’m not? >> No, you’re not. >> I forgot it. >> How do you forget your Halloween costume? We’re getting so close to Halloween. You really can’t forget it this close. >> Lizzie appreciates my book. >> First, we’re not even close to Halloween, you’re wearing your Gingerbread Man costume. Now, that we’re close, you’re not even wearing it. >> I’m not– Stop, it’s not gingerbread costume.

>> It is a Gingerbread Man. There is no– >> It’s a Gingerbread Man. >> Honestly, it’s a Gingerbread Man. Goldy, go get your costume downstairs and put it on please. >> Please with sugar. >> There we go, problem solved. Okay. So while Goldy goes ahead and does that, I think we all enjoy the Halloween spirit, by thinking about what types of candy we want to get and also who’s gonna– >> I’m gonna, I’m gonna. >> I’m going to read creepypastas. >> Hold on. No, we’re going to talk about who gets what type of candy the most of, and like, anything you don’t like we’ll make sure to write down so we can do this part proper trading for that. Like, I know that pup here, he can’t eat chocolate. So, he get all this chocolate stuff, but in return, we do have to give all the stuff that you know dogs would eat.

>> Peanut butter! >> And then we also have Lizzy who’s allergic to peanut butter. So she will trade all our peanut butter-base candies for stuff like Crunch bars. >> Mmm-hmm. Which I will give you all my Crunch bars, for all your Reese’s. Anyway… >> I like Twix. >> Moment of truth, guys. So anyhoo– Hey wait, what’s happening? >> What? >> Ryan? >> Whoa, whoa. What was that? >> Ooh, I’m scared! >> It’s not even thundering outside, how do we lose power? >> Yeah. >> Not funny, Unicorn Mann. >> Guys, where’s Pup? Pup? >> Pup? It must have scared him, he must have ran off. We got to look for him. >> Arf-arf-arf. >> Okay, well where could he have gone? >> I don’t know. Pup! >> Pup! >> Pup! >> Pup! >> Pup, where’d you go? Are you in the art gallery? >> Pup! >> Or the pearl control room. Or the corner. >> We have a lot of places to check, okay. Kids, you guys go check all the bedrooms upstairs.

We’ll check here in the downstairs. Okay? >> All right, I’m gonna check Creepypasta for new scary stories. >> That is not helping. Tina is the portal room clear? >> Yeah, it’s clear. >> Okay, let’s go check… >> Pup! >> I’ll check the basement. >> Come here, Pup. >> Pup, Where are you? Pup? You in the dungeon? No, he’s not in the dungeon. >> Ryan! >> What? >> He’s not in the offices or the theater. >> Or Unicorn Mann’s office. >> I’m scared. >> I don’t know where he went. >> Weird. >> Pup?! Pup never leaves the Daycare, he wouldn’t leave, would he? >> No. >> It’s so weird. >> He wouldn’t do it. >> Okay, everyone regroup at the tables, please. Everyone regroup, gather round.

Okay. Pup has gone missing. We’re going to need to look for him, and we’re gonna have to call… someone’s gonna have to call one of our parents, to take care of this, because… you know, I have no clue how to find a lost dog. He’s not on his– >> I’ll call my dad! >> Yeah your dad works for– okay, you call your dad. Wait, Tina. It says you have no service. >> What– but maybe I just gotta run outside? >> Okay, do you have service outside? >> No! >> There’s no service? What happened to– >> My Creepypastas, please. I must read them.

Come on, please. Anything. >> Okay, Unicorn, can you please focus on what’s going on? >> Okay. >> Pup is missing, Unicorn Mann, come on. >> We got to find– Okay, everyone regroup upstairs. Let’s talk upstairs for a sec. >> I’m sure he just ran somewhere. >> Everybody gather around. Okay, pup has gone, well, missing. >> I’m taking Pup’s place so we don’t miss him too much. >> Oh hey, look who showed up, Gingerbread Woman. >> Yeah! >> The Gingerbread Man has arrived. >> I’m not gingerbread! >> You look like a gingerbread man. >> You do! >> Smingerbread. >> Not the good tasting ones either, the bad ones. >> Shut up! >> I’m not a fan of ginger at all.

>> I don’t like gingerbread either. So Goldy, not only are you a Gingerbread Man. Gingerbread Man are bad, so you’re bad. >> But that’s the Halloween spirit, though. >> You know, what you can do while we go ahead and discuss this since you’re being so useless, go grab us all a cup of milk to go with our Gingerbread Man friend. >> No! >> Ooh, Goldy. Can you get me some apple juice, please? >> Fine. >> Thank you. >> Yes! >> Get me some chocolate milk. >> Okay, everybody, so… we have to figure what happened to Pup. And, I don’t think he could have gotten far. So maybe, if we all go into the backyard, maybe he went to the Slingshot Squad base or something like that.

But if he did… well… he kind of– Tina you didn’t disarm the security today, did you? >> No. >> Okay, so the doors would be locked. He actually couldn’t be in there. So maybe he’s in the backyard trying to get in. So maybe if we just head there– What’s going on? >> Oh, I’m scared again! >> I’m blind. >> Guys! >> Oh, there we go. >> Okay, we’re good. >> I just had my mask on backwards. >> So we should all go to the backyard and probably go see if Pup’s around. Yeah? >> Cookie– >> Cookie? >> Cookie? >> Where’s Cookie? >> Cookie! >> Probably went to get cookies out of fear. >> Guys, maybe she went to the backyard to go see if uh… >> She fear-cookied. >> She was just sitting beside me 2 seconds ago, Ryan. Maybe she went to go see if Pup was there. Maybe… >> I will check the cafeteria. >> Pup, Cookie! >> Okay… >> I don’t see them, Ryan. >> Okay, well, no one’s down here in the mine shaft.

No, it’s still all shut and it’s still locked up. >> Guys, this isn’t funny, come out. >> I don’t know where they went. >> Ryan, I’m scared. >> Okay, well, let’s just let’s just head back inside. >> G-g-guys… >> What, Unicorn? >> Guys, I went to the cafeteria and no cookies were touched. >> Unicorn your Halloween costume fell off. >> Yeah, fell off. >> How that happen? Hold on. Is that better? >> No. >> Alright, I’ll just deal it for, for a bit then I’ll put it back on later. >> Okay. >> But there was no cookies taken from the cafeteria.

>> So what, Cookie wasn’t there? >> She wasn’t there. >> Okay, let’s just go back inside. >> Why won’t she >> This isn’t okay, guys. >> I’m scared, totally . Hold my hand. >> No, you’re on your own. >> Guys– >> Come hold my hand. >> Guys– Tina– or Goldy you’re back with the milk. Did you see Cookie run downstairs? >> No, I didn’t see anyone. >> Okay, well apparently, Cookie went– the lights turned off again and Cookie went missing. >> Oh crazy. Here’s your chocolate milk.

>> Goldy, this is serious. >> What, what if he just got scared, ran off home. >> They didn’t get– Goldy, they did not get scared, run off home. The lights turned off and they disappeared. It’s start raining outside. >> Uhm, Ryan.. Yeah. >> Good thing we weren’t out there, we’d be drenched. >> Guys… >> Oh! >> This is it. I knew this was going to happen. >> What? >> We disrespected the book. It’s the Horseless Headsman. He’s come to a revenge. He’s going to take us out one by one. All because you guys wouldn’t respect the Horseless Headsman. Why? Why didn’t you just listen to me? We’re all going to die! >> Unicorn, Unicorn. Unicorn! >> I’m hyperventilating. What? >> It’s not the Horseless Headsman. There’s got to be a logical explanation for this. >> Yeah… a curse. >> What do you mean a curse? >> We’ve been cursed. >> What are you talking– Tina, will you stop holding me, please? It’s getting annoying. >> I’m scared. >> Get out of my face, Tina! >> There was a scripture in the first page. You all die, I’ve read it to you. It was a curse, Ryan. >> Unicorn, could you get off the floor? >> I’m scared. >> Aww, Tina. >> Would you two be quiet, please? Thank you.

>> It was warning, Ryan. And now, we’re cursed. The curse of the daycare. .

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Minecraft Daycare – MY NEW GIRLFRIEND !? (Minecraft Roleplay)

Hey there guys, before this video begins if you’re not subscribed already, hit that subscribe button, and then hit that notification bell next to the subscribe button so you never miss a single video. Without further wasting your time, let’s get into today’s video. Welcome to, hold up. Everyone, this is Jesse. I found Jesse on the side of the street when walking to Daycare today, and I gave her five dollars to be my girlfriend for the day. So Jesse is gonna be my girlfriend for the day.

Right Jesse? Yeah, so Jesse’s my girlfriend for the day, and we’re gonna see how Tina reacts. Let’s go. Hey Unicorn, why’s there a glass wall here? >> Ahhbabablah abblah >> Hold on. Why is the glass wall here? >> Ah, to keep out flies? >> Well, I’m not a fly. Jesse’s here and I’m here. >> Okay, come on in Jesse. Who’s Jesse? >> My girlfriend. >> Whoaaat? >> Yeah. Come on in Jesse. I’ll introduce you to everybody. >> What what I thought >> Nope. Hey everybody! >> Derek I told you, you can’t keep trying to put the dirt up your nose. It’s gonna get stuck. >> Everybody, I’d like to introduce everyone to someone special. This is Jesse.

>> Are they cousins? >> Yeah, they are cousin. >> This is Jesse. She’s my new girlfriend. >> Whaaat? >> Yeah, I got a girlfriend. Her name’s Jesse. >> That was my same exact reaction. >> I’ll give you >> Tina, no. Tina, sit down. >> to end it. >> Tina! >> Whaat?! >> Sit. >> No! >> Yes. No! No, Ti, she, me and Jesse met in the park, at the park yesterday and, and she misses, we just, we just clicked immediately. So sor.. >> Yesterday? >> And Tina we we’re..

>> Do you know how many years of history we have? >> But we’ve never dated, we’re not dating. >> We are and she needs to butt out! >> Actually no, she’s gonna be hanging out with us for the day. Yeah, I am an amazing boyfriend. Thank you Jesse. And you know what? I’d say, we’re gonna have a great day with Jesse included. Yey! >> I would kill her. >> Yey! >> You can’t. You can’t kill her. >> I’m gonna kill her. >> No, you can’t kill her. >> Jessseee! >> Nope. Okay, thank you. >> Yeah? >> Ryan, ryan ryan. >> Can I do the bro test? >> Yeah, go ahead. >> What do you like about him? >> A Bro test? >> A bro test, that makes, that makes everything. Okay. Good. Okay, you gotta make sure to, the girl, the girls good for you, bro. I’m watching up for you. >> Okay. We’ll yeah did she passed? Did she passed? >> Did everything, Okay, okay. Um, Do you think he’s cool? >> Of course she thinks I’m cool, >> Nooo mmmmm. >> Is he cool? Okay, okay. Last question, do you play video games? That’s the real question. >> Yeah, it’s true.

Everyone’s got anything on yeah, >> You play any, any video games? Any, come on. Hey yes, sometimes. >> Go awayyyyyy! >> Okay, Tina calm down. Hey, Unicorn, Goldy, Jesse and I’ll guess I’ll invite Tina. Let’s go play. Let’s go play some some games together. Yey! >> Hey let’s get to the portal, you lucky! >> Hooray for Jesse. >> Here we go, in three, two, one, go! Okay look, we’re all having fun. Right Jesse? >> Grrrrr. >> Yay. Okay games cycle now, random now, in order now, choose yes. First, to five wins. Okay, there we go. Perfect. Oh I get to pick first two. You know, I’m gonna play some nice games with Jesse and friends. Let’s do space shots. >> Jesse, >> Jesse you should aim for Tina. >> Whaaat?! >> Use you. >> Get now. What? >> Huh you got eliminated right after and that’s not my intention apparently cause you’re just standing there. >> I compete but the game is being stupid. >> Oh you jump to dodge hooaa hooaa. >> Huh, about 360, are you ready? >> I don’t care, I’ll get Jesse in half. >> Yey! >> I’ll have my own, >> Okay, there we go.

Nice! Jesse, look at that. Tina may have gotten you but I want it for you. >> What?! No, you didn’t. >> I did though, I wanted for Jesse. >> I did really good to Jesse. >> And look you can’t do anything about it. You’re down in that cage down there. >> Oh really? >> Uhuh. >> What what whoa, whoa >> Just you wait. >> Just you wait, Just you wait. >> Oh minefield. She picked one that she knows she’s good at. >> Well, I’m really good at this. >> I didn’t know you’re good at it. >> Tina’s all right. >> I’m good at it, right. Oh I messed it up. Tina won. Oh then, she died. >> Uh! >> Unicorn, this time. >> My first victory. >> Yey, unicorn. yey! Woooo! >> Good job unicorn man. >> I’ve never won minecraft before. >> Yey, I did it. >> Good job Unicorn Mann. >> Come on everybody. Isn’t he awesome? He’s so good at it.

Oh, Tina doesn’t like you very much. Come on Tina, can you guys just be friends? >> No! >> This one. >> Oh Mini SkyWars. >> Tiny SkyWar. >> Oh, tiny skyhorse. It’s the sky– The in the sky. >> Oh, I jumped off. >> Hahaha. I saw that. >> I didn’t see you loaded and I jumped right off >> Goldy, you need to pay attention more. >> I’m just goofing around. >> Hey, take her out Ryan. Take her out. >> No-no-no-no. >> Yes good. >> What don’t Jesee, don’t have fun. >> Yeah, Jesse get her. >> Ryan! Waaaaaaaaah! >> Yeah, nice one Jesse. Good job Jesse. You’re really good at this. >> Ggrrrr. >> Jesse’s good at this. What can I say? >> Da-uh. >> Unstoppable. >> But, your choosing her wo-woworroweri. What have I done? I’m hurt already. >> Oh Ryan I like your girlfriend though. >> Oh I only got one arrow so how’s that. Get wrecked. Oh I missed. >> Oh, no, Ryan. >> Good job Unicorn mann. >> He took out your woman. >> I know. I’ll avenge you Jesse. >> Wait no. There’s an invisible wall here anyway, you can’t push me.

Hahaha. >> Oh, really? >> Oh, man. Everyone’s so good to. >> Oh I try, try to pierce my fort Ryan. >> I’ll do, I’ll do my best. Don’t worry. Okay, here we go. I just gotta get this. Let me just change this thing really quick. >> Waaaah. >> Uh! Uh! >> Unicorn mann, you need a bow. >> Are you trying to throw your arrows at me by hand? >> Yes. Well the chest don’t refill. Yeah you better run, you better run. Oh you don’t refill? Uh, really? >> Huh! >> Good now you’re stuck there. >> But he’s getting away. >> You better run unicorn cause here I come. I am so.. It’s poisoning us. Oh God. >> Nooo! >> Yes, I killed him. I have won, Jesse for you. >> Aaaahhh! >> Poison uh. Poisanos. >> Poinasnos. >> Hey poison. >> We should pick Ryan.

Pick whatever you want. >> This is such a mario’s. >> Good choice, Jessie. >> I don’t like when Tina picks this one, but you can pick it anytime you want. What? >> Are you ready to rumble? >> Are you ready? >> to rumble. >> Please not green. >> There’s a colorblind. >> Oh my God, I actually picked green. >> That’s okay. >> Wrong green, wrong green. I won. I was the ony one with the right green. Hahaha. Yes. Oh, that was funny. Everyone died, but me cause I was just left. >> I looks like the correct green. >> No, it’s too dark. I knew that so I– >> faces the other green. Oh man, it’s three already. You guys are getting wre-wre-wrecked. But you’re doing great Jesse. >> I’m doing good too. I gotta win. >> Waaaaahhhh! Tina, watch this. >> I’m a dominator when it comes to this one. >> Yeah, this is TNT drop or whatever it’s called. >> I’m really good at avoiding. Running away is my specialty.

>> Ooh! >> Goldy’s shut by like ten of them. Okay, we’re good. We’re good. Tina’s in trouble. >> Oh Jesse didn’t even take damage but Tina did, >> Go this way. >> Good. Yeah. There we go. >> Nope, I’m dead. >> It’s all over there. Oh they both took damage there. You okay Jesse? Opps, this way. >> What about me? >> Oh, Ryan no. >> Ryan no, what? >> Oh I thought you’re about to die. >> No, Tina’s about to die or she probably get out of there. >> Aaah. >> Tina took some damage. >> Uhhh. >> Uhhh. >> I’m dead, I’m dead. >> I’m taking all damage here.

Oh no, . >> Oh, there’s go Tina. >> Uh-oh. >> Oh, Jesse. Oh, Jesse, you’re live. Yay. Jesse, run! Yeah, you made it. >> Run guys run. >> Oh Jesse, you’re actually still alive, huh? That’s impressive. Oh, you’re in trouble now. >> Oh oh. >> Oh oh that hurt me a lot. Oh, that was a spicy meatball. No, Jesse. >> That’s a one spicy meatyball. >> Oh no. Not dead apparently. >> Oh, no. >> Oh Goldy’s dead. >> I got full damage. Yeah, you got so high in the air. Yeah, oh no. >> No. >> Yes. I’m winning them all for Jesse. >> Grrrrraaaaa. >> Hahaha. And I pick the next one too. How funny would it be if just like Tina just doesn’t want a single one, but we can get. I’m just here to try and help you win. >> I’ll try to survive. >> I wanna win. I wanna win.

>> I’ll get Jesse to atleast win. Jesse run run run. Jesse run, I’ll save you. >> Unicorn mann, dont let him get away. >> Jesse run, go go, just run. Jesse don’t go near him. >> Uh oh. >> Oh god I failed. Get him Jesse. >> No Unicorn, destroy her. >> Get him Jesse, get him. Unicorn, can you jump off to Jesse and let her win? >> Do this for Jesse. >> No! >> Well, Ryan if you say pretty please. >> Pretty please with a cherry on top.

>> Unicorn mann, no! >> With a cherry on top? >> Without a sugar. >> Waaaaah! >> Hahaha. Jesse, yes, you gotta win. Now I just gotta win some Tetris . Are you happy, Tina? I won with the power of love. You won with the power of love? Uh, that’s so cute. >> Uuh, actually you won with the power of me. All right Ryan, here you go. Fish slap. Ah, yes the game we finally put the nail in the coffin. >> I’m a little sloppy Boy, watch out. >> You are a sloppy boy. >> Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap.

>> Uhuh, >> Uh >> Hey hey, uh. >> Oh, oh, oh, noooo! No! >> Get lost! >> Tina, no Tina kill it away, kill it away. No, nooo! >> Yes! >> No, >> Uh. >> And I won with the power of my love. It’s been . >> Yeah sure you did. >> Come on Unicorn, choose something fun. >> If you loved me, you would have just died for me. >> No, I wouldn’t have cause your singling me out. >> Well, I want to see Tina and Jessica go at it. >> I know you would. >> I wanna see them go at it. >> No one touch us or I’ll kill you. >> Me and Tina, or you and Jesse? >> Me and Jesse? >>Okay you do anything. We’ll just stand on the side. Come on, Jess, you got this. The axe break shield Jesse, the axe break shields. Don’t forget. >> Do-don’t don’t don’t. >> Go Jesse go. >> Yeah! >> We’ll get Tina, get Tina. Get Tina! >> Whaaat? Go away! We got her.

>> Oh guys, can I get away please? Everyone got one. >> Oh. Come at me. Noo! >> Come on Goldy. Let’s do it. >> Came from behind didn’t you Goldy? >> No. >> No, I hit you. >> Stop jumping. >> Ops, she killed me. I have I heart I should’ve killed you too. >> Parapap. >> This is quite the match. >> This is quite fun. Tina’s loving it, I can tell. >> Whhaaat!! >> Space shot goldy, space shot. Yeah! >> Space shot? We already played it. >> Wohoo. >> Let’s play some space shot. >> Why, he asked me. That’s so cute. >> Your not! >> Papapop. >> Oh, I’m out of here, skadoodle. Aaw! >> Goldy’s dead. Oh, they’re still fighting over there. Don’t go near here Unicorn mann, it’s between me and Jesse. >> I didn’t do anything.

>> You shut it. >> Aah. Ryan. >> I know. >> I can’t believe that. >> I missed. Hold on. Hold on. Jesse, I’ll save you. >> Will Ryan save his woman? >> Yes I will. >> Waaaaah! >> Jesse do the honors, take me out. >> You got to figure stuff out. >> If you really love him you won’t. >> No the arrows fly straight Jesse, you can’t kill yourself. >> Do it for the team. >> If you really love him, you won’t. >> Yehey! >> You’re a liar. Your a liar, liar, liar. >> Jesse you have two wins Jesse. Well, you’re so good. >> All right, Ryan which one do you want bud? >> You know, I’m feeling Minefield.

>> Minefield? Okay, let me look for it. Oh almost up there. >> Can we go for a twofer? >> I know Unicorn, I really want Tina to get crushed in minefield. >> Minefield! >> Okay, let’s do it. >> Time for Minefield. >> I’m ready. >> Time to put the hammer in the head. >> What? >> The hammer to the nail. >> D-du-ru-do >> I win. No, , it’s so close. >> I was there too. >> We we’re all there. Unicorn won though. >> I told you, I was going for a twofer. >> Yeah, you were. Hahaha. >> That’s what I said. >> This is great, isn’t it Jesse? >> Ryan, Jesse, kissing in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. >> Swim up. Tina can’t lose swim up, can’t she? >> Uh, probably. >> This one you just right click the blue thing. >> No! >> It’s not working for me guys. >> Really? I don’t know why. >> Well it sucks for you Goldy. >> I win! And that’s the game. That’s how we do it folks. I have won again. Okay everyone, let’s all jump into the wall and go home. Jesse, I’ll see you in the portal. >> I’m pretty happy. I’ve never won in minefield. >> In three, two, one— >> I wanna to it again. Go! >> Wasn’t it fun Tina? >> No, out of my way! >> Hey, Tina, you want to know something? >> No! >> No, no, Tina, let me tell you something.

Tina, Jesse wasn’t really my girlfriend. >> What? I like her. >> I found her on the street this morning and paid her five dollars to do that. >> Whaat? >> Ryan?! >> He just ask some bystander. >> We are going to my house and you have a lot of making up to do. >> No, I don’t. Bbyyee! >> Get back here! And that was another day at Daycare! .

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Minecraft Daycare – TINA IS TAKEN !? (Minecraft Roleplay)

Hey there guys, before this video begins, if you’re not subscribed already, hit that Subscribe Button and then hit that Notification Bell next to the Subscribe Button. So you never miss? a single video. Without further wasting your time, let’s get into today’s video. Moment of truth guys, so anywhoo– Hey, wait. what’s happening? >> Whoa, what? >> Ryan! >> Whoa! What was that? >> I’m scared. >> Yeah, it’s not even thundering outside. How do we lose power? Guys? Where’s Pup? Pup? >> Pup? >> So we should all go to the backyard and probably go see if pups around, yeah? >> Uhh, Cookie… >> Cookie? >> Cookie? >> Where’s Cookie? >> I knew this was going to happen. >> What? >> We disrespected the book. >> It’s not the Horseless Headsman. There’s got to be a logical explanation for this. >> The Curse of the Daycare…

>> Unicorn, there is no– >> Wow. >> That was really conveniently timed. Look Unicorn, there is no such thing as the Curse of the Daycare. >> Yes, there is. >> No, there’s not. >> You’ve angered the Horseless Headsman. >> No, we have not angered no horse– There’s no such thing as a Horseless Headsman. >> Now, we’re all going to die. >> There’s no such thing as a Horseless– >> I sit and I wait the inevitable. >> You’re laying down. >> I lay down and wait, the inevitable.

>> Now look, everyone listen. I know it– I know it seems a little scary. Cookie’s gone missing and so is Pup, but I’m sure there’s a reasonable reason that they’ve disappeared, right? >> It’s a curse. >> Curses do not exist, Unicorn Mann. >> Curse… >> Which reason? Oh… >> Yeah, what reason? >> Well, I don’t know. Maybe they’ve– maybe they’re hiding somewhere, together. I mean that’s very likely. Boo. Thanks, Angel. Oh, Angel’s here. Either way, look… I’m sure they’re somewhere in the Daycare. I mean where else could they have gone. And look, we can narrow it down because Goldy was downstairs, or in the kitchen, so we know at least they’re not in the kitchen. Through process of elimination, we can find everybody. >> But we’ve already checked all those places and we didn’t find Pup. >> Did you check the dressing rooms or the auditorium? >> Yes. >> They’re at the pizzeria. >> The what? >> Pizzeria. >> What pizzeria? >> Oh, we don’t have one? >> No. >> No. >> Hold up. >> Wait, wait. >> Goldy, you should check if there’s a pizzeria. >> Bless you. Bless you. >> I sneeze a lot. >> Yeah, I know. >> Okay, continuing forward. Look, we don’t have a pizzeria.

Let’s go check the cafeteria, one last time, because Goldy, no offense, you’re kind of blind. >> Huh? Okay. >> I’ll sit here and wait for the inevitable. >> Look there is no such thing– Oh my gosh. Look, hello… >> Hello? >> Anyone here? See, look. >> Ryan, I’m scared. >> I don’t know why– >> Ryan, Ryan! >> What? >> Anyone here? >> No! >> I was just checking on but– I’m cold, I’m going to get blanket. >> Wha– Oh. Okay, fine. Look, Tina, there’s no one here. So there’s nothing to worry about– What’s happening?! Not again! Not again. I really gotta get a better electric company if our lights keep turning off. This storm isn’t even that bad. >> Ryan, please. I don’t think it has anything to do with the storm, I think Unicorn Mann’s right. >> I don’t think he’s right.

How can a book give out a curse. All I did was burn it. >> It’s not the book, it’s what’s in it. >> Wait, maybe they’re in the bathroom. Pup! >> Cookie? >> Nope, no Pup. >> No Cookie. Well, let’s just go tell everyone upstairs, they’re not downstairs. >> We should stay together from now on. >> Okay, guys… >> Pup and cookie… I’m still safe, but for how long… >> No guys, no updates.

The lights turned off again and– Wait, what? Cat? Cat! Cat’s gone! Okay. >> My couch buddies… keep disappearing. >> Okay. Maybe… maybe Cat needed to go to the litter box? >> I checked the bathroom. >> Oh, yeah. Okay. Maybe this is more serious than I thought. >> This isn’t a joke anymore. Lizzie’s right. All my couch buddies are gone, Ryan. >> Well, I’m right. I’m the one who said there’s a curse. >> Okay fine, Unicorn, if there is a curse, what do we do? What can we do to reverse it? >> Yeah. >> It’s not going to be easy. >> I don’t care if it’s not easy. What can we do? Better than all of us disappearing. >> We’re gonna have to infiltrate the government. >> Excuse me, what? >> What? >> I’m just kidding. I don’t know. >> What you mean, you don’t know.

You know everything. >> I’m supposed to know. Look at the carpet. >> Why did I look at the carpet? >> So I’m supposed to know? >> Yes. >> All right. Well, I’m going to give you my best theory. Give you my best hypothesis. We’re going to roll with that, okay guys? >> Theory, got you. Yes, got it. >> All right. It’s just a theory. A Daycare theory… >> Okay, just explain to me what’s going on. >> Sorry. Sorry. >> What can we do to try? Maybe to remove this curse. Something, anything. >> Definitely not invade the government. >> Okay. >> We’ll need… I think we need to appease… >> Appease what? >> Appease the Horseless Headsman. >> Appease the– Okay.

Hold on, before we appease the Horseless Headsman, look at the carpet one more time. Okay. So the carpet has zero information on what we can do. Unicorn… Let’s just do– >> I don’t know why we consulted it a second time, Ryan. First time was a good idea– >> Either way, just continue. What are we doing? >> All right, so I’m thinking we got to– >> I gotta pee! >> Speaking of pee, we got to appease the…

The Horseless Headsman. >> Okay? >> So what do you– What do you do to boost someone’s ego? >> Well… >> Compliment them! >> Yeah you com– or– >> I love you Horseless Headsman. You think that worked? >> No. >> Build him a gigantic statue. >> Let’s do that. >> Oh, actually– Oh, nevermind. >> Say Tina, if I built you a giant statue, it will make you happy? >> Yeah. >> Perfect, we’ll do it for him. >> Anything you did for me would make me happy. >> All right, let’s make a Horseless Headsman. >> Okay, and how do we do that? >> Uhm… Well first, you go to Home Depot. No. Let’s go outside. >> Ah, it’s raining and thundering. No, thank you. >> What? Well, I gotta– all right, fine.

We’ll do it inside. Here, help me clear out the space. >> Okay, okay. Take– space cleared. >> From the obscure pictures in the… in the book that I was reading. I’m going to go ahead and start this one off. You ready for this? >> Sure. So um, he’s got. kind of like a… got like, silver boots, like this. So this should work. >> Silver boots, yeah. And he’s gonna look a little fat, but… >> That’s fine, that’s fine. Fat’s good. >> What, no. >> It means he’s healthy. >> He’s got brown pants. >> Brown pants, yeah. >> He’s got… he’s got like a…

Like a… like a black trench coat. >> Okay, black trench coat. >> This would do that for me. >> Okay, black trench coat, got it. Is it like an overhanging trench coat? >> Yeah, kind of like an overhang, but if he can’t do it overhang– >> What the heck is that? >> What do you mean what the heck is that? >> Yeah, what is– Yeah… >> It’s a trench coat, guys. >> Oh, I thought you made him buns. He has a butt. >> Don’t insult him. >> It’s meant to look like a trench coat cause it kind of hangs down and like, splits up the middle a little bit. >> Yeah, yeah, okay. And then he… Oh my God… >> It’s okay. If we have to go in the ceiling, it’s okay. >> Yeah, get his arms out, like this. >> What about his head? >> I’m working on it. >> Yeah, give– >> I know he doesn’t– >> No, he doesn’t have a horse. >> He doesn’t have a horse, oh.

>> And he had– He has like a… it’s like an axe. Yeah, because he likes to axe questions. >> And… and chew bubblegum. >> So Tina, it may hit your room, your floor a little bit. >> What, no! >> Sorry. >> Tina, do you want more people to die? >> It’s not much, just a little bit. Your floor is a little cut off. >> This is a lot cut-off. >> It’s like a little sliver. >> It’s like– it’s like going to the barbershop. Come on, it’s okay. >> Yeah. Okay, Unicorn, I’ll build his head.

What color is his face? >> Pale white. >> Pale white, sponge. Got you. >> Sponge. Spongey. >> Like that, okay? >> He’s got a little top hat too. >> Oh, a top hat, yeah. >> But he doesn’t have anything for a face. >> Top hat. >> Hey, okay, and there is the… there’s the statute. Do you think that will appease him? >> Yeah, that should appease him. >> Maybe we should get a little signage. That like, describes it a little bit. >> Yeah, put down a sign, Unicorn. Put down a sign. >> Yeah, I’ll do it. You ready? >> Yeah. >> Okay, put down the sign. >> Dear… >> Mister. >> Mister… >> Horseman. Headsman, no, Headsman. >> Horseless… >> No, it’s Headsman. >> Horseless… Heads… man. >> Yay. >> Here… is your… statue. >> Yeah, that works, that works. Good, good. >> There you go.

>> You spelled statue very– that was– Unicorn, that is so off. >> I had to do it with my left hand. >> Oh, okay. >> So, I did my best. >> Horseless Headsman, do you forgive us? >> Oh, I can’t read the sign. Oh, thank goodness. I can read the sign now, although I think it’s better if I didn’t. >> Guys, guys! >> What? >> I’m scared, I was washing my hands, and the lights was flickering, I’m scared. >> Anyway… Well, maybe he forgave us. Because no one– >> Ryan. >> Tina? >> Do you know– >> Tina?! >> A sudden sense of less clinginess around here? >> Tina?! Tina, where are you? He took Tina, he doesn’t like the statue. >> I think it’s because I spelled the.. >> Unicorn, this is not a laughing matter, Tina’s gone. >> I just– I’m just… I’m sorry, the signs pretty– >> T-T-Tina? Guys, Tina is missing. >> Okay, what do we do . >> Are you two, holding hands? >> He’s scared. >> No? Oh, okay. Either way, look, more importantly… Where is Tina? Did– Oh no. >> Maybe up in a tree, she got so scared.

>> Ha-ha, funny! Guys, I don’t know what– I know she was with us. >> Now look, she… she’s been taken by the curse, Ryan. We’re just gonna have to deal with it. >> No! >> We we look. >> We’ve looked everywhere, but one place. What if everyone’s there? >> Where? What? >> Thomas’ Bell Room! >> Look, we looked all the way– >> >> Yeah, we looked all the way upstairs. We looked everywhere on this floor. We checked the hidden rooms. We’ve checked downstairs. We’ve checked every room, We even checked your basement. We never checked Thomas’ Bell Room. >> You checked my basement? >> Yeah. >> Without my permission? >> Yes. Look, it’s not important right now. Come on, Unicorn. >> All right. Well, we’re having a stern talking after this. >> That’s– that’s fine. I don’t– that’s okay. Come on. >> Where’s the Bell Room? >> Just follow me. >> Okay. I’ve never been to this Bell Room, so… >> It’s a hidden room in the dungeon. >> Whoa. >> It should be right in here…

right here. Yeah, here it is. Thomas’ Giant Bell! Perfect! Uh, Unicorn. >> That’s the sound that makes… >> Unicorn. >> when we enter– >> Unicorn! >> What? >> This door has never been here before. >> Door? >> The door right in front of you, this one. >> What door? Oh! >> Well… >> Was this purple always here? >> No. Nothing was– Unicorn, this was literally just empty room with a bell. >> Okay, when you said door, so I assume that maybe the purple was just normal. >> Okay well, let’s– >> I know it’s not normal, it’s extra scary. Unicorn, let’s head back upstairs and get the rest of the kids.

>> Okay. >> And then… head down that very scary corridor. >> Oh, we’re going to pull like a Shrek and like, form a mob? Unicorn, let’s just go get everybody. Come on. Okay, let’s go. .

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