Minecraft Daycare – DO NOT WATCH THIS !? (Minecraft Roleplay)

>> Hey guys! Want a chance to meet me in real life? Well, I’m going to be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for Minefaire, from October 13th to the 14th. Head on over to minefaire.com for more information, or click the link in the description down below. Welcome your faces to another day at Daycare! Are we just gonna sit here– >> Boo! >> Oh god! >> The Candy Corn strikes again! >> What do you want, Goldy? >> Hey… Hey, Ryan. >> What? >> So, what plant likes… Halloween the most? >> What plant? >> Yeah. >> I don’t know. >> Bamboo! >> Oh! I get it because bamboo has boo in the name. Boo! >> Hi everybody! How are y’all doing today? >> Tell another one. >> I gotcha. I gotcha. >> What do mummies like to listen for Halloween? >> What do mommies like to listen to for Halloween? >> Yeah. >> What do mommies like to listen to? >> Music? >> Rap music. >> Rap music. >> It’s true! It’s true, my mom does love to listen to rap music. >> I didn’t even get that one. Rap music? >> Yeah, they’re… They’re wrapped up. Come on, Ryan. >> Oh, like a mummy.

>> Oh, I thought she said mommy. >> She did. She said it wrong. >> Mummy. I said mummy. >> Sounds like mommy. >> Hey… >> Mummy rap music– Oh, yep. That’s bad. That’s really bad. Okay, anyway, hi everybody! So, as I was saying I had this really awesome idea for today– >> I think I got one. What did the skeleton say to his enemy? >> I don’t know. >> What did he say, Unicorn Mann? >> He said… He sa– He said… I got bones! I got bones. >> I’m leaving. >> No, no, wait. No, no, no. >> No, I’m leaving. I’m leaving. I’m leaving. Don’t you dare come up behind me. Bye-bye! And… Three, two, one, go! >> Where’s Goldy? >> Cannonball! That did not work. >> Hello. >> Is this thing supposed to like, launch you? >> What Ryan, aren’t you concerned that we followed you? >> I’m more concerned that they got rid of the jumping on this… On this jump– >> What? >> Diving board doesn’t work anymore. It used bounce you.

>> Well, uh. >> Okay. >> If I– If I was a vampire I’d say that, that sucks. >> Really? >> Bleh blah blah. >> Do not even start this. Do not even start this. >> Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! >> What? What? >> Why doesn’t the skeleton like Halloween candy? >> Why? >> Cause he doesn’t have the stomach for it. >> Oh– >> Oh, good. >> Ooh, oh! What? >> Ryan, I’m a– >> Get away. >> Yeah, that’s what I thought. Yeah. Ryan, is that a little fire rod? >> It is little fire rod. >> Ooh. Ryan? >> Yeah? >> Um… >> What? >> Hey, hey. Um– What– what… >> What? Say it. >> Uh– Which kind of monster likes Halloween the most? >> Uhh, what? >> Oh, no! Which one? >> I don’t know. Which one? >> The witch one. >> Oh, it killed me. Really, I was under the thing. Oh wait– The… The witch… one. >> The witch one! You got it! >> Can we please stop with the jokes now, please? >> No, no, no, no, no , no. >> I came up with that one myself. I think it needs a little fine tuning but… >> Hey, hey. >> I feel like it could be a really good joke.

>> What, Goldy? What? What do you have to add to this? >> Transmogrify it? >> What? >> Ryan, get ready for this. Why can’t the ghost see his mom and dad? >> Why? >> Cause he’s an orphan. >> No! Because he tr– >> I’m sorry, were you going for something else? Were you going for another kind of thing? >> Yeah, I was. >> Okay, let’s continue. What you saying Goldy? >> It’s because they were transparent! >> Oh! Yeah, you know that makes a lot more sense. As far as the Halloween jokes go. >> Hey, this is a new map, isn’t it? >> It looks new. Oh yeah, it’s aquarium one. >> Oh, okay. I haven’t done the park– >> You mean, an as– an asquarium? >> Oh my God, stop! >> Alright, guys. >> Bleh, blah, blah! >> Bleh, blah, blah! >> Bleh, blah, blah! >> Bleh, blah, blah! Come on, Ryan you know– >> We don’t go bleh, blah, blah! >> We don’t go bleh, blah, blah. >> Alright, how about– >> But it sounds so right when they do. >> I know, right? >> But they don’t, though. >> Alright, Ryan I’m a detective. What– Don’t come up here. Ryan, don’t come up here. Ryan, don’t– >> Oh, wait! There’s a shark! >> Where’s the shark? Well, Goldy’s a murderer so…

>> Okay. >> Well, let me enjoy the shark. >> What does this do? >> Also– >> Oh… >> Which goes is the best da– >> That’s what it does? It opens the floor? >> Yeah. >> Wow… >> So you open the floor and shot her. >> Yep. >> You actually believed it wasn’t me? >> Yeah. >> Wow. >> Well, you said it was her so you know. >> Yeah, it was her. I mean… >> Wow. Wow, okay. >> Anyway, keep going, Goldy. >> Yeah, what you were you saying? >> Well, okay. Which ghost is the best dancer? >> Let me guess. >> Michael Jackson. >> No, what? Stop. Which one, Goldy? Tell me. >> The boogie man. >> Boogie is not got a ghost. >> Come, one it was funny. >> Oh, I get it. >> The boogie man is not a ghost.

Which monster is the best dancer would work. >> Oh, true. >> What… What– What’s… >> I don’t know, I don’t know. >>> What’s a monster’s favorite side dish? >> What? >> The monster mashed potatoes? >> I like that one. We got it. He’s getting . These are like so bad that I hate myself for laughing at that one. >> The monster mashed potatoes, right? >> Oh, I got a good one. >> That was a good one. >> What, Goldy? What? >> What do you get if you cross Bambi with a ghost? >> What do you got? >> Bamboo! >> Bamboo… Oh. >> Wow. >> Get it? >> That wasn’t even really a joke. That was just combining two words. >> But, boo. He-he. >> Wow, adding boo to joke makes it a ghost joke. >>Hey, Ryan. >> What? >> What do you get what do you get when you– When you trick someone with a ghost joke? >> What? >> A Bamboozle. I was waiting for that one. >> I added boo to it. >> So it’s a ghost joke? >> Get it? Yeah, it’s ghost j– Little– Little boo joke, little ghost joke. >> Oh, no. Trust me , I heard it.

>> Get it? >> Oh, I get it, yup. >> Get it, Ryan? >> Yep, I get it. >> Get it, Ryan? >> No. >> Ryan, do you get it? >> No. >> Oh, that’s a shame. I bet skel-ton or other people do. >> Oh my God. You get over here! >> What? I haven’t– I haven’t done anything. >> Mmm-hmm? Haven’t done anything? Are you admitting that you must be the murderer? >> No! I haven’t done anything! >> It doesn’t matter. >> He’s just a boy! >> He’s just a boy, Ryan. >> He’s just a boy! >> Ryan, I’m just a boy. >> Guys, I’m really lost.

>> I can tell. Die. >> Ugh… Why me?! >> Cause I’m– He wasn’t attacking me like he normally would have. She pulled up the sword. She actually pulled up the sword. It’s Goldy! >> Where’s Goldy? >> Oh, come here! >> Get wrecked! Get wrecked! >> Get scared, stiff kid– >> She was pulling out your shield and just swung by your sword. So I was like, oh okay. Unicorn, I almost killed you for that joke, though, so stop! >> What– It sounds like she’s got a bone to pick with you. >> Now guys, why do vampires need mouthwash? >> Why? >> Because they had bat breath! >> I get it. >> Come on, Ryan. Can you give me a little chuckle? >> No. >> Come on. Come on. >> Come on, Ryan. >> No. >> Alright, how about this one…

Why are vampires so easy to fool? Come on. >> What, why? Why? >> Because they’re suckers! >> It’s not even funny! >> Oh… Hey. >> Yeah? >> I forgot. Oh, oh. What did the girl skeleton say to the– to the guy skeleton? >> What? >> We should fee more people. >> You should– What? >> Fee ,more people. >> Femur. >> Feed more? >> Femur. It says, see more people. It’s like femur. I’ll work on it. >> Yeah, that needs a lot of work. >> I really want to get a femur joke in here somewhere. >> I don’t think you’re gonna. >> Alright.

>> Yeah. >> Femur doesn’t really work with much. >> No, it doesn’t but I really want a bone-chilling joke with it. >> My god, stop! >> Set you up for that one, baby! Whoo! Come on, Ryan. >> No. >> Guys, what did one ghost say to the other ghost? >> What, Goldy? Edumecate me. >> Do you believe in humans? >> Wait a second, Ryan? >> What? >> Ryan? >> Yeah? >> Did you know that Indiana bones made a bone marrow escape from the boulder? It’s a narrow escape, as a bone marrow escape. Get it? >> You could’ve said narrow. >> Indiana Bones, a marrow escape, sorry. Well, I wasn’t sure if like maybe you get it. >> Hey, hey! Don’t do it! I’m trying to get there to hide. >> Please do it. No, she’s not because I’m already hiding here. That’s right. He just knew! I love it. >> I feel like Ryan would have just killed me when I stood here. >> Yeah, plus, one, I may have tried to kill you, and two, why would I be hiding right from the start if I was one of the two things? >> Because you’re not a bonehead.

>> Stop. Please. No more Halloween bone jokes, whatever. Hey man, these ones are just coming off the skull. >> Oh. Oh. Got him good. Got him real good. >> Cause… Cause skeletons. >> Oh, that’s funny. Ooh-wee, That’s funny. >> You can do femur with a few more maybe? >> Wha– Oh, yeah, I guess… >> You could try it. that just came to me– >> Have you been thinking about femur jokes too? >> No, it just came to me out of nowhere. >> Gotcha. >> Thinking… I’m thinking of a joke. What do vampires take when they are sick? >> Nothing. Vampires don’t get sick. They’re immortal. >> No, they take coffin drops. >> Oh! Oh, they take coffin drops! Ryan, they take coffin drops! >> Oh, trust me, I very much heard. Goldy’s the murderer! Goldy’s the murderer! >> Come here! >> Instead of coughin drops, they’re coffin drops. >> Unicorn, where are you? >> Well, I’m coming upstairs. >> Okay, I’m going upstairs. She’s downstairs with me, behind me. I’m coming up the stairs– you just went up. Yeah, she’s coming from there. >> Now she wisen up, she decided not to follow you.

>> I’ll check these ones. She’s not here. >> I’m really slow. Just so you know >> You hit the lever. >> Maybe? >> You hit it again, didn’t you? >> Yes. Oh, I’m extra slow now– Ugh. I hit the lever. I’ve stacked slowness. >> You feel blessed, you get a bow. She just gave me a bow! Oh, Unicorn I also figured something out. I found a new place you can get to. Come over here. >> Okay. >> Here. I mean, maybe not if you’re slow but look– I see you down there. But Unicorn, look, you come up here, see where I am? You get over here, now you can jump to this, then you` can jump up here.

>> Wow. >> I missed! I missed my shot. Unicorn! She’s coming! Run! Take her out. Yeah! >> That was easy. >> That was… >> You know what, no. I almost made a joke. I can’t add to what you guys have already done to this. >> Well, I can’t wait for Goldy to take her turn here. >> She has– Yeah, you’re right, she hasn’t made a joke in a while. >> Uhm… Uhh… >> Why is the skeleton’s so mean? >> What?! >> Why is the skeleton so mean? >> Why is the skeleton is so mean? >> He got bullied as a kid? >> Why? >> He doesn’t have a heart! >> You know what, maybe it is time to go. Maybe… This just proves it’s time to go. Are you the murderer? >> Yeah. >> Okay, can we kill Goldy, and kill me then we’ll stop. We’ll go home. >> Yeah, where’s Goldy? >> No, no, no. >> Right next to me. Yeah, she’s right there. >> No, I don’t know what you’re talking about. >> Okay, Goldy’s dead. >> Okay, cool, now you just kill me.

And okay, let’s go ahead everyone, were going to jump in the wall the next round, and we’re just gonna leave. We’re gonna go. We’re done here. >> Come on. >> We’re done here. >> Come on. >> No more, that’s enough of that. >> Come on. >> That is en– That’s enough of that! >> Ryan! >> We’re going home. >> What do you what do you call a zombie factory worker? In three, two, one. >> Someone who works with brains. >> Go! >> Come on, Ryan! >> Ryan, we got a skele-ton more to do.. >> Oh my god stop, please. >> Come on, Ryan. >> Ryan. Come on, Ryan. >> I’m sorry everyone, I must leave. >> Isn’t this striking your funny bone? >> No, it’s not. >> Come here, Ryan. >> And that was another day at Daycare. .

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(screencaps whoosh) (whooshing intensifies) – (Benny) Well, I guess I know what we have to do. And we’ve got JUST the video for them to react to. ♪ (punk rock music) ♪ – ♪ Meow meow ♪ ♪ Meow meow ♪ ♪ Meow meow ♪ ♪ MEOW ♪ ♪ (playful music) ♪ (in video: owner murmurs indistinctly) ♪ (dubstep music) ♪ ♪ Meow (meow… meow… meow…) ♪ (scraping microphone) ♪ (dubstep music) ♪ (in video: cat meows) (in video: cat sneezes thrice) – (Benny) All right! Cats watching cats watching videos. They’ve gotta answer this time! ♪ (punk rock music) ♪ ♪ Meow meow MEOW ♪ – (Finebros) Okay, so what did you think of that video? (Silence. Duh.) – (Benny) Was it kind of funny that we had you watching a video OF cats watching a video? (defiant silence) – (Benny) Why do I even try? – (Rafi) Wait, I have an idea. What if we showed them a cat video, but in a totally different way? – (narrator) Tom Brand had it all… (watch rings) … except time for his family.

– (daughter) When is daddy gonna come home? – (narrator) But fate… (cat yowls) – (Brand, startled) Oh! (cat growls) – (narrator) … has a way of changing everything. – ♪ I’ll put a spell on you ♪ – (Brand) Wait a minute… (distressfully) I’m a cat! ♪ (ska music) ♪ – (lady cat) A cat’s life is so much better! – (Brand) How do I get out of this? – (Grant) You haven’t been there for your family. You have one week to reconnect with them or you’re gonna be stuck in that cat for the rest of your life.

– (Brand) AAAH! (splat) ♪ (jazzy music) ♪ – (Grant) Are you gonna behave? (cat meows) This cat has not been fixed. – (Brand) Don’t you dare!! – ♪ Party in your pocket ♪ ♪ (punk rock music) ♪ – ♪ Meow meow MEOW ♪ – (Benny) All right, so, you all seemed really engaged with that. Why is it so fun to see Kevin Spacey as a cat? (dead air) – (Benny) Well, surely you relate to this, how misunderstood but fun cats are? (more dead air) – (Benny) Well, the movie is called Nine Lives. Since you’re cats, we have to ask: is it true? Do cats really have nine lives? (just nothing) – (Benny) Come on, guys! Some of the biggest stars are in this! Lil Bub, Henri.

Pudge, even NALA! – (Benny) Let’s just call it a day. – (Rafi) Hold on… maybe we need to try a different show. ♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ ♪ Meow meow meow meow meow ♪ ♪ Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow MEOW ♪ (silence yet again) – (Benny) Aww! (buzzer) – (Benny) You’re so cute! (buzzer) (cat meows) – (Benny) AH! That’s a meow. (buzzer) – (Benny) You’re adorable. (buzzer) (cat meows) – (Benny) You meowed. (buzzer) (buzzer) (cat meows) (buzzer) (ears flap loudly) (buzzer) – (Benny) WE GOT A CUTE ONE! X IT OUT! (buzzer) – (Benny) Give it an X! It’s cute! (buzzer) – (Benny) Well, you all lost. Except for you, Jack. Ugh! You’re disgusting! – (Jacksfilms) Me-yow. (devious chuckle) Me-yow-how. (hiss of evil) (coughing up “hairball”) (bad imitation of purring) (aggressively) Meow! Meow! Meow right now! (hissing) Thank you. Um… see you next year. (drumming table) All right. ♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ .

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Kids React To Viral Asian Makeup Transformations Compilation

– I don’t like it when they, like… – She looks like a completely different person. ♪ (playful intro) ♪ ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – What is this? – What’s happening? – Oh my gosh! These videos. The ones with the makeup transformation videos. – I’ve seen so many of these on Instagram, and they look totally different, ’cause of the makeup that they put on. – ♪ I will find a light in your soul ♪ ♪ I’ll be there ♪ – Bravo. You are a good makeup artist. (claps) You should be proud of yourself. – How did she do that? – She transformed into a different person! – It looks so different. The power of makeup. – I’m not that good at makeup, but I like watching them just to be like, “You know what? I should try that someday.” But I never do.

But makeup videos are satisfying to watch. – ♪ Whoa ♪ – (gasps) Ooh. That looks gross. – Oh, jeez. – It always trips me out when someone has fake skin on and they peel it off. – Oh, and the ones when they take it off, it’s like, “Whoa.” – ♪ I wanna woop, woop, woop ♪ ♪ But I’m… ♪ – Oh, this is Tik Tok. Okay. – So weird. It’s cool. – That one doesn’t have that much of a difference as the other one, but, I mean, there’s still a difference.

– It’s fun. She did it really well. I didn’t even realize that it was fake prosthetic skin. – It’s cool how you can transform into a different person basically. I would do it one time and I’d be like, “Hi!” – She looks like an alien right now. – Oh my god! What is wrong with her eye? – This is gonna be a big transformation. – Why did their remove their eyebrows and their hair? – It’s so weird to see the difference. – That looks really different. She looks like a doll. – That’s not natural. – I don’t like makeup for some reason. I’m just like, (sucks in breath) just be yourself. – Makeup could be used to express yourself, whether you want it to be natural or you want it to be over the top. ♪ (R&B music) ♪ – What’s she drinking? – Is she drinking vitamins? – I don’t get how these people do this. – That’s cool. – It’s honestly really cool to see this, like, what makeup can do to you and if you really try extremely hard it can make you look nice, weird, or however you like it.

– That’s a big difference. – She looks like a completely different person. – It’s so crazy to see the transformation some people can do from, like, a completely different person. It’s crazy. ♪ (upbeat EDM music) ♪ – Oh, is it backwards? – Oh, it’s doing it the other way. – All the songs they have in the background are bops. – She just put scissors through her nose. – Oh! (gags) Oh my god! – It’s just like… new person. – To see somebody change, you have to give kudos to them. It probably took them hours. – I think it might be satisfying to some people, like, watching all this makeup getting taken off and put on and watching people change into different identities. ♪ (Chinese pop music) ♪ – (softly) Ahh. – I don’t like it when they, like… – (screams) I do not like fake eyelashes. – Oh, she looks so different. – If that were my aunt, I would not recognize her like that. It’d be like talking to a stranger.

– I don’t really care if somebody looks like pretty or not, because honestly, that doesn’t determine anything about them. Just to see these transformations are really cool and stuff. – Oh, ew, ew, ew! What are you doing?! – Why is she digging in her nose? – That is one big booger. – She looks so different. The color contacts really change a lot. – She looks like she has a tinier face. – I don’t get how they can’t change their face shape completely. I give them major props for being able to do that. ♪ (heavy bass music) ♪ – (gasps) Ugh! Oh my god! – I can’t look at this, peeling off the skin. Ah! – I don’t like the whole skin peeling off. – It’s really cool to honestly see all of this.

But then again, it looks a little creepy. – That’s unnatural. I would never imagine that it’s possible to change yourself so much. – I don’t know if I would just sit there for hours and hours watching this. – It’s confusing, but I wouldn’t spend hours watching these videos. It’s a cool trend, but not my favorite. – I don’t like the scissors. – Gosh, the nose stuff always is, like, weird to me. ♪ (upbeat electronic music) ♪ – That looks really different. – I would say she just got a little older by that. – That’s really weird what makeup can do. – Do they really do that every single day or is it just for the video? Where do you find this peeling stuff, like, nose fondant, like… what in the world is happening? – Why would you wanna change yourself into an entirely different person? No one will recognize you and it’s gonna be kinda strange. – (FBE) All of these videos are from a new trend that many are calling viral Asian makeup transformations.

– Yeah, I can see that, ’cause it’s a whole transformation. They’re like one person and then a completely different other person. – (FBE) Well, these videos show the transformation of mostly young women with the power of makeup. And compilations of these videos have gained millions of views on YouTube, and people love watching. – Millions?! They love seeing people turn into entirely different people? – (FBE) From your perspective as a kid, why do you think that people like these types of videos so much? – I don’t think anyone would be enticed to click on this, anyone I know at least. I mean, this is pretty scary. – It’s confusing, and I don’t really get how some people could like it. – I really don’t think it would be appealing. I mean, you see someone and then you see this other transformation of them and you’re like, “Is that the same person?” – It’s something you really only see in movies where people can just, like, become a different person.

And it’s just really cool to watch it. – People just think they’re super cool, like, how people can change. It’s like it would be satisfying or it could just be cool. Maybe they wanna try it. – It’s cool to see how they transform into basically a different person. If your friend came to school the next day wearing makeup, looking different, wouldn’t that be kind of fascinating to you? – (FBE) So, makeup has been around for years, but it has recently become an art form where people can explore their creativity. People love to show– – Just like my mom. She loves makeup. – (FBE) People love to show their before and after photos on social media, similar to the videos that you just watched. Are makeup transformation videos something that you and your friends like to watch or look at on social media? – No, no. My friends don’t even know about this at my school, because they’re too focused in Fortnite or other stuff. – I’m not mostly into makeup. You accidentally put the wrong makeup on, just like poof, just messes up your whole video. – I enjoy watching people do makeup tutorials when they’re really good at it even though I know I’m probably not gonna try that.

– If I’m talking about my friends here, I would probably say they do it a lot. You see transformation. You see how somebody can show their artistic form in their face. – (FBE) Some kids around your age aren’t even allowed to wear makeup. However, for many kids, they’re excited for the day that they finally are able to when they get a little bit older. For you personally, I mean, would you ever wanna change your appearance as much as the people in these videos? – No, ’cause I like how I look. – I’m fine with the skin I have and my beautiful face. – No, I think naturality is good. – I can see all my friends possibly doing that for fun stuff, but I like how I am. – Maybe to prank my friends? But not quite just to go out in public. – I’m comfortable with myself, but I feel like if you’re not comfortable, then you can try out some different things. – Probably not that drastically, but I would like to learn how to do better makeup. – (FBE) So finally, what would you wanna say to people who do want to drastically change their looks and makeup like this? – Well, just inspire yourself people, ’cause one thing: You don’t have to look perfect.

– There’s nothing wrong with being yourself, but if you wanna change the way you look, then you can go right ahead. – You do you. You keep doing what you’re doing. You’re amazing at what you do. I mean, I feel like I can never do that, so you keep doing what you’re doing. Do what you love. – I’m not saying that it’s bad or anything. It’s just… might not know who you are and be like, “Hey, who are you? And why are you in my house?” when you just randomly change your makeup and then you come downstairs and your mom’s like, “Hey, it’s dinner time,” and then you go downstairs and your mom’s like, “Who the heck are you?! You’re not my daughter,” or something like that. I mean, it’d be confusing. – Thanks for watching Kids React. Shoutout to SHADOW GANG and awesomegirl 88. – Subscribe and hit the bell, and it will transform your life. – Goodbye! – Hey, guys. I’m Parker Bates. Thanks for having me.

You can go follow me, @theparkerbates. And you can catch me on “This is Us” on NBC’s, Tuesday at 9 p.m. .

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