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Hey guys this is Mi-Anne and this is Beauty With Mi. As you guys know I dyed my hair in January and I went pink. And since then I have been on a hunt for products, that will A) maintain the color of my hair and B) maintain the health of my hair. And I feel like I’ve gotten to a good place with the products, so I decided to do a little hair update cause you guys have been asking for it.

But first don’t forget to subscribe down below. Beauty With Mi comes out every single Monday at 11 a.m. Please make sure you are part of the family. Without further ado let’s get into Before I dyed my hair, I wash my hair pretty much every single day. I had had a very oily scalp but now that my hair is a lot drier, my hair is absorbing a lot of the oil that my scalp produces. So I only need to wash my hair about twice a week. So before I even get in the shower I always put on a hair mask. It’s called Masque For Beautiful Color. I just put it in my hair dry. I can’t be bothered to put a mask in, in my wet hair, and sit around in the shower for 10 minutes while it absorbs, naked and cold. So I get a huge scoop full of it, and put it into my hair, put it up into a little bun. And then just kind of do stuff around my house until it’s absorbed.

This mask is really nice. It is ridiculously expensive but I do think it keeps my hair really soft. Then once I’m in the shower is when I will wash my hair. I use this shampoo. It’s called the Ouai Repair Shampoo and it is so good. I don’t know if this happens to you guys with double processed hair, but now that I wash my hair a lot less I get more dandruff. So what I do in the shower, which I didn’t do before is I really give my scalp a good massage and a good exfoliation when I’m doing my shampoo. But if you guys have any tips or things that I should be doing to keep the dandruff away, please let me know in the comments because I definitely haven’t found a good solution for that yet.

So after I shampoo my hair I usually move onto conditioner. Now I know that I’ve already masked so I already have the moisture that I need in my hair, but I use conditioner to inject more color. So I use this conditioner from Overtone and it’s called the Daily Pastel Pink Conditioner. And I mix it with this other conditioner that’s purple, from this brand called Function Of Beauty. Now Function Of Beauty is a really interesting brand, because they customized shampoo to your hair type. So not a single shampoo and conditioner they’ve ever made is the same.

I’ll put a little bit of the pink conditioner in my hand and then a couple pumps of the purple conditioner in my hand. Mix it together and smooth it through my hair really working it in to every bit. And then I leave it in my hair for about two to three minutes, like while I’m washing my body or shaving and then I rinse it out. It won’t dye your hair the two or three shades darker, but what it will do is inject just a little bit of color, so that what you’re losing when you shampoo your hair gets put back in when you condition.

And that’s pretty much my entire hair washing routine. I get out of the shower and I typically air dry. Madison my colorist at Spoke & Weal, told me that after I got my hair bleach I would notice a bit of textural change. So I have. My hair is a bit more wavy, it has a bit more of that beachy texture that I actually really like. I’ll usually spend about two to three days just rocking my air dried hair, but then on the third or fourth day is when it starts to get a little bit greasy. So I’ll use a little bit of dry shampoo. It is the Klorane Dry Shampoo with oat milk. This is a non-aerosol version. So instead of having an aerosol spray, you squeeze it out and powder gets in your hair and you kind of rub it in. I do find this does a good job of controlling oil. It also gives your hair a little bit of grittiness that’s nice for styling. So toward the third or fourth day when things start getting a little greasy, a little flat, a little dull that’s when I will pull out my straightener and style my hair.

So before I straighten my hair I’ll use Nature Lab Perfect Volume Texture Mist, which is basically a liquid texturizer that also doubles as a color and heat protectant. So I’ll just put this in my hair let it dry and then throw in some flat iron waves. I use this straightener. It’s a Bio Ionic Straightener and it vibrates. You can press a little button and it goes zzz.

And it helps move the plates along your hair. I like it because it is a nice one inch and it has a tapered end here it makes it easy to curl. So Jon Reyman, who’s one of the founders of Spoke & Weal where I got my hair colored, actually taught me this technique. So you can do it like this where you’re kind of creating an “S” wave in your hair pulling it back and forth down and keeping the end straight.

Or take it and twist it like this and then twist it twice. So what’s so great about this technique is that it’s supposed to look a little messy and a little tussled. You can do parts of your hair but you don’t have to worry about getting every last piece. And since my hair is again more textured than it was before, I find that I can just really focus on the front and get a bit of the back. And it’ll be a passable look. As the last step of my hairstyling routine I’ll throw in a little bit of texture cream. If you guys have watched my videos before you might recognize this guy. This is the Verb Texture Cream. I did a whole video talking about those products. But this is just a very lovely texturizing cream. It’s very soft, you put it in your hands. I usually scrunch up in my hair to give me a little bit more texture and volume.

And then I’ll take the excess and smooth down my flyaways. And what I love about this cream is it does give me a little bit of piece-y texture, without weighing down my hair, without making my hair feel crunchy and that’s what I love about it. So that’s it folks, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of paring it down. The routine itself doesn’t take me that long to do, but I’m still constantly looking for new things to try. So if you guys have color treated hair or if you know any products that you think I might like please let me know down below. Because I always want to try new things.

But I hope you guys enjoyed this video, I hope that you guys learned something. And I will catch you guys next week. Bye! Thanks so much for watching guys. Let me know what you want to see next on Beauty With Mi in the comment down below. And click here to subscribe to Refinery29. And click here to watch my last video. Bye! .

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TVF’s A Day with RD Sharma | E01

Area = Pi*r^2 Simple Interest = PRT/100 Sin theta/ Cos theta = ban theta… ban theta Tan theta! Sin theta/ Cos theta = Tan theta. Guys, Today, we are at the home of best selling Maths book author – R.D.Sharma It’s said that reporters who struggle with basic maths Aren’t entertained by sir for interviews. And he also calls up their parents and complaint about it. So guys… Pray for me.

Namaste, sir. 10th board mark sheet? I have it here. It’s attested by the gazetted officer. Minimum requirement for a servant’s job at my house is 80 marks in maths. And you expect to interview me with 74 marks? Sir, do you remember the 2005 tragedy? The paper turned out to be lengthy. Even Sharma ji’s son scored only 99. Right, my relative’s son from Bijnaur failed too. Oh.. It’s a genuine excuse. Well done. Come in. Watch it! Shoes outside! Which book did you use? Book sir, R.S.

Aggarwal. Always. He’s like a brother. Brother from a congruent mother. NCERT Is like our mother. Sir, what should be the radius of rotis today? It’s a Tuesday. Make it 5 cms. Let’s proceed. Come from this side. It’s shorter diagonally. You’re really fit, sir. What’s your age? Four years ago, my son’s age was Half my age Today his age is 30 years. How much? 30. Now tell me my age. 2 * 3 = 6… Sir, is this question optional or compulsory? Oh, it’s compulsory. Wish him. Let’s assume My age is X. Airawat! Yes, sir. That bag you liked on Roposo Which you wanted to carry vegetables Yeah, right! There’s a discount notification for that. Please purchase it, sir. Please. Of-course, just answer a simple question. The bag has a selling price of Rs. 499 after 21% discount What is the marked price? Control your temper, Airawat. Use of calculator is not allowed. Okay. Without Calculator. If you want to do some rough work, Then draw a margin on the right side.

Hurry up, you’ve only 10 more seconds. Two watches, sir? That’s why you got 74 marks. LHS = RHS Sir, sir, it’s almost done. Was just writing the date, sir. Sir… Please check the roti. I told you 5 cms. It’s 2 marks will be deducted from your salary. Sir, please sir I set the compass at 5, but it got lose. Sir, please You can tighten it from the top. Airawat ji, it’s common knowledge. Good. Just tighten that screw at the top. Sir… At-least give some marks for the steps. Oh, it’s already 3. Time to practice. Practice? a plus b whole squared a squared b squared two ab Oh lord, b squared two ab Sing along. a plus b whole cubed a cubed b cubed Na Na Na Na…. Sir, I don’t remember its lyrics. Should I sing another? Base squared height squared Hypotenuse squared squared squared.

Fan of Pythagoras sir? Yes, sir. Height squared Base squared Hypotenuse squared squared squared. Very good! Great! So sir, Do you only write maths books? Or some film or love story too? Sir, looks like you’ve thought of something. Rom-Com sir? As.. I was telling you This… Rom-Com is a… Love Hexagon One girl and Five boys Manohar! Pay attention! Basically, finally Simran’s father Is impressed by Raj Why? Because Raj knows to properly use the log table.

On the railway platform, He says to Simran, after leaving her hand Go Simran, go. Find out the log’s value. Cut to : Train is going at a speed of 20 kms/hr Trolley shot… Simran runs in slow motion for 15 seconds and boards the train. Now we won’t tell Simran’s speed. Basically, Film’s climax is open to…uh… Calculations Whoever calculates it correctly Will… Will understand the film.

Yeah, I mean, I know The story is a little lengthy But I can also make it a musical. And then it can also be a Web series. Or a short film is also possible. Yeah, you’re right. Leave films aside. Why don’t you only write maths books? I mean, maths problems are also fictional. Otherwise who buys 60 watermelons? Hello Yeah You heard right. 60 watermelons. What do you mean what will I do with 60 watermelons? Here’s the address. From the temple, You’ll a cylindrical building 63 degrees towards your right Place the protractor on the road and mark 63…. Doesn’t know what is a protractor. Protractor, Set squares Even an 8th class child knows their utility.

Right? Me? Even my class toppers don’t know the utility of set squares They’re useless. Useless? There’s a theorem famous in my village. Blame the scale when you can’t draw a straight line. Tell me the use of set squares. Used to draw straight lines when you can’t find a scale. Sir… Pressure built because of the position May I go to toilet? Go. Sir… Yeah? There’s no water in the bathroom. Sir, To create that new problem, you made a hole in the water tank Sir, In how long will the water come? Sir… Look at this note on the floor Solve it to know the time required for water to come Sir, what is this? I came for an interview and appeared for a viva instead. Sir, Where is the toilet paper? What are you saying? You learn on paper. Respect it! Hey, Sharma ji. Hey, hello. Verma ji! Manohar Get 35 ml water for sir. 60 ml. Manohar, you’re very lucky Guess who’s here? Author of Concept of Physics H C Verma sir He’s my neighbour Lives in the vertically opposite flat. Did my monkey come here? He ran away while I was calculating tension by suspending him on a pulley No, he won’t run away.

It’s Tuesday, so he must have gone to the temple to snatch sweets. Manohar! While you’re here, why don’t you interview Verma ji too? No, I’ll take a viva. Manohar, Can he hear us? So if I… Turn the lights off Then why can’t you see? Sir, what tomfoolery is this? Sir, light, sir? First, no water. Now, light. Please turn it on. It’s scary here, sir. Answer it, child. Sir, it’s not in the syllabus. Think of it as a surprise test. After all you aren’t going to find Verma ji everyday Okay, here’s a hint.

Chapter is optics, Just below the diagram 19.1.2, there’s a stanza Wait, it’s raining… You both are mad men! Take an umbrella! He’s limping. His LHS isn’t equal to RHS. Sharma With what value of g would he have fallen? Standard – 9.8, I guess. No, He struggles a bit with Physics. I’m sure he took g’s value as 10. Sir, your order of 60 melons has been delivered. 60 melons? What’ll you do? What do you do alone with a monkey? .

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