Minecraft Daycare – DO NOT WATCH THIS !? (Minecraft Roleplay)

>> Hey guys! Want a chance to meet me in real life? Well, I’m going to be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for Minefaire, from October 13th to the 14th. Head on over to minefaire.com for more information, or click the link in the description down below. Welcome your faces to another day at Daycare! Are we just gonna sit here– >> Boo! >> Oh god! >> The Candy Corn strikes again! >> What do you want, Goldy? >> Hey… Hey, Ryan. >> What? >> So, what plant likes… Halloween the most? >> What plant? >> Yeah. >> I don’t know. >> Bamboo! >> Oh! I get it because bamboo has boo in the name. Boo! >> Hi everybody! How are y’all doing today? >> Tell another one. >> I gotcha. I gotcha. >> What do mummies like to listen for Halloween? >> What do mommies like to listen to for Halloween? >> Yeah. >> What do mommies like to listen to? >> Music? >> Rap music. >> Rap music. >> It’s true! It’s true, my mom does love to listen to rap music. >> I didn’t even get that one. Rap music? >> Yeah, they’re… They’re wrapped up. Come on, Ryan. >> Oh, like a mummy.

>> Oh, I thought she said mommy. >> She did. She said it wrong. >> Mummy. I said mummy. >> Sounds like mommy. >> Hey… >> Mummy rap music– Oh, yep. That’s bad. That’s really bad. Okay, anyway, hi everybody! So, as I was saying I had this really awesome idea for today– >> I think I got one. What did the skeleton say to his enemy? >> I don’t know. >> What did he say, Unicorn Mann? >> He said… He sa– He said… I got bones! I got bones. >> I’m leaving. >> No, no, wait. No, no, no. >> No, I’m leaving. I’m leaving. I’m leaving. Don’t you dare come up behind me. Bye-bye! And… Three, two, one, go! >> Where’s Goldy? >> Cannonball! That did not work. >> Hello. >> Is this thing supposed to like, launch you? >> What Ryan, aren’t you concerned that we followed you? >> I’m more concerned that they got rid of the jumping on this… On this jump– >> What? >> Diving board doesn’t work anymore. It used bounce you.

>> Well, uh. >> Okay. >> If I– If I was a vampire I’d say that, that sucks. >> Really? >> Bleh blah blah. >> Do not even start this. Do not even start this. >> Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! >> What? What? >> Why doesn’t the skeleton like Halloween candy? >> Why? >> Cause he doesn’t have the stomach for it. >> Oh– >> Oh, good. >> Ooh, oh! What? >> Ryan, I’m a– >> Get away. >> Yeah, that’s what I thought. Yeah. Ryan, is that a little fire rod? >> It is little fire rod. >> Ooh. Ryan? >> Yeah? >> Um… >> What? >> Hey, hey. Um– What– what… >> What? Say it. >> Uh– Which kind of monster likes Halloween the most? >> Uhh, what? >> Oh, no! Which one? >> I don’t know. Which one? >> The witch one. >> Oh, it killed me. Really, I was under the thing. Oh wait– The… The witch… one. >> The witch one! You got it! >> Can we please stop with the jokes now, please? >> No, no, no, no, no , no. >> I came up with that one myself. I think it needs a little fine tuning but… >> Hey, hey. >> I feel like it could be a really good joke.

>> What, Goldy? What? What do you have to add to this? >> Transmogrify it? >> What? >> Ryan, get ready for this. Why can’t the ghost see his mom and dad? >> Why? >> Cause he’s an orphan. >> No! Because he tr– >> I’m sorry, were you going for something else? Were you going for another kind of thing? >> Yeah, I was. >> Okay, let’s continue. What you saying Goldy? >> It’s because they were transparent! >> Oh! Yeah, you know that makes a lot more sense. As far as the Halloween jokes go. >> Hey, this is a new map, isn’t it? >> It looks new. Oh yeah, it’s aquarium one. >> Oh, okay. I haven’t done the park– >> You mean, an as– an asquarium? >> Oh my God, stop! >> Alright, guys. >> Bleh, blah, blah! >> Bleh, blah, blah! >> Bleh, blah, blah! >> Bleh, blah, blah! Come on, Ryan you know– >> We don’t go bleh, blah, blah! >> We don’t go bleh, blah, blah. >> Alright, how about– >> But it sounds so right when they do. >> I know, right? >> But they don’t, though. >> Alright, Ryan I’m a detective. What– Don’t come up here. Ryan, don’t come up here. Ryan, don’t– >> Oh, wait! There’s a shark! >> Where’s the shark? Well, Goldy’s a murderer so…

>> Okay. >> Well, let me enjoy the shark. >> What does this do? >> Also– >> Oh… >> Which goes is the best da– >> That’s what it does? It opens the floor? >> Yeah. >> Wow… >> So you open the floor and shot her. >> Yep. >> You actually believed it wasn’t me? >> Yeah. >> Wow. >> Well, you said it was her so you know. >> Yeah, it was her. I mean… >> Wow. Wow, okay. >> Anyway, keep going, Goldy. >> Yeah, what you were you saying? >> Well, okay. Which ghost is the best dancer? >> Let me guess. >> Michael Jackson. >> No, what? Stop. Which one, Goldy? Tell me. >> The boogie man. >> Boogie is not got a ghost. >> Come, one it was funny. >> Oh, I get it. >> The boogie man is not a ghost.

Which monster is the best dancer would work. >> Oh, true. >> What… What– What’s… >> I don’t know, I don’t know. >>> What’s a monster’s favorite side dish? >> What? >> The monster mashed potatoes? >> I like that one. We got it. He’s getting . These are like so bad that I hate myself for laughing at that one. >> The monster mashed potatoes, right? >> Oh, I got a good one. >> That was a good one. >> What, Goldy? What? >> What do you get if you cross Bambi with a ghost? >> What do you got? >> Bamboo! >> Bamboo… Oh. >> Wow. >> Get it? >> That wasn’t even really a joke. That was just combining two words. >> But, boo. He-he. >> Wow, adding boo to joke makes it a ghost joke. >>Hey, Ryan. >> What? >> What do you get what do you get when you– When you trick someone with a ghost joke? >> What? >> A Bamboozle. I was waiting for that one. >> I added boo to it. >> So it’s a ghost joke? >> Get it? Yeah, it’s ghost j– Little– Little boo joke, little ghost joke. >> Oh, no. Trust me , I heard it.

>> Get it? >> Oh, I get it, yup. >> Get it, Ryan? >> Yep, I get it. >> Get it, Ryan? >> No. >> Ryan, do you get it? >> No. >> Oh, that’s a shame. I bet skel-ton or other people do. >> Oh my God. You get over here! >> What? I haven’t– I haven’t done anything. >> Mmm-hmm? Haven’t done anything? Are you admitting that you must be the murderer? >> No! I haven’t done anything! >> It doesn’t matter. >> He’s just a boy! >> He’s just a boy, Ryan. >> He’s just a boy! >> Ryan, I’m just a boy. >> Guys, I’m really lost.

>> I can tell. Die. >> Ugh… Why me?! >> Cause I’m– He wasn’t attacking me like he normally would have. She pulled up the sword. She actually pulled up the sword. It’s Goldy! >> Where’s Goldy? >> Oh, come here! >> Get wrecked! Get wrecked! >> Get scared, stiff kid– >> She was pulling out your shield and just swung by your sword. So I was like, oh okay. Unicorn, I almost killed you for that joke, though, so stop! >> What– It sounds like she’s got a bone to pick with you. >> Now guys, why do vampires need mouthwash? >> Why? >> Because they had bat breath! >> I get it. >> Come on, Ryan. Can you give me a little chuckle? >> No. >> Come on. Come on. >> Come on, Ryan. >> No. >> Alright, how about this one…

Why are vampires so easy to fool? Come on. >> What, why? Why? >> Because they’re suckers! >> It’s not even funny! >> Oh… Hey. >> Yeah? >> I forgot. Oh, oh. What did the girl skeleton say to the– to the guy skeleton? >> What? >> We should fee more people. >> You should– What? >> Fee ,more people. >> Femur. >> Feed more? >> Femur. It says, see more people. It’s like femur. I’ll work on it. >> Yeah, that needs a lot of work. >> I really want to get a femur joke in here somewhere. >> I don’t think you’re gonna. >> Alright.

>> Yeah. >> Femur doesn’t really work with much. >> No, it doesn’t but I really want a bone-chilling joke with it. >> My god, stop! >> Set you up for that one, baby! Whoo! Come on, Ryan. >> No. >> Guys, what did one ghost say to the other ghost? >> What, Goldy? Edumecate me. >> Do you believe in humans? >> Wait a second, Ryan? >> What? >> Ryan? >> Yeah? >> Did you know that Indiana bones made a bone marrow escape from the boulder? It’s a narrow escape, as a bone marrow escape. Get it? >> You could’ve said narrow. >> Indiana Bones, a marrow escape, sorry. Well, I wasn’t sure if like maybe you get it. >> Hey, hey! Don’t do it! I’m trying to get there to hide. >> Please do it. No, she’s not because I’m already hiding here. That’s right. He just knew! I love it. >> I feel like Ryan would have just killed me when I stood here. >> Yeah, plus, one, I may have tried to kill you, and two, why would I be hiding right from the start if I was one of the two things? >> Because you’re not a bonehead.

>> Stop. Please. No more Halloween bone jokes, whatever. Hey man, these ones are just coming off the skull. >> Oh. Oh. Got him good. Got him real good. >> Cause… Cause skeletons. >> Oh, that’s funny. Ooh-wee, That’s funny. >> You can do femur with a few more maybe? >> Wha– Oh, yeah, I guess… >> You could try it. that just came to me– >> Have you been thinking about femur jokes too? >> No, it just came to me out of nowhere. >> Gotcha. >> Thinking… I’m thinking of a joke. What do vampires take when they are sick? >> Nothing. Vampires don’t get sick. They’re immortal. >> No, they take coffin drops. >> Oh! Oh, they take coffin drops! Ryan, they take coffin drops! >> Oh, trust me, I very much heard. Goldy’s the murderer! Goldy’s the murderer! >> Come here! >> Instead of coughin drops, they’re coffin drops. >> Unicorn, where are you? >> Well, I’m coming upstairs. >> Okay, I’m going upstairs. She’s downstairs with me, behind me. I’m coming up the stairs– you just went up. Yeah, she’s coming from there. >> Now she wisen up, she decided not to follow you.

>> I’ll check these ones. She’s not here. >> I’m really slow. Just so you know >> You hit the lever. >> Maybe? >> You hit it again, didn’t you? >> Yes. Oh, I’m extra slow now– Ugh. I hit the lever. I’ve stacked slowness. >> You feel blessed, you get a bow. She just gave me a bow! Oh, Unicorn I also figured something out. I found a new place you can get to. Come over here. >> Okay. >> Here. I mean, maybe not if you’re slow but look– I see you down there. But Unicorn, look, you come up here, see where I am? You get over here, now you can jump to this, then you` can jump up here.

>> Wow. >> I missed! I missed my shot. Unicorn! She’s coming! Run! Take her out. Yeah! >> That was easy. >> That was… >> You know what, no. I almost made a joke. I can’t add to what you guys have already done to this. >> Well, I can’t wait for Goldy to take her turn here. >> She has– Yeah, you’re right, she hasn’t made a joke in a while. >> Uhm… Uhh… >> Why is the skeleton’s so mean? >> What?! >> Why is the skeleton so mean? >> Why is the skeleton is so mean? >> He got bullied as a kid? >> Why? >> He doesn’t have a heart! >> You know what, maybe it is time to go. Maybe… This just proves it’s time to go. Are you the murderer? >> Yeah. >> Okay, can we kill Goldy, and kill me then we’ll stop. We’ll go home. >> Yeah, where’s Goldy? >> No, no, no. >> Right next to me. Yeah, she’s right there. >> No, I don’t know what you’re talking about. >> Okay, Goldy’s dead. >> Okay, cool, now you just kill me.

And okay, let’s go ahead everyone, were going to jump in the wall the next round, and we’re just gonna leave. We’re gonna go. We’re done here. >> Come on. >> We’re done here. >> Come on. >> No more, that’s enough of that. >> Come on. >> That is en– That’s enough of that! >> Ryan! >> We’re going home. >> What do you what do you call a zombie factory worker? In three, two, one. >> Someone who works with brains. >> Go! >> Come on, Ryan! >> Ryan, we got a skele-ton more to do.. >> Oh my god stop, please. >> Come on, Ryan. >> Ryan. Come on, Ryan. >> I’m sorry everyone, I must leave. >> Isn’t this striking your funny bone? >> No, it’s not. >> Come here, Ryan. >> And that was another day at Daycare. .

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Minecraft Daycare – LAVA BATTLE !? (Minecraft Roleplay)

Our matey’s want to see my cardboard boats get destroyed while on a voyage Well click the link in the description down below – what’s the new proper life video? Hey Goldie Hey, I broke the carpet Chattering will do we literally chattering? We literally have to shatter a what I said one believe what I say break a coldie look first like you’re in a cow costume You’re wearing your other Halloween costume. You’re wearing – Halloween costume Fool no you shut up like I just heard the bells yeah, okay, whatever No no no And she is it mourning the death of the baby cows not allowed Derpity you Dirk is this your Halloween costume. It’s dirt ready for Halloween Nazi derp joins in the Halloween spirit unlike all of you No, it’s not too early I got some for you come here. Okay. Take this It’s too early to joke about this But you gotta pick some different for Homework on this we’ll work on this.

We’ll work on this derp. What are you just a pumpkin goggles? Gotcha What is it no sir I don’t need a Halloween costume Anyway real quick. I know he is his you know current. He’s at his own for the longest of anybody unicorn man Unicorn it what the heck? What the heck I can’t it’s a Riley here outside the heck I can’t get in What oh hey Ryan oh? Hey, oh Are you trying to get in yeah? I can’t I won’t let me kick in here. Oh Hi, Ryan, Rey working. Well, I just Walk in Look it’s me ah now What do what he do it ma you tried somewhere? Well yeah, they’re rapidly saying.

Did you hear that get rid of him I know like Almost I was so close no Golde I get so close, but so far I’m fighting it. I got so close I touch the door As you can won’t be able to mm speed 3000 oh god Yeah What? Hey, you know why thank you out here What are you? Okay Oh it launches items to items can’t even get in yours door guys. I have a new idea ready here we go That did not work Okay Tina I’m ready ready ready and go I mean Tina Tina Tina take this Oh, I pulled a prank on unicorn man that can only be seen on the coffee you Two good man.

You know come in we’re gonna play game, but you’re not allowed because your rank is he costume huh bye what? UNICORN MAN A UNICORN BAN Umm goldy kick me! For me! I know what your thinking, god da- tina Okay so today. We also be channel Like kind of disappeared Well guys we’re back we run or basically a better run, otherwise we’re gonna hit by magma good luck Now I couldn’t see while see what your eyes inna oh, okay specialized Okay Ryan, can you let come back up you please go? Hi. You know many now Ryan Ryan good white I know I’m already long gone. Sorry gold you gotta go. No. No look look. I’m right behind you, bro. They’re not I’m right behind you’re not this might be right behind you guys No Not you Lana, what’s the problem Goldy? I can’t hear you over the sound of this waterfall that is super loud by the way super loud waterfall obviously No, but the mag was getting close to me Goldie. I don’t have time for this, okay, Maggie Ryan you know very well, there’s like let’s eat.

Oh my gosh. We just walk into every magma Why no, they know I just told you now come here no means no What world is that the case? You harassing Tina again no Write it. Thank you forever. I’m not gonna lie yeah, I know cuz you’re way behind you Thank you. Everybody you were right near me. You’re not even close. Are you going? Yeah I’m making good time guys. I think I should be able to win this maybe like old Egypt oldies cut up Did you see all your TV for the end maybe? Oh good job And now here I was thinking that Goldie was gonna. Have a chance at beating me, but nope I already won That was close But that was uneasy we still medium because people are getting idea that lavas chasing us down so like yeah We’re being chased by lava, and if it hits us.

We die We die true that we die That part you need Thanks Goldie, thanks for the used and actually helped me quite a bit Tina do you know if you rapidly jump while going through the tunnels you go faster? Oh? No, well, now. You know the more you know Now you tell me something new you Start yet, I I mean I was I was playing with one hand Oh deco I Mean I am way behind Okay, how close you to the magma? I don’t know huh no wallet no Bottom who screams I got my chocolate.

Oh, I was at six. Oh god. Oh god. You’re Yeah, thank you. No get away from me. I don’t Owe My Tina how’s it going you having a good day? Okay, this is so far so good so guys. I’m actually I may make it to the bottom again before you guys Again Goldie stop harassing Tina, what’d she do to you – Don’t team okay get underneath me bro work as a team against – Let’s go, let’s go let’s go okay everyone What low leap fee not alone Yeah, what’s he ever do to you guys, huh? That’s not nice. Oh No the magnet Tina Do you know I’m gonna win this for you, okay, there’s no way I’m letting them catch There we go Anything for you Tina now the last thing we’re on we’ve go in hard mode and this time I’m beating the crud out of you unicorn man.

What did I cried? absolutely nothing Oh a speed boost they think but oh well go Treating you Well I mean right now, I’m and I don’t care I did Go ahead and do that oh my gosh every time I Do that You Guys are dying oh, I thought you guys were mind, okay Come on Okay si and win this No this is terrible Oh What are you made about mister I got two wins under my belt, it seems very strange them, I was just killed Three two one What now we need to have a daycare meeting right now, what did I do? You said your name couldn’t need some his name to say to Phil okay Milk and cookies Messina Tina come here.

It’s important for you, too. I brought milk okay every single person here starting next time It’s time for the Halloween daycare event Screw Halloween!!!! burn all your costumes and kick me in the face like 20 times Literally, this is already so you think about it, okay? By the time that we that by the time we get here for the next day. It’s already getting close to Halloween It’s not too early. We’re literally getting to the point where it is Halloween All October Be quiet okay, you have to have a constant Okay goes through your hair You need to wear a costume, but see Goldy no bucks.

No you have to Tina come on yeah Right you want me a hitter with a wrench. No don’t hear what the wrench Just okay prepare a bunch of costumes for for for our friendly Okay, ones that you can’t remove .

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Minecraft Daycare – TINA’S FAMILY !? (Minecraft Roleplay)

WELCOME TO ANOTHER DAY OF DAYCARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi guys hello, Anyone home hear that goldy Who is dat is that ryan Im a little bit busy ok I can- HI EVERYBOD- wh-what HEY RYAN WHATS UP BUDDY w-wait dont look dont look Can I look at it, no how about now Ryan you look at my spot oh Okay, you think okay Tony this way follow me all right everybody Boom! PRESENTING MY BROTHER BADABADA BOOM TONY OH HEY HE LOOKS DIFFRENT! Yeah, I can believe that I like it Got a haircut, yeah He looks like Justin Bieber, that’s who he is he’s Justin Bieber Tony you’re Justin Bieber John Mendez kind of thing who’s that you get what I’m Also okay use the perfume on No Okay, I’ll provide you the car we need to go to the melon log. Okay? Why is there goldie outside? That’s my Goldie you should why she’s trying to attack me what? Up Tina Tina, I know y’all I killed the real one oh She’s got a forcefield okay, cuz I knew you would do this He’s right.

We’re gonna do it we did do it. Oh. Oh we have some new today. Oh a new vlog today Melon vlog number 7 the melons have turned I Don’t think into murki It was good red white blue America and said yeah, yeah America alright, well, they’re Gonna leave the whole purpose is to take her out for our test run. See how she operates I’m gonna put that on the list of things to improve upon. Okay. Yeah, go League I don’t II but okay everyone everyone come with us. We’re gonna go on a journey through the portal okay and Tony Jesse you’re where you could do the countdown today Come on over okay? Here we go everyone gather round and Tony’s gonna. Give us a big 3 2 1 go Does it go.

Okay? Give us the cat down Tony? three two one oh Great we craft oh Hi, Tina, I understand that you are upset right now, but that is okay You can be upset you’re allowed to be upset once in a while, but understand that I’m gonna win this game this is my original game that I was always good at I grew up on this Gotta go go Gotta go oh, this is a rampage Gotta go I’m already at 15.

Let’s go You want to win okay Finally got shut down. Yeah, I know you did, but it’s okay, cuz There we go come here Gotta go my golly you missed also as Goldie not saying anything, or is it just me it’s gold use being You’re upset why upset Hey, don’t go blaming me. It’s not me who’s killing him. Okay? You’re you’re just bad your badness is what ends See Tina, I’m really good at this game And it only gets worse from here it only gets worse from here okay here, let’s do It I know I missed it, okay sue oh this map Hey, that’s not really nice I mean you think with it’s not really nice at all like you’re gonna.

Just beat me out. That’s kind of rude Well, I mean when do I not do that? Stop being right god Tina Tina Tina calm down. I think I think you know what you need to do you need to just like breathe So nice brick, there’s a nice breathing exercises would do do you very good? Oh? Okay, I keep forgetting my name is the other so I’m like you’re young Unicorn man double kill gotcha Goldie Okay all right Sniped Oh, you’re miss not gonna be happy before you killing him Do it you want you know I understand you’re not very happy about that but uh Well for you Let’s go again, this is going great.

I like this game He said hey look we ran up one random person in Know I know I’m really good. I’ve won two games in a row. I don’t talk about that I mean, I knew I’m enjoying this quite a bit. This is fantastic for me guys. I don’t know Right Ryan What happened last time where you bragged about being so good at a game look look look that was different? Different time different circumstances, what a Nice, I know I’m not acting yeah, whatever okay? Whatever. Just don’t miss I Got thrown around okay There’s some random guy in here, and I don’t like him very much That was a right Iraqi where would I be at the center of the map like I always am? Danny Bye Tina hey hey don’t get mad at me just because you missed This going great guy there’s so much fun, amigo fun anymore I mean personally I’m a joint is quite a bit Yeah, whatever I I don’t know about you.

Call me, but this is a lot of fun Unicorn man in that one as well Go legally singing isn’t gonna make you any better at this game. I’ll be honest with you Though that singing is doing nothing to help you oh Hi Tina you flew through the sky For the last three sixty dos go I missed 360 no-scope again, I missed again 360 360 no that was more than 40 look didn’t work. It’s all three six you think doesn’t work, whatever Oh For all you guys what you did I coulda been fat goalie you got nine You still needed 16 more kills, okay? Whatever? Are you pointed come? I mean, I’m just I’m just saying like you Had a little bit to go there Just a little bit, I don’t like this map I actually really don’t but we have two random people in here okay here we go Okay, yeah, I think this thing he doesn’t help guys know. I’ve told you that it doesn’t help didn’t do anything No Goldie it you think it’s doing something for you.

I’ll be honest with you. It’s fine Let me get all in your mind. Let me have my cake. I’m not gonna let you have your dreams if they’re not real dreams Let your dreams be means dude Up Tina calm yourself to Elaine it’s okay I’m gonna go My bro Did you expect me not to shoot you Goldie even you were standing in the open And whose fault is that for being in yours yours. It’s your fault. It’s yours. Oh, not my fault your fuck Oh I did not like that one. Oh there. We go another one down oh I just got a few in that one come here Let’s keep going I’m gonna have this one in a minute here. Goldie. Got me. What well he never gets me You’re lying I am having fun. Is that so bad am I not allowed to have fun No I’m not allowed to have fun. Why this game is fantastic Right you don’t get it. You got two girls mad, and that’s how you know you messed up He’s right Yeah Well this map this map look look look.

I know random people in this map stinks I’ve never been go to this one in fact. This one is one of my least favorites, so we’ll be good this time, right You come out in the corner like a problem like oh, yeah look I already died. I didn’t even get a kill yet Okay, whatever, it’s true. I’m dead I did die See I died again. I still don’t have a kill See I still don’t have a kill this is my Okay now a five kills ah Got taken I was in a battle to the death with pup and a gut snag Who shot me I Didn’t shoot. You don’t go blaming me. I didn’t do it. Why does assume it’s you you know the first thing I do Yeah, but it wasn’t me Tina Tina. No angry’s no angry fan. Oh I’m Tina. I’m a my name’s Tina, and I’m upstairs I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s going on. I know you’re using your voice a lot today We did golini died Yeah, but you thought I did One more kill Goldie, and I’m gonna make it on you You won’t buy me I mean if you’re gonna hide.

I won’t find you That’s for sure, but I mean I think I already know where you are Well, I just died so I Think one more would do it, right Ryan yeah It’s it’s tiring and you’re keep winning, and it’s bad look. Do you know why I keep winning? No no no Tina Tina Tina Tina you just Tina you know what you do, I want you to just you need to breathe okay? There’s the rest this game just three I want to breathe in and out okay and well I will talk we get back to the daycare cuz right now. You cannot use your indoor voice Not you Goldie Tina D’Souza indoor voice Top then And whose fault is that? yours Yeah, I told you to breathe because not you know I didn’t tell you I told Tina debris Are you Tina when did you become Tina? Hi, I’m Tina.

No you’re not hello. You’re not Tina. You’ll never be T Okay, Patrick. No you’re not Patrick either No one’s patent Okay, like I’m Ryan nice to meet you. You know Hey nice to meet you, too Goldy you drive me nuts sometimes Goldy No, it wasn’t it was terrible it was god-awful in fact No, it was not good. I don’t know where what your definition of good joke is is not my definition of a good joke Your dad makes some very good jokes I agree, but you don’t hey No goalie you don’t you really don’t okay? Whatever bye? Well don’t miss Goldy God Okay there you go everyone’s at wrecking me today. Yeah, there’s some random in here is pretty good, and they’re gonna win so See the random one Why your frames about your frames can’t handle the fireworks, okay, well we’re gonna end this in one more game This is it this game for all the money Tina’s still breathing a little bit, so she’s gonna need some What Golding my lucky nickel? No you don’t get a lucky nickel Goldie.

That’s not how this works I don’t no one wants your lucky nickel. No one likes your lucky nickels No unicorn you can’t have it either, okay? Yeah, that’s right He’s gonna be in my pocket he’s a cool nickel sure keep your nickel and we name it Philip. I don’t care What you do okay? Whatever? Don’t you owe me I’m gonna No, no no no What I do I mean Billy if you’re just gonna stand scale it becomes easy to shoot. I don’t I don’t play Minecraft at all I’ve never played this game in my life not once and they can tell by the way I played it.

I’ve never played Never tonigh never played this never once in my life. Uh-huh nope never never heard of it. What is this game? I’ve never heard of this game before Mm-hmm never it’s it must be what is it called a Quackers cracker craft? Yes, I’m like that. Yeah a quacker craft. I think that’s what it was Okay gonna commit man Gotta go okay, you’re four points away, right? What no. I don’t know ever played it for me I’ve never again trust me when I did I’ve never played this before in my life never never played no I never played quakecraft in my life. Yeah, okay, bro Hey, anyway, let’s just go through the big purple portal in the back of this Lobby And that’s how we’re gonna get out of here here we go in three Okay now give me the bread oh No That’s my Goldie hey, do you want something to cut open Tina hey there you oh God go discourse fighting it. Oh Goldie killed it I’m not soggy Combat universe You go D. Go D. Go D. Go D go to Tina Oh you beat me to it Anyway, I’m heading out Tina.

Okay. Well uh anyway. I’ll see you all later. Bye And that was another day Oh .

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