Yoga For Weight Loss – Hips & Hammies

– What’s up, everyone, and welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I am Adriene and we are back in action, and I have a new voice. For all the new subscribers who are like, what are you talking about? I was out ’cause I had vocal surgery. We’ve also been shooting a lot of fun little projects for you and we have all kinds of crazy moves going on. So we took a little break, but now we’re back strong and I’ve missed you, I miss the regular videos. It’s been great to be working on other things, but this is really nice constant, that we have free yoga videos every Wednesday, something new, something for everyone, so thank you for being here, thank you for watching this. Hopefully, you’re in the mood for some fiery yoga. Today, we have a new practice in the Yoga for Weight Loss series.

This is a very popular playlist. For me, all yoga is yoga for weight loss in a way, because it’s all about awareness and lovin’ yo’self. But today we kinda have a little fiery practice with a focus on deep opening in the hips and some stretchy-stretch in the hamstrings. Nice little core connect, and of course, some neck and shoulder love, so hop on your mat, let’s get started. And if this practice isn’t for you, be sure to scroll through the channel and find something that feels good. Let’s get started. (upbeat guitar music) Draw the palms together at the heart now. Interlace the fingertips and press the palms forward up and back, keep the shoulders relaxed. Again, getting used to moving with the breath, inhale, reach the pinkies all the way up. Again, instead of kinda panicking here and getting tired as each breath rolls on, see if you can kind of integrate more awareness to different body parts.

(tongue click) A-O. Playing with that, drawing in of the navel and lifting up. Pressing into the heels. Letting the tailbone grow heavy. So if you’re kind of arching out here, you might tuck the pelvis, allow a little heaviness to set in, in the base of the pelvis. Whoo, blood flow in the opposite direction. Breathe one more big breath in here, reach, reach, reach, and then exhale. Break free, ahhh, great. Right arm on top, give yourself a nice big hug. Inching the fingertips towards the center of the back body, breathe in, lift your heart. Exhale, release, and switch, left arm on top. Little self-love, little self-care here in yoga practice. Yes, we’re here to trim and tone, but we can again do it in a really mindful way that feels super awesome, so.

Shake it out, and again we’ll inhale, reach the arms up and overhead. This time, as you exhale, take it all the way down into a forward fold. Grab the elbows, rock a little side to side, if that feels good. Bend your knees as generously as you need to. Shake the head a little yes, a little no. And then we’ll release the arms. On an inhale, lift up to flat back position. This can be with the palms on the tops of the thighs, the shins, or fingertips on the mat, kinda more Ashtangi version. So, chances are, your body knows what to do, but if you’re brand new to the practice, just consider a nice long beautiful neck here and again, that lifting up and in of the navel. So definitely engaging the belly here, engaging the abdominal wall.

Wherever you are, take one more big breath in, find length, and then use your exhale to find that forward fold again. Inhale, reach up towards the sky, spread your fingertips, press into all four corners of the feet, might even lift the toes here. And exhale, hands to heart, heavy in the tailbone, nice tucking of the pelvis here. Great, let’s have some fun. Soft knees, inhale, reach it up, fingertips kiss up and over head. Exhale, down you go. Stretching through the back body by bending the knee. Inhale, halfway lift your version, long, beautiful neck. And exhale, forward fold. Great, plant the palms in line with the feet.

Bend your knees again, as generously as you need. Then we’ll step the right foot back into a nice, low lunge. Lower the right knee, find length in the torso and the heart. And again, begin to breathe through that right hip, that right hip crease, the front of the leg, breathe, breathe, breathe. Then draw a big rainbow with your center. So we’re gonna go up and over and back, coming on to the left heel. Gently tugging energy through the left hip crease, but not really doing it in a way that feels like you’re kind of pushing, just gentle energetic tug. Go ahead and allow the weight of the head to round forward and then we’ll slowly roll through the left foot, come back to nice low lunge. Lifting the right knee up, take a big breath in. Exhale, plant the palms, step the left toes back to plank. Begin to pedal it out here, find a little movement. Create a little bit of energy in the upper body by pressing away from your yoga mat. And then we’ll step the right foot up into the lunge. Lower the left knee down. Front knee over front ankle and refine the little lift in the heart.

Udi anabandha here drawing the navel in and up. Staying connected through your center, breathing into the front of the left hip crease. Breathing, breathing. And think up and over as you rock it back. Gently pulling back through the right hip crease. Notice my right foot here, super alive, super flexed toes up towards the sky. And then rolling through that right foot, plant the palms, lift the back knee up, inhale, exhale, step to plank. Again, don’t panic here, press away from your yoga mat. Puff up through the upper back body, pedal it out. Then lower the knees here if you like or keep them lifted. Shift your weight forward and slowly lower all the way down. As you lower down, draw your navel up towards your spine. Cool, inhale, cobra. Everyone press into the tops of the feet, lift your heart. Big breath in here.

And then exhale, we release. Curl the toes under, lift your kneecaps one at a time. Stay engaged in the legs as you press into the palms and lift back up to that top of a push-up. Big breath in, exhale to downward-facing dog. Hips go up and back, we pedal it out here. Find what feels good, stretching through the side body, super mindful of the hands as we press into all 10 knuckles firmly, finding that yielding action we talk about in the Foundations of Yoga, and then melting the heart back. If the heels don’t come to the mat, who cares? In time they absolutely will. (breathing) Stick with your breath. Great, then we’ll slowly bend the knees and again to go for a nice slow walk up towards the front edge, take your time.

Forward fold. On your next breath in, inhale, lift up halfway, long neck, exhale bow. Inhale, reach for the sky, spread the fingertips, press into your foundation, big, big stretch. And exhale, hands to heart. Great, we’re gonna pick up the right foot and cross it over the left here. Right hip’s gonna want to come forward so you want to dial it back a little bit here and then maintain this beautiful lift in the heart.

Inhale, reach the arms up and over head, exhale down you go, pulling the right hip crease back. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Super mindful of the hip creases here. We’re not just kind of dumping all our weight into that right foot, but keeping an energetic lift up through the right hip crease just like we did in that runner stretch. Maybe you let the weight of the head go here and find your breath. (breathing) Press into all four corners of the feet, slowly begin to roll it up. And we just do a little switch-a-roo here, pressing into the right foot we step the left foot over so, again, this hip crease is gonna wanna kind of come forward here so I’m gonna keep it dialed back, pulling back through my left hip crease, really mindful as I lift my heart up. Think ballerina here, totally. And then reach the arms all the way up and over head, exhale down you go. (breathing) Relaxing the weight of the head over, excuse me, if that feels good.

And again, finding a new breath here. Letting the breath inspire your practice, letting the practice really speak to your breath. It’s all connected and you will forget to breathe deep and so we just make it about this constant return back to the breath. (breathing) Press firmly into all four corners of the feet, find stability in the knees so if you don’t press into your feet your knees are kind of unstable here, believe it or not, even though it’s such a simple little shape, so really press into your feet, engage all the muscles as you roll it up, up up, and then we’ll unravel.

Awesome, shake it out or pedal it out and then inhale, reach back up towards the sky, full breath here, exhale, rain it down. Inhale, halfway lift, awesome, exhale, forward fold. Plant the palms this time, let’s give it a hop. Hop it back to plank, awesome, you did it! Slowly lower down, inhale, cobra. And exhale to all fours. If your’e working on strengthening the wrists here, you might practice this next thing on the fists. Okay, but don’t give up on your wrists. We really wanna show that we’re working nice and slow and mindful to strengthen the wrist. We’re not just giving up on them and never strengthening them or stretching them. We have fists are an option here, fists and thumb’s a great option, stay aware in your shoulders if you do that. Inhale, lift the right knee up, begin to draw big circles. There’s gonna be a tendency here to rush guys, so keep it nice and slow.

So we’re opening up the hips, great for the glutes here, but stay connected to that center, again drawing the navel up and in here, rib cage, kind of hugging in, big, big, slow circles. After you don’t need the video any more you can bring your gaze straight down and we’re opening up the hips again. Engaging the glute there. If you experience any pain or a little cramp in your foot, play with kind of brightening the toes, spreading them wide, we call this yogi-toes.

And then reversing the circle, using your breath, definitely working the abdominal wall here too so stay connected, don’t dump all your weight into your left palm, see if you can press into both palms evenly, whoo! Press into the top of the left foot, one more here, you got it, and then we release. Curl the toes under and take a break off your wrists. Nice stretching of the soles of the feet as you catch your breath. (breathing) Same thing on the other side, back to all fours. Press into the top of your right foot, press away from your yoga mat and begin to draw big, big circle with the left knee. We’re strengthening the abdominal wall, we’re strengthening the muscles of the back body here, get that beautiful back you’ve always wanted, big, drawing big circles. I like to think of it like carving lines through space. That kind of slows me down a little bit. Again, if pointing the toe is kind of bringing a little cramp situation into your foot, you might try spreading the toes wide, still staying nice and bright. Reverse your circle if you haven’t already. And again, resist the urge to move super fast.

(breathing) Awesome, do one more. And then we release, this time dropping the elbows where the palms were and walking the knees back, anna hathaasen, heart to earth pose, stretching the shoulders, lower belly reaches towards the tops of the thigh and we relax in a nice restorative stretch here. Really opening up through the shoulders though, we might rock the hips a little gently back and forth. (breathing) And you might even rock the forehead a little back and forth. (breathing) Awesome, slowly coming back to all fours, awesome work everyone! Come back to that plank position. Don’t panic, you got the strength. Your mind gives up a lot faster than your body so you got it going on, and again, you can always come to a nice half plank whenever you need to, just kind of working on alignment and building strength slowly but surely. In plank we’re gonna really reach the heels towards the back edge of the mat. Inhale in, lift your right leg up high, exhale. Bring your right knee over towards your left elbow.

Keep the right foot bright, pointed, or toes spread. Inhale, exhale, release, back to plank. Inhale, lift the left leg up high, you got it. Exhale, bring the left knee over towards the right elbow. Brightness in the left foot, inhale, exhale back to center, inhale, lift the right leg up high, exhale, cross it over, only three of these on each side, you got it. Back to plank, here we go, crossing over with the left knee, engage that lower belly and one more on each side, you totally have it, here we go. Lift the right leg over to the left. Back to plank and one more, here we go. Back to plank, awesome. From here we’re going to go to downward dog. Oh, never felt so good, beautiful. Take a couple breaths in downward dog. Believe it or not, our resting pose here, in this practice. You can always come to a nice child’s pose instead and take a load off those hands and wrists. So to each his own here. Three to five breaths. (breathing) Then if you’re in child’s pose, take your time, but eventually we’ll come up to downward-facing dog and then from there either hop towards the front edge of the mat or repeat that nice, slow walk towards the front end.

Take a forward fold. Draw your nose towards your navel and then on your next inhale we’ll lift flat back. Nice, beautiful long neck and exhale forward fold. Inhale, reach up towards the sky, spread your fingertips and exhale, hands to heart. Awesome, inhale, reach up. Exhale, diving forward, enjoy this move. Inhale, flat back, lengthen, exhale bow. Inhale, step or hop it back to plank, you got it! Exhale, slowly lower down to cobra or upward-facing dog. Big breath in, on your exhale, downward dog. Picking up the pace a little bit, just do your best here. Inhale, right leg lifts up high, exhale, draw a big rainbow up and over, right knee to right elbow, gaze is forward.

Inhale, three-legged dog, toes down. Exhale, crossing over towards the left knee. Breathe into your right hip, engage your core. Inhale, three-legged dog, last one on this side, you got it, nose to knee. Give your knee a little Eskimo kiss here. And then step it up into your lunge. Pivot on the back foot, we’re gonna open up to a nice warrior two. Fingertips spread left to right. We stack head over heart, heart over pelvis. Inhale in and exhale, sink a little bit deeper. Give your arms a break and release behind the tail. Open your chest as you lift your heart up. Humble warrior, we inhale in, exhale. Begin to pull back with the right hip crease. Remember this action of pulling back with right hip crease and remember the udi anabandha, so join the navel up and in and then take your time getting there. Maybe keep your back, your spine, nice and long, as long as possible. Maybe pausing right above the thigh bone line here just to make sure we’re not collapsing and then maybe you continue the journey all the way down.

Again, gentle tugging back in the right hip crease, supercharged through my left inner thigh, pressing into the knife edge of that left foot. Breath deeply here my friends. Relax the weight of the head over, humble warrior, strong, fierce pose. And then press into all four corners of the feet. Don’t rush this as you slowly rise up, super strong. We’ll go ahead and straighten through that front leg, yay! And release the arms, go ahead and reach them up, let the blood flow in the opposite direction, as you dial your heart to the side, turn the right toes in, left toes out and we’ll come to that warrior two on the other side.

Pull the pinkies back and energy radiates, strong legs here guys. We don’t have a lot of standing poses, we don’t have a lot of poses today, so really embody each one with everything you have. Moving with your breath. Interlacing fingertips behind the tail, whenever you’re ready. Let me get rid of this. And maybe you bring the opposite hand on top this time, so maybe the left thumb was on top so you bring the right thumb on top this time. Just playing around. And we open up through the chest. Inhale in, whenever you’re ready, nice flat back, as you begin to pull the left hip crease back and find your humble warrior. So as the heart begins to melt down, I begin to charge through my back leg strong. Really engaged through the right inner thigh. Maybe I take it all the way down, ooh, I’m super sore.

And using your breath, to stay alive and engaged. (breathing) Pulling the left hip crease back, you got it! To come out we’re gonna move at a nice, slow constant rate of speed, strong legs, strong legs, don’t give up! Then break free, reach your fingertips up. Ah, blood flows in the opposite direction, awesome. We’ll straighten through that front leg. Great, we’re gonna come all the way back to the front of our mat, nice and easy, just dialing the toes all the way back. Go ahead and come back to your lunge. We’ll plant the palms, slide the right toes back, and take a vinyasa. To each his own here, maybe you take a break.

Awesome everyone, together. Drop the right heel, inhale, lift the left leg up high, here we go! Think up and over, big, big arcs with your left knee, reaching up and over to kiss left elbow, gaze is forward, strong center. Gorgeous, three-legged dog, take it up. And, crossing over, here we go, left knee to right elbow. Gaze is forward, three-legged dog and last one, nose to knee, rounding it all in, give yourself a little Eskimo kiss here and then we’ll step it up into our lunge.

Great, here we go, skindasyna. Inhale, heart radiates forward, exhale, I’m gonna slowly shift my weight up and over, pivot on the back foot, coming into this kind of, I always call this like a little ninja move here. If the hips are really tight, we may actually lift the right heel up, with the legs and the ankles. This is going to be step one. Using the fingertips on the mat, really flexing through the extended leg. Maybe you’re able to stay on your right foot here. And maybe you’re able to bring the palms together at the heart. Wherever you are, breathe deep. And then check it out.

I’m gonna slowly, using that udi anabandha, that core lock, I’m gonna lift myself up. And I’m gonna come all the way back to the front of my mat onto my left foot again, left heel can come up, no prob. Or maybe I’m gonna stay here. Maybe I’d bring the palms together with heart, maybe you’re like, “What in the world, Adriene?” And you’re like, okay, I’ll save that for another rainy day. So definitely getting into some deep hip work here, but also doing it in a kind of way that’s… I don’t want you to take it too seriously. I want us to be mindful of action and alignment but also, you know, don’t sweat it too much. ‘Kay, here we go. Using the core center engagement, that core lock, to come back through, so that’s gonna protect us and just checking it out on either side. Maybe you’re here, maybe you’re here, and then one more time, back to the front of your mat.

All the way up and over, using the core lock, scandasa to the other side (breathing). Then we’ll slowly pivot on the left foot. Come back to the front edge of the mat by bringing the right foot back to our lunge, then stepping it up to the front, forward fold. Great, inhale, halfway lift, exhale bow, last time, we inhale reach all the way up towards the sky, big, big stretch, clap the palms together, up and overhead, gynamaste, and then exhale hands to heart. Great, inhale, reach it up. Exhale down we go. Heel, toe, heel, toe the feet as wide as your mat.

This time we’re coming into a nice low squat so the toes might spill off the edge of your mat here. We’ll use your fingertips to guide yourself down. Again, the heels might not stay down here and that’s okay. We use this little froggy pose to create space. Maybe the heels do come down to the mat, in which case maybe you bring the palms together and use this posture to find a little push and pull, what our hatha yoga is all about. Build strength with a little resistance here as we press the arms into the legs and squeeze the legs into the arms.

Lengthen, lift up through your heart. If crow, or bicasana, is in your practice, you might use this moment now to, maybe, give it a whirl. Bringing the palms to the earth, walking the toes in. That same core lock, we draw the energy in and up in the belly, we don’t through the upper back body. It’s all about the energy here, it’s really not about the arm muscles.

As we inhale in, integrity, integrity, I walk the knees as close as I can up to my armpits and I begin to rock forward. Notice how my gaze, my gistre, is forward. Focus out, out, out. Maybe this is my crow practice today. Maybe I lift one foot. Maybe I lift the other and maybe I fly. And maybe not, maybe I save it for another day. Using the breath. Pulling my hip creases up and back, navel in and up. Reach, reach, reach with the crown of the head. After a little bit of crow practice, we’ll meet our friends back in our yogic squat. Gently we’ll release. Coming to a nice, extended leg here, poshi mo tinasina, reaching through the heels, finding that siponde heel connection and then reaching arms up and overhead. Whenever you’re ready, take it into a nice forward fold, consider pulling the hip creases back. Knees can bend as generously as you need them to here. We’re aiming to get the belly on to the top of the thigh but not at the cost of being able to breathe and, maybe, snapping a hamstring.

So just take your time, bend your knees basically is what I’m saying. Nice brightness in the feet here, eventually we’ll get to here or here, wherever we want to be, wherever we need to be. But be where you are now. (breathing) Couple more breaths here, let it go. And then we’ll slowly roll it up. Great! Go ahead and lift that right knee all the way up. We’re gonna take just a little twist here, hugging right knee in. Careful not to lean into it here, but sit up nice and tall. Inhale in, exhale, journey into your twist again.

Pulling the right hip crease back. Making sure to keep the head over the heart, the heart over the pelvis. Inhale in, exhale back to center. Catch your right foot, we’re gonna go for a little rock here in the hip. You might be able to bring the outer edge of your right foot to the elbow crease and you might be like, “Ha ha! Never.” Just grab your foot here and we’re gonna go for a little sway back and forth and then front and back as well.

Now would be a good time if you were wanting to work on an arm balance or something like figure eight or something, maybe one of these, you could practice that here and now, working on that, but we’ll do that another day, officially, just giving you options for those of you with a practice already rolling. Then we’ll release the right leg, lift the left leg up high. Also, if you’re interested in stuff like that you should check out our programs at or ’cause we’re able to go into kind of more depth with some more challenging things just kinda nice, but I want to make sure everyone feels taken care of here on Youtube and in time we’ll add more and more. Feel free to veer off if you need to. Coming into your twist on the other side. Sticking with your breath. And then same thing, just nice and easy. Rocking, the hip front to back, left to right. We’ll do a tutorial on that figure eight pose. That’s an arm balance that everyone wants to try.

And then releasing that leg, ending with a little bit of core, of course. It’s not long so it’s gonna go quick. Let’s really give it our all. So we’re going to come onto flat back position. Lift the shins up parallel to the ceiling. Interlace the fingertips and bring them behind the head. Okay my friends, you got this! Extend your thumbs. Go ahead and open up through the armpit chest. Tilt your pelvis so your tailbone scooping up towards the sky so your lower back comes in nice and flush with the mat. Here we go, inhale in. I’m gonna exhale, lift my head, my neck, my shoulders. I’m gonna cross right elbow to left knee and tap my right toe down. So if you feel too crunched here, you can even bring fingertips to temples. Then I’m gonna inhale to center. Exhale, tap the left toe down, cross left elbow over. This is just a yogi bicycle variation. Inhale, really targeting lower belly, tap. Inhale to center, exhale tap and cross. Inhale to center, exhale tap and cross, keep it going.

(breathing) Resist the urge to speed up. Nice, slow controlled movement. (breathing) Keep it going. Almost done, keep it going. And one more on each side. Then both legs up, reach, pulse for 10. And then we release everything down sup da baddacanasa. This should feel awesome. Bring the hands to the belly, give yourself a little pet. Soles of the feet together, knees nice and wide. We begin to cool it down, awesome work my friends! Super, super awesome, don’t forget about your breath, even here, use it to kind of calm the nervous system and restore the body for the rest of your day. We take a rest here, opening the arms out, nice and easy, crawling the shoulder blades underneath you. Ending in a restorative posture today, however your lower back might need a little bit of love so maybe taking a moment to hug the knees in, maybe a happy baby, maybe a reclined twist. Or maybe you’re all set to just stay here in badacanasa.

A little moment to do a little mindful freestyle and then maybe meet us back here whenever you’re ready. You can close the eyes when you arrive. And we just take a second to honor this moment of stillness and this restorative moment as totally important as our strengthening practice. For in yoga we aim to find balance in all things. That’s how we can create a sustainable, healthy life. That’s how we can create a workout routine that is sustainable and healthy. Stay here if you like, opening the hips out a little bit longer or begin to slide the right foot out, long windshield wiper-ing the toes back and forth.

And then the left, out long, back and forth, back and forth. Awesome work today my friends. Give yourself a little rest, as long as time allows, if you have to boogie, I thank you for sharing your practice with me and I’ll see you next time. Namaste. (upbeat guitar music) .

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